Graphic Film on Female Sex Tourists Cheered in Cannes

A ‘graphic, unflinching’ movie about negrophile European sex predators who abuse young Kenyan men has been cheered by Cannes film festival goers.

A graphic, unflinching look at the delicate interplay of desire, money and power among European women sex tourists and African gigolos hit the screen yesterday in the Cannes contender “Paradise: Love”.

Austrian director Ulrich Seidl, who scandalised cinema’s top international showcase five years ago with another take on rich and poor and the sex trade, “Import/Export”, this time turns his camera on women as the consumers.

“Paradise: Love” stars Margarethe Tiesel as Teresa, a 50-year-old Viennese single mother of an insolent teenage daughter who needs a break from it all, in a breakout performance cheered by audiences here.

She sets off alone to the white sandy coast of eastern Kenya where she falls in with a group of “sugar mamas”, fellow middle-aged women who feel neglected at home and seek the attention of much younger local men in exchange for cash.

“It is about female loneliness that takes hold when you reach a certain age and no longer look like someone from an advert,” Tiesel told reporters.

Predictably, the director is portraying the middle-aged women as victims, almost forced by the sexist, objectifying patriarchal society that sexually rejects them to seek out ‘black bamboos’ to molest.
This is the second major film to cover female sex tourism.  Another one was released to great success a few years ago, a ‘romance’ relating to the annual flock of 600,000 American and European women who head for the Caribbean to sexually exploit poverty stricken, drug addled Rastafarians.  The name of the film escapes me, but I remember that it was showing at the cinema when I attended the big screen adapataion of Michel Houllebecq’s ‘Atomised’.  I remember noticing that the queue for the sex tourism film was composed mainly of inter-racial couples (BMWF).  Not just middle-aged hags with black toy boys, but young negrophiles too.
That film too was highly sympathetic to the white female sex predators.
On a slightly controversial side note (in that it provokes disagreement even amongst my readers), it might be interesting to note why it is that female sex tourists invariably head for countries with poverty stricken black men ripe for abuse (and to a lesser extent, some Muslim countries such as Turkey and Egypt)?
Similarly, why do white male sex tourists visit primarily Asian countries rather than the Caribbean (I know that there are white men with an ebony fetish, but it is exactly that – a fetish)?
In terms of activism, there are now a number of countries in Europe and elsewhere which have made ‘paying for sex’ a criminal offence.  Of course these laws are made by feminists and targeted at men.  But the sex laws of most countries these days apply wherever you are in the world.  In other words, for example, it is likely that the no doubt thousands of Swedish women with black snake fever who travel to Africa or the Caribbean each year to pay for sex with local men are breaking their own nation’s (feminist) law.  It would surely be a worthwhile mission at some point in the future to hunt these female sex offenders down and ensure that they are brought to justice.

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  1. same old story:

    Male goes abroad to have sex for money with a prostitute — he’s a creep, a sexual predator, somebody who creates demand in the sex trafficking industry. The epitome of male sexual exploitation.

    Female does the same: she’s a heroine for claiming patriarchial privileges for womankind.

    It’s always the same.

    Man has sex with girl 15 years his junior (but well over the age of consent) — he’s a cradle robber, a creep, a pervert who can’t get laid otherwise. Exploits the young woman’s naivety, “robs her innocence” even if she’s 20 and has had multiple sexual partners (how exactly feminists think they can square female empowerment with such gross belittlement of members of their own gender, will remain an eternal mystery).

    Anyway – if a woman does the same, she’s applauded by feminists for chipping away at male patriarchial privilege. The same things that make a man a creep are A-OK if a woman commits them. Logic, anyone?

    Like in this story:

  2. Interesting differences here. Rich middle aged women have to go to poverty stricken 3rd world locations to have any hope of sex with younger men. Rich middle aged men usually have plenty of young local honeys approaching them. Sometimes, a man doesn’t even need to be rich. He might just be a silver tongued devil! Proof of this is that we have so many laws now to prevent young girls going with older men (laws devised by middle-aged women). Yes, they have to use the threat of jail to stop it happening naturally in our own countries.

    Oh, and of course we will be expecting a government funded campaign to rescue these Kenyan boys from their lives of exploitation and give them ‘meaningful fulfilling jobs’ in sweat-shop factories making shoes for $2 a day just like they do for girls in the same circumstance.

  3. Oh, and of course we will be expecting a government funded campaign to rescue these Kenyan boys from their lives of exploitation and give them ‘meaningful fulfilling jobs’ in sweat-shop factories making shoes for $2 a day just like they do for girls in the same circumstance.

    Deano, perhaps, but I won’t be holding my breath. ..
    Or give them meaningful, fulfilling jobs in call centres alongside the girls that wealthy Australian and American and other companies have made unbelievable profit margins from, since they began exploiting them a few years ago…
    When was the last time you called a large Australian business and a local Australian voice greeted you?
    The only business that still has their own employees based here (Australia) that answers the phone when I call is my bank, all other places I call nowadays are answered by a Filipino or Indian ‘consultant’ and obviuously located somewhere in the Philippines or India too.
    I would dare say that my bank will soon, also wake up to this and redeploy the very unprofitable ‘necessary evil’ task of answering telephone enquiries to the dirt-cheap and exploited personnel of the same overseas based call centres before very long.
    As long as these ‘victims’ are not doing anything ‘immoral’ especially where it involves foreigners, it is totally justified to make them work in some sweat shop industry and pay them even less than what they would earn as street beggers!
    They are still being exploited by foreigners, but in a more ‘wholesome’ way.
    But all they want the world to know about is how men are trafficking millions of young women and children from those third world countries for prostitution – that is the biggest social issue in the world today, just ask them…
    Yet, nobody seems to be aware of, thus nobody mentions the blatant and cruel exploitation of the same women and children that is happening every day, right under our noses!

  4. As long as these ‘victims’ are not doing anything ‘immoral’ especially where it involves foreigners, it is totally justified to make them work in some sweat shop industry and pay them even less than what they would earn as street beggers!

    That’s the way of the world these days. People in poor countries, and increasingly not just poor countries, can be made to earn the most appalling slave wages, work the most menial jobs, under the most deplorable conditions. But hey, at least they’re making an “honest” living earning the $1.50 a day that their employer graciously pays them.

    Nobody will bat an eye at all that, and will just shrug it off as modern-day “economic reality”. The only ones who will be upset about this and rally against it are white, affluent, smug American and European liberal arts college kids living off their parents’ money and exploring their inner communist.

    But throw prostitution in the mix, and feminists will run wild with indiscriminate accusations of exploitation, human trafficking, and the old lie of child prostitutes. They will set up any number of “rescue” charities and other do-gooder outfits attempting to save those poor women (and perhaps even funnel them back into the menial slave wage jobs they just escaped from). They don’t care if some, or perhaps even most of them prostitute themselves out of their own free will simply for the prospect of easy money and lots of it, no, if a woman exercising her own free will and claiming sexual agency violates feminist ideology and dogma, feminists will simply remove consent, and spice it up with the old lie that “no woman chooses to be a prostitute”. But they will be ok with any other source of income (even a $1.50-a-day sweat shop job counts as female empowerment), as long as young fertile attractive women will keep their legs closed.

  5. Feminism is a mental disorder, ignore and marginalise them. Don’t argue with the insane or idiots. The ordinary female is just a mass of envy and jealousy especially when past the age of being of any interest to a man. She becomes invisible to men and bitter.Ignore them and anything they have to say. Laugh at these pathetic flabby old ladies who pay for sex with boys. You don’t even have to waste time criticising then because anyone who has seen this film or seen it in real life is just disgusted by old females behaving like this. Once a female is past menopause at 40 that’s the end of her sex life and her life should be devoted to taking care of grandkids and her cats.

  6. Again, you do not understand the underlying assumptions of Cultural “Marxism” of “oppressor” and “oppressed”. Only then you aren’t surprised by this. Claiming abortion rights for men is the way to drive a wedge between Cultural “Marxism” and the population control agenda. As long as MRAs secretly want stable, large families, the NWO will thwart them. Social Conservatives will try to thwart the NWO by becoming even more pedestalizing of women.

  7. All the “romance tourism” theme movies and books about women going to foreign countries are sex tourism, they just make them up like “romance over the sea” to make it appeal to women, but anyone from Africa and the Caribbean can tell you how mush sex tourism women buy, as mush as men,specially the Caribbean and Africa where women, specially white women from feminists countries like Canada, UK, Sweden, USA and Spain are very attracted to buy sex from men, specially BLACK men.

    In Dominican Rep, there is called Sanky Panky, who is a male prostitute, you can see more here

    There was even a movie about it

    Here is an example of sanky Panky, notice we are talking about a man and woman who don’t know each other and he jumps to her in totally sexual intentions, can you imagine the same in UK? not even in your dreams

    Here is a news about it, it is in Spanish but you can understand by the images only, notice the middle age white women, who must be one of these pointing the finger to men in her country for doing the same thing:

  8. Thanks MRA for the rich source of info and links. Your contributions to this site are much appreciated.

  9. The average women who pays for sex with these guys are +40, so yes, they are the typical cougar and adding that many of these guys are underage as young as 15 when they start this.

    You know, when middle age women go to Africa or the Caribbean bet your money she is going for something else.

    Here is a large video news, at one point the Sanky says many of these women are married in their countries.

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