Is Deepak Wayne the Real Deal? Indian Guy ‘Fucks 25 Ukrainian Girls in 50 Days’

A middle-aged unattractive Indian guy travelling to Kiev, Ukraine, and banging 25 girls in 50 days after approaching them in the street? Either Deepak Wayne has cracked the code for currycels everywhere, or he’s making money out of scamming frustrated ethnic chodes by selling them false dreams.

I spent several weeks in Kiev recently and admittedly did see some strange things.  Kiev is a beautiful city, but the central area in the summertime has the unpleasant feel of a Turkish whorehouse.  Whilst thousands of Ukrainian men are away spilling their guts fighting their Russian brethren in the East, the streets of Kiev are teeming with groups of swaggering young Turkish males.  Little different to Vienna, Berlin, North London etc, except that these Turks are not second generation ‘new Europeans’ but simply sex tourists out to ruin infidel virgin pussy.  I did see a lot, and I mean a lot of Turkish men with often attractive local girls, but it’s not clear whether these girls have been picked up (or bought) on the streets of Kiev or the result of a beach holiday ‘romance’ in Anatolia (travel between Turkey and Ukraine is visa free, so the sex tourism is a two way street).

On my final day in Kiev, I had an hour or two to kill after breakfast before it was time to catch the taxi to the airport, so I decided to sit on a bench in the main street reflecting upon quite a successful trip.  Two pretty young girls of about 14 or 15 suddenly came and sat on the same bench (even though there were others free nearby).  One was clearly taking an interest in me and leaning over her friend’s shoulder whilst stroking her hair.  As I was chilling and already mentally at the end of my travels I decided not to strike up any innocent conversation with the jailbaits.  Within a minute or so, two pot bellied Turkish men of at least 50 years of age walked by.  They stopped, made a kissing motion and a gesture of embrace to the two girls (who they clearly didn’t know), then walked over, told the girls they were ‘beautiful’ and asked them if they wanted to go for breakfast.  The girls considered the proposal for about half a second, and then walked off with the two men for some Turkish bangers and smash.

I also saw the way the local girls looked at the rare black males that walk the streets of Kiev.  There is something in the manner that an unfortunate number of slender, feminine, elegant, beautiful Slavic women openly display an animal lust at the sight of a black man in Eastern Europe that is almost enough to cause overwhelming cognitive dissonance in a civilized male.  So yes, given that Deepak Wayne is very dark skinned, and could possibly pull off the ‘fresh out of the jungle’ act that a lot of Ukrainian girls would get the gina tingles over, he might be getting laid occasionally.  25 girls in 50 days?  Even with the best game in the world, Deepak would be having to approach a lot of girls to achieve that.  Deepak must certainly be an obsessive notch counter not to have found one or two of those 25 fucks to be worth fucking again, or surely he wouldn’t have time to put in the necessary approaches to score again so often?  But maybe if you start the day with a 50% chance of banging a new girl on the streets, then you might be satisfied with constantly fucking and forgetting.  So let’s keep an open mind.  You can watch his videos (if you’re so inclined), and judge for yourselves.

Our old friend Krauser PUA, who has posted widely accepted real infields of same day lays, including in Kiev, compiled a useful checklist recently of things to look for when considering if a PUA infield is real or not :

  • Extremely stable camera work with the girl right in the centre frame
  • The camera is already in place before the opener. This very rarely happens in real life because opening happens fast and usually the camera man is rushing behind you to keep up
  • Camera never moves. In reality people walk past, the cameraman tries to get a better angle, the girl looks over and you have to move etc
  • Girl has hooked before the opener has been delivered (she’s been told to hook). Now this does happen sometimes for real, but it’s rare.
  • Stilted conversation, like each is waiting their turn to deliver scripted lines
  • Less artefacts of conversation, such as a girl hesitating, or saying something stupid, or the guy starting a conversational thread then changing on the fly because it’s not hitting.
  • The guy just doesn’t look cool enough or charismatic enough to get a girl like that to react so well.
  • The girl agrees too readily to compliance tests when the guy clearly hasn’t done the right things to get that. Again, sometimes a girl is just so strongly a Yes Girl that it doesn’t matter, but if all the guy’s channel is bad game that gets the girl, he’s faking.
  • You can’t find anyone you trust who has winged with these guys and will vouch for them. Likewise, if they coach they refuse to demo or the demos they do are shit compared to the videos.


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  1. Good article but I think you vastly over-estimate the amount of sex tourism and black-lust in Kiev. It was certainly full of Turkish sex pests a couple of months ago when I was there but they were getting shrugged off by all but the fat semi-pros who came to those same Khreschatyk benches precisely for those Turks. I never once saw a Turk with a genuine hotty, and the dolled up tarts were clearly tooling them for money (some whoring too).

    Never once saw a local girl with a black guy. Not once. Any girl I asked said they dislike black men.

    Maybe your experience was different. It wouldn’t surprise me that teenage ratbags let Turks buy them an expensive dinner. It would very much surprise me if they accepted cash for sex. There’s a special sub-group of Kiev girls who do that and they are obvious about it.

    My view is always look for the “moment of truth”. I know from daygame that many beautiful women will take your time, attention and dinner dates but won’t actually fuck or even kiss. My guess is that Kiev has a small nucleus of actual sex tourism – mostly grotsters but some decent looking whores – and then a much wider illusory sex tourism where the man pays but no sex happens

    Like all things in he SMP, it’s very difficult to get a solid read on something you don’t directly experience. That’s my read but it could be wrong.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment here Krauser, it’s appreciated. I only spent a few weeks in Kiev and that was my first time in the FSU proper. And yes, as a very limited daygamer I likely still misread what I see on the street, especially if I’ve spent an afternoon getting blown out or just a flaky number or two. That experience on the bench was the only occasion I saw Turks actually making a successful approach (if you can call it that – walking up to young girls and offering a free meal). The type of local girls that I saw walking with Turkish men did also generally look like a bit whorish. Obviously, the general consensus among daygame bloggers is that Ukrainian girls despise Turks. I was just trying to add a bit of colour to the takedown of this fraud really.

  3. Well spotted. I’ve watched a couple more of his ‘infields’ and throughout each you can see that people in the background are looking at the cameraman who is following Deepak and the hired escort around. There is no way that the girls could not be noticing too.

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