Irish Sexual Trade Union Seeks Tightening of Prostitution Laws

Sexual Trade Union groups in Ireland appear to be having success in lobbying their government to tighten laws on prostitution – and to ‘close the loophole’ that allows men to legally pay for sex :

Members of a group lobbying for the laws on prostitution to be tightened continued their campaign today by meeting Independent TDs at Leinster House.

The discussions took place ahead of tonight’s RTÉ’s Prime Time programme on the issue.

The ”Turn off the Red Light” campaign is made up of 48 communities, professional organisations, unions and voluntary groups.

It says the law should be tightened to support women trapped in a life of abuse in the sex industry.

Chief Executive of the Immigrant Council of Ireland Denise Charlton said many people will be surprised that a loophole in Irish law means it is legal to pay for sex.

She said the campaign is calling on the Government to introduce legislation that makes it a criminal offence.

Meanwhile, W.F.Price has posted a couple of articles on prostitution at that  you should check out, if you haven’t already done so :

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10 thoughts on “Irish Sexual Trade Union Seeks Tightening of Prostitution Laws”

  1. So, women looking for money online, and expensive date in in exchange for sex? this target low income men, athletes, politicians, and CEO will still be able to pay deluxe prostitute like NY where politicians are fucking around with them at the same time claiming feminist BS about slavery, come on the vast majority of these women do this because they fucking want to.

  2. Denise Charlton is the epitome of religious indoctrination here in modern Ireland. There is a distortion that prostitution is “forced” – this is patently untrue and unfounded. Most prostitutes offer business out of their own accord. This is a well-known fact across Ireland. Legalizing it would put crime gangs out of business.

    Organizations like Rumaha and the Immigrant Council only publish prostitution statistics they have cooked – they should not to be taken seriously. Ireland has VERY SMALL levels of prostitution compared to other countries.

    I work as a prostitute and I was never forced to do anything against my own will. Ladies like myself work to attract business – it’s called a job.

  3. @theantifeminist
    Did you bother to read and analyse this for nmink? (He / she posted on Feb 09)

    I had a quick read over it and the only analysis I can draw as that it is nothing more than a heavily racially biased hate campaign, not so much against porn, but more so towards the racial minority that the writer – Andrew Hamilton, believes produces most of it. He suggests that the Jews and blacks that produce most of the world’s porn are responsible for the moral decline among many other negative effectes on our society overall…

    I’m not sure where ‘nmink’ is coming from here , but I’m assuming that he / she thinks similarly to me and wants you to attack Mr Andrew Hamilton, at least here on your blog…

  4. No I haven’t Alan – at least I don’t think I have. That post seems to have been recent, but I do remember being asked to analyse an almost identical article a couple of years ago.

    The tone of it seems entirely typical of the ‘white nationalist’s’ failure to attribute any responsibility to what is going wrong with ‘white civilisation’ to white women. Instead, it’s the Jews who are forcing interracial porn down the throats of innocent white maidens, in order to encourage them to fornicate and breed with black men, and thereby diluting the white race.

    How utterly absurd! There’s not much to analyse there. I suppose you might research some statistics. Jewish people do not dominate the porn industry as much as they do the higher echelons of the entertainment industry in general. And the adult industry is very much a simple mirror of what Joe Public wants, and I think it would be difficult to twist it for an ulterior motive (in fact, as we know, feminists have to bring in the most draconian and fascist laws ever seen in a democratic society to stop the porn industry feeding the demand for nubile teen girls).

  5. af,
    I went back to that site during the time you wrote your reply and it looks like a website or a blog that is supported by the Ku Klux Klan or something similar.
    Interestingly, one of the commentators there even blames Jews for starting the feminist movement…
    If the KKK (or other lunatic, brainless red-neck type mobs) would only re-direct their hatred into something more desrving such as feminism, they might one day earn some respect from at least few people…

  6. A middle ground should be taken…where those who willing engage in prostitution should be enabled to continue earning their living but where there is violence and lack of choice something must be DONE!

  7. Fuck you, Ireland. Fuck you.
    You were a “free state”, but you’re not now.
    You’re screwing yourselves over and over again after the adopting the Euro.
    You know what? I bet people are fleeing away from the country as they did in Slovakia.

    Fuck you, Morrow. Fuck you. (Liam Clarke, 2015 June, Morrow should be congratulated for ban on buying sex, Belfast Telegraph).
    Hail Laura. Hail Laura. (Henry McDonald, 2015 May, Sex worker challenges law that will criminalise clients in Northern Ireland, the Guardian).

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