David Futrelle Named Worst Paedocrite of 2012

david futrelle look-a-like
This is what a paedocrite looks like

It’s official – David Futrelle was the worst paedoc of 2012, and despite facing some stiff competition, ran away with the prestigious David Fraudtrelle paedocrite of the year award. The strong favourite was expected to be pushed hard but in the end his unique brand of stomach churning hypocrisy and disturbing psychopathic selective amnesia proved far too much even for his most bitter of pedoc rivals.

David Futrelle justified and incited criminal violence and intimidation against an old man for something he was misquoted as saying about incest almost half-a-century ago, as well as the young students who wanted to hear that man speak on issues such as the suicide of boys – at least one young man violently intimidated had lost a close relative to suicide. Meanwhile, David Futrelle wrote a series of articles little more than a decade ago denouncing hysteria over paedophiles and child sexual abuse, even appearing to claim that the Victorian feminists who raised the age of consent from 12 to 16 did so merely on the basis of a ‘puritan desire to control the sexuality of young girls’. Even more disturbingly, Futrelle wrote an article in 1995 raging against government legislation designed to clean up the notorious early internet, and in particular the vile ‘anything goes’ pornography newsgroups that were a haven for paedophiles. Since then, in his ManboobzMeetups incarnation, David Futrelle has gone on record several times stating his belief that anyone who criticises paedohysteria or efforts to combat paedophilia and child porn online must be a paedophile themself.

In the end, this level of nausea inducing paedocrisy proved too much even for the collection of child pornographers, rapists, and necrophiliacs who were his closest rivals.

Who was the worst Paedocrite of 2012?

  • David Futrelle (32%, 27 Votes)
  • Carolina Courtland (13%, 11 Votes)
  • Adrian Chen/Gawker Media (12%, 10 Votes)
  • Jay Hammers (11%, 9 Votes)
  • Gregory M Pyle (8%, 7 Votes)
  • Eryemil (7%, 6 Votes)
  • Kyle Payne (6%, 5 Votes)
  • Lisa Biron (6%, 5 Votes)
  • Arthoir An Broc (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Farnham01 (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 50

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15 thoughts on “David Futrelle Named Worst Paedocrite of 2012”

  1. Perhaps you should attend one of his infamous meet-ups where you can present him with his prestigious award…

  2. The most impressive thing was that most of Fat-troll’s worst paedocritical acts happened during the last two months of the year: while simultaneously fending off a serious challenge from Dean Esmay for top media-mangina!

    Right after practically plagarizing Antifeminist’s expose on himself to attack Warren Farrell, Futrelle neatly copied Fidelbogen’s doxxing expose to attack John the Other AND angled a Manboobz meet-up with the Toronto protestors out of it besides!

    If that weren’t enough, in December—after writing a long piece celebrating abortion as a fundamental right for women, he pounced on the Connecticut school shooting to denounce male insensitivity towards children.

    Finally, to crown all his crimes, he even juxtaposed our own Christmas videos of lovely Sabrina Vaz with Christmas videos of preteen girls who looked awful and couldn’t sing. That was probably the lowest blow of all IMO! LOL

  3. HaHa – you summed up the paedocrites crimes well.

    Ive escaped to the sun btw so don’t expect many new posts.

  4. Antifeminist:
    Some fun in the sun sounds great right now.

    Somehow, I imagine Sir Jimmy Savile in the Afterlife laying in a hammock with a tank of homemade fresh ale and a cigar, enjoying one of his 72 virgins and laughing over the witch-hunting going on.

    Meanwhile, to continue his charitable entrprises, the other 71 virgins are busy making asbestos suits for his critics—since they’ll likely need them in the next world! LOL

  5. Highwayman:
    LOL, yep. It’s amazing how by the time they start hitting their late 20s, they want to start controlling everyone else’s sexual options. Just wait until Ms. Megan hits about 40 or so…

  6. Check this out:


    A Canadian teacher has recruited students in his orwellian named “Social Justice” class to go on a crusade to shut down a local strip. It is revolting that this sort of thing can pass for “education” in Canadian schools. The article features an interview with a student who begins regurgitating the sexual trade union crap that has been spoon fed to him (women dont have a choice to work as prostitutes or strippers or do porn because it is not a real choice for them…blah blah blah)…pathetic I can see the future of my country is in good hands.

  7. I am impressed with many of the comments regarding the article however especially this one bt “Kid Lampert” :”bunch of jerk kids who haven’t even lived yet, telling others how to make a living. pathetic.”

  8. Although this story is an old one, (but maybe ‘news’ to some), it is a good example of the degree of blatant paedocrisy the loudest of (US) MS media personalities are truly infected with, not to mention how clearly rampant the level of general paedohysteria must be, in the wider community there.

    The story also helps to uphold a truth which all regular readers and commentators here recognize and accept so much, that it has become a specific TOPIC of this blog: the topic of Paedocrites.

    We also believe this particularly undesirable behavioral trait (more commonly found in, although not limited to, our supposed allies: ‘men’), to be so relevant to our argument, that we now offer the lure of a prestigious annual award to those who can demonstrate it, in the most extreme [paedocritical] manner.

  9. The pedohysteria is purely about demonising men and male sexuality. It’s about creating more laws to disempower men and to put their children and their wallets in the hands of women.

    At its core, it is about power and control. The one thing women want more than anything is to control men. They have been very successful at it too.

  10. Highwayman:
    This is what you would expect in a country where soldiers are marching in high heels to show solidarity with feminists; and where the Mounties are now headed by female officers. I think it will only be a matter of time before the Eskimos realize they can conquer the country with harpoons and take it back for the Indians.

    About the only benefit to living in America anymore is knowing that at least we’re not Canada (yet).

  11. Fraudtrelle is back teaching college kids how to have sex.


    At least they’ve had the sense not to let him near the girls this time.

    I can imagine that there will be hundreds of guys queing up to hear the 52 year old virgin give dating advice.

    Hopefully there will be an MRA show up and record it for us all to giggle at later.

  12. “The talk itself is co-sponsored by Northwestern University’s ‘Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault’. I’ll bet that’s a jolly bunch of guys to hang around with too! lol

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