Hannah Wallen Now Promoting Satanic Abuse False Accusation Group

Hannah Wallen MRA Honey Badger
Fake ‘MRA’ Hannah Wallen –
Femiservative infiltrator of Angry Harry’s MRM

Fake ‘MRA’ and feminist ‘Honey Badger’ Hannah Wallen is now promoting an ‘anti-paedo’ Twitter vigilante group that was behind the infamous Hampstead ‘satanic abuse’ hysteria of 2015 – something that has ruined the lives of dozens of London schoolchildren, their parents and their teachers, and that was started by false accusations made by an ‘evil ex-wife’.

Police are hunting the “evil” mother who forced her young children to make claims to social services and in online videos that their father was the leader of a satanic paedophile cult.

Ella Draper is now being investigated by a specialist police team after the 42-year-old, pictured swanning in a cannabis field, tortured her children by making them make the false claims in partnership with her lover Abraham Christie.

The couple, from Hampstead, north west London, made the false claims against various members of the local community – including her former husband and actor Ricky Dearman.

Draper, who is believed to have fled abroad, is wanted for questioning by police over false allegations that continue to be made in online videos and articles, sparking fears of vigilante attacks.

A judge last week branded her claims that her two children’s father was leading a 100-strong Satanic paedophile ring based at Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead as “utter nonsense”.

She ruled that the youngsters’ “fantasy” accounts of abuse stemmed from “relentless emotional and psychological pressure” by Draper and Christie who beat them into concocting stories.


#opdeatheaters, a Twitter vigilante group that exists to expose supposed endemic paedophile satanic worship in the establishment, quickly latched on to the claims and not only promoted the false accusations online – that dozens of children in Hampstead, a leafy middle-class borough of London, were being sexually abused and even sacrificed in Satanic orgies by their teachers and parents – but outrageously published the names and addresses of the (real) children alleged to be victims, along with their innocent fathers and teachers. Of course, as the Internet never forgets, the names and personal details of these real children, and their falsely accused innocent ‘abusers’, are still likely online, waiting to be discovered and used for whatever ends by real hardcore paedophiles that no doubt most of these ‘vigilantes’ themselves in fact are*.

When the whole thing was exposed as a hoax created by the child abusing ex-wife, #opdeatheaters cowardly denied that they had been behind the publishing of the children’s details, presumably wrongly fearing that law enforcement in the USA or the UK might actually do their job and arrest some of them for endangering and harming children. But as far as I know, and utterly bizarrely, none of these crazed paedocrite vigilantes were ever arrested.


Those same crazy vigilantes are now promoting the idea that Hollywood is filled with Jewish paedophile Satan worshippers sacrificing and raping young trafficked children. And this is the point at which these false accusers of men officially become men’s rights allies according to feminist Hannah Wallen. Instead of making some nuanced argument regarding witchhunts, the demonization of male sexuality and ordinary flirting, the principle of innocent until proven guilty in court etc, with regard to the ongoing public lynching of Harvey Weinstein, Hannah Wallen sees it as an opportunity to fan the flames of the most outrageous paedohysteria. Apparently disappointed that only one ‘child’ of 17 has so far made any suggestion that Weinstein might be a ‘paedophile’, Wallen has taken the opportunity to paint all men as suspected secret Satanic worshipping paedophile child rapists being protected by the establishment.

This is what the men’s rights movement of Angry Harry has been reduced to by Paul Elam’s ‘Honey Badgers’. Infiltrated and now led by grotesque middle-aged femiservative women, promoting Satanic child abuse hysteria straight from the middle-ages, and joining forces with crazed paedophile child abusing ‘vigilantes’ to do so.

*A particularly disturbing footnote in regard to Hannah Wallen’s support of a lunatic vigilante group that published the personal details online of children wrongly alleged to be ‘satanic sex abuse victims’, is that she herself – in her supposed ‘men’s rights activism’ and using feminist junk science – has promoted the ‘vampire’ myth that (male) victims of paedophiles themselves become paedophiles as adults :


Multiple sources indicate that a history of sexual exploitation by females during youth is a significant risk factor for later perpetration of sex crimes by men. In addition to the studies mentioned in the linked article, the same connection is also reported here and here. The Holms and Slap review also noted that sexually abused males were 4.4 times more likely to have forced someone into sexual contact than nonabused males. Although these various sources contain a variety discussions on the characteristics of sex offenders and their implications, that risk factor is a common thread in all of them.