Feminists Enforcing Sheria Law….Including Against Teens and Children

Femislamists have been pushing the benefits of Sheria Law hard in recent days.  Mandy Nolan, writing for ABC Australia, argues that banning botox is more of a feminist issue than banning the burka.

But as feminists, shouldn’t we care about the dialogue we create for the women who come after us?

What message are we sending our young daughters about the value of women as they age? That to be accepted we must not look “world-weary”? That we must hide our wisdom, the signs of our despair and joy? Our lives aren’t important anyway, so why not erase the roadmap?

And shouldn’t we examine the context of ‘choice’ that extends beyond personal interest?

If looking younger and more beautiful wasn’t such a powerful and intoxicating place for women to shape their identity, then why would there be a global, billion-dollar business in injecting a paralysing substance into our faces?

Ageing is the feminist frontier of our future. Sadly, it’s currently under-defended. We’re too busy ‘choosing’ to iron our foreheads instead of our husband’s pants. See, we really are liberated. We put self-interest first.

Feminists would much prefer to ban the idea that youth is attractive than they would the burka.  Instead of aging feminists like Mandy Nolan being forced by the free sexual marketplace to resort to botox to compete with younger women, they would rather opt for the Sharia solution – all women hidden and equalized behind a veil.

Meanwhile, the BBC, which acts these days as little more than a political propaganda machine for the promotion of Femislamic values, carried a story that girls in the UK are unhappier than ever.  This came from a femihag sex union lobby group children’s charity report that naturally put the blame on the ‘objectification’ of young women and girls.  The solution?  Ban social media, images of beautiful girls, as well as (perhaps most disturbingly) dietary advice that discourages children from becoming obese.

She suggested that media images and adults chatting about diets could lead to negative body images in children.

Parents can help boost body confidence, for example by praising children for acts of kindness rather than for their looks, she advised.

And finally the Guardian reports that 2,000 teenage jailbaits have been visited by the Sheria Morality Police (and no doubt scarred for life) in only three years in the UK for showing too much nubile flesh.

More than 2,000 children were reported to police in the UK for crimes linked to indecent images in the space of three years.

The figures, released following a freedom of information request, come amid concerns about sexting among young people, where they share nude pictures on their phones and social media.

8 thoughts on “Feminists Enforcing Sheria Law….Including Against Teens and Children”

  1. Because attraction to pubescents girls and teens is natural and healthy, these Adultosexualists really have a some kind of mental/sexual aberration and this is not about a social or ideological question. Their paranoia, their denial to its own natural attraction, their unhealthy obsession with adults and their extreme violence against adult-teen sexuality I think that counts as mental illness (ever more a sexual aberration) in every form.

  2. Daily Mail jailbait of the week : Cindy Crawford’s 15 year old daughter –


    Meanwhile, British women ‘volunteers’ are flocking to the infamous Calais jungle to suck the big black cocks of low IQ desperate African refugees :


  3. The practice of “child brides” to Muslims is confusing European countries.

    Interestingly, it mention that 2 “child brides” committed suicide after being separated from their husbands.


    Maybe there are more important issues to take care of. Like terrorism, Koran schools, and saving Christians violently persecuted in European refugee camps by both refugees and security guards.

  4. Conservacuks and the fag-right are so, they speak of defending the honor and identity of men, and then prostrate themselves before feminist tricks to destroy the male sexuality. Only seeking to preserve their payroll and pestilent chauvinism.

    I do not support ‘child marriage’ I support teen marriage who is normal. Men (and women) are born to be with young girls. Someone who does not want to sleep with a puberal girl and no is a male homosexual, is sick. period. The most important issue to us is to remove these feminicunts and conservacuks morons.

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