David Futrelle’s ‘Transgender’ Sadistic Paedocrite Groupie of the Week – RALMCG

We recently came to the awful realization here that an alarming number of David Futrelle’s faithful online groupies appear to be sadistic ‘transgender’ psychopaths, as well as hardcore paedocrites.  This is somewhat disturbing, to say the least, because David Futrelle himself has a 20 year history of defending the ‘right’ of a gay sex shop to rent out a film containing nothing but images of 14 year old child actors being forced to eat shit, anally raped, and then slowly tortured to death.  Futrelle has also repeatedly mocked the reality of child abuse in his career, claimed that the innocence of abuse victims is ‘exaggerated’, and even argued that we all harbour secret fantasies to torture and abuse others.

Today’s David Futrelle ‘ transgender’ sadistic paedocrite groupie of the week is ‘Ralmcg’.


Ralmcg is a regular commentator at David Futrelle’s site Manboobz oh sorry ‘We Hunted the Mammoth’.  David often allows it to indulge itself by uploading pictures of itself wearing skimpy denim shorts that reveal most of it’s hairy legs.  Social justice pan-sexual progressiveness…or something like that.






Unfortunately, like a number of social justice transgender warrriors, ralmcg’s pan-sexual progressiveness appears to include a disturbing appetite for violent sexual fantasies – directed at just about anything that moves, be it man, woman, boy or girl. A quick Google of his Manboobz handle reveals that he is an ‘assistant executioner’ at a truly repulsive online bdsm forum that caters for perverts with a particularly sick fetish for crucifixion.



When another poster at the sick site offers to upload a book entitled ‘The Interrogation And Punishment Centre For Girls’, an impatient Ralmcg asks when it will be available in the archives :


Bear in mind that all of David Futrelle’s readers joined with him in defending the renting out in a gay sex shop of a movie consisting solely of naked children being interrogated and brutally tortured, mainly on the grounds that the abused child actors were aged 14-17 and therefore ‘not really children‘. These same social justice warriors accuse anti-feminists of being paedophiles for criticising feminist laws that define young looking anime characters in bikinis as ‘child porn’….despite a curious number of them bizarrely choosing pre-pubescent anime characters as their public avatars.

Although male feminist RALMCG is heavily into fantasies involving crucifying women and interrogating and punishing schoolgirls, I think it’s fair to say that you wouldn’t want your teenage son to be anywhere within 100 miles of him either, given that he appears to have a thing for boys too :

From his Photobucket :



From his YouTube :



I should also make it clear that I’m not doxxing anyone here.  These are all from profiles under the online identity of ‘transgender’ social justice warrior ‘ralmcg’.

Such psychopathic opportunistic males appear to be so confident in the protection that their supposed status as ‘transgenders’ or ‘male feminists’ gives them, that they barely feel the need to hide their sick perverted fantasies from the outside world.

And the disturbing thing is, they appear to be right.

David Futrelle - alleged psychopathic sadistic paedophile
David Futrelle – alleged psychopathic sadistic paedophile

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  1. it’s disgusting that society doesn’t see boys as fully human these sick freaks are allowed to run around and hurt people. I bet, if anyone really looked into it, the higher male suicide rate is caused by encounters with these disgusting pieces of shit.

    This is a big reason those femanzi’s made a big stink about “male rape” not being real. Well, homosexuals abusing straight men is a very serious problem.


    Look at the woman in the background photo. She is trying to have pity but is overwhelmed with disgust for this man.

  2. Fraudtrelle and his fellow freaks are on Twitter defending Salo yet again – ‘it’s about fascism and the abuse of power..etc’.

    Yea, like we really need to watch a movie featuring real 14 year old naked boys ‘pretending’ to be anally raped and tortured to realize that fascism is bad.

    And just continue to ignore the fact that you defended its sale in a seedy gay sex shop – you’re not fooling anyone you sick freak.

  3. LSM:
    What’s worse is that the sick freaks who supposedly represent men (the MHRM) scream with outrage when a teenaged boy has consensual sex with MILF but not a peep out of them about what the ‘Salo’ crowd is doing.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all into this stuff too.

  4. Antifeminist:
    I really get tired of these phony ‘haute culture’ types in Futrelle’s camp who keep blathering that we ‘haven’t even seen the film’. I almost got sick just looking at the stills and reading the reviews at IMBd when this scandal broke. I remember several—not just a few—reviewers reported getting sick during the film and a couple others said that it gave they couldn’t sleep.

    The positive reviewers really came across as sick people. They always quote De Sade—saying that his writings and films like ‘Salo’ represent repressed sexuality that we all have, but are in denial about. Just shows how deeply warped their minds are that they think this is normal.

  5. “…it’s about Fascism and the abuse of power.”

    As I’ve pointed out before, the likelihood of this being allowed to have happened in the Salo Republic is absurd. The German military commander of the Salo Republic ‘Smiling Albert’ Kesselring once had 300 dissidents marched into a gravel pit and publically shot because he thought it would impress on the populace the seriousness of the situation.

    It doesn’t seem especially likely either, that a bunch of Italian Fascists who were fighting like cornered rats against what they saw as ‘Western decadence’ were going to put up with a bunch of Futrelle/Pasolini types torturing kids for amusement for very long.

  6. “What’s worse is that the sick freaks who supposedly represent men (the MHRM) scream with outrage when a teenaged boy has consensual sex with MILF but not a peep out of them about what the ‘Salo’ crowd is doing.”

    To be fair they did cover the salo scandal (eventually).

    Judgy Bitch attacks Monsterboobz with it quite regularly, including yesterday (as well as explicitly stating that 15 year old girls can give consent – as opposed to 14 year old boys and girls being forcibly anally raped and made to eat excrement, a subtle difference that Futrelle and his fellow paedocrite psychopaths can’t grasp) :

  7. Yep. 15 yr olds are perfectly capable of consent. Remember when you thought anal rape was cool?

    I think Janet’s cool (because she’s also HOT) and so far, her and ‘Girl Writes What’ would be the ONLY feMRAs I have any time for.

  8. And that fucktard trans-toyboy-paedoc calling itself RALMCG looks like the type that green-eyed cougars would engage in serious cat-fights against each other, hoping to spend a dirty weekend with!
    But you’re right: because he speaks gynocracy endorsed feminist PC jargon, whilst protected by the very effective ‘shield’ of his assumed transgender status, (also feminist approved): he can say anything he likes, including proudly and very publicly admitting his ‘sick perverted fantasies without fear and with total impunity.
    I’d rather 10 feminist cougars than ONE of his kind!

  9. How about this for a paedocrite of the month? :


    “The Phnom Penh Municipal Court on Tuesday heard the case of a Cambodian volunteer for a Christian anti-sex trafficking NGO who is charged with raping four boys who were under his care.

    Sim Sam, 20, a former volunteer with Agape International Missions NGO, is on trial for allegedly raping four boys, aged 8 to 12, in November 2013 at Agape’s safe house for vulnerable and abandoned children in Russei Keo district.

    The hearing was closed to the public, but the four boys, who remain in Agape’s care, testified against Mr. Sam, according to Don Brewster, executive director of Agape, who also testified.

    Lim Chanlida, the lawyer for the boys and Agape, said Mr. Sam, who was arrested in April, confessed to one of the rapes but denied the other three in court Tuesday.

    Mr. Brewster was repentant for failing to protect the boys at his NGO.”

  10. Another good story which should (but will needless to say, have no effect at all) serve as proof that those sorts of NGOs are doing far more harm than good, that they are not necessary and all of them should not be allowed to practice whatever it is they claim to do for children… The should be illegal.

  11. Antifeminist:
    I’ve been linking these ‘Salo’ articles at various places in the Manosphere and some interesting discussions have followed. One commenter mentioned that the femihags, though they may tacitly approve of Fraudtrelle’s gender-bending stuff, in the long run he’s becoming less and less a spokesman for ‘feminist’ (i.e. allegedly pro-woman) men and more a representative of sick perverts.

    In light of STU theory, IOW, Futrelle is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the interests of Feminist women. And as we saw in the case of Mangina I-Blow, a man in that position becomes expendable very quickly to the femihags.

    I’m wondering if this is why they’ve rallied around the ‘Salo’ issue so much: Fat-Troll and his wig-wearing groupies realize that they could find themselves marginalized by the feminists because the femihags no longer see them as representative of women, but representative of perversions they may not be comfortable endorsing (i.e. rape and torture of teenaged girls).

  12. Antifeminist:
    I haven’t been following the whole ‘GamerGate’ controversy that Futrelle’s been blathering about for the last week, but today he couldn’t resist being an arch paedocrite again.

    Put this in the context of his defense of ‘Salo’ and his groupies obvious fascination with torture stuff. Today he wrote an article titled “These MRAs Literally Get Off Fantasizing about Sexually Humiliating Feminist Women”! Trigger Warning: ‘Discussion of rape, violent misogyny.’

    It would seem to me that GamerGate is ‘not exactly family entertainment’. The article itself is intolerable; not so much for its graphic content as for the revolting paedocrisy throughout. Fat-Troll goes into some rather lurid detail describing the GamerGate depictions of ‘abuse’—from what I read of it, somewhat mild compared to what went on in ‘Salo’. GamerGate doesn’t appear to depict teenaged girls being tortured and raped, either.

    I couldn’t stand much of his groupies comments, but they seemed to be having a running dialogue over which one of them would be next nominee for this article—LOL

  13. I couldn’t stand much of his groupies comments, but they seemed to be having a running dialogue over which one of them would be next nominee for this article—LOL

    I Googled the first username I saw in the comments and this is what I found :


    I just felt sick after that and gave up, but I’m sure there’s a rich harvest of sadistic paedocrites to be found under that article alone.

  14. I saw that ‘Mazmorra’ was from Mexico.

    “Maz Morra” in Spanish means this:

    Maz—a mace, club or some other similar instrument.

    Morra—a Mexican slang word for a girlfriend.

    I let everybody draw their own conclusions…

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