Full Backup of Angry Harry’s Site

Our great friend Scarecrow has made a complete RAR archive Angry Harry’s site. You can download it at :


In the words of Scarecrow :

This link contains a RAR archive of everything downloaded from his site.

It is in its RAW form – java scripts, css and all.

Feel free to download it – or – download the AngryHarry web pages yourself.

Huge thanks to Scarecrow for doing this, from myself and I’m sure all of my readers too.

5 Comments on "Full Backup of Angry Harry’s Site"

  1. Anyone knows Harry and his family personally?

    A) someone could take over the site if the family passed on the right.

    b) I believe it is possible to pay for a domain name, even when not the registered owner

    c) one could try to find the internet provider and pay that one too

    d) there should be some institution that takes over such sites, that does it with donations, or where site owners can pay some money, in their wills, for preservation of the site. This would not be the first site getting lost when the owner dies

  2. Ah..Angry Harry when feminism didn’t become a worldwide epidemic circa Toronto SLUTWALK wave 2011.

    Reading his articles sounded like he was a skilled trends forecaster. Many people in the early 2000-2003 would have been inundated with the Middle Eastern wars,while Anglo feminazism slowly creeped and expanded until it became one huge wave from 2011-2012.

    Angry Harry had a very joyous and entertaining tone in his articles while spreading the message of the feminist agenda. Unfortunately, if one was to write about the “progress” of the feminist agenda today, the writer will definitely be more than angry. I’m still not sure why the Anglo feminists put so much emphasis on age of consent for girls, but when a female teacher shags an 11-year-old male student, there is not an ounce of condemnation from these feminists, thought those same feminists would be more than willing and happy to form vigilante killer mobs to murder an 18-year-old guy for having consensual sex with a 14-year-old female. However, some states in the US have Romeo and Juliet clauses for that type of stuff, to the misery of feminazis who want to criminalize everything but themselves.

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