Argentinian Feminists Makes it Illegal to Praise a Sexy Woman’s Body

Argentinian feminists in the capital Buenos Aires have succeeded in making it illegal for men to compliment a sexy woman in the street . Any form of ‘sexual harassment’ in public, which includes cat calling and any comments referring to the body, is now subject to a possible fine.

As is the Modus Operandi with feminists the world over, this latest piece of legislation was forced through after the exploitation of a tragic and isolated case that shocked the nation – a 16 year old girl raped to death by two strangers. Presumably, demands to raise the Argentinian age of consent from 13 to 18 will be next on the Sexual Trade Union agenda, following the recent pattern of India (12 to 18) and Spain (13 to 16).

Odd that feminists in Europe do not call for legislation against the flood of refugees that have led to the assault, rape, and even murder of tens of thousands of young women in Germany and elsewhere. In fact, those same feminists are usually the most fervent open borders and ‘anti-racist’ activists.

Not so odd really. As readers here are well aware, all feminists are really interested in is preventing male sexual access to young, good looking females, and in so doing, raising their own pitiful sexual market value. They will seize upon isolated cases of sexual murder to push through legislation that further restricts the free sex market, whilst encouraging the import of millions of Islamic rapefugees in order to produce a genuine rape culture, as well as inevitable growing Muslim political influence, that will lead to young women dressing conservatively and fearful to go out alone.

Feminists Hounding PUAs

Feminists are stepping up their war on PUAs.  You may remember I once posted a story about ‘Cupid Player‘, one of the worst PUAs on the planet (at least who uploaded infields to demonstrate it).  But what Cupid lacked in Game skills, he made up for in persistence.   Unfortunately, this has apparently led to his arrest for sexual harassment.

his Legal troubles started where he Sarged a girl from his Social Circle (University) and the feminist girl filed a False ”Sexual Harassment” Report Against Him to the NY State Police.
10 New York State Police Officers Interrogated Boris and then they found out that he was making false threats which were later deleted from the Internet. Hours Later Boris Calls me and tells me that Police Officers Interrogated him for 3 hours asking him multiple questions such as: Do you have guns?. they did not arrest him at that time, and warned him that they may get a Search Warrant to search for ”guns”
His Phone and Pockets were Extensively Searched
2 Hours after Boris and I Stopped Talking on the Phone,
While Boris is at home using his Facebook in his room Suprisignly 4 NYPD Officers Raid his Home Knock on his Door and Forcefully Enter His Room asking him: Are You Boris Cohen? right after he was thrown to the floor and quickly arrested/handcuffed.
The cops treated him terribly as he was taken away to the Inmate Van
As he was escorted to the Police Station a Total of 2 Detectives and Computer Hackers Interrogate him and Ask him like 40+ times: Do you have Guns?
Police were about to Charge him with 1 count Misdemeanor Threats and 1 count Misdemeanor Harassment which the maximum penalty may be more than 1 year in State Jail
He was placed in 7 Different Jail Cells which every Cell Had Inmates on it
Criminals who were alongside Boris had Pending or Been Convicted of Charges ranging from Low Level Drug Dealing to Felony Murder Charges
As Mentioned by Boris he had a Hard time sleeping and fitting in with the Inmates but he told me that they most of them were friendly. while some of them where trying to break the cell wall by smashing it.
After his Lawyer Convinced the NYPD to Drop the Charges he was Released with a Criminal Record since he was booked, fingerprinted and multiple mugshots taken.

Elsewhere, a Canadian feminist by the name of Sara Lau has taken to seeking self-validation by taking photos of every beta male pick-up artist who approaches her and then attempting to shame them as creeps by posting their photos and info online.  Disturbingly, she is encouraging other women to do the same.

n my head I’m thinking are you serious? Trying to pick me up right after I told off his colleague?
I could see the thought process going on in his head, he was caught off guard and had to regroup his thoughts.
I told him to have a nice day and went home. I vowed to record / take pictures of these scumbags in action the next time I was lucky enough to cross paths.
Today was my lucky day.
Remember Julien Blanc? The pickup artist who was banned from Australia and had his visa cancelled from being allowed into Vancouver to hold a coaching session? Remember Jan the Asian guy put on blast last year about this?
I am tired of being physically touched by someone I do not know.
I am worried for the younger girls who are looking more and more mature these days.
These men are out there with no good intentions.
I am asking for your help to share this and I encourage you to take pictures of these guys and post them with your story so we can create a safer environment for women and girls alike.

It has to be said that most American PUAs are absolute tossers (not including Manosphere bloggers such as Roosh and Heartiste).  In the case of Cupid Player, the result of a cult like pick up school called ‘RSD’ that teaches physically ugly young men with aspergers syndrome like him that with enough ‘Game’ and dedication, they can fuck any girl on the planet, no matter how beautiful.  Amongst their teachings is the necessity to ‘keep plowing’ when the girl clearly has no interest, as this is just her ‘shit testing’ to see whether the PUA is a real Alpha.  This led to Cupid Player being arrested and almost beaten up and stabbed on multiple occasions before this latest brush with the law.

Sexually self-validating feminists posing as ‘anti-pua harrassers’ can be a laugh sometimes, as well as serious.  Such as in an article in Vice magazine I came across recently in the Slut Hate forum, which describes the feminist writer’s attempt to talk to every sick creepy PUA who approaches her in the space of two weeks.  The results are hilarious.  One ‘creep’ harasses her by attempting to start a conversation, but leaves her mortified when he clearly loses interest when she tells him she is 29.  Another creepy PUA wasn’t such a creep because he was ‘hot’.  This Pickup Artist she actually kissed and gave her number too.  Interestingly, she admits at one point that it is underage teens that get the most male attention from ‘creeps’, though explains this away by the apparent ‘fragility’ of teenage girls that turns the sickos on, rather than their tight asses, nubile waists, perky firm breasts, and perfect radiant skin – qualities that even she likely possessed to a small degree when she was young.

I got inside and slammed the door shut. Every woman has encountered a creep like him before. Thankfully, I’ve noticed that the older I get, the less perverts I attract. Between the ages of 14 and 18, I was a creep magnet. People would ask me to go to their hotel with them or mime cunnilingus with their fingers while staring at me. To mortify me further, they would even do it while I was with my mom. There must be something about the fragility of teenagers that gets these guys of

Wolf-whistling to be treated as ‘hate crime’ by UK police.

Uninvited sexual advances and unwanted verbal contact with a woman, including catcalling or wolf-whistling in the street, are to be recorded as a hate crimes in a new effort to tackle sexist abuse.

Nottinghamshire police has expanded its categories of hate crime to include misogynistic incidents, characterised as behaviour targeted towards a victim simply because they are a woman.

This means incidents ranging from street harassment to unwanted physical approaches can be reported to and investigated by the police, and support put in place for victims.

The force is the first in the country to adopt the separate misogyny hate crime category, and has provided specific training to selected officers in the past three months.
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Commenting on the new procedures, introduced in partnership with Nottingham Women’s Centre, Ch Con Sue Fish said: “I’m delighted that we are leading the way towards tackling misogyny in all its forms.

Outrage at the Sexist Catcalling Male Tennis Players Endure

There wasn’t widespread outrage last night, after a video emerged highlighting the horrendous sexist abuse that male tennis players have to endure when changing shirts during matches.

The disturbing video clearly shows top player Rafa Nadal being subjected to a barrage of horrific catcalls and lewd comments from female spectators at a match in Indian Wells in 2013. Nadal, who it is believed survived the abuse, which happens to him and other top stars regularly when changing shirts during matches, was unavailable for comment, but a leading butch faced femicunt did not say ‘this disturbing video demonstrates how public attitudes have to change regarding the sexual objectification of men in sport. We encourage the public to report to the authorities any female spectators you see making lewd gestures or comments at hunky male stars. All women are sex starved cunts who think with their vaginas.’ However, leading lovely looking sheila TyphonBlue, representing the men’s human rights movement, did say that the horrific video proves beyond doubt that 5 out of 4 men are sexually abused during their lifetimes, fucked up for life, and can you donate some of your money to her now please?

The Nadal video comes only days after there was widespread hysteria generated by the BBC over fairly innocuous chanting by a few men out of a crowd of thousands of tanked up male spectators directed at a busty female linesman and a 25 year old ‘teenage’ football player :

Steve Moxon – Dave Lee Travis: Another Yewtree travesty of justice

Where is the evidence?
An accusation is not evidence.
An accusation requires evidence even to begin to be established.
Parallel accusations are not evidence, and they are not mutually corroboratory simply for being in parallel; especially when the context is a high-profile police trawl of a celebrity, because self-evidently this is almost guaranteed to generate multiple false allegation.
False allegation of sexual assault, notably rape, is commonplace, and research – along with examination of media-reported cases – shows the often incredible triviality of motivation.
Then there is ‘false memory’ of various forms, which is a major problem with ‘historic cases’ such as this – an alleged incident 20 years ago.
The CPS should never have brought this case, which is a re-trial of what was itself a trial that never have been brought. It should never have passed even first-base in consideration, but such is the serious anti-male prejudice of the CPS that the case was progressed in the hope that most of the jury would share similar prejudices. On this occasion, most did — but some did not: conviction was on a majority verdict only.
On top of all this is the triviality of the alleged offence: fondling breasts is barely even a serious misdemeanour, never mind a notable criminal offence. It’s straining definition to term it ‘sexual assault’ when the genitals of neither alleged perpetrator not putative victim are in any way involved — the term ‘groping’ is improperly applied to anything other than hands on genitals. And the usual context is of frivolity (even if that may be a cover for unwanted fondling).
The whole Yewtree fiasco is near beyond belief, and will be seen in retrospect as a stark manifestation of the loony era of ‘identity politics’.

Male Commentator Gives Perfect Reply to Entitled Parasite Lauren Martin

A male commentator gives the perfect reply below the article of an entitled cunt princess, who whines that men are not what they used to be and are now simply pathetic wimps who don’t ask women out on dates or buy them free drinks. Be warned, it truly is a sickening article, but here is the priceless reader response :

look, princess… you are not entitled to free shit, you’re not entitled to have things done for you, you’re not entitled to dictate how and when we “grow up” and you’re not entitled to tell us how to dress.
you women pushed us away, you called us “pervy”, “creepy” when we didn’t have the requisite amount of cash/belongings etc.
instead of saying “I’m not interested” to men who ask you out that you don’t find attractive – you called us harassers and made utterly ridiculous claims that we were a part of “rape culture”
you make crass jokes about men being in pain, laugh when one gets his dick cut off,band together when one needs bullying and almost orgasm when one has his children ripped from him.
then there is the blaming shit you all seem to do – you’re doing it right now in this article – your bait is so unappealing and rancid that we’re to blame for not “having our shit together”
you want us to date you? you want us to chase you? you want us to pay for you? no, not anymore.

you say we’re scared of you. yes, you’re dam right we’re scared of you. who wouldn’t be scared of someone who can, with one false accusation (which seems to be happening more and more these days) ruin our entire lives. who wouldn’t be scared of a pathological lying psychopath!!?
The only time that women ever say good things about men is the day after they die.
you brought this on yourselves – it’s up to you to fix it princess.

Spiked – ‘Sisi: Groping for Western Approval


And what better way to appease Western liberals, worried about having cosied up to a mass-murdering tyrant, than to champion that favourite cause of Western elites: the victimhood of women. The characterisation of assaults as being in crowded public places also gives Sisi a legitimate reason in the eyes of the West to brutally crack down on any public gatherings. The fact that many of his political rivals are angry, bearded, Muslim men means that few in the West will be likely to challenge such repression. Sexual-harassment laws in the West are becoming ever more authoritarian in nature, allowing the state to encroach further and further into the realms of the workplace and our private relationships; why would we expect such laws to have a progressive effect in Egypt?

Far from being an out-of-character policy for Sisi’s otherwise brutal regime, the new laws chime perfectly with his totalitarianism. He can both present himself to the West as having made liberal reforms, while simultaneously using the issue of women’s safety as a smokescreen for any future crackdown on dissent.

‘All Feminists Are Rapists’ meme redux

WIth regards to those readers who still doubt the possible effectiveness of this meme, I wonder how they explain that ‘All Men Are Rapists’ is the most famous, or infamous, meme of all the feminist statements and claims of the last 50 years (with the possible exception I guess of ‘like a fish needs a bicycle’)?

The statement ‘All Men Are Rapists’ was itself an Orwellian style masking of the truth through inversion.  It is the Big Lie in the form of a meme. Just as in 1984, ‘War is Peace’, in the world of feminists, ‘All Men are Rapists’, when in fact the opposite would be far closer to the truth.

However, my true version of the meme is far more conservative.  It does not claim that all women are rapists (although as most women support and benefit from feminism, this might be true), it simply states the manifest reality that all feminists are rapists..

What better way is there to capture the idea central to Sexual Trade Union theory that feminists are trying to co-erce men into sex through repressive anti-male choice legislation (banning porn, discouraging college promiscuity through rape hysteria, raising the age of consent, criminilizing paying for sex etc)?

What better way is there to highlight the truth that the feminist legislative creep that is leading inevitably to a sexual holocaust against men, has nothing to do with protecting women or young girls, but everything to do with artificially raising the sexual market value of feminists and the women who support them?

It is taking the most famous and viral feminist meme ever created, turning it around, and using it against them.

There can be surely nothing more potent as a weapon against feminists than using their own rape fixation and turning it against them, especially given that this is exactly what feminists are – rapists.

Most people probably never had a clue what Marilyn French meant by ‘all men are rapists’, apart from as a classic expression of feminist hatred of men. However, surely there must be some kind of capacity, albeit currently repressed, for men to understand that feminists locking up men for looking at porn, locking up men for visiting prostitutes, locking up old men for having sex with teenage sluts half-a-century ago, has something to do with coercing men into sex (with them), through the elimination of sexual alternatives?

My meme hijacks one of the most viral soundbites of the 20th century and uses it to shame with potentially devastating effect the 21st century incarnations of the monsters who originally produced it.

All feminists are rapists, and that’s all they are.