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#Thought 1

The Reddit NoFap cult now has close to a quarter of a million followers. Yet there is no female equivalent of a NoFap movement, and never will be. There are no gurus using junk science to claim that laying off the black dildos and rabbit vibrators, or the Fifty Shades of Grey female porn erotic fiction increases estrogen, skin complexion, fertility etc. Why is that?

#Thought 2

In Arizona, USA, a homosexual (and heterosexual) can receive 200 years in prison for looking at a picture of a ‘sexualized’ 17 year old youth. In ‘homophobic’ Russia, a homosexual (or heterosexual) is not breaking the law by looking at any kind of picture of any age youth. The age of consent in Russia is 16 for both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Russia does, however, come down very hard on adults who force homosexual propaganda on to 8 year old children. In the light of these facts, which country do you think really respects both homosexual rights and child welfare the most?

#Thought 3

Former Labour MP and paedocrite of the year 2015 Simon Danczuk has now been accused of raping a woman.

#Thought 4

Women fantasize about serial killers, sex with gorillas, being raped etc every day. Yet it’s male sexuality that is demonized and criminalized to an ever greater extent. It’s legal for women to buy on Amazon dildos shaped like dog cocks or chimpanzee penises or other animals, yet men can get years in prison (where they will likely be beaten and raped) for purchasing sex dolls that are judged to look under 18. Complimenting a woman’s beauty in the street is now illegal in many places, even looking ‘lavaciously’ at a woman can be. The latest femihag idea doing the rounds is that a man merely thinking about sex with a woman is committing ‘thought rape’ unless the woman has consented to be thought about in a sexual way. This may be laughable now, but very soon the State will have the power to increasingly look into the minds of ‘suspects’ using brain scanning technology.

Inventor of ‘Blue Whale’ internet game responsible for deaths of at least 16 young girls is ‘inundated with love letters from teenage girls writing to him in his Russian prison cell’.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy female fans :

#Thought 5

Can the beautiful and talented Sabrina Vaz cure my chronic back problems?

4 thoughts on “Five Thoughts for the Day”

  1. Thinking about Eric and Angry Harry recently, I suddenly realized that we last heard from Eric around the time that Harry apparently died.

    So I’ve just been looking through old comments. According to Scarecrow, Eric last contacted him on 16th Feb 2016, and he must have had very bad news about his health because Scarecrow was worried about him.

    Angry Harry died on 24th February 2016, just 1 week later.

    I doubt very much Eric was Angry Harry, unless he was going to extraordinary lengths to create a persona we wouldn’t suspect as Harry, and maybe Scarecrow could confirm this. And their writing styles didn’t match at all. Still, it is a bit of a weird co-incidence. There are a couple of other MRAs who ‘disappeared’ around that time as well.

  2. The schizoid peadophile ‘the Frenchman’ is back from Tom O’Carroll’s blog, spending hours composing deranged aspie comments that nobody (including me) will ever read. If only he’d put as much effort into his online fraud schemes he’d be rich.

  3. I am a long time reader and now a first time poster. The feminist and manlets from my country of origin have successful modified the constitution so women under 18 can no longer get married. (The age of consent is 18 but you might have sex with a underage (more than 13 years old) under the old law if her parents have no problem with that and if you will eventually get married with her). The creator of the new laws is a very honest feminist, she argued that studies show that men prefer younger women and too many men 10 year older than the wife are married in the country. Now thousands of Dominicans will be rape in prison since they can not longer be protected by the old law.

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