Feminists seek legislation over sex bots

Only yesterday I posted my discovery that Jessica Valenti, leading online feminist, wanted realistic sex dolls to be banned on the grounds that they ‘objectify’ women.

Obviously, as learned readers of this blog will know by now, as well as anybody with an ounce of common sense, Valenti and her fellow feminists want to ban sex dolls because such things, increasingly realistic, threaten to give men sexual independence from women.

Now I learn that feminists in Canada are already drawing up legislation that would limit the sale and ownership of sexbots – realistic androids created for the sexual gratification of men.

Following the recent Ontario/Canada Roundtable on Gender Equality, the below provisions have been proposed for the new Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act, the first draft of which is currently being finalized.The provisions are specifically meant to target the concerns that were expressed at the roundtable that sexbots will negatively impact the pursuit for gender equality and may unduly emphasize the objectification of women as sexual objects.The suggested provisions fall into the larger framework of regulating the emerging service robot industry that will be governed by the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act and under the direction of the Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence, to be established in Ontario and other Canadian provinces and territories at the end of next year.

It is further proposed that provisions 6 and 7 are integrated into the Criminal Code of Canadato ensure uniformity with respect to the illegal creation, use, distribution, advertising, export and import of sexbots which are made in the image of minors under the age of 18. For the purposes of s. 163.1 of the Criminal Codethe definition of “child” should include sexbots created in the image of minors under the age of 18.

The use of sexbots shall be restricted to government-regulated establishments unless otherwise approved by the Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

The use of sexbots in the privacy of one’s home is prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by the Ministry of Robots and Artificial intelligence or a relevant regulating agency as per the criteria outlined in the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act.

Dr Ian Kerr, a grinning mangina, apparently holds some position as professor of robot ethics at the University of Ottawa, and it appears that this fact gives him the ability to influence government policy and law making.


And what is most terrifying is the glimpse it gives us into how femi-nazi anti-sex laws, which lead to the rape of the male, come to pass. Sex bots are still a few years away, yet already there are ‘experts’ on the ethics of human-robot sexual relationships, feminists whose supposed expertise on such matters means that they can hold a ridiculous conference behind closed doors and then fully expect the government of their land to pass laws that will deny happiness to millions of men and criminilize those men as sex offenders if they dare seek that happiness. Simply because all these ‘experts’ have to say are the magic words ‘need to protect women and children’ and any rational scrutiny, let alone empirical judgement or testing, is not required.

In Ian Kerr’s case, it seems his ability to pass laws that will affect millions of people arises from being a middle-class kid who obtained a degree in philosophy at a second rate university and wrote his doctorate on a subject (ethics of human-robotic relations) that maybe only a dozen other people in the entire world have explored. Sex bots are still some distance away, no society could have an intelligent discussion on what laws need to be passed, because most people are completely unaware of what sexbots even are, let alone what ethical issues they might represent.

This strategy follows that used by feminists in the past with regard to new technology changing porn and sex. For example, the United Nations convention on the rights of the child, recently ‘celebrating’ its 20th anniversary, included the outlawing of any pictorial representation of a minor in a sexual context. In other words ‘child pornography, defined to the max. Now, in 1989, any such pictures would be photographs of actual minors. Yet the feminists were careful to word the convention in terms of ‘representation’. Probably few of the 180+ countries that signed the treaty in 1989 realised that the wording of the documents that they were putting pen to paper to would lead to millions of ordinary men being criminalized for clicking on a mouse to view a digitally created anime picture that was merely a possible ‘representation’ of a person under 18.

Similarly, it appears feminists are drawing up laws against sex bots before even most educated people are fully aware of what the consequences of these laws might be for ordinary male sexuality in a future high-tech world. And one thing that keeps feminists motivated in doing this is that they know full well that once passed, it is almost impossible to repeal any sex offender legislation ‘that protects women and children’.

However, what might trip up the femibeasts is that they themselves do not know what the full implications upon society will be if the sexual trade union laws that they create are applied fully and logically in a different world.

For example, recently, a British airport’s security added x-ray scanners that are so powerful that they literally create an image of the naked body of the person being scanned. But now a ‘child rights’ group has pointed out that the creation of those images, when the person who passes through the scanner is under 18 (or looks under 18), is contrary to the government’s own virtual child pornography laws. The x-ray scanner has now been scrapped.

Ian Kerr and his fellow feminists want any sexbot that looks under 18 to be banned full stop, under the pretence of virtual child pornography laws that criminalize the creation of any sexual image of a minor. Never mind that such ultra-realistic androids would surely prevent ‘paedophiles’ from having the urge to have sex with real minors.

But hold on a moment. If an ‘image’ now includes the three-dimensional shape of a sex doll or a sex bot, then surely the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry is going to go bankrupt overnight? Given that most teenage girls are fully developed at age 16 or 17 these days, an image of a person looking under 18 must include any woman who attempts to make her skin or her body as youthful and as perfect as possible (i.e. when it was 16 or 17 years old). The Swedish celebrity false rape accuser Ulrika Johnsonn, recently paid over £50,000 to ‘have the body of a 16 year old girl’. Now why isn’t she in prison being raped by butch lesbians for ‘creating the sexual image of a person under the age of 18’? This is the logic that follows from the creation of these absurd feminist laws designed to restrict sexual competition to themselves in a widened free sexual market – in other words, the rape of the male.

I would suggest that in the year 2020, when Josef Shiele of Bremerhaven, Germany, becomes the first person to be dragged before the courts for having sex with a cute, youthful looking Japanese sex bot (well, if they’re all going to be banned you may as well get yourself a good one), he takes his case to the European Court of Justice and points out that this is a gross violation of his human rights and dignity. That he should be punished for ‘creating’ the realistic, 3-dimensional sexual image of a desirable nymph when millions of women attempt to do the same each and every day with their own bodies (in order to be attractive to men like himself and all the other ‘perverts’ who constitute the vast majority of the male sex).

This will become even more absurd in the coming years, as scientists finally develop ways of obtaining the age old female dream (and men’s) – of permanently giving women the appearance of youthful, virgin skin. Already rich, middle-aged women are flocking to expensive Asian clinics in order to have stem cell therapy with the intention of giving their skin a more youthful (pre-pubescent, in fact) look. And by all accounts, this therapy will probably work, at least when mastered in a few years time.

It’s going to be a strange and brave new world, in just a couple of decades or less, when virtually ALL women, even 70 year olds, are walking around looking like Miley Cyrus. Who knows how such a thing will change the dynamics of the free sexual marketplace? One thing is for sure – the same feminists who create these absurd virtual child pornography laws that criminlize ordinary men for victimless crimes, will be the first to seek the treatment that turns their faces and bodies into that of buxom 16 year old girls.

After all, how could they possibly hope to compete with the sexbots otherwise?

If you would like to contact Ian Kerr and tell him what you think of his shameful participation in the rape of the male, his e-mail address is : iankerr@uottawa.ca

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In the not too distant future, most women will look like this..

100 thoughts on “Feminists seek legislation over sex bots”

  1. That Amanda cunt might as well have plead guilty as charged.

    “There is the danger, of course, of how sex bots would be used by people in relationships– if they’d be used by men as tools to make women jealous and control them, or ways to diminish a partner’s sense of his or her own value. After all, sexual attraction isn’t everything in a relationship, but it is pretty damn important to most people. A partner who says “I love you and you’re attractive, but this robot is so much hotter and more fun to fuck” is going to be REALLY BAD for the other person’s self esteem, and for the relationship itself.”

  2. What is amazing is that people really believe in these laws. They don’t really consciously make such laws on order to manipulate and repress men. They really believe in their own lies (self-deception).

    Otherwise an intelligent person would start asking: “is it really worth to get a couple of hundred people killed in a terrorist plot on an aircraft, just to protect us from seeing x-ray photos of minors.”

    And all this BS about “objectifying women”. If there is no real woman involved. Just a sex bot.

    Protecting people from sex robots. If anything, it is demeaning to men to use a sex robot, and they should have access to cheap prostitution, in order not to demean men.

    And what does this have to do with gender equality? Am I the only one amazed about what sensless stuff people talk about?

  3. “They don’t really consciously make such laws in order to manipulate and repress men.”

    Oh yes they do!

    Rule #1: Never underestimate a woman’s ability to lie.

    For females deception is not merely a supplement for physical strength. For them it’s a main battle weapon.

    “Is it really worth to get a couple of hundred people killed in a terrorist plot on an aircraft, just to protect us from seeing x-ray photos of minors.”

    Only in a gynocracy.

    “And what does this have to do with gender equality?”

    For women gender ‘equality’ just means being able to make men pay through the nose for sex. Anything short of this and they feel ‘soiled’ and ‘degraded’. They actually feel that way! No shit! Wouldn’t you be if you were optimized by evolution to be parasitic on the productivity of your mate?

    Another way to look at the problem is to imagine that a leech could think.
    If that leech could not get a host would the leech think “Well, serves me right for being a leech.” or would it think “Damn hosts! They are all bastards too stingy to spare even a drop of blood.” ?
    To a leech ‘equality’ means happily sucking another animals blood.

    Equality between gazelles and lions means having a gazelle to eat everyday (for the lion) and never getting eaten (for the gazelle).

    Equality between gazelles and grass means having lots of grass to eat (for the gazelle) and never getting eaten (for the grass).

    This is the reason you can’t reason with women on these kind of issues. It’s NOT that they are irrational it’s simply that their cognitive faculties are subordinate to their biological imperatives.

    And the cold reality is that one of their biggest biological imperatives is to make slaves of us.

  4. First of all- you truly do not understand the meaning of feminism if you think that it is or was made to objectify men- that is extremely arrogant and egotistical. Secondly, Sex bots do objectify women because a sex bot is something that you can screw- an object, a tool- thus sending the message that yes it is ok to do things like that to women because they are like a sex bot- which is untrue because women like men are also human beings believe it or not. Something that this society denies =the RAPE of women, whom are always the poorest, and most victimized in society. Thirdly men are always centered in everything, hence- U.S History which mainly focuses on White men and unwrites the history of any other people, with the exception of one or two women who are always domesticated- after all most if not all countries only talk about men- so men do not need a safe space, however I do recognize that this: PATRIARCHAL Society does not let men express their emotions- that by the way is not the fault of women. Women need their safe space, which is why there is Women’s Studies, Feminism is looking for gender equality- that excludes other intersections such as race, class and gender but if you examine the feminist waves, Feminists began including intersections of race, class and gender which is always excluded by this PATRIARCHY, please inform yourself, before you make a fool out of yourself coming up with men’s rights- it’s insulting to true political bodies and minds, and frankly it I think, is stupid to come up with a movement if you want to call it that, that pays even more attention to men than it already gives. What do you want to eradicate women- please be careful with that other men would get really pissed off at you! . Please be more informed it makes for effective, productive conversation. I will not and do not accept your uninformed view as valid.

  5. What men need to start to realise is that there is nowhere to run or hide from feminists. Yes it’s rediculous that someone is even trying to legislate the use of sexbots. Women have been using vibrators and dildos for decades and these are artificial substitutes for sex with men. Of course they won’t be banned…..and neither will male sex robots for womens use. Rediculous isn’t it……but give up thinking that you can combat feminism with rational and logic. Feminism does not care for rational or logic……or fairness…..just like woman do not care for these things. They care about what is good for them…..if it’s good for them……it’s right……if its not……its wrong. It is a completely childish way of thinking. That is what in fact women are………..big children. They are driven by emotions just like children and older women are worse.

    The sooner men stop trying to argue against feminism with rational arguement and logic etc…….the better. Men need to just start adopting an attitude of……..we don’t care what you think…….say……or want……we aren’t giving you jack shit. Stop trying to find women that are “different” in other countries……..they aren’t different……they are just different because they live in a different place in a differenat culture……once they are in a feminist culture…….like when you bring them to your country……its a matter of time before you have a feminazi. The whole mens rights movement mostly seems to be about men complaining between themselves…….and trying to mitigate their own personal crappy situations. Women are crap….get a sex doll……get and overseas women……..learn game……hide your assetts…….blah blah blah. How about attacking feminism head on…….and attacking feminist men and women head on. I don’t know what the answer is but I know one thing after all these years. There aint no place to run…..there aint no place to hide……you can shack up in the forest with your sex doll…..but the feminists will find you and find something to get you on. If the feminists were trying to get legislation passed that banned men from breathing on the grounds that men breathing oppressed women……most MRAs would argue by trying to prove that men breathing does not oppress women……and they think that if they can prove that…….thats it…..no probs……….wrong……..the feminists never really thought that men breathing oppressed women….they know its a lie….and don’t care……they want men to not be allowed to breath because they want you dead…..they only use the bs they cook up to make their draconian laws sound like they have nobel reasons. The men that don’t fight that battle that way…….will fight by trying to come up with a way of living……without breathing…….some device that can be implanted that extracts oxygen from the air via your skin or something……..in other words…..stop breathing to make the feminists happy…..but work out a way of not dying because of it. This is the same with sex dolls…..women have become to dangerous……..to expensive…….false allegations…….divorce……..child support…….etc etc………..so get a sex doll and avoid it all…….now they are coming for your sex doll before you even have the option of having one………see what I mean……you can’t run……you can’t hide……..try opting for virtual sex…….same thing……..try just using hooker……..worse……..try having nothing to do with women…….people will think your creepy……probably a pedophile….. this weird man living alone who never has any women over………doesn’t mix with them…….must be a terrorist…….or a pedophile……they will probably have a single man tax in future anyway…….extra 50 tax for any man over 21 who is not in a defacto relationship or married.

    The demands of feminists have no bounds……have no reason……no rational…….they are all about extracting wealth from men….because women can’t make their own…… no…..they can’t. I dont know exactly how to deal with this…..but I know one thing……it involves telling women……..yes…..all of them……to go take a run and jump……openly……whenever they demand anything of men……..for the male feminists…..I say we need to gather our forces against them wherever we find them…….a man should not be able to stand up for feminism unchallenged…….we need to have a policy….bros before hos…..and we really need to burn men who don’t comply.

  6. “What do you want to eradicate women- ”
    Naw! Lobotomize them and turn them into baby making machines on life support.
    “please be careful with that other men would get really pissed off at you!”
    Why? It’s fun watching little mangina boys trying to act like bad asses.

  7. We must ban all vibrators, dildos, and other such relevant sex toys since they are essentially in the same phallic shape as the male penis.

  8. 1. men aren’t women.. feminism expects them to ‘express themselves’ and to be ‘equal’ but only on feminine terms. that’s the core of the problem: feminists want a gynocentric society, labeling any masculine attribute as part of the ‘patriarchy.’ It’s no wonder boys aren’t doing well in school and 2/3 college grads are female now.. the whole education system is toxic to males.

    2. the way feminists talk, just about ANY kind of male empowerment is a threat to female ‘equality’ and thus should be thoroughly regulated or outright banned. What’s the difference between a sexbot and plain masturbation? I don’t see feminists supporting restrictions on any product or service that women need to live the sex lives they wish. I don’t see why males shouldn’t have the same right. Should we ban feminine sex toys because they ‘objectify’ males?

    The amount of hypocrisy in feminism is outrageous.. You’re right, it wasn’t invented to objectify males (though many support this too, all the way back to SCUM) but to deify females and create a gynocentric society.

  9. I’ve had it with women, dating, i’ve never been married because Its nothing more than legal prostitution. Slept with lets say my fair share of women. Really, if it weren’t for sex what are women really bringing to the table. Men usually make more. We pay for a cleaning service. Buy dinner. Keep the cars and the house repaired. Sex Robots, well sign me up. Ohhhhhhh I guess that might mean women would have to actually stop acting like cunts. We couldn’t have that. You have one asset, take that away and game over. Now with a sex robot, that’s equality.

  10. This feminist fuzzy logic never ceases to amaze me. How is it that women are not being objectified now as prostitution runs rampant in the 3rd world? If men in the 1st world (the main source of johns for say south east asian prostitution) are allowed to purchase sophisticated sex robots for recreational purposes. Then suddenly you instantly curb the demand for real impoverished prostitutes.

    This is a very interesting scenario. Because it will stifle 3rd world prostitution (which is good) and it will undermine self centered feminist rhetoric (also good) It will mean less women with big attitudes making humble men take heed anymore of their unrealistic power trips. They will yell and scream until they are blue in the face. But just like Queen Mab in Excalibur, the men will forget them (feminazis) and they will go the way of the Dodo. Without our recognition, they are powerless. Without our need for them they are extinct. This is why they will fight tooth and nail to bring this law about. But guess what, even if these laws are enforced in America, UK on ethical grounds. I doubt this will mean a resounding no to other nations.

    Its likely China, Japan, Korea, and many other countries with high populations will see this as a godsend to curbing overpopulation. And for the women, they might as well get their male love robot too. One still ponders whether this will lead to a worsening social decay. But only time will tell. For now the immediate benefits are glaringly obvious.

    Welcome the sex robot revolution!

  11. You’re quite right Dudster, but of course it won’t stop the feminists trying to ban sexbots. It will, however, as you say, make the true motivations behind their rhetoric more obvious.

    As far as the worsening social decay is concerned, who knows? The problem is, I think, that it is the dumbed down working class, particularly the underclass, who are over-breeding. Sexbots might make this worse, in that it might only be the middle-class who can afford sex bots as a replacement for marriage and real sex.

    On the other hand, perhaps the less educated would be more psychologically and emotionally satisfied with a simple sex bot?

    I think it would be great if women could be satisfied by sexbots, but as I’ve argued before, I doubt it. At least they’ll still feel threatened by men enjoying robot partners, and will accordingly work to prevent us from obtaining them.

  12. Yes it does seem that way for the most part. But even if feminazis rejoice if they do succeed in outright banning sex bots in the west… men will already know that sexbots are available elsewhere. This will be bigger than just the middle aged mans revelation when discovering loyal teen thai gfs in his latest bangkok exploits. It will be the pandoras box that will never be closed.

    No man will be so myopic anymore as to ignore the obvious alternative. For this feminist extremists will have been dealt a death blow. There really is no recovering from this one. It is akin to the meteor that ended the dinosaurs. Once that hits, its a massive game changer. And they know it, which is why they will employ every contingency in the book in order to preserve their power.

    It may be of some solace that no matter how successful women are in banning sex robots… they will not be as successful in banning AI or virtual AI sex. Within 10-20years, I foresee AI and ultra realistic cgi taking over the acting world, modelling world as well as the overpriced, overhyped strip meat market world too.

    This day I welcome with open arms. As we men are highly visual and have been paying an arm and a leg since time began…just to get our right to view the eye candy. With pervasive high speed internet by that time, feminists will be hard pressed to banning all the other emerging technologies. These will allow us men to finally get copious amounts of enjoyable reciprocated AI sex. And the feminazis will spurt and splutter with green envy.

    Can hardly wait for that time to arrive.

  13. “Women need their safe space, which is why there is Women’s Studies, Feminism is looking for gender equality- that excludes other intersections”

    Yea, men do too, need there “safe space” it just happens to be between the legs of a sexbot. So you are trying to sexually discriminate in giving one gender their “safe space” while lobbying to destroy the other gender’s “safe space”.

  14. Okay…. why the fuck are they banning sex-dolls again?~

    They’re not doing harm (if they could) at all and… it’s so-o incredibly unrealistic to think that they could be a danger to society and they are capable of killing their “husbands” while they sleep.

  15. Fucking feminism ruined my life. I was that guy; sweet, sensitive, generous, a listener, and for the most genuine of reasons; to find the right one and to get married . Women will say it was because I wanted blowjobs and easy sex, but not true. I am 40 and still have my V card because those same women whom I was trying to be good to in the way I was told to be good were using me as a LJBF shoulder to cry on and free meal dispenser while they were being pillaged in every hole by their ‘bad’ boyfriends.

    I waited years and years for women to realize I did care for them, only to be forgotten when some more fascinating man came along no matter how much time I had spent with them or attempted to help them. Even if there was a chance in those relationships I was never told what to look for, and I was expected me to carry the entire relationship, have ESP, and make the first EXACTLY RIGHT move with no forgiveness for a misstep.

    But, I was too polite, and really did want a realtionship, as I was trapped in white knight wonderland. You know all I ever wanted was a girl to go to the lake with, spend a day together in a beach house and the like, but I was never respected enough to gain their love.

    Their love, their body, their attention and time was reserved for the ‘bad’ boyfriend. Musicians, ‘artists’ and douchebags did nothing, acted like selfish assholes and got all the benefits of intimacy from the women I believed I cared for while I was left out in the rain. Feminism not only destroyed me, it added insult to injury by continually mocking me, and saying that I as a ‘nice guy’ was devious, that all I wanted was dirty sex and to harm women or to take advantage of them at their low point because I could not attain them under other circumstances.

    My ethics I find were not only unrealistic, but they were also hated and worthy only of mockery, no matter how sincere I was. No, I am the real villain, the duplicituous piece of scum that wanted, go forbid, to have sex with them! No, that golden prize vagina and dirty sex was only given to men with motorcycles that couldn’t give a shit about them, who wanted to take advantage of them.

    I thought I was doing the right thing, following the examples set down by King Arthur and his knights etc. Feminism has shown me that feminists hate men, no matter who you are, but ‘old fashioned’ men with outdated views on love and commitment are hated the most.

    Show my feelings? What shit. Women only love men they respect and you will any shred of respect from both sexes if you go around showing your feelings. And don’t pull that ‘you can’t force women to love you by doing x bullshit’ women don’t like men who act like what feminists want men to act like, especially feminists. Women want powerful men, and women’s hearts & loins work off of being in awe of a man, not in reciprocation of love, kindness and affection. Again women and especially feminists hate men who act like feminists want them to act.

  16. I highly recommend visiting a GFE (Girlfriend Experience) erotic massage parlour or a GFE escort service. It may be ackward at first, especially if you are nervous but after trying it a few times you’ll get the hang of it…be patient. You will find that when you are with sex care workers kindness is often appreciated and reciprocated…but don’t overdo it. One important piece of advice I will give is…once you meet a sex care worker you really like…stick to her. The reason why I say this is that A) Hobbying is expensive so it’s best to spend your money on a woman that you know will show you a good time and B) usually the more you repeat with a sex care worker the more intimate the sessions will get.

  17. All “good guys” should be MGTOW and wait for VR girls of 2020 and robogirls of 2030. Let those deluded women have the bad, abusive jerks then complain they aren’t being treated right. I am going to write a long blog post on robogirls, but suffice to say, this will replace women and end feminism.

  18. Sexbots are the next big thing. The first phase of development consists in developing sexbots that are as hot as the real thing. The second, and decisive phase will consist in going further a step further by developing sexbots hotter than the real thing. This will be achieved by overexaggerating every detail that makes a woman look and feel hot. Such sexbots will look as different compared to real women as porn actresses look compared to everyday women. They will push all male buttons and make sex with any woman or call-girl or Thai bar-girl or underage husky appear boring. The most sophisticated sexbots will fetch prices the price of a mid-range automobile.

    It is sad that this vision of the future is again one that will probably never materialise. Unlike porn, sexbots are difficult to hide and virtually impossible to smuggle. More importantly, the budding and fragile sexbot industry (a handful of firms worldwide) will not survive the legal storm. Why have the big players (Microsoft, Sony) stayed away of this potentially huge market? For the same reason the likes of Pfizer or Novartis have stayed away from medical marijuana.

    Feminist attempts to have the sexbot technology legislated well ahead of its maturity shows how all-encompassing, all-powerful and far-sighted feminism has become. How long before hooded police are seen kicking-in sexbot owner’s doors at six in the morning?

    The best we can do is to tackle feminists and make it absolutely clear that sexbots are being developed for the sole purpose of relieving women of sex with men which, as we all should know by now, is humiliating, degrading and tantamount to rape. Thanks to sexbots, no more marital sex, no more college sex, no more sex with prostitutes, no more sex-tourism. As a further concession, once sexbots have reached perfection, men who purchase a sexbot could be required by law to undertake never to engage in courtship or sex, with any girl or woman, ever again. Failure to comply would be punishable.

  19. Via the Feminist’s Snake Pit foe itself comes:
    Sexbots v. Canada: Is the world Free anymore?


    from those who have the most vested interest. WARNING, it’s a given that the material is NSFW & otherwise politically incorrect enough to send femnazis into apoplectic stroke. But mainly due to graphic images of femibeasts unmasked, so do use discretion & not watch while eating a meal.

    “I haven’t been on the DF for a while however I’ve stumbled on news that last year Canadian feminists are drawing up plans to make Sexbots illegal and are eyeing Real Dolls as the precursor that should be curtailed or stopped immediately as an objectivation of women as sex objects. Since then I’ve done some research into this issue that apparently Canadian feminists are preparing to take the fight against this ‘industry’…Just wondering what thoughts are on sexbots in the near future and how extreme feminists are attempting to convince governments that you are a danger to not just SOCIETY. But WOMEN.”

    “…Ian Kerr does not look like a feminist’s name !
    … Can’t get any lower than a man lobbying against sex toys. Men are built differently than women where sex is concerned. It is a biological drive and some want to deny a natural biological need…”

    “… Maybe if Matt from Abyss comes running accross the Canadian border with tears in his eyes holding a legal document that he is ready to sign with them promising to only produce 200 lb. overweight dolls with cellulite ripples & pockmarks, stretch marks, acne scars & veiny floppy tits with no more than an age difference of 15 years “trophy wife” apparent age difference between the doll & the purchaser.
    And make intergenerational sex with a doll young enough to be the purchaser’s daughter or granddaughter a castratable offense with 30 years on the sexual offender registry.
    All doll forum members 65 years of age will be assigned after a lengthy psychological review & sensitivity classes of 3 years duration 1 doll maximum of apparent age 50+ with “beauty” as described previously. With a roll of the dice once per day determining if the doll will allow you to have sex with it. If it come up snake-eyes.


  20. honestly i think a sex bot is like having a larger more electronic version of a pocket pussy or for women a dildo should those be banned too? I have a FEMALE friend that has a serious fetish of cyborg something or another…. it doesnt just work with males, this feminist bull junk is a load of horse crap and before you go all femo- ninja id like to say that the reason the US History only talks about men and such ect. is due to the fact that yes back in those days women did not have the rights that they do today so in hindsight we dont have many historic accounts in a female perspective from then. women need to get over it.

  21. I spent the whole time agreeing with your post (and laughing) but yet its sad cause what you say is true…

  22. “ManUp!”

    Yeah, ladies, you’ve been shoving amputated amputated penises, vibrators, deep and hard up your holes for decades.

    Now, just who has ‘Objectified’ who here…?

    Typical femme-fascist trash talk based only on Herstory.

    Take The Red Pill People:

  23. Both the Americans & Japanese currently market USB motorized artificial vaginas for a few hundred dollars that synchronize with a video porn actress or Anime 2D or 3D modeled character’s humping movements on the screen in regard to speed, in/out & getting wetter (auto-squirting more lube internally during female orgasm & female ejaculation as occuring simultaneously on the screen). And the Japanese have long marketed artificial vaginas based on many years of reasearch by gynecologists with CAT-scanned interiors of ultimate pleasure possessed by the only one in 20,000 Japanese women, along with life-like lube reverse engineered PH & viscosity correct by a prestigious chemical laboratory collected from JAV porn superstar Maria Ozawa after she pleasured herself several days before her menstrual cycle.

    The downside is making sexbots relatively affordable – as in purchasing an average new car (for most people with years of financing). For a sophisticated sexbot, this would mean the next step up from WowWee corporation


    type plastic animatronics being created at near full scale, with a thermoplastic soft tough skin to keep the weight down, with realistic artificial orifices inserted & voice speaker systems with the next step beyond PC A.I. randomly generated.


    As far as the current sex doll precursers, some doll companies (mostly Japanese) offer randomly generated moans & sexy talk activated by sensors embedded in the nipples & vagina…

    Some companies offer internal heat & gel implants in the buttcheeks & breasts (but look like “mature idols” pushing thirty):


    Some are direct scans of porn actresses…

    Some are only 3/4 scale but hump you & give oral:


    Some resemble cute 18+ Japanese AV Idols (the manufacturer state that the represent a petite Japanese adult female & are the size of 5% of the Japanese adult female population):


    Likely very significant levels of venture capital is going to be required along with manufacture in China or similar.

    As of now in terms of affordable technology, one may have to settle for a current technology semi-stationary silicone doll with internal heat & moaning voice that humps you with a built in hip thruster motor or a fitted USB type artificial vagina technology as mentioned earlier.

  24. “And the cold reality is that one of their biggest biological imperatives is to make slaves of us.”

    thats true…. its there biological motive, this is clear from watching the way most women act.


    to women, equality means eqaul rights for them….. AND special treatment for them.


    women really do feel degraded if they cant leech as much as possable of a man before giving up sex.


    women dont care that men need sex so bad it almost hurts…… they dont care!

    women are fine with letting the men around them suffer…. but would degrade any man for letting her suffer.


    when a women is in trubble, men rush to help her…… but men are in trubble due to there powerful need for sex, but women are not willing to lift a finger to help men and never have.


    in a women mind….. eqaulity means: women get what they want and easy…… and men pay through the nose and dont get what they want any ways.

    (for example…. women expect men to pay for dinner….. but men ussualy wont get sex after thet pay)

    (another example….. women want eqaul working rights and pay, but often ask for special treatment on the job …. like wanted men to take out the trash becuase is “nasty”)


    i dont think women realize, its sexual objectifcation that allows them to get there special treatment in the first place,

    men will always view women as sexual objects, we always have…. and its a good thing for women that we do…. or we would not give a damn about them, and ignore them.


    its not the sexual objectifcation that makes femmists hate sex bots….. its the loss of sexual power over men that scares them.


    once men make sex bots…… women will lose all there power and special treatment….. men will not longer be willing to put up with womens crap.

    and then women will be paying for our dinners…. becuase why would we want to put up with most women in the first place? if we are getting sex from a hot “girl”


    if we can get sex bots up and running…… women will be paying for out dinners and asking us out on dates all the time…..

    if we can get sex bots working….. women will be picking us up at 8…. and holding open our doors for us.

    if we can get sex bots working….. women will have to give men lots of sex just to get us to pay attention to them….. and thats what scares the femmi natzis.

    women will lose there power over men,,,, as well as there special treatment….. and men will not longer tolerate womens crap.


    i say we all divert all out powers to makeing sex robots up and run, and protecting our right to use them at will.


    the number one priorty for mens rights groups, should making sex bots affrodable and protecting our right to use them……. then men will gain full eqaul rights….. why?… becuase men will fianly stop taking womens crap, and there will be huge amounts of suport for giving men eqaul rights.


    once sex bots are made, women will be paying for our dinners, and giving us special treatment and sex…. just to get us to pay any attention to them.


  25. your 100% right.

    but…. if we can get sex bots up and running soon….. that wil lchange EVERYTHING.

    women only have 1 power…..sex…. and we are about to take that away from them.

    women are just like children,,,, and they will scream and cry….. and many men will be tempted to give in to them for sexual reasons. (as well as pity)

    BUT…. if mens rights groups can focus all of there effort…. all of there power….. and keep our right to make and use sex bots…… then we win.

    totaly victory for men.’


    your right….. women dont have or care about logical…… we can change them or things by using logic as long as women and femminsist are in power…….

    we need to play dirty….. sex bot dirty.

    thats what men must do…… understand what women are F*cked up…… and understand that sex bots will change everything… fix everything.

    logic will help us get started…. it will get the ball rolling…. but we need to play dirty in the end….. we need to focus on getting realalistic sex bots up and running….. and protect our right to use it….. then women will have to star acting like adults and men will finaly achive eqaulity…. in fact we will get special treatment from then on.

  26. Exactly…. women ahve 1 single asset…. looks and sex

    (i add those together)

    take it away….. and they lose all there special treatment they beg for.

    men who get lots of sex…. dont put up with womens crap… pua shows us this.

    this is the key…. we need to get realastic, hot, sex bots…. up and running….. and protect our right to use it…….

    then men will gain eqaulity, and we will also get special treatment,,,,, as men wont put up with most normal women…… and women will be forced to “prove them selves to men”….. by giving us special treatment, and paying for our dinners. =)

    women will be forced to give men sex, just so they dont get dumped on the spot….. (or as i like to call it…. women will be forced to treat men as eqauls)

    lets focus all our power on making sex bots work, and soon….. and making them cheap….. then men will gain eqaul rights….. women will be forced to act like adults and contribute…. and men will be the ones getting special treatment…. as will be the more valuble ones.

  27. or better yet…. be that bad absuive jerk…. its what women want…. after all,.

    in fact,,,, thats what they deserve.

    women like me…. alot… and i treat them like crap.

    why?….becuase i found out thats what they really want.

    so thats what i do….after all… its what they deserve.

    treat women like crap….. it will make them like you….. get the sex you want….. and once sex bots are made…. we can stop takiing womens crap.

    then women will give us special treatment,,,, and pay for our meals.

  28. Hmmmm… I suppose it is as simple as don’t touch my stuff that I produce with my thoughts, hand, invention or seed…

    Patriarchy = mormal homostatic equilibrium, natural law, biology, normal virtually universal culture & civilization from pre-Homo-erectus onward , stronger of the species, design, evolution, law of survival, might makes right, the Laws of the animal kingdom & male aggressor mating, natural order pyramid property chain, Hunter-Gather Predators, Predators, providers, property rights, just ordained compensation for risking one’s life in defense, warfare & providing protection, jiving with ALL the World’s religious philosophies, cloned from man’s rib as to be cared as his body part or disposed of as cancer…

    Even feminist Camille Paglia states if women were in power, we would still be living in mudbrick & flagstone houses. Aside from Marie Curie’s trivial experiments the weaker sex provided zip nada advancement worldwide.

    class = duh… “Marxism”… go to North Korea.

    The first feminist rights speech presented in the 19th century was penned and delivered & dictated by a woman hearing voices and seeing things – in other words a batshit insane woman. Then some illiberal Saturday Nite Live Church Chat Ladies hated sex and booze that makes all men in recorded history happy & hated their husbands loving young wet tighties at the sex care workers establishment. Then a certain form of misandrist “lesbians” arose intermittently with some radical revisionist Marxists – still not fully equal in the mind of male “Marxists” and useful as token toilet paper – see Darwinian evolution.

    True, the status of women in the Middle East is not different to any degree than their staus in nearly all Western Nations (including the UK & the USA) until the late 1800?s; and nearly all women in Asia until after WWI. So one coud make the case that what exists statuswise regarding women in the West (and Asia) is but a fluke or abberation amounting to one grain of sand in the bucket of sand of Humanities’ cultural timetable…. doesn’t count for nothing (grin).

    If your brain wasn’t feebled by feminutzi p*ssy for themselves Lez Womyns courses you would realize that essentially all men are “Predators” – Hunter-Gatherers for millenia of History & ALL Cultures.
    Hitting the Bar, Club, or Dance Hall or Chuch Singles to Score/get Laid or meet a One-Night Stand is being a Predator.. whether the woman is chronologically in her teens, 20s, 30s whatever. For the half of women who hit the Bar, Clubs, Dance Hall, Chuch Single, Striptease Club…. whether for some studly action, or a way to soak some Bling, Wine & Dine & Rent monies OR BOTH… Oops, those women are “Predators” too.
    Welcome to the normative male drive of the Human Race… and the typical drive of Slut-Whores.

    I recall every single 14 year old heterosexual or bisexual classmate I grew up with ALL WANTED to boink the hottie 14 year old female classmate… So how can it be wrong or unnatural or abnormal?… Menstruating reproducers of the human race as designed by Nature-Biology giving off pheromones from their purposefully functioning reproductive organs wafting to the olfactory organs of the fertile male of the species to trigger the mating of the Animal Kingdom.
    Some just need to exit this Earth and launch themselves into the astral plane rectum of ascended femnutzis, “Maam”… if you don’t like this planet’s biology.”

  29. You’re putting your aims way too low. Make it twenty years from now and that’s not the beginning of the end, that would be five years from now or even twenty years ago with the rise of the net.
    No twenty years from now and feminism is over, done.

  30. Secondly, Sex bots do objectify women because a sex bot is something that you can screw- an object, a tool- thus sending the message that yes it is ok to do things like that to women because they are like a sex bot- which is untrue because women like men are also human beings believe it or not.

    So does buying barbie dolls send the message that “yes, it’s okay to tear off someone’s limbs”?
    which is untrue because barbie doll anotomy isn’t the same as a human being believe it or not.

    Do mattel toy cars send the message to society that “Yes, you it’s okay build highways with loopings in them.”?
    which is untrue because real cars don’t work that way believe or not.

    Boy, I sure don’t want anyone to buy those things anymore.

  31. Secondly, Sex bots do objectify women because a sex bot is something that you can screw- an object, a tool- thus sending the message that yes it is ok to do things like that to women because they are like a sex bot- which is untrue because women like men are also human beings believe it or not.

    So does buying a barbie doll send the message to society that
    “yes, it’s okay to tear off someone’s limbs”?
    which is untrue because a barbie doll’s anotomy isn’t the same as that of a human being believe it or not.

    Do mattel toy cars send the message to society that
    “Yes, you it’s okay build highways with loopings in them.”?
    which is untrue because real cars don’t work that way believe or not.

    Boy, I sure don’t want anyone to buy those things anymore.

  32. And do hoes buying a vibrator says send the message to society that
    “yes, penises shake around 5000 rounds per minute”?
    which is untrue because a man’s penis does not work that way believe it or not.

  33. And does buying a vibrator says send the message to society that
    “yes, penises shake around 5000 rounds per minute”?
    which is untrue because a man’s penis does not work that way believe it or not.

  34. “If” we can make sex bots … The emphasis is on “if”. Sex-bots are already in trouble legally. I think the sex-bot revolution will get nipped in the bud. Brother Stu (see post below) is right, there is nowhere to hide.

  35. I agree – that was an excellent comment from Stu. Don’t know if he’s ever been back here since then, but I agree entirely with everything he said there.

  36. Stu said:
    “The demands of feminists have no bounds……have no reason……no rational…….they are all about extracting wealth from men….because women can’t make their own…… no…..they can’t. I dont know exactly how to deal with this…..but I know one thing……it involves telling women……..yes…..all of them……to go take a run and jump……openly……whenever they demand anything of men……..for the male feminists…..I say we need to gather our forces against them wherever we find them………….we need to have a policy….bros before hos…..and we really need to burn men who don’t comply”.

    He’s 100% correct. The only thing they have that truly empowers them over us is their opposite anatomy (their cunts).
    If the sex-bots really are as good as they claim, we won’t need ‘real’ women anymore, thus they will no longetr have any power over us. Of course, like all new technology: they will rapidly improve and once a large market is established: their cost will probably decrease as rapidly as the technology (authenticity /realism) advances.
    A recent example which proves this relationship between improving technology and unit cost would be the new wide-screen televisions.
    When those first appeared in the stores in Australia around 2002, they were plazma screens, weighed a ton and the cheapest of all was a 35″ model retailing at over $3,000.00. I didn’t bother with them: the picture quality on these plazma screens, I thought was only marginally superior to that on my old 34″ monsterous CRT screen anyway, which only cost about $450.00.
    I decided I’d wait until they became cheaper. I finally bought one last year – a 46″ LED (my wife saw them in the shops – I tried to steer her around those stores but one day I forgot), so I had to get one – the old TV was a bit red anyway. It cost me about $750.00 and the picture quality still amazes me. The same sized plazma screen back in 2002 was retailing for around $7,000.00, so that’s a ten-fold drop in price and I’d say a three-fold increase in product quality / performance in less than ten years.
    The same will happen with the sex-bots, assuming the feminazis fail in their bids to stop them.
    Once we no longer require them for the one and only ‘asset’ they own which they control us with, we should then (we’d BETTER) do as Stu says we must:
    Tell them:
    “yes…..all of them……to go take a run and jump……

  37. If you’re going to include a hyperlink in your screen name i.e. http://seriously.com make sure it actually links to something.
    We do not believe feminism objectifies men either, don’t know what made you think we believe that.
    What we do believe however, in fact what we do know is that feminism today OPPRESSES men by criminalising and demonizing male sexuality!
    One day, the family members of the ‘criminals’ your movement has falsely made into criminals and that are now rotting in prisons, being ACTUALLY and really RAPED by homosexual male inmates, often on a daily basis are going to get really ‘pissed off’ with you and your psychotic ideas and dogmas and fight back!
    That includes all their sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces and their wives; not just their male family members.
    Your movement is rapidly heading for disaster. You have gone too far with this lunacy, where it is now harming the very people it was originally supposed to protect: women and children…
    Yes it is true, there are now many children on sex offender registers, thanks to your sex-hysterical driven psychotic laws that define and govern: ‘child-sexual abuse’.
    See some of them here:
    Read this too:
    The day is fast approaching when they will all band together and say: “ENOUGH of this!”
    You are a stupid feminist and your ideas are not welcome here at all.

  38. If feminists are successful in having sex bots banned than that says only one thing.
    They are not about creating equality for women but rather they are all about anti male agendas .
    If men choose on mass to have a sexual relationship and perhaps more with a female in appearance robot thats purely his /their choice. What f++k#$ right do they have in having any say on the matter. No difference to vibrators and every feminist has a draw full of em.
    I ve been saying for sometime now that when the sex bot gets as good as the Data on star trek that will herald the next great sex revolution on this planet.
    The only reason woman rule male sex lives is because they can BUT once their is choice than they will either have to rethink or F&^% off.

  39. I have a lovely asian wife now 26 yo we ve been married for 7 years.
    All the mention of appearance under the age of 18yo being illegal got me thinking.
    My wife was 19 when we married 18 when we met. She looked 14 at a stretch and on a good day 12yo.
    Thats just the way asians are an 18 yo looks 15 a 26yo looks 18yo and all people vary in the appearance of maturity and she was and is perhaps looks even younger than the average asian of the same age. So compared to a western girl at 19 she appeared as 12 to 14yo does. It didnt strike me in the philippines but here I have realised how young she actually looks. Now shes 26 she maybe looks old enough to have sex(17 18).
    I m wondering why the femanartize havent sought laws to govern a wife/sex partners appearance age wise. After all CP covers cartoons that depict a child like appearance when the image is not a real child but simply a drawing .

  40. “Of course, like all new technology: they will rapidly improve and once a large market is established: their cost will probably decrease as rapidly as the technology (authenticity /realism) advances.”

    That’s certainly the hope Alan – and that’s the underlying point of Sexual Trade Union Theory : the technology that is opening up the free sexual market, and weakening female sexual power over men, is speeding up. Of course, as we are seeing, feminists are desperately trying to keep pace, and introducing more and more draconian legislation – they’ll be bringing in an EU directive on ‘chld protection’ every other day soon. But eventually, they won’t be able to keep up, and they might not want to anymore anyway. The point of a pro-male sexuality men’s rights movement is to limit the damage they can do until we reach that point.

    I still have my doubts about sexbots. As Jack explained a little while back, just producing a realistic sex doll requires an incredible amount of work and skill. Also, the point about sexbots is that they will be able to satisfy men on a psychological level – and to do that they will probably have to have reached such a level of aritifical intelligence to have achieved a level of consciousness (and to be believed by the men who are fucking them to be conscious). It’s still a moot philosophical point whether machines can ever be conscious, and even more doubtful whether we can simply predict that the exponential increase in computing power will lead to consciousness and/or true A.I.

    So given that, my personal opinion is that we’d be just as better off looking to trans-humanism to ‘fix’ women. It’s much more likely that when women can alter their very own personalities to attract men – as easily as putting on make-up – then the demands of the sexual market will lead to women simply changing themselves to become the complete package. In other words looking like cute teenage girls with a personality to match.

    If you’ve read the ‘Time Machine’ by HG Wells (or seen the film) I think that trans-humanism will quickly lead to the female sex turning into something like the female Eloi – child like, gentle, and ultra-cute. Or something like out of anime. Of course, it’s anyone’s guess what men will turn into…

    The other thing about sexbots is that, initially, the big thing will be sex dolls used as telepresence/virtual sex devices. Long before A.I. allows ‘sex bots’ to move about and to respond meaningfully during sex, sex dolls could fairly easily be remotely controlled by a female via the net. In fact, this will probably start happening in the next few years. And who knows, when even 50 year old hags can have sex, effectively, in the bodies of beautiful 15 year old Japanese realistic sex dolls, maybe they will begin to consider that technology and the free sexual market isn’t all bad.

  41. This is probably why the Japanese at least, are very reluctant to introduce virtual child pornography laws.

    This will become even more difficult as sex is increasingly conducted over the net, via webcam and through teleprescence (or ‘teledildonics’).

  42. As we speak, hiring (not buying!) a “realdoll” (= sexbot) costs nearly as much as hiring a call-girl:


    They bring the sexy-bot to your door and come to fetch it back when the time is up.

    300 euros for a week-end, 200 euros for a whole day.

    This Swiss agency has heftier prices: 195 Swiss Francs for only one and a half hour:


    Another offer in Kassel (North Germany) : in a hotel, from 21.00 hours ultil 9.00 hours on the next day, they bring the doll to the hotem (what a walk of shame !), 250 euros :


    If sex-bots fetch such prices, it means they’re in the same league as the real thing.

  43. Yeah, quite right – I had my tongue quite firmly planted in my cheek when I wrote that comment, because the gynocracy at least in Canada, consider this new technology a real threat to them. It is as you suggested: ‘Terrifying’ that they convened a meeting behind closed doors and will not only attempt to, but I think they will succeed in convincing their government to enact laws that will ban them (that is: ban the female ‘bots – males will be exempted) and severely punish any man found guilty of trying to import one; or convert a [legal] male ‘bot over to female. Such a tech savvy ‘criminal’ will of course be sent to prison as a ‘sicko’ or ‘pervert’ and after release from 5 to 10 years of arse rape, will needless to say: be registered on the Canadian sex offender registry forever.
    I think your theory of the advancements in cosmetics and genetic engineering technology paints a picture of a much more desirable future than one with advanced robotics love-dolls.
    If girls didn’t become ‘old’ and progressively less attractive with advancing age, there probably wouldn’t be such an institution as ‘Feminism’ (sexual trade union).
    What the feminists probably don’t understand either is that we are just as affected by and as disappointed as they are about the phenomenon of advancing age.
    If a 60 year old looked as attractive as a 16 year old we would find them equally attractive and desirable. In fact, the 60 year old would be a far better choice because she would also be mentally EQUAL to us – much better communication. There would be no need for all the paedophile / age-of-consent nonsense. No need for a sexual trade union anymore!

  44. LOL, the first thing that entered my head when I clicked on the link and saw the faces of those dolls was – ‘the Stepford Wives’!

  45. I knew it was possible in Japan, but I didn’t realise you could hire out sex dolls in Europe. I’ll have to look into this, haha.

  46. I guess if ‘ephebophilia’ refers to anything real, it would be men who are emotionally attracted to young teens as much as physically.
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong in that whatsoever (leaving aside feminist crap about men wanting power over young girls), but it is interesting to consider whether ‘ephebophiles’ will be treated even worse when most women look 15 or 16 (and ‘ephebophiles’ still want the ‘real thing’), or whether women will just be content that young girls no longer have a sexual advantage over them (in the eyes of most men).

    It’s a pity that Highwayman doesn’t comment here very often these days – I hope he will participate in the discussion if I write a big article on ‘ephebophilia’ this week. One thing he points out is that whilst most men might not want a relationship with an immature teenage girl, this could be attributed to the infantalisation of such girls in today’s society (although he is firmly of the belief that ephebophilia is real).

    Regarding the legislation against sexbots – this article has been the most read out of any that I’ve written here. In fact, it ‘went viral’ to some extent. Presumably, Ian Kerr – the Canadian mangina who was working with his feminist students to draw up legislation banning sexbots – recieved so many e-mails as a result of this article that he dropped the webpage within a few days. I don’t think there’s been so much as a squeak out of him about sexbots since then. This shows that even a small site like mine can produce results and hamper the sexual trade union.

    BTW, as regards my idea about remote controlled sexdolls – I saw this today :


  47. By your line of reasoning doesn’t a dildo objectify men? If so, then why aren’t dildos illegal? As far as I know most women these days own said dildos. Very few men, if any that I know, own something that simulates a vagina. I don’t think a hand counts as it’s not a product that is knowingly purchased.

  48. If sexbots objectivfy women then surely dildos and vibrators objectivfy men by dislodging the penis and alowing women to use it as a mere tool. I suggest using dildos and vibrators be made a criminal offense. All dildos and vibrators must be handed in within the end of the year or the owner may be charged and fined.

  49. Is psychological propaganda, they will try to sell this middle-age-sex and the city look alike dolls being the average women you see around walking western world so women will proclaim how men are so afraid of the “liberated women” and middle age women will feel happy thinking men are buying dolls that look like them, why buy that when you can get it for free? you pay for what you want,desire and don’t have, here is when Asian real dolls and trafficking guys save us.

    The anime me and videogame culture on Asian countries is away better developed than the Western where you can’t have a collection of anime novels without looking “creppy”, weird or ashamed.


    Even women and specially young are feeling attracted to the Asian culture

    ‘I would be more worried if she came home drunk’: Teenage girl’s mother praises her obsession with looking like ‘living doll’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2125028/Venus-Palermos-mother-Margaret-praises-15-year-old-daughters-obsession-looking-like-living-doll.html#ixzz1r8RnREpB

    Meet the real-life Barbies: Internet craze sees teenagers turn themselves into freakish living dolls.

    Concern it could encourage sexualisation of young girls

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2122177/Meet-real-life-Barbies-Internet-craze-sees-teenagers-turn-freakish-living-dolls.html#ixzz1r8SRf8po

  50. If we can determine anything from the current market of high-functioning sex toys, then the largest clientele base of sexbots will be those who have been deemed “unattractive” or of “inferior mate quality” by society. I’m sure these people would love a real woman, but no woman would love them. These people did nothing to deserve their low sexual value, as society determines this value based on factors almost entirely beyond one’s control (ex. aesthetics/height).

    Thus, they have a natural restriction on their autonomy which the attractive people do not. Therefore, there is a natural inequality which is perpetuated by the purely libertarian interpersonal marketplace. I say the sexbot makers are doing a civil service in allowing these naturally handicapped people a means to satiate their sexual urges.

    Most radical feminists would ideally see all male “masturbation” illegal if it involves women somehow (if they’re depicted on a videotape or their form is used on a doll). Basically, they would demand that all effective forms of satiating sexual urges should be illegal, less the act of sex itself. So, attractive men may still have an outlet, but the ugly/creepy/short/endomorphic/unintelligent won’t. And they will die miserable, lonely and horny.

  51. The end result could ultimately be more sub-alpha women throwing themselves at Alpha badboys (as if they would have them for any duration).
    But if you look at Japanese Society, it is most all of their male population that traditionally partakes in & drives their “schoolgirl” porn industry, Soaplands, Delivery Health Services, Theme Brothels, Image Clubs, Erotic Clubs & cutting edge sex toys from reverse engineered pussy juice to years of gynecological researched onaholes to titanium skeleton touch activated moaning voice (well, “little virgin” squealing for Japanese anyways) dolls.

    If you look at International sexdoll forums such as The Doll Forum, or UK Lovedoll forum, or Our Doll Community, or German Gummipuppen forum, or The French Doll Forum, you find barely beta males thru omega males as only an increase of 50% to double representation of a Nation’s male population selected at random. They statistically account for less than half of the sex doll enthusiast community. The other half (small majority) are simply younger men who need multiple sex partners & need to have sex at least twice a day & have a girlfriend or are in between relationships. Many others are married & hide it from the significant other or the significant other only “allows that” instead of “cheating”. Or are men who have been “divorced” multiple times and are middle aged or seniors.

    Hey these older dudes only see a good thing – afterall 8, 9 & 10 doll pussy is better than Grannt pussy.

  52. Just because you misandrist feminists get angry when men are simply happy, aint gonna stop 3D immersive real touch hologram virtual reality babes generated at the touch of a keypad as regard to age, hair color, ethnicity, bust & number.
    Aside from 8, 9 & 10 hotness scale $10K heated Sinthetics, Real Taste Petite Jewel, Soft Skin Touch NEOim being better than feminist cow & Granny pussy.
    All men from most of the Alphas to everyone else will be saving every penny for this instead of spending it on their fat old wife.
    Anyhow most men are naturally polygamous & need since Homo Erectus/Neanderthal days a harem of some size at the disposal as the need occurs.

    As the French say “The penis is a shark & must be fed”.

    Young men under 40 need sex multiple times a day – Modern feminist women in singles or even pairs will not make themselves available for that as the need arises.

    Plenty of not too bright semi-alpha males are in menial jobs stuck in 2nd or 3rd shift work & don’t have easy hook-up pickings with alpha females of their choice always. If Elvis never made it in music & was stuck shoveling horseshit at 2nd or 3rd shift, he’d be purchasing this technology.

    Elvis penetrated the Youth (market).
    They purchase this stuff for the in-between times.

  53. You overlook the double standard between oppressor and oppressed in Cultural “Marxism”. Demand abortion rights for men to shatter Cultural “Marxism”.

  54. So because I have no drive to compete against other males for the biggest house, the most expensive car etc, in what is obviously an insane world, and therefore have no realistic chance with good looking women, I shouldn’t be allowed to even have a plastic mold of a women so I can feel somewhat happy?

    If women stopped treating men who have little money as pathetic worms, you could stop men competing with eachother to get the most money from the Rothschild banking cartel.

    If women started showing men who actually have brains and can see what is happening in the world more respect, all these wars, destruction of the environment etc would stop almost instantly.

  55. I am convinced that the matriarchy will be more fascist than the so-called patriarchy was ever purported to be.

    I think anyone who buys a sex doll is a loser, but my God, they should be free to build and purchase them. Certainly from a technical and artistic standpoint, the more competent ones are interesting in an audio-animatronic sort of way (still would’t fuck one), and there is demand for it. They basically want to take money out of an entrepreneur’s pocket because their delicate sensibilities are shaken.

    Modern feminism is not compatible with freedom or liberty.

  56. Spokker:
    LOL I actually got blocked from commenting on Futrelle’s site for suggesting that sex dolls were an improvement over feminised women.

    I don’t own one, and wouldn’t purchase one (at least not at this level of technology LOL). Foreign women are really more to my liking. But it is kind of interesting that feminist females both shame guys who buy fembots as ‘losers’ while they fear them as competition at the same time!

  57. I am convinced that the matriarchy will be more fascist than the so-called patriarchy was ever purported to be.

    What do you mean ‘will be more facist’? They are already are and have been for a long time!

  58. you mean like when women use sex as a weapon to get what they want? lets be real here, that is the real fear. If the major trump card that women have gets thrown out the window, then what for them?

  59. The feminists are retards! Sex-robots which look like women will LIBERATE the women from the men! If there will be robots which attract the sexually frustrated men – then the men will stop asking for sex all the time, stop offering money or gifts in exchange, and it will give freedom for men to make their fantazies come true (beautiful women who never say “no” to sex).
    The problem for many men is that they want sex all the time, and without complicated games… And the problem for many women is that men see them as “sexuall objects” – now in the future the robots can take over that role !

  60. you dont understand what sex-bots are for! They will replace women as sex objects, so you can be free from us men, stop wearing makeup or tight clothes etc etc…
    If the sex-bots (in like 30 years) will look EXACTLY like real women – but only serve the men in their homes – then no harm will be made against women, who will be left in peace, without any extpectations from men at all! – neither sexual or other expectaitons!

    If the women want male sex-bots., then you are free to develop them! No problem!

  61. I don’t know if you’re being ironic, but if you’re not, you have a fundamentally mistaken understanding of female psychology. The women who are complaining about ‘objectification’ etc are the women who aren’t being objectified – i.e. the ugly feminists. It’s called sexual jealousy. If men move on to sex bots, feminists will be jealous of the sex bots rather than the attractive ‘objectified’ women. That is why feminists are already trying to ban sex bots.

    And I don’t think male sex bots will ever satisfy women the way that female sex bots will satisfy men – unless, of course, they do have human artifiical intelligence, which is probably decades away (and even then women will still feel jealous and threatened by the female sex bots and want to ban them).

    EDIT : Re-reading your comment, I see that you are being ironic (surely!)!

  62. You seem to think that men would buy Sex Bots thinking that they ARE WOMEN, in my case and many others the reason why we think on buying sex bots is precisely because THEY ARE NOT.

    We tire of your kind, but we still have urges to work with, will I do this to women? Nope you have shown me time after time you are unworthy of even the minimal of my attentions, so piss off and let us be.

  63. Women are so pathetic nowadays. They use their cunt as some sort of service denial weapon to control men.

    I highly doubt this legislation will pass, I can’t wait for fembots to replace women in terms of sex quality.

    There should be a “Kill the Feminists” bill.

  64. As long as they ban dildoes, vibrators, 3 ft rubber fists, and anal beads that objectify men by allowing women to explore their own sexuality in the privacy and comfort of their own home. STOP OBJECTIFYING ME DILDO-USERS. STOP CONTRIBUTING TO RAPE CULTURE. STUPID PRO-RAPE WOMEN. ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME.

  65. I think Barbie and Bratz dolls do a lot more damage.

    You should ban them first.

    But you won’t because you are unable to do logic

  66. No, it’s not alright to argue for these laws in any way shape or form. If you do you’re literally evil, there’s just no getting around it.

    I can GUARANTEE you, GUARANTEE YOU, that in any society where any variety of cheap realistic sex doll was cheap and had no risks attached, THE RAPE AND MOLESTATION OF REAL WOMEN AND CHILDREN WOULD DECREASE BY A VAST PERCENTAGE, MAYBE ALMOST ALL-TOGETHER!

    Giving these desperate mentally addled people a risk free alternative with no victim is a bad thing? Are you SERIOUS?


    You really think that the number of victims of sexual crimes would INCREASE with these? REALLY!?


    This is completely unacceptable, I don’t know what to do but something needs to be done, we’re on the advent of something that could prevent so many ruined lives… And you people want to prevent it because the idea is unpleasant to you, because of the way you were born. No, that’s NOT ok and never will be, I’ll fight this myself if I have to.

  67. Now, I’ve taught classes to and talked with several guys who are extremely lonely and socially inept. Have you ever seen the kind of people that own companion dolls? Nicest guys in the world. They’re often shameful of it too, not that it’s anything to be ashamed of. Even psychologists recommend that it is a healthy practice, often because the user is aware that their habit is private, doesn’t hurt anybody, and improves the individual’s quality of life. If anything, it opens owners up to more loving habits and behavior towards people and relationships. You will get the odd crazy, but you’ll always get the mutation, and I say they’re better off with sexbots than out prowling the streets.

    If feminists want to hate on someone, it should be on pick-up artists like myself who have deconstructed women down to an science. Literally the woman becomes a vending machine if you know the right patterns. All that said, PUAs respect women more than your average idiot. We don’t assume a girl is easily won by having no plan. A girl is not as easy as a free drink. As PUAs we refine everything from our social skills, to our jobs, and everyday lives, because women deserve better, and unless we want to make ourselves better, we don’t deserve better either. But my role ends there. Pick-up is not the same as building a relationship.

    I respect many of the students I’ve had in my PUA classes because a lot of them have hobbies or habits that are really a demonstration of one-sided unconditional love and acceptance. This is something a feminist will never fully grasp because their motivation is to change people and put artificial barriers between people and their biological habits. The only person anyone should want to change is themselves, for the reasons of improving one’s place in life, or transcending their foundational flaws.

  68. This is crap proposed legislation, it is trying to outlaw something that can free men from the ball and chain called women. I also believe that by having all these laws that ban art work depicting minors in sexual acts people keep pushing real pedophiles more underground while marking people who have interest in these arts as criminals. By having sexbots that look like underage girls you could deter the rape for real underage girls.

  69. Hey, as long as I get a sex bot too, I don’t see the problem. There’s the equality.

    Seriously speaking, I’ll have to second the general sentiment being thrown around in the comments section here. I honestly do not see how sex dolls/bots in the shape of women are any more objectifying than realistic dildoes. Double-standards cropping up again, what’s new.

    @ Finn: “This is something a feminist will never fully grasp because their motivation is to change people and put artificial barriers between people and their biological habits. The only person anyone should want to change is themselves, for the reasons of improving one’s place in life, or transcending their foundational flaws.”

    Remarkably well-said. Kudos.

  70. By having sexbots that look like underage girls you could deter the rape for real underage girls.

    Both common sense and scientific evidence points to that conclusion, and that is why one of our goals is to have the feminists behind such legislation prosecuted for child endangerment.

    Of course, feminists want teenage sex bots banned for the same reason they have criminalized sex with real teenage girls – they want to limit sexual alternatives and choice for men.

  71. Jesus christ, I hate these people. I don’t hate women, but I fucking hate feminists. Hurr durr let’s ban everything because they don’t cater to us STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMYN!!1

    Die in a ditch.

  72. >give men sexual independence from women
    >created for the sexual gratification of men

    Who writes this crap?

    Sexbots will gratify both genders. The future will be everyone, male and female, humping their sexbots and nothing is going to stop this.

  73. Ironic, isn’t it? They claim not to “need” men but then, on the other hand, they need us to need them! Meaning, of course, they need us after all.

    Feminist pretzel-logic at its finest.

  74. @Someone “Sexbots will gratify both genders. The future will be everyone, male and female, humping their sexbots and nothing is going to stop this.”

    YEs indeed. Difference is, women will lose their ONE AND ONLY POWER by it. Whats left ? their intelligence ? their ability to innovate ? please..

  75. Is this a joke? Does this come from the onion?

    …The use of sexbots shall be restricted to government-regulated establishments unless otherwise approved by the Ministry of Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

    …The use of sexbots in the privacy of one’s home is prohibited, unless otherwise permitted by the Ministry of Robots and Artificial intelligence or a relevant regulating agency as per the criteria outlined in the Human-Robot Personal Relationship Act.

    This is a nightmare. Absurd. Ridiculous

    You did not save the entire page, before it was deleted? it deserves to be posted, as a historical document

  76. In a way, feminists trying to ban sexbots is a good thing because it exposes them as petty oppressors — especially since they champion vibrators and dildos.

    Beyond that, no one has ever stopped technology.

  77. So,, if a dildo looks under 18 it would be illegal???

    I would say FOR SURE it would be. In effect, that would be child-pornography, but realistic or ‘3D’ child-porn. If you study the femihag definitions of what constitutes child-porn – i.e. (not a quote, but along the lines of): any image or textual story that causes its viewer or reader to experience sexual arousal…

    A dildo definitely causes not only arousal, but can even relieve such arousal by allowing the user to reach sexual orgasm, and if such a dildo is or appears to be underage? Well, work it out…
    BTW: This is not a joke, that is typical feminist reasoning or ‘logic’…

  78. So,, if a dildo looks under 18 it would be illegal???

    I would say FOR SURE it would be. In effect, that would be child-pornography, but realistic or ’3D’ child-porn. If you study the femihag definitions of what constitutes child-porn – i.e. (not a quote, but along the lines of): any image or textual story that causes its viewer or reader to experience sexual arousal…

    But of course they wouldn’t admit it was child porn, and no judge would consider it child porn. Recall the 3D printed dildo of Justin Bieber I reported on a couple of weeks ago. That could well be child porn under their legal definitions. Yet a Japanese teenage sex doll that might have the proportions of the average 20 year old Japanese woman, but look ‘underage’ to a westerner, would probably get you arrested or at least your house raided and your computers seized if you tried to bring it into the UK.

  79. I think makeup and jewelry definitely objectifies women as it is done to please men. Makeup and jewelery must be made illegal just like all future female android companions, programmed to please and treat men kindly.

  80. And then begin the Femen protest naked with the words: “raping me, please!” or “My body, your rules!.”

    The monopoly will be broken buseta IN MY FUCKING GENERATION.

  81. all i have to say is who in the hell are any of you to tell me what i can and can not do i hate this legislation crap im 28 years old if i want to have sex with a robot i should be allowed to do that i hate when everyone has to nanny the world grow up and get it straight its my life and i have rights im tired of all these legislation’s that try and tell you what you can’t do i don’t believe anyone should have the right to tell me i cant fuck a robot give me a break it’s not like im hurting anyone elt’s by doing so stupid i guess i will phone you guys at 9 pm every night and let you know that im not getting into trouble to and im being a good boy :Didiots

  82. But how to oppose them?
    Challenging their argument is futile because they are not logical and they will always use the “oppresion, objectifying, think of the women/children and morals!” card.
    But challenging them for not being rational just makes anyone seen like a bad person.

    Their demands make no sense, they are based on illogical ideas and we know it. It is the truth, it is obvious.
    And we can know it and tell it to them in their face all we want but that would not stop them from passing more laws to oppress men because the public will side with them.

  83. Feminists can babble on all they want (interesting they do not want to do away with sex toys that benefit them), but the real bottom line is that they are terrified of being replaced by mechanical devices that will do for men what women are not interested in doing. In point of fact, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WOMEN. This is for men and men only…..as women cry tat men should have no say when it comes to abortion….well, when it comes to sex toys for men, women should STFU and go away.

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