Femislamization Latest – France to Make it Illegal for Women to ‘Dress Like Prostitutes’

SHEria law moved a step closer in France today with the news that plans are being drawn up by feminists to make it illegal for women to ‘dress like prostitutes’.


The legislation is aimed at cleaning up red-light districts such as Pigalle in Paris, long a notorious area of the French capital, where streets are lined with hookers.

French sex workers’ union, Strass, said the law was a “huge step backwards.”

“It is making criminals of women for how they dress, and victimizing prostitutes for doing their job and aggravating their working conditions,” said spokeswoman, Chloe Navarro.

French politicians will vote on the law next week.

Meanwhile, a Nevada Femihag has proposed that a new sex trafficking bill be amended to allow for the physical castration of ‘sex traffickers’.


3 thoughts on “Femislamization Latest – France to Make it Illegal for Women to ‘Dress Like Prostitutes’”

  1. Living in Reno Nevada, I can tell you that there are some bat-sh*t crazy feminazis here.

    So much for “no cruel and unusual punishment” eh?

    Maybe she believes that rapists should also be sodomized – oh wait – nevermind – that already happens…

    The U.S.A. is seriously f**ked up – and women like the one mentioned in your article are leading the charge.

  2. Well, this article is very misleading to say the least. The bill that is being currently discussed at the Senate is mainly about allowing hookers to solicit men overtly in the street while condemning the patrons (heavy fine, prison if repetition). The Senate has reversed the bill: solicitation prohibited, clients not penalized. But the French Senate has little power and the original bill will certainly be adopted in Parliament very soon.
    It is quite incredible that a deeply misandrist bill, seen from abroad by a feminist rag, can be turned into an attack against the freedom of women to dress as they please.

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