Government to Set Up Institute in Honour of Convicted Child Abuser Alan Turing

Just a week after the computers of Number 10 Downing St were searched for child porn, the British government has announced that convicted paedophile Alan Turing is to have an institute set up in his sacred name :

Here are some facts about Alan Turing, his conviction, and the law that he was convicted under, that rarely get mentioned in the liberal media :

He had illegal sex with a 19 year old labourer when he was a 42 year old professor of mathematics.

The age of majority at the time was 21 – so the 19 year old was legally a child and seen as a victim.

Turing tried to have the boy arrested for a burglary that he did not commit. In fact, Turing had sex with the boy one last time (after giving him alcohol) before going to the police station with the glass that he had drunk from, in order to see if the fingerprints matched those found at the burglary scene.

It is possible that Turing tried to frame the boy knowing he had nothing to do with the ‘burglary’ because he feared the boy was about to go to the police and reveal that Turing was ‘abusing’ him.

We do not know if Turing had sex with any other teenage boys and how old they were. We only know of this boy because of the ‘burglary’.

Turing was not ‘castrated’. He did not spend a day in prison. He was required to go through a mild hormonal treatment programme to curb his sexual desires for teenage boys. He embarked upon a fitness regime after his trial and appeared happier and healthier than ever.

He was allowed to resume his teaching career at the (then) prestigious University of Manchester. Compare his outcome with those of homosexuals today convicted of having sex with underage boys (sex offenders register, exclusion orders, banned from teaching etc).

He likely did not commit suicide – his own biographer believes he died as a result of accidentally inhaling cyanide fumes (he had been experimenting with cyanide the day he died). His parents and friends were shocked, and refused to believe it was suicide because of how happy and content he appeared to be.

Turing was convicted as a result of the same puritanical 1885 criminal amendment act that raised the age of consent for heterosexuals from 12 to 16 and which is currently being used to persecute heterosexual men for having sex with teenage girls nearly half-a-century ago, even as we turn Alan Turing into a martyr for having illegal sex with a teenage lad considered a victim of child abuse at the time.

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  1. Thanks EvilWhite. There will be these ‘indecency’ laws and strict dress codes creeping up on us over time. It will start in private environments such as gyms and finally get to the point where good looking females are arrested in the street (by hag female policewomen) if they are revealing too much. Slut walkers and so on won’t complain so long as its only the attractive women who are told to cover up.

  2. Funny how the folks at RoK were so defensive and critical of your article, LOL!

    Indeed it is – I never guessed that RoK was such a hang out for gay rights lobbyists!

  3. Evilwhite:
    There were various articles during the Sochi Olympics in the national news where femihags were complaining about Russian women ‘revealing too much.’ I think they won’t be happy until all women are forced to wear burkhas so as not to make anyone feel like ‘a victim’.

    But like I’ve said a million times: Even a burkha can’t hide FAT! lol

  4. He was convicted under indecency laws that explicitly applied to men committing indecent acts with other men, nowhere in the law does it discuss the persons age and nowhere in your article did you bring up evidence to back up your claim.

  5. Homosexual tv star showers star struck 18 year old boy with gifts and money, starts taking him to drug fuelled homosexual fisting parties, 18 year old boy starts to feel disgusted with himself, 18 year old boy kills himself :

    Now look at the comments on the following online forum :

    Nearly everybody agrees that the 18 year old was a ‘man’ and was responsible for his own decisions, and that the relationship was legal, and even imply that the only reason the Daily Mail reported on the story is because of ‘homophobia’.

    Now compare with the typical comments you’ll read when a man is arrested for having sex with a 15 year old girl (or even meeting a 15 year old girl), or for that matter, when a homosexual man is caught having sex with a 15 year old boy.

    In my experience, the average 15 year old girl is about as mature as an 18 year old ‘man’.

    Strange world we live in.

  6. I wonder what happened to the boy that Alan Turing sexually abused and tried to frame for a burglary he did not commit? I’ve tried searching for newspaper reports but found nothing. The trial of Alan Turing was not even covered at the time it seems because he was not famous at that point. Just another pederast arrested for banging a teenage boy.

    The only thing we do know is that the police arrested Alan Turing for abusing a teenage boy.

    Given that the boy never seems to appear again, even after Turing became celebrated for his role in WW2 and the development of the computer, I wonder if it’s possible he killed himself?

  7. “He was convicted under indecency laws that explicitly applied to men committing indecent acts with other men, nowhere in the law does it discuss the persons age”

    In that case Turing would not have been arrested you aspie hebophile asshat. The boy was 19 and at the time the age of majority was 21 – he was legally considered a boy/child, not a man/adult.

  8. You may have read that a computer program has supposedly passed the ‘Turing Test’, which was a bar set by Alan Turing to determine whether true artificial intelligence had been created – could a computer convince a human that it was human?

    The computer program posed as a 13 year teenage boy. How ironic is that? This site will be the only one on Earth to point out the irony of course.

    And even more ironically, probably one of the first things these A.I. computer programs will be used for is by the police as decoys in chat rooms to catch ‘paedophiles’, including men like Alan Turing sexually attracted to teenage boys.

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