Deepak Wayne Explains Why You Don’t Get Young Girls

Forty years old and getting nowhere in your attempts to bang legal age teenage girls? PUA Deepak ‘Devirginizer’ Wayne will diagnose your problems and put them right so you can be smashing sweet sixteen year old sugar walls before you know it! Of course, Deepak is not exactly without controversy in the PUA community, but one thing you can say is he’s no paedocrite (not that his critics such as the great Krauser PUA are either!).

35 thoughts on “Deepak Wayne Explains Why You Don’t Get Young Girls”

  1. One thing is to have a 16-years-old as girlfriend, and another is to use young girls as sexual objects, for people like you there is feminism, you are a caveman that will be forgotten in history and we ephebophiles, hebephiles and pedophile are the new sexualities thriving in a society that take into account the woman, fuck you hope a father breaks your spine!

    Thanks to Tom O Carroll in the last post about Milo he warned us about the ultra right-wing and misogynistic scum like U

  2. @Dissident – You creatures truly are disgusting. At least the Jews understood that the Nazis were bad – they didn’t go to the gas chambers proudly claiming to be NAZIs, the very monsters who were leading them to their deaths. You barely deserve the description of human beings. And I’m pretty sure you’ll be a victim of feminism before I am. At least there’s hope for us heterosexuals. You perverted pederasts will never be accepted by society. Keep waiting for femihags to ride to your rescue. I’ve never said this before about anyone or anything, but I really do hope you get raped hard in prison. Else beaten first into a coma by a 12 year old girl who catches you ogling her five year old kid brother. Until that day comes, I’ll just have to content myself with thinking about the excruciatingly painful jealousy you must feel knowing that I can legally make love to sweet ripe 16 year old girls, who your darling left argue are even mature enough to vote (ie. not minors) whilst your little dick can only rise for the arseholes of pre-pubescent little boys, forever out of reach, as they should be.

    BTW, I never said I was alt-right. I said that the alt-right does offer the possibility of a genuinely libertarian and contrarian political voice.

    Blocked, not because you’re an aspie feminist dick head, but because this site is for normal men, not real paedophiles like you.

  3. I’ve also taken down the link to Tom O’Carroll’s site. On reflection, it was a mistake to link to a pro-feminist real paedophile, but the articles I had read were very cogent and discussed only general issues surrounding the present hysteria to attraction to teens. And now I’ve taken a brief look at his latest article in which he appears to be proposing that 10 year old children be force fed puberty blocking drugs in order that they can remain as sex objects for his paedophile readers such as ‘Dissident’ above (who no doubt in his aspie mind believes feminists can be convinced to support such an idea). Well that certainly is ‘beyond the pale’. I disassociate myself from that site and it’s readers 100%.

  4. Hi, Could you please direct me to something about the police commissioner who made that sane and measured comment?
    Has he issued a grovelling apology yet?

  5. Don’t feed the troll 🙂

    BTW – if you do the research – you’ll find that most “pro-feminist” men are seriously f**ked in the head. Especially hollyweird actors.

  6. @Scarecrow – I’ve actually had a run of hardcore troll comments here this week, presumably from the same ‘person’. But this one appears to be real. This is why I don’t allow this aspie notion of ‘ephebophilia’ here. They really are this stupid (99% of them). Left-wing, pro-feminist idiots who believe that if they can pathologize their normal attraction to teenage girls they will be included into the menagerie of identity politics protected species. LOL! They just don’t get it. Homos and transgenders are useful idiots to feminists, men who openly admit to attraction to young girls are not.

    Interesting to note that even self-declared paedophile lefties are violent fascist clowns who want to physically hurt anyone who dares to disagree with their extreme left politics, even if they belong to the same 0.000001% of the population who speak out against paedohysteria. Unfortunately this creature ‘Dissadent’ wont be able to hide behind his balaclava or his anti-fa middle-class student mates when he’s raped repeatedly in the ass by the lovely muslims he’ll be sharing a cell with.

    Still, I guess I see the attraction of Islam and open borders to a deranged paedophile who fights to build a society that tolerates ‘loving’ anal sex with 7 year old boys but wants 16 year old girls covered up and men who have pre-marital sex with them put in prison or beaten to death.

  7. @Kansas kompone – as far as I know he hasn’t made any further comment or been forced to resign. This is likely because his comments weren’t on his own initiative or ‘off the cuff’ but rather what everybody in the police and prison service are fully aware of and something they know has to become part of the public discussion sooner or later. Either the UK and other European countries start incarcerating literally hundreds of thousands of men for breaking ill thought out badly worded feminist sex laws, or these laws need to be changed or at least applied with a bit of common sense and discretion. Even the USA will have to face this problem soon, despite having the advantage of a massive private prison industry. It’s one thing to lock up 10% of the black population for violent crime most of whom would be on benefits and a drain on the state anyway, it’s quite another to end up locking up 10% of the white male employed middle-class educated population to be raped and beaten for such things as clicking on a tube porn video titled ’18 year old college girl loses her virginity’ which turns out to have involved a 17 year old amateur.

  8. An elaboration:

    When I was in college, the president of the Criminal Justice department was the most feminist man on campus. He praised Lorena bobbitt.

    He was arrested by the police for possession of child pornography (toddlers like 4 to 7 or so – you know – REAL child porn)

    Point is, the most feminist men seem to be the most perverted.

    Do a video search for Amanda Belle (Knox???) Porn.

    Not righr.

  9. What a rabble, I make it clear that I have nothing to do with these pedophiles and leftists, I totally abhor them.

    In fact I was permabanned in they girl chat and boy chat(pederast site) just because I say that nature makes us different, they called me a Nazi!

    Now I just saw one of these pederast pedophiles supporting the vermin of Planned Parenthood, you see that. Buchered unborn children is fine for these ‘child love’ pedophiles.. they are all a bunch of hipocrite disgusting leftists.

  10. @Scarecrow- well that wont surprise any readers here. On that subject, has Manboobz Fraudtrelle been caught and imprisoned yet? I haven’t looked at his site for over a year and never hear him mentioned anywhere else anymore.

  11. @Feldmarschall – Flushing unborn children down the toilet pan, gay anal sex with toddlers, forcing 9 year olds to take puberty blocking drugs so that they can remain fresh meat for paedophiles – it’s all good for these perverts. The only thing they disapprove of is men having consenting sex with reproductively fertile females, because that would upset feminists…and Muslims.

  12. You little S.O.B.! If I ever find out who you are, I’m going to shove a sausage down your throat and stick starving dogs in your butt!

  13. @Eddy – Hmmm…not so little. I’m about 15 stone with low body fat, and been training in MMA on and off for the last 20 years. I’ve sparred with heavyweight boxing champions and held my own. I’ve very rarely encountered any problems with angry fathers actually. The only incident I can think of that stands out was a couple of years ago when I was in a bookshop and I approached an 18 year old Russian girl when her aggressive father appeared behind us. Attempts to defuse the situation didn’t work, maybe partly because he didn’t understand a word of English, and he continued glaring at me whilst rolling up his sleeves. I had to fall back on demonstrating what I’d do to him if he didn’t back off :

    Over the last 20 years I’ve honestly had more problems from fathers for NOT pursuing their daughters, LOL.

  14. @Mancheeze – the only good thing about that site is that it calls out transexuals for being the perverts trying to get into women’s restrooms that most of them are.

    Anyway, now I know who you are, I’m pleased you do know that sunny weekends are better spent enjoyed outdoors rather than sitting in the basement trolling.

    BTW, I haven’t seen your troll comments over at, for example, Tom O’Carrols blog when I looked the other day. A site full of ‘transexual’ paedophile perverts claiming the feminist movement as a banner to legalize gay anal sex with toddlers and yet you feel my site is more of a threat because I argue here that laws and attitudes towards consenting sex with post-pubescent teens are currently too harsh?? Hmmmm….

    I haven’t looked to see what you’ve written about the deceased Angry Harry. I sincerely hope you haven’t written anything defamatory about him. I see you have a paypal button on your site. It would be a shame if you were banned by them.

  15. After raising the age of consent to the horrifying age of 16, now the trending topic in Spain is this rubbish: a film of a man killing teenage girls, note that the killer leave their bodies naked. Subsidized with the taxes of all the Spaniards. If men were worthy of respect, this movie would be boycotted and denounced.

  16. About the actress of the film: ‘Gaztañaga had to define what he least liked about Spain, to which he would have responded by alluding to “male arrogance, machismo and inculture.” Another hag jealous of nubile teenage girls.

  17. @Miguel – I bet thousands of paedocrites will flock to watch it too, probably the worst variety as well (i.e. the sadistic David Futrelle type). They’ll go and watch with their feminist friends and afterwards discuss together the deep message the film has regarding the inherent evil in male heterosexuality, particularly when directed towards teenage girls. Then they’ll go back to their apartments and fap like crazy over the images of naked teen girls they glimpsed, even (or especially) the images of them after being ‘murdered’.

  18. I passed by a group of Spanish teenage schoolgirls the other day. Normally when I pass by a group of such teens, whether German, Italian, Russian, French, hell even British, the girls – especially the pretty ones – will brush their hair with their hands as I walk past, expecting and hoping that I look at them. Every one of these Spanish girls gave me the ultra creep shaming look immediately I glanced in their direction. They looked about 16 too.

    The only other country’s teens that I get almost guaranteed creep shamings from is the Dutch. It’s interesting that both those countries only a relatively short while ago had the most liberal (sane) laws and attitudes towards attraction to teenage girls, and both have been pressured into very rapidly adjusting their norms and laws into line with the likes of Britain and the USA. The Netherlands is now probably the most paedohysteric nation on Earth. All these Stinson Hunter type anti-paedo vigilante groups running amok in the UK are nothing as compared to what they’re like in Holland.

  19. lol now reading all the trolling comments, I realized that a neo-Nazi (an spaniard by the way) with whom I discussed on twitter a few months ago said more or less the same, and I quote almost verbatim: “Although some 16-year-old girls may already be physically an adult, If sex with minors is prohibited is because it is understood that under 18 are vulnerable to perverts ” And another: “I understand that it is biologically normal to be attracted to women as young as possible, but at least is needed they are at legal age”

    And that the guy admitted that – maybe – adolescence was a social construction and teens could (if society permits it) responsible adults who can drink, have relationships, work, etc.

    She also said that the taste for teenage girls was not “normal” like homosexuality, but in a National Socialist society if we, sexual deviants, repress it and do nothing with minors, nothing would happen to us, and thanks to that, those “strange” tastes would eventually disappear and their nazi countries would be healthy societies .

    In other words,

    1) those that are not fully developed, although sufficient to develop their sexual characteristics as a 15, 14, 13 etc. Having relationships with them is just like raping a child, in fact they are literally children !. It is also a deviation to be attracted to them.

    2) those fully developed at 16, 17 (remember for them the most girls at 17 are even are not enough developed), although it would be normal to be attracted (because these some being are biological adults) is wrong and must be a crime, because until 18 they are vulnerable to perverts. okay heinrich.

    After a few days (after giving up trying to convince him) I read in his ask that he is talking to another Nazi worm about a guy who is a crazy fascist who hate each other, well he confused this crazy fascist with me (because I told him that I like some neoreacctionary ideas and had a nazi anime girl profile image) and then the nazi mangina said that I should be locked up for advocate in favor of fucking “pubertal” girls and that I’m a fucking sexual deviant and mental deranged.. says a Nazi who defends that evil and barbaric supposed “pro-men, pro-nature” ideology, yes, what a pedocrite manginas …

  20. BBC paedocrite journalists join Facebook jailbait pic groups, clean their keyboards up with a tissue, then angrily demand an interview with Facebook to explain why they are allowing such groups. Facebook promptly report the BBC journalists to the police. Hahahahaha….

  21. “idiots who believe that if they can pathologize their normal attraction to teenage girls they will be included into the menagerie of identity politics protected species.”

    Normal men never, never can admit their loose attraction to teenage girls, you will lose at 100%.

  22. And that the guy admitted that – maybe – adolescence was a social construction and teens could (if society permits it) responsible adults who can drink, have relationships, work, etc.

    You did well, but it’s also good to sometimes avoid arguing from the premises of your opponents. For example, one premise being that only sex with adults can be consenting. The problem is if you give up the idea of adolescence AND tie the notion of adulthood to being mature enough to have your guts spilled in a foreign oil war, vote on fundamental geopolitical issues that will affect generations, dive down the motorway in your ten tonne lorry etc.. then it’s a hard sell.

    Seems to me the obvious premise that should be attacked is the idea that sex is of such massive significance and consequence. In the 21st century, it isn’t. Dropping your panties for somebody when you’re on the pill, in a secular society, with a welfare system and abortion on demand, no longer equates with the ability to vote, serve in the army, put the lives of others into your hands by driving down the road etc.

    I mean, you have stated here pretty much that you believe the age of consent to be 13 or lower. All I can say is, if you think 13 year olds are going to be given the vote, allowed to drive, be on the frontline in wars, then good luck.

    Also, one of the most common ‘intellectual’ rationalizations for a high age of consent is that in modern society adulthood needs to be delayed for the purposes of education. And this is true (to the extent that a complex society requires a longer period of education). So unless you plan going back to the stone age, or maybe a primitive ISIS type society, then it’s a dead end to tie the age of consent with ‘adulthood’ – or at least ‘social adulthood’ rather than ‘biological adulthood’ (which is the start of puberty).

    I would ask you to study the following 10 points :

  23. Quote from the above link:”Men are hard wired to find adolescent girls sexually attractive, and not only does this demonstrate the evilness of the feminist inflation and exploitation of the term ‘paedophile’, it also highlights the manifest absurdity of believing that any intrinsic harm could result from consensual sex with an adolescent” I agree 100%. Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine recently turned 90, and there are stupid femihags as well as blue pill mangina’s who think he is a “paedophile” because he married a woman in her twenties when he was 84. Loving, consensual age-gap heterosexual relationships are not inherently sinful or immoral, because they are not prohibited by God’s Laws. Abraham the patriarch, married a woman of child-bearing age when he was about 100 years old, and he is one of the heroes of the Faith mentioned in the book of Hebrews.

  24. @Mature Age Bachelor – pretty depressing that the top comment under the video is ‘weird that the BBC created the paedofinder general but he hasn’t caught any of the BBC employees yet?’. Obviously too near the knuckle for the paedofinders who came across the video searching for Stinson Hunter type vigilante videos.

  25. P.S. Forgot to mention – last I checked fraudtelle was busy being traumatized by literally hitlers election, and making his swamp a safe space for like minded faggots and pussies.

  26. When 98% of the growing sex offender register are women, getting raped and beaten in prison due to laws made by men instead of feminists, I’ll start to see the ‘alt-right’ as the equivalent of feminism and as a big a danger.

  27. Normal men never, never can admit their loose attraction to teenage girls, you will lose at 100%.

    So, this is why teen porn is by far the most searched for adult content? This is why in cultures such as Japan, which until recently had no taboo on teenage sexuality, just about ALL porn featured teenage girls, and it went without any discussion that females aged 13 – 17 were the most attractive? This is why even in the West, popular culture until the recent paedohysteria largely accepted that teens were most attractive (beauty contest winners were 16 (and then 18 when feminists banned under 18s))?

    Also consider the case of homosexuals. Before homosexuality was legalized, there was no such thing as homosexuality anywhere in recorded history. There was just pederastry. It was understood even with males that the most sexually attractive would be those in the years after the onset of puberty up to the late teens and maybe early twenties (if the young man had sufficiently boyish looks). Now you get homosexuals such as Anderson Cooper being the worst paedohysterics. So what’s changed for homos? Simply the fact that they have to pretend not to be attracted to teenage boys anymore to survive and stay legal. Homosexual men will no more admit than heterosexual men these days that they are attracted to teenagers. Unless there’s been a genetic mutation in the last generation that’s affected virtually all homosexual men, homos are just as honry for chicken meat as before, the only difference is that like heterosexuals, they’ve been forced to become paedocrites by law.

    Also the examples of dictators. These are the rare people who can have any female they want. And guess what? Invariably they chose barely pubescent young girls to spread their seed with, from Ghengis Khan to Mao Tse Tong. Another example is ISIS, where the highest price for their sex slaves goes to the 13 year old Yahizdi girls. Or the Muslim sex gangs in the UK. Why do they pick 13 year old girls and risk years in prison when they could just as easily buy legal 18 year old drug addicts etc?

    ‘Ephebobiles’ really do make me puke. Your one contribution to avoiding a sexual holocaust is to invent the aspie term ‘ephebophilia’, thus pathologizing the very (natural) thing that feminists are criminalizing (by using the argument that it is perverted and sick).

  28. This site has probably achieved more in the last 9 years than the entire ‘ephebophile’ rights movement in the last 40.

  29. Normal men never, never can admit their loose attraction to teenage girls, you will lose at 100%.

    Normal men will find it even harder to admit their attraction to teenage girls if not only do they have to fear the wrath of femihags, social shaming, and the law, doing so identifies themselves as aspie ‘ephebophiles’.

    Fucking tool.

  30. Interesting that the paedophile troll who has been leaving abusive comments here every day for the last couple of weeks has his ip on the NSA watch list :

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