Feminists Hounding PUAs

Feminists are stepping up their war on PUAs.  You may remember I once posted a story about ‘Cupid Player‘, one of the worst PUAs on the planet (at least who uploaded infields to demonstrate it).  But what Cupid lacked in Game skills, he made up for in persistence.   Unfortunately, this has apparently led to his arrest for sexual harassment.

his Legal troubles started where he Sarged a girl from his Social Circle (University) and the feminist girl filed a False ”Sexual Harassment” Report Against Him to the NY State Police.
10 New York State Police Officers Interrogated Boris and then they found out that he was making false threats which were later deleted from the Internet. Hours Later Boris Calls me and tells me that Police Officers Interrogated him for 3 hours asking him multiple questions such as: Do you have guns?. they did not arrest him at that time, and warned him that they may get a Search Warrant to search for ”guns”
His Phone and Pockets were Extensively Searched
2 Hours after Boris and I Stopped Talking on the Phone,
While Boris is at home using his Facebook in his room Suprisignly 4 NYPD Officers Raid his Home Knock on his Door and Forcefully Enter His Room asking him: Are You Boris Cohen? right after he was thrown to the floor and quickly arrested/handcuffed.
The cops treated him terribly as he was taken away to the Inmate Van
As he was escorted to the Police Station a Total of 2 Detectives and Computer Hackers Interrogate him and Ask him like 40+ times: Do you have Guns?
Police were about to Charge him with 1 count Misdemeanor Threats and 1 count Misdemeanor Harassment which the maximum penalty may be more than 1 year in State Jail
He was placed in 7 Different Jail Cells which every Cell Had Inmates on it
Criminals who were alongside Boris had Pending or Been Convicted of Charges ranging from Low Level Drug Dealing to Felony Murder Charges
As Mentioned by Boris he had a Hard time sleeping and fitting in with the Inmates but he told me that they most of them were friendly. while some of them where trying to break the cell wall by smashing it.
After his Lawyer Convinced the NYPD to Drop the Charges he was Released with a Criminal Record since he was booked, fingerprinted and multiple mugshots taken.

Elsewhere, a Canadian feminist by the name of Sara Lau has taken to seeking self-validation by taking photos of every beta male pick-up artist who approaches her and then attempting to shame them as creeps by posting their photos and info online.  Disturbingly, she is encouraging other women to do the same.

n my head I’m thinking are you serious? Trying to pick me up right after I told off his colleague?
I could see the thought process going on in his head, he was caught off guard and had to regroup his thoughts.
I told him to have a nice day and went home. I vowed to record / take pictures of these scumbags in action the next time I was lucky enough to cross paths.
Today was my lucky day.
Remember Julien Blanc? The pickup artist who was banned from Australia and had his visa cancelled from being allowed into Vancouver to hold a coaching session? Remember Jan the Asian guy put on blast last year about this?
I am tired of being physically touched by someone I do not know.
I am worried for the younger girls who are looking more and more mature these days.
These men are out there with no good intentions.
I am asking for your help to share this and I encourage you to take pictures of these guys and post them with your story so we can create a safer environment for women and girls alike.

It has to be said that most American PUAs are absolute tossers (not including Manosphere bloggers such as Roosh and Heartiste).  In the case of Cupid Player, the result of a cult like pick up school called ‘RSD’ that teaches physically ugly young men with aspergers syndrome like him that with enough ‘Game’ and dedication, they can fuck any girl on the planet, no matter how beautiful.  Amongst their teachings is the necessity to ‘keep plowing’ when the girl clearly has no interest, as this is just her ‘shit testing’ to see whether the PUA is a real Alpha.  This led to Cupid Player being arrested and almost beaten up and stabbed on multiple occasions before this latest brush with the law.

Sexually self-validating feminists posing as ‘anti-pua harrassers’ can be a laugh sometimes, as well as serious.  Such as in an article in Vice magazine I came across recently in the Slut Hate forum, which describes the feminist writer’s attempt to talk to every sick creepy PUA who approaches her in the space of two weeks.  The results are hilarious.  One ‘creep’ harasses her by attempting to start a conversation, but leaves her mortified when he clearly loses interest when she tells him she is 29.  Another creepy PUA wasn’t such a creep because he was ‘hot’.  This Pickup Artist she actually kissed and gave her number too.  Interestingly, she admits at one point that it is underage teens that get the most male attention from ‘creeps’, though explains this away by the apparent ‘fragility’ of teenage girls that turns the sickos on, rather than their tight asses, nubile waists, perky firm breasts, and perfect radiant skin – qualities that even she likely possessed to a small degree when she was young.

I got inside and slammed the door shut. Every woman has encountered a creep like him before. Thankfully, I’ve noticed that the older I get, the less perverts I attract. Between the ages of 14 and 18, I was a creep magnet. People would ask me to go to their hotel with them or mime cunnilingus with their fingers while staring at me. To mortify me further, they would even do it while I was with my mom. There must be something about the fragility of teenagers that gets these guys of

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  1. Puke inducing, but predictable.

    In related news – Scottish police makes the muslim hijab as part of their official uniform :


    Meanwhile, Irish church wants to stop their clergy from flocking to Gay sex dating sites such as Grinder : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-37182056

    A sad thought suddenly occurred to me reading these stories – for the last few hundred, or thousands of years, Western male sexuality has been dictated to by hags and faggots. Now Stone Age muslims can be added to the list.

  2. You can add the BetaTradCon sections of the various AltRight movements to your lust of people who will be dictating male sexuality. This movement will become more and more powerful as Muslim “migrants” and PC fascists drive more and more people to their arms. While there may be sone sexual libertarians amongst certain sections of the altright the general attitude is a sex-negative “society will collapse unless we enforce traditional marriage and stop women from being sluts”. To give you just a couple of examples check out Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer who hates “sluts”, thanks pornography is a form of harmful Jewish brainwashing and has spoken favourably of pictures of naked women being banned from public and of a hot Asian Weather reporter being attacked for showing too much skin in the air (she was only wearing a bare shoulder dress with a bit of cleavage showing). It really seems like sexual libertarians are face with a circular firing squad with Feminists, Muslims, Social Conservatives and slut-hating Alt-righters all aiming their guns at us.

  3. My official stance on PUA/Game is, “eh”.

    That said, notice how many “MRA/MGTOW/AF” sites also attack PUA/Game…

    Strange bedfellows…

    @The Highwayman – “women don’t exist to be looked at”.

    I can fix this with one word…

    SOME women don’t exist to be looked at.

    Seriously – yikes.

  4. @Highwayman – Also ironic that the person who many regard as the figurehead of the alt-right movement – Milo Yiannopoulos – is a homosexual paedocrite.

    The nearest thing to a anti-feminist, anti-pc, sexual libertarian movement I’ve seen is found in many of the writers and commentators at Spiked-Magazine. Unfortunately, the editors including Brendan O’Neil seem more interested in simply being contrarian than actually developing a real political movement with realistic goals. For example, whilst being anti-pc in regards to speaking bluntly on Islamic terrorism, O’Neil favours open borders and unlimited muslim migration into the West.

    It really seems like sexual libertarians are faced with a circular firing squad with Feminists, Muslims, Social Conservatives and slut-hating Alt-righters all aiming their guns at us.

    This is why I keep clinging to hope with the new developments in technology that will change the sexual landscape. Who knows at this point in what way things like virtual reality, sex bots, rejuvenation etc will change society, but it sure will have a transformative effect, for better or worse. As far as the political trends are concerned, we’re doomed. However, the world is going to be so different in perhaps as little as 10 or 20 years, that current political trends might be meaningless. Even the muslim inbreds might just decide to burn their Korans and lie back with a vr headset strapped to their faces getting ultra-realistic blowjobs from 72 teen virgins every day.

    I’m not a techno optimist but technology is likely our only hope.

    BTW, we still need a strong sexual libertarian movement to help the new technologies survive the barrage of feminist/conservative legislation that will inevitably come their way.

  5. My official stance on PUA/Game is, “eh”.

    That said, notice how many “MRA/MGTOW/AF” sites also attack PUA/Game…

    Strange bedfellow

    I guess the link between PUA and the rest of the ‘manosphere’ is that we’re all trying to answer the question – ‘who is a man to find happiness when the incentives to devote yourself to a traditional family life have been destroyed by feminists?’ The alt=right (and many MRAs) try to alter the legal and political landscape to restore the incentives, MGTOWs teach men to become independent and seek happiness in themselves, PUAs teach men how to take advantage of the casual sex supposedly on offer and to find happiness in notch counting. These divisions are all a bit superficial as for example PUA can be seen as a form of MGTOW (or it could be interpreted as the ultimate pussy bondage).

    I think Paul Elam and Roosh V started the mra-pua war. Most of the PUAs I cover here are pro-men’s rights and pro male sexuality and obviously feminists shaming or arresting men for simply talking to women is an example of their war on male sexuality.

  6. It is just a nasty power play by women, like the feminist who got two programmers sacked after miss hearing a joke, taking offence and taking their picture. No talking to guys, whose remark wasn’t offensive,she just ruined their lives without a seconds thought.

    There are no rules to follow, ask a women next time she complains about some creep who shouldn’t have approached her at work, at the shops, on a train if she ever dated or slept with a man who approached under similar circumstances. Of course that guy was good looking.

    I am one of the creepy guys, not that I hit on random women. I can be creepy by merely breathing the same oxygen as the poor little snowflakes, unless the snowflakes wants something. Maybe I should setup a site to shame female prick teasing free loaders. Next time a women wants free tech support, drinks or any other service with the false promise of sex, I will post their picture on the net as a warning to other men.

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