Isis Women Beat and Kill Pretty Young Girls for Looking At Clothes

Feminism and Isis are two sides of the same Sexual Trade Union coin.

Iraqi citizens said on Saturday in Mosul that an Iraqi woman was killed by ISIS women with Russian citizenship in Mosul, 250 miles north of Baghdad.

The citizens said, “The Russian women in ISIS have attacked Mosul girls, beating them severely in one of the clothing stores in the market of Asarghahana in the center of Mosul. They claimed the women had lifted their niqab to look at the merchandise as well as failing to uphold the rule of wearing the correct color himar specified to women, married women and widows as determined by the organization.

The Russians hit twelve married women, which caused the death of one of them aged 17, due to the severe beating she received.”

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  1. Jesus Fucking Christ.
    I hope she finds peace and heaven somewhere else.
    I hope she reincarnates into someplace where it is less punitive and less strict.
    She was just only looking at clothes, something that all women do around the world.

    Thankfully, in Britain, women and girls are looking at clothes without fear of being beaten or to suffer from violence (ignoring the rapists and the weirdos).

  2. I can see this happening in places like… California, along with Tunisa, Lybia, Egypt and Turkey.

    They’re all conservative and sexually restrictive.
    They all have the Age of Consent of 18.

  3. What about the modesty bags which feminist have introduced in the UK around bachelor magazines.

  4. And the way they constantly shame victimize girls who take sexy selfies and warn that they will fall into the hands of ‘paedophiles’. Also forcing schoolgirls to wear ‘modest’ clothing. The ‘child protection’ charities were even trying to persuade the government to ban underage girls from buying ‘inappropriate’ clothing (g-strings, spandex leggings etc).

    In the UK these hags pretend that they are concerned with the welfare of the ‘children’ and control men’s sexual access to youth by imposing the victim label on the young girls. In a society like Isis, those same feminist hags would be beating to death young girls for showing too much flesh or ‘flirting’ with the opposite sex.

  5. “The women were Russian nationals…”

    Hmmm….didn’t Putin kick FEMEN out of Russia recently? I wonder if they’ve found a new place in ISIS?

    Even before I read this article, I KNEW they would be from somewhere outside the Middle East.

  6. Notice too, the Iraqi woman who died was married and 17 years old; and femihag converts to Islam probably were doubly infuriated by that.

  7. Femihag outrage at Johnny Depp for letting his 16 year old daughter pose seductively in modelling shoot :

    ‘child psychologist’ Michelle Elliot says that 16 year olds are not ’emotionally, psychologically, or mentally ready for modelling situations’.

    You may remember Michelle Elliot as a lovely looking sheila in the eyes of MHRAs for publishing a book on female sex offenders.

  8. A few Daily Mail reader comments grounded in reality for once – this one upvoted 300 times to 12 :

    “no, she chose to do this at her own free will. She knows she’s beautiful and doesn’t mind showing it off as she done other photoshoots and stuff. The only way she will get hurt is by this article accusing her parents of being bad role models”

  9. Last time I checked, Vanessa Paradis went on to have a successful modelling, singing, and acting career, as well as bagging one of the most desirable male actors on the planet. And obviously has no regrets as evidenced by letting her teenage daughter model.

    Facts of reality > Femihag junk science.

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