Sixties Supermodel Jean Shrimpton Not Such a Heartbreaker Now

The Daily Mail regularly carries stories 'proving' how hot modern women over a certain age are.. sandwhiched between advertisements for beauty cream promising to make their (mainly over 40 and female) readers look 17 again, and news stories trimumphantly proclaiming that another pervert paedo has been rightly locked up for looking at pictures of 17 year old children in bikinis.  But occasionally, in a kind of sado-masochistic manner, it does like to remind its aeging readers of the truth.  This week it published a picture of the 1960's supermodel Jean Shrimpton as she is today, the girl who once captivated playboy photographer David Bailey's heart with her teenage beauty :

Jean Shrimpton 1960's

jean shrimpton today
Jean Shrimpton today

 Of course, this is a little cruel, especially for Jean Shrimpton, but in the Daily Mail's case it is simply sado-masachistic cruelty as entertainment.  The reason why I have the right to stress how ugly older women generally are is because older women are raping men through their legislation and hysterias that have little basis or justification other than sexual jealousy and bitterness at what nature has done to them, and where the free sexual market has left them.  All the while, resting upon the pretence that men who prefer ripe fertile youth to old hags are subhuman perverted monsters.  The only interesting question is why the male response has thus far been confined to a handful of 'offensive' blogs such as this one.

Meanwhile, the same paper reveals with indignation that most British women think that females over 35 are too old to wear mini-skirts.

I've noted here before that girls and women aged from 13 - 45 are going about everywhere these days in lycra leggings so thin and figure hugging that they may as well just be painting their bottoms and legs black.  Men similarly garbed would be arrested for indecent exposure.  Perhaps women should be as well, but only after a certain age.  After all, I guess the justification for such indecent exposure laws is that such clothing would be outrageous and repulsive to most members of the opposite sex.  But that's equally true for men when the woman is over 30 and clothed in such skimpy attire. 

Given that, as I revealed earlier, evolutionary psychology would predict that older women are more 'harmed' by casual sex than teenage girls would be, perhaps it's time to switch the focus from the supposed sexualisation of girls (actually the enforced de-sexualisation of teenage girls by their older rivals), to the sexualisation of older women, embodied in the 'Cougar' phenomenon?  Should we introduce a maximum age of consent for women?  Should we arrest any woman over 30 who wears semi-transparent leggings in the street or wears skimpy bikinis on the beach?  What age would mark the right cut off point?

At what age should the law stop women from dressing 'sexily', seeking casual sex etc?

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56 thoughts on “Sixties Supermodel Jean Shrimpton Not Such a Heartbreaker Now

  1. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Given your e-mail address, you sound like an Asian girl, studying at Berkeley, who despite being a petite and nubile Asian in a sea of fat ugly white hogs, still cannot get laid, and who translates this bitterness into a vicious hatred of men and an all-consuming need to shame male sexuality. Despite being in your early twenties, you are so sexually threatened and insecure, you feel compelled to shame men for finding girls only slightly younger than yourself attractive. God knows what you are going to be like when you reach 40 and you have become a hag. The bitterness and hatred in your heart will no doubt be etched deep into the wrinkles and crags of your decaying face. I would suggest you seek help before it is too late for your soul to be rescued and returned back to humanity.

    And yes, I still lust after teenagers, but happily enough, teenage girls still lust after me on occasion, hehe, so I'm quite happy. Unfortunately, few men lust after 40 year old women, especially bitter ones.

  2. Alan Vaughn


    Given your e-mail address, you sound like an Asian girl, studying at Berkeley, who despite being a petite and nubile Asian in a sea of fat ugly white hogs, still cannot get laid,...

    Either that or the 'Great' Susan Maria Gavaghan has returned under a new pseudonym...
    (Just wondering why it chose this particular post to vent its bitter and JEALOUS spleen onto).

    Haha :D

  3. theantifeminist

    Post author

    Her e-mail address basically gives her name ( A quick Google search shows she is actually a member of a University sports team and rather fit. Why she is so bitter and man hating at that age and with decent (Asian) looks, I don't know. She might just belong to the lesbian man hating branch of feminism.

    LOL, I remember Susan Maria Gavaghan. I wonder if she still pretending to herself she is God's gift to men whilst trying to ban all pictures of attractive women?

  4. Alan Vaughn

    Why she is so bitter and man hating at that age and with decent (Asian) looks, I don’t know. She might just belong to the lesbian man hating branch of feminism.

    Yeah... I think being a man-hating feminist might by now, be a mandatory requirement of the curriculum for gaining any degree from a British (or any Western) university, at least for all female students and for the white-knighting manginas that want to impress them...

  5. theantifeminist

    Post author

    She's probably brainwashed and doesn't understand that feminism is a Sexual Trade Union made by old white hags designed to stop men preferring younger, prettier, or foreign cuties. Resist Sophie! Celebrate your nubility and revolt against the hags who are brainwashing and enslaving you! Letting theantifeminist bang you would be the ultimate act of independence. Please let me know if you plan to come to London and we can meet up and do this!

  6. Eric

    The minute I heard 'Berkeley' I knew what was up. The groupthink and outright hostility to anything remotely resembling normal male sexuality that goes on there would have to be seen to believed. The city has a national reputation here as the archetypical effete liberal upper-middle class enclave; totally detached from any semblance of reality.

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