David Futrelle Still Allowing a Paedophile Sadist Who Fantasises about Crucifying Women and Girls to Comment at his Site

David Futrelle

David Futrelle, the disgraced blogger and child scat torture gay porn apologist, recently updated his comments policy after use of certain words were causing ‘triggers’ and other offence amongst his easily offended readers. In particular, regular commentators at the site were reminded to choose their words carefully when describing mental illness. Understandable, perhaps, given that many of his commentators appear to be clearly mentally ill. But along with banning words such as ‘crazy’, the disgraced Chicago blogger Futrelle has made a particular point of warning his followers not to use the term ‘psycho’. This might explain why a transvestite sadist who runs a sick forum devoted to the sharing of fantasies of torturing and crucifying women and schoolgirls is still allowed to comment at WeHuntedTheMammoth, nearly a year after I made public here exactly what he was.

David Futrelle Fury
David Futrelle reacted with fury when I revealed his favourite transvestite sadist was a paedophile psychopath

When I first exposed ‘RalMCG’ as a pervert who openly helps moderate a truly sick bdsm forum that specialises in the rape, torture, and crucifixion of women and girls, Futrelle appeared to react with fury – vowing revenge by publicly pledging support to a woman who had threatened to track me down and kill me (note that I had not doxxed ralmcg at all – he openly uses the same handle at Futrelle’s site as elsewhere online, including the perverted bdsm forum).

It is certainly beyond question that Futrelle must have been aware of my article, as must have many of his readers. For a couple of months after the piece was published here, Ralmcg appeared to go silent at Fraudtrelle’s site, and I assumed that the ManBoobz had had the sense to ban him, albeit quietly and grudgingly. But that’s not the case. RalMCG has been back commenting again, using the very same account as before, only this time he has a new avatar, which again features the pervert wearing his favourite ‘Daisy Dukes’ in order to show off his hairy legs. Disturbingly, he appears also to be wearing a t-shirt that, at first glance at least, looks like it is splattered in blood.


Although RalMCG claims to be concerned with victims of rape, you wouldn’t guess so from the comments he leaves at the sick bdsm forum of which he is ‘assistant executioner’.  In fact, the idea of women and girls being raped along with being tortured, and even murdered, is evidently a sexual obsession.


None of Futrelle’s other commentators, many of whom appear to be sadistic male transvestites like Ralmcg, rather than genuine feminists, seem to have any problem with him at all, despite a number of them being aware of my article. Perhaps unsurprising, as most of those commentators strongly support Futrelle’s view that a paedophile made video – SALO – that features nothing but graphic images of naked children being raped and tortured to death, should be allowed to be distributed as fap material in gay sex shops.




Note that David Futrelle’s attacks on the ‘manosphere’ played a key role in the decision of the left-wing extremist group – the SLPC – to characterize the men’s rights movement as a ‘hate movement’.  This in turn is being used at this moment in attempts to ban Roosh V from speaking on men’s issues in  Canada.

david-futrelle-11 (2)
Disgraced blogger and child scat torture gay porn apologist David Futrelle – greatgrandson of ‘The Thinking Machine’ author Jacques Futrelle

Yet David Futrelle, great grandson of ‘The Thinking Machine’ author Jacques Futrelle, jokes about ‘dumb’ policemen who believe that videos depicting children being tortured, raped, and murdered are not valid fap material for gay sex shops.  Not only this, be continues to allow a sadistic paedophile transvestite who openly fantasizes over the torture, rape and murder of women and children to comment at his site.

Futhermore, readers at his site regularly incite violence and make threats against MRAs that go well beyond the ‘hate’ seen anywhere in the manosphere.  Here is just one example published on his blog recently :


The reader – Monopole – approvingly quotes a male celebrity justifying the shooting and murder of men by women.  Yesterday, I highlighted how Futrelle was allowing readers to call for Roosh V to have toxic and potentially lethal chemicals thrown over him.

WeHuntedtheMammoth, is not only a hate site, but something even worse than that.  It appears to be a shelter for those who sexually fantasize about the torture, rape, and murder of children, women, and men.


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  1. Look at the photoshopped pic of Roosh that Futrelle has just posted at his site (photoshopped by Futrelle) :

    She looks Russian, and she looks about 12 years old, and Fraudtrelle is describing her as a hot babe.

    And I wonder just where he got that photo?

  2. A good bet would be that Futrelle got it at a Manboobz Meet-up. He’s got a lot of ‘Heroic Single Moms’ among his groupies—I’m sure they all trust him around their kids. lol

  3. I went back and looked at the Manboobz article, and the paedocrite even has links for domestic abuse hotlines right below the comments.

    Guess what one of them was? 1in6.org! Yes, the male-victim-of-sexual-assault site promoted by the MHRM!

    Paedocs of a feather will flock together, I guess!

  4. Actually the girl in the photo is kind of cute. lol

    Haha, I’m sure Jon would agree if he was still around.

  5. LOL – Fraudtrelle disowning yet another male feminist outed as a sex predator : http://www.donotlink.com/gdpq

    Fraudtrelle will have an even harder time convincing his manboobz meetup targets that he’s just about the only online male feminist who isn’t a sex predator/rapist/paedophile/psychopath etc, especially given his support for SALO and now for a sadistic transvestite who fantasizes about crucifying and torturing women and schoolgirls.

  6. Another of Fat-Troll’s commenters—called ‘Makingfitzcarraldo’ is apparently making a Paedocrite-of-the-Month run too:

    “There were rumors about Schoen pulling this on young Harry Potter fans in high school” he/she/it declares, “With all the fake feminist vlogger/youtube stars preying on underage fans, it isn’t surprising that he played the same trick within the Femisphere. What a perfect cover.”

    I wonder if these Fraudtrelle really believe that male feminists have no sexual interest in hob-nobbing with feminist women? lol

    I’ve said it before, but Futrelle reminds me of those creepy guys who hang around girls’ playgrounds in clown suits, warning them about the latest ‘predator’ in the neighborhood. ‘But you can always trust your old Uncle Davy.” yeah, right….

  7. “With all the fake feminist vlogger/youtube stars preying on underage fans, it isn’t surprising that he played the same trick within the Femisphere. What a perfect cover”.

    Surely even Futrelle, psychopath and master paedocrite that he is, must realize he’s getting closer and closer to being rumbled when he reads that.

    And notice the MHRAs have been keeping silent over this article. Their number one enemy has been staying loyal to a creature who openly moderates (as ‘assistant executioner’) a forum for perverts who fantasize about torturing and murdering women and children and they have nothing to say. Strange.

  8. I’ve met many egalitarians/left-wingers who liked Salo. I was even introduced to this movie by one of them.
    Many of them see this movie as a confirmation of the righteousness of their moral position. Salo is, after all, an example of
    anti-egalitarian extremism.
    Futrelle and crowd are egalitarian extremists and equally morally reprehensible since they always end up treating their opponents sadistically as well.
    The libertines in Salo are evil sadists, and proud of it.
    Futrelle and crowd are evil sadists and two-faced and hypocritical about it.
    What is worse?
    And it’s considerations like these that make Salo a masterpiece, in my opinion.

  9. I noticed too, that Futrelle has started linking to the ‘1 in 6’ website, the same site for so-called ‘male victims of sexual abuse’ that Elam and Dizzy Dean endorse.

    I’m beginning to suspect that Manboobz and the MHRM may have common ground in their own perversions.

  10. The latest article by Futrelle starts with an ableist slur. ‘Embittered losers’. I left a comment asking him if he could explain to me how that’s not ableist.
    Those idiots always make such a fuss about slurs like ‘aspie’, ‘retard’ etc. And now ‘crazy’ and ‘psycho’. The slur ‘Loser’ isn’t ableist, then?
    If this absurdity continues Futrelle will find himself incapable of writing new articles without breaking his own rules. Oh wait, this has already
    been going on for some time, so now he’s just degenerating further into stupidity. What a retard!

  11. Nice one Adverdary, you really have him nailed to the cross there. If you have time, why dont you also ask him why he hasn’t banned a sadistic paedophile who fantasises about crucifying to death women and children?

  12. @antifeminist
    Futrelle and all of his followers cannot be anything else than psychopaths, by the nature of the case. They show sadistic behaviour directed towards anyone they consider
    to be racist, sexist, ableist etc. to the point where their cruelty makes most real racists and sexists look like nice people in comparison. I believe that this absurdity
    is due to a conundrum of egalitarianism.
    Futrelle’s group must look more and more morally reprehensible and disgusting to you unless you’re a sadist, and an extremely vile one at that. Hence, that site We Hunted The Mammoth
    can be considered to be a public registry of potential vile sex offenders.
    This is what I’ve been arguing with him about as well, but he always deletes my comments and calls me ‘creepy’ …

  13. Now Futrelle has posted an article asking how long it will be before a reader of Roosh becomes a murderer. I wonder how long it will be before one of Futrelle’s transvestite sadist groupies who publicly fantasize about sexually murdering women and children actually murders somebody for real (if they haven’t already done so)?

    I see Roosh tweeted one of my articles on Futrelle recently. I think I’ll write a new one for ReturnofKings.com, summarizing all the sick writings of Futrelle justifying child abuse and defending sadistic child torture porn, as well as paedophile sadists like RALMCG.

  14. Fat-Troll has said this before, against both Elam and Welmer. I remember one incident where an estranged husband went to a divorce court and shot his wife and the judge and Fat-Troll was online an hour later claiming that the MRM drove the guy to do it (with no proof whatsoever).

  15. LOL—looking at Futrelle’s comments, his groupies are accusing Roosh of doing what they do, inciting violence. I couldn’t stomach reading further than the comment complaining about exploiting tragedies for political gain…something the Blobfish does routinely.

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