David Cameron Fears Paedohysteria Could Turn into a ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Gays

In a society whose concern for the welfare of children wasn’t a complete and utter sham, Prime Minister David Cameron would be being grilled (preferably by detectives) on his extremely close relationship with Rebekah Brooks, the evil feminist who apparently ordered her journalists to hack into the phone of a missing school child (who was later found murdered).  Instead, he was feeling the heat over unproven allegations against a senior member of his party 3 decades ago concerning the only type of abuse of children that sells newspapers and guarantees that middle-aged frumps read and watch in their millions – sex abuse, and the seedier and more sordid the better.

With the threat of libel action against them, the BBC’s Newsnight backed out at the last moment of naming the ‘senior Conservative politician from the Thatcher years’ who has been accused of sexually abusing young boys at a children’s home in North Wales sometime in the 70’s or 80’s.

Yesterday, David Cameron was presented live on breakfast TV with a list of the names that have been bandied about online – and I’ve seen the name of just about every senior Tory from the Thatcher  years, although the known homosexual figures from that period are the ones most commonly mentioned.

Cameron was quite rightly outraged by being ‘ambushed’ in such a manner, but his articulation of it left a lot to be desired.  He immediately chastised the presenter (Philip Schofield – a former BBC children’s presenter..uh oh…) and stated that he feared a witch hunt against gay people.

Of course, this ‘gay Tory witch hunt’ is the latest episode in the intense bout of medieval paedohysteria that has gripped the UK since claims last month that the deceased Sir Jimmy Savile had fondled a number of underage groupies almsot half a century ago.  Given the fact that 50 years ago you weren’t considered a real rock star unless you fondled the odd wet pantied underage groupie, this ‘exposure’ promptly led to just about every British celebrity from the 60’s and 70’s and early 80’s from being accused online (and in print, especially if they were dead) of being a ‘paedophile’, particularly if they worked for the BBC.  David Cameron himself got in on the act by demanding an inquiry into the BBC and possible cover ups of Savile and other ‘paedophiles’.

Witch Hunts against heterosexuals, of course, are just fine.

But what David Cameron’s fears bring out is the realisation that paedohysteria was never supposed to be about persecuting homosexuals, but rather a war on male heterosexuality to serve the twin feminist aims of demonising ordinary males and restricting sexual competition from younger women and girls.  Recruiting homosexuals in this war was essential both to secure the feminist take over of the Left, and to hide the savage puritanical war against heterosexuality under the facade of ‘sexual tolerance’ towards homosexuals and ‘transgender’ people.

When gay men do get caught up in sex abuse hysteria for having fun with a teenage lad decades ago, who might have been entirely willing at the time, they are merely unfortunate collateral damage.

We may see a lot of collateral damage over the next few months.

Back in the decades when homosexuality was in the process of being de-criminalized and emerging out of the shadows from its 2,500+ year existance as pederastry, it wasn’t just heterosexual rock stars unable to keep their hands off of teenagers (in their case, the hordes of teenage girls throwing wet panties in their direction).  Pederastry was still firmly part of homosexual culture at the time – and if you had money and power but little sex appeal (as a gay politician has, at least compared to the music world) then boys in care homes would be an acceptable substitute for frenzied willing groupies.

With the Jimmy Savile hysteria, it certainly is beginning to look like a conflagaration has been started that is going to be very difficult to put out before it consumes many unintended targets – from homosexual politicians to even femihag child ‘advocates’ such as Esther Rancid.

I wonder how the ‘secular progressive’ and paedohysteric atheist movement will react if an old man emerges to tell us that their martyr Alan Turing abused him when he was ‘underage’? Perhaps he could sue the British state for ‘causing him further trauma’ for giving Turing an official pardon?  We’re somehow supposed to believe that Alan Turing was virtually the only homosexual genius in history, before sodomy was de-criminalized, to not be a pederast who had sex with young teenage boys – even though the offence he was finally caught with involved a 19 year old low IQ labourer.

I wonder why these pagan cultists believe that a man of Alan Turing’s IQ would make the moral decision to stick firmly to the heterosexual age of consent when homosexuality was completely illegal, and illegal because of the same feminist puritan Victorian Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1885 that raised the heterosexual age of consent from 13 to 16?  He would hardly have been treated much worse, if at all, had he been caught with a 15 year old rather than a 19 year old.  Moreover, the historical justification for the age of consent was that it protected unmarried young girls from being impregnated and left holding the baby (this was before feminists and men’s rights activists had created the trauma myth).  Something that hardly applied to men having sex with boys (and no longer applies to girls in an age of easy and avaialble contraception/abortion and a welfare state).

In this period of retrospective paedohysterical wtich burning, perhaps we should also look at finally arresting feminist icon Germaine Greer for her book ‘The Boy’, a book published in 2003 (when paedohysteria was already in full swing in the UK), and which set out to ‘reclaim a woman’s right to admire young boys’ and which did so by featuring dozens of erotic semi-naked pictures of very young looking adolescent boys (taken by the author)?  We should also arrest leading Third Wave feminist Natasha Walter, who lavishly praised the book, and who likely confessed to ‘viewing child pornography’ by simply admitting reading it.  Natasha Walter, by the way, is famous for arguing that today’s evil patriarchal society is sexualising young girls and women.


***Note to MRAs who think feminists criminalizing men over ‘paedo’ issues is not men’s rights and will bring down the movement if raised in a couple of ‘fringe’ blogs – last time I checked, feminism was still going as strong as ever, as were Germaine Greer and Natasha Walter.  Why don’t you ask the paedocrite David Fraudtrelle for his views on Germaine Greer (I’m sure he has ‘The Boy’ on his coffee table – after all, this is a ‘man’ who described a homosexual’s fantasy of sexually assaulting a boy in a bar as ‘tender’ and ‘erotic’)?

24 thoughts on “David Cameron Fears Paedohysteria Could Turn into a ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Gays”

  1. Great article Schop, I especially like the footnote!

    In fewer words: Rebekah Brooks’ good buddy David Cameron, is fine with persecuting, demonizing and criminalizing (with outrageous, Draconian penalties) normal men, but not gays or other people that until recently, were at least frowned upon by what was, also until recently: our NORMAL and progressive society…
    (Until recently there was no feminist advocated and fanned paedohysteria, most people, except some feminists a few gays and a tiny number of real paedophiles and other sexual deviants were normal, thus society was normal).

    BTW: is there any news about Rebekah’s fate yet? I.e. has she been sent to prison for 25 years, with hard labour, as she should?

  2. The age of consent should be valid only for heterosexual men, to protect innocent little girls

    Women, and gay men should have freedom to fiddle with the boys of all ages.

    Even more because these same young boys are criminalized if they mess with girls their own age, or more then 2 years apart. Leaves only the older women and gays as sexual outlets.


    Seriously, it is sad that gay men have more rights then straight men. Why is this so?

    Seems that gay men defend their rights and their freedom. They stick together and unite. Straight men are pussies, or worse, fight among themselves.

    Do you know that gay travel is in. Heterosexual single men’s travel is suspicious and unwelcome.

  3. Do you know that gay travel is in. Heterosexual single men’s travel is suspicious and unwelcome.

    You’ve got that right… especially when you travel to countries that have been labeled cesspools of “child prostitution”.

    As I have posted here before, I have a friend who works for a big commercial company, and as part of his new job description since his last promotion, he now travels to Thailand about every other month to oversee business activities at their Bangkok branch. He usually travels alone, and it has happened to him a few times at Bangkok Airport that he was asked very inquisitive questions by the authorities as to the purpose of his stay. He keeps telling them he’s a businessman, that he is there ON BUSINESS and if they really think a person like him would be a child sex tourist… but they said to him him that they have been told to also keep an eye out for businessmen using their business travel as a front, as an excuse to seek out child prostitutes in Thailand.

    Go figure. So my friend put in years and years of long hours and weekend overtime to get a much-coveted promotion as one of his company’s international supervisors, and Thai police are insinuating that he only did it so he could travel to Thailand and molest little girls??

  4. I happend to pass through the gay and lesbian section of a major bookstore recently. As I glanced at the display table a book entitled something like ‘gay travel erotic tales’ caught my eye.

    I had a quick look – it was a translation of a German book by an author who claims that the stories are all real and based upon his personal travels around the world..

    One of the chapters is entitled ‘The Senegalese cleaner boy’.

    The guy describes how he had sex with the boy who was cleaning his hotel room. The age of the boy is never mentioned – in fact the author states that the Senegal boy speaks no English and so no verbal communication is even made between them, so presumably the author didn’t know his age.

    The author then states that he bought the boy some gifts before banging him again – but it ‘wasn’t prostitution because giving gifts is normal in Senagal’.

    Can you imagine if this was a heterosexual man writing about banging girls like this abroad?

  5. “Can you imagine if this was a heterosexual man writing about banging girls like this abroad?”

    and they don’t even have to be remotely close to the age of consent threshold. Just think of the feminist shitstorm that how-to books by self-confessed pickup artists have brought upon themselves. Germaine Greer, as you mentioned, very publicly celebrated her icky wet dreams about adolescent boys with her infamous book and got away with it scot free, while it is somehow deplorable and a manifestation of misogynistic patriarchy when a PUA teaches avid readers some, erm, tricks of the trade as to how to charm and pick up (adult!) women.

  6. Inclinedreader:
    I’m no fan of PUAs myself, but you’re right about the hypocrisy involved. Fraudtrelle routinely quotemines these guys (as if their views were any way representative of the whole mens movement); yet he obviously feels no shame using the same techniques himself; or when femihag cougars like Germaine Greer employ them.

  7. HS:
    The problem is that, not only do femihags and gays stick together on enforcing their rights; they persecute any straight guys who dare do the same.

    One of the last American conservatives who really challenged the AOC and the double-standards was the late W.F. Buckley. He used to run articles in the ‘National Review’ exposing these crimes and it was rumored that he had something of a fondness for younger women himself.

    Murdoch, though, took Buckley down and now owns the National Review.

  8. Columnist:
    I mentioned a few times on the Spearhead that I have a relative who is transgendered. I asked her once how women related to TG women. She told me that crossdressers and lesbian TGs are accepted by women; but TGs who like and pursue men as lovers are hated and shunned by them.

    That’s some good anecdotal evidence for the truth of the STU theory! LOL

  9. Alan:
    It came out in the news today that CIA director, General David Petreaus, is resigning because of allegations of an ‘extramarital affair.’

    Let’s see: Petreaus graduated West Point during the Vietnam War; rose to commander of the elite 101st Airborne Division, was Allied Commander in Afghanistan, and served as CIA Director after a distinguished 37-year career in the US Army.

    But–he had an affair. If he’d committed actual War Crimes, it wouldn’t have caused this kind of outrage.

    And the fake outrage from the Obamanogs and Murdoch-media is even worse. Like—it’s totally unheard-of that SOLDIERS engage in sex.

    The news reported that the FBI (at the instigation of femihag DHS Directoress Janet Napolitano, no doubt) uncovered the affair.

  10. Yes, Eric its even made the headline news here in Australia.
    It’s patently ludicrous, that having an affair is something he does in his own time, in his private life – nnotyhing to do with his work, but thanks to Obama and the rest of the gynocracy, no man has such a thing as privacy now.

    You’re right too: had he actually done something professionally incompetent or indeed committed a war crime: far less fuss would have been made about it and he probably wouldn’t have needed to resign; unless of course his misdemeanor discriminated against or ‘victimized’ (i.e. he yelled at) a ‘female person’.

    Had it involved that: the gynocracy (Hillary, Michelle, Barak etc.) would probably be demanding that he be court-martialed and executed by firing squad!

  11. …yet he obviously feels no shame using the same techniques himself…

    Oh, does he need to stoop to using their techniques?
    I thought he simply announces a time and place for a ‘manboobz meetup’, or just visits a local college to advise young girls on how to enjoy sex, while distributing free condoms to all of them!
    He knows better than any pick-up artist…
    Just ask him, when (if) he eventually loses his virginity.


  12. It’s also useful to consider the difference in the way that Gary Glitter, and now Jimmy Savile, have been treated as compared to Jonathan King.

    Jonathan King was convicted of buggering star struck young boys he would pick up off of the streets of London in his RollsRoyce. His Modus Operandi was to then take them back to his place, ask them to answer a ‘market research’ questionaire over their tastes in music – questions which would gradually become more and more sexual. Finally, he would promise them meetings with the famous Page 3 girl Samamtha Fox if they got their clothes off for him. He would also promise them that he would help them become big in the music world.

    Jonathan King’s career was obviously destroyed, and served 3 and a 1/2 years in jail, but he only occasionaly appears as a target in the tabloids, and is able to lead a fairly ordinary life – even run his own forum which discusses paedohysteria – http://www.kingofhits.co.uk/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=65&func=showcat&catid=2 (and from which I’ve been banned – for not being a left-wing fraud, for being misogynist for recognising feminists are creating paeodhysteria and false allegations, and for stating that it is ‘normal’ for men to like teenage girls. Most pederasts despise men who admit to liking teenage girls, recognising that it is normal male sexuality from which they are excluded. They also cling to the belief that feminists will come to their rescue and let them bang as many boys as they want, after they have wiped out all heterosexual men with their patriarchal desires for nubile girls).

    Compare ths to Gary Glitter – convicted of looking at illicit pictures and then clearly the victim of a set up in Cambodia when the mother of 2 girls (11 & 13) was likely paid by journalists (the same ones who hacked into the phones of dead children) to invite Glitter to share the bed of her daughters (because they were having nightmares), who would then make allegations of molestation.

    Not only does Glitter essentially have to disguise himself when he ventures out in public, respected broadcaster Channel 4 actually screened a documentary entitled ‘The Execution of Gary Glitter’ which was supposed to be an intelligent discussion as to whether Glitter should be hanged for his crimes (the film ends with him being executed).

    Of course this double standard does not really apply in America, which is still massively (if latently) homophobic – as the hysteria over Sandusky revealed. This is why Paul Elam get’s it wrong in comparing talk of normal male sexual interest in nubile ripe teenage girls with NAMBLA.

  13. Well in that case Schop, I’m pleased you were banned – LOL!
    But yes, gays certainly are well shielded by feminists, but they are only being used: One for making male sexuality look ‘perverted’, thus normalizing their (gay) sexuality helps them enforce the ‘peadophilia’ narrative, to ramp up paedohysteria; and two: more obviously: they don’t pose a threat to their (femihag) sexuality – don’t compete or threaten ugly, past-it cougars the way sexy, nubile and fertile young teen and early 20’s young women (‘children’) do!

    What gays don’t know, but will eventually discover is that feminists don’t really have anymore time for them than normal men, because they are MEN.

    Human-Stupidity said this above:

    Seems that gay men defend their rights and their freedom. They stick together and unite. Straight men are pussies, or worse, fight among themselves.

    He is partly right, but a lot of the status or ‘acceptance’ they enjoy today, has more to do with the way feminists have USED them (disguised as standing up for them or spreading the narrative that they are good guys because they are not ‘paedophiles’, or ‘normalizing’ their sexual preference).

  14. @Eric:

    I’m no fan of PUAs myself, but you’re right about the hypocrisy involved.

    well I just think PUA’s tend to refuse to put women on a pedestal… and they call a spade a spade when it comes to courtship advice… and even if some pickup artists cross a line, the attitude towards women that some of the more shady PUAs propagate in their writings isn’t 10 percent as bad as the misandry that practically every garden-variety feminist spews around.

    In the end, it’s all about restricting male sexuality, as we have said… and that includes hindering knowledge transfer from the seasoned pickup artist to the average Joe. As much as feminists (pretend to) hate machos, they especially don’t want them giving meek insecure beta males any advice on how to man up and get laid more.

  15. I have somewhat mixed feelings about PUAs. I don’t dislike them to the extent that Eric does, but at the same time I detest the lack of political awareness that most of them possess (or only use it to get more pussy). Especially when the likes of Roosh V actually mock men’s rights activists for being bitches looking for the government for support against feminists (he’ll be crying like a bitch when he finally becomes the victim of a false rape allegation or a feminist anti-sex tourism law).

    Some PUAs are decent people who know what’s what – example : http://krauserpua.com

    I don’t see why being a PUA is inconsistent with being a men’s rights supporter (and visa versa). It’s unfortunate that (and a bad tactical move) for the MRM to declare war on PUAs just because of a few assholes like Roosh.

  16. Antifeminist:
    The Sandusky Case had its parallels with Savile too, although the witch-hunting was really more localized to Pennsylvania. Sandusky’s head-coach, Joe Paterno, who had 42 years of head football coaching and was one of the most successful college football coaches in history was forced to resign simply on suspicion that he covered up Sandusky’s alleged activities.

    It should also be noted that Sandusky’s alleged victims were all teenaged men at the time.

    Paterno died shortly after his resignation, according to his family, from the effects of the witch-hunt. Pennsylvania State University did much the same as the same as the United Queendom has done to Savile; Paterno’s monuments, trophies, &c. have all been taken down and the memory of the man almost completely blotted out. Also, like Savile, Paterno did a lot of charity work and many of his former players stated that Paterno had a philosophy of ‘turning boys into men’ as part of their educational experience. Feminist Academia hated him and this is the result.

  17. Alan:
    ‘What gay guys don’t know but will eventially discover is that feminist women have no more time for them than for normal men.’

    An openly gay MRA commenter ‘Andybob’ has made the same observation. According to him, feminist women totally despise gay men, and the lesbian femihags only ally with them for political reasons.

    Most of the impetus behind initiatives like our gay-marriage are promoted by lesbians, not gay men. He’s also said that it’s not uncommon, as my relative noted too, that lesbian femihags persecute gay men and ‘straight’ transgenders whenever the media isn’t looking.

  18. Alan:
    Although, now according to the Fathers Rights guys and their dwindling numbers of commenters, General Petraeus’ downfall was occasioned by ‘female hypergamy.’


    The Father Rights’ movement is totally clueless. To think that the femihags actually cared more about getting a one-night stand with a 4-star general than about clearing his CIA post for another member of the Sisterhood is almost laughable.

    As for Petraeus being ‘the highest Alpha in the world’—Petraeus did FAR too much acquiesing to feminization of the US military. That’s what led to his downfall more than anything else.

  19. Yes, I have read a few comments by Andybob – I guess the fact that he’s clearly not a FR mRA being the reason I like reading his suggestions and points of view.
    Anyway, whatever he says and what you say regarding the relationships between gays, lesbians and bitter, misandric femihags is carbon-copied here in Australia.
    They think they are so elite with feminists standing beside them, but MRAs like Andybob, probably laugh at them and treat them with the contempt they deserve…

  20. Regarding the comparisons with the witch hunts and that DM story describing the alleged paedophile being murdered and mutiliated for being seen with young girls in his caravan – I wonder if the number of suicides and vigilante murders of ‘paedophiles’ and ‘suspected paedophiles’ is now approaching the total number of witches burnt during the entire middle-ages?

    According to Wikipedia, around 500 men and women were burnt at the stake for witchcraft in the UK in total over the course of 4 or 5 centuries (with Matthew Hopkins, the infamous witchfinder general personally responsible for nealy 200).

    I know that Operation Ore alone resulted in at least a dozen suicides. You read of vigilante killings against suspected paedophiles every few months in the UK now.

    So I would guess that the number of deaths, just in the UK, as a result of paedo witch hunts are probably somewhere between 100 and 200+ – that’s just in the last decade or so.

    Just think if this continues for another 4 or 5 centuries – God forbid.

    And I would assume the number of ‘paedos’ killed, either in prison or as a result of being on public sex offenders registries in the USA absolutely dwarfs the total number of witches killed there already.

  21. Considering all those factors, I’d say the number of 21st Century scapegoats or witches (which means feminist’s ‘paedophiles’) fatalities has already far exceeded the numbers of executed witches during the entire middle ages, but I think we’d see far more terrifying statistics if studies of the trends were also undertaken. Trends such as the rate of increase of such fatalities over a time base, i.e. number of deaths per month and the rate they are increasing per month, then per annum, then draw up an historical trend of all of them, beginning at say 1900.

    I would not be at all surprised if such trends clearly predict that a true large scale, massive holocaust is about to begin, something at least comparable to that of the Jewish holocaust…

  22. Antifeminist:
    Historically, our witch-hunt victims were miniscule in numbers compared to Britain’s. In fact, Massachusettes (then a British Colony) was the first government in history to pay victim’s restitution for wrongful deaths and persecutions during the hysteria here. I don’t expect that happen to victims of paedohysteria anytime soon though.

    I don’t know of any witch-hunts that occurred in Canada. So, it’s probably a safe bet that we’ve more victims of paedohysteria in North America than succumbed to the witch hysteria.

  23. Alan:
    I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable. I’ve been in the MRM only about 3 years now, and during the last six months I’ve seen a definate surge in troll attacks, death threats, hacking, doxxing, SPLC and other vigilante attention, and the boxcutter incident in Vancouver against the AVfM guys. Now there’s this full-blown hysteria over Savile in Britain.

    Given the fact that paedohysteria has been deeply cultivated in Anglo-American culture for a good two decades now; it wouldn’t take much for a political opportunist to turn ‘an epidemic of paedophilia’ into a scapegoating scharade, complete with lynch-mobs, pogroms, and purges.

    Expatting may not be a bad option anymore…

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