The Big Lie

Take a look at the picture below of a teenage girl. Her name is Sabrina Vaz. If you find her sexually attractive then you are a paedophile. You are a pervert. You are mentally ill and in need of a label and categorisation that separates you from the rest of male humanity. Even the leader of the Men’s Human Rights Movement would consider the thought of this girl being sexually attractive to be ‘nauseous’.
Now take a look at the picture below. If you find this woman sexually attractive, well, good for you. Perhaps you have a preference for older women, but again, good for you. You are certainly not a pervert. You certainly do not need to be locked up to be anally raped repeatedly by other men. The woman below has decided this. In fact she is the well paid ‘Professor of Child Sexual Exploitation’ at the NSPCC, soon no doubt to be affiliated with the men’s human rights movement. She is also head of the ‘violence against women’ research and advocacy group.

Steve Moxon on ‘the Big Lie‘ :

As I’ve regularly outlined, PC is rooted in and developed as the crudest blame-shifting exercise to cover for the failure of Marxism in practice. Instead of blaming the non- – actually anti- – scientific theory and the gullibility of those with a political-Left mindset in swallowing it, it is no surprise (given it’s a standard piece of human psychology) that left to carry the can were and are those who were supposed to benefit but chose to look the gift-horse in the mouth: the mass of ordinary people. ‘The workers’. Stereotypically these are men … ‘white’ men … heterosexual ‘white’ men. Hence the silly pseudo-‘disadvantaged’ PC-identified manufactured supposed ‘groups’ of women, ethnic-minorities and gays/lesbians – and, still more laughably, trans-sexuals; and yet more laughably still, the obese (hence ‘fat studies’ to join ‘queer studies’, ‘women’s studies’, etc).
It really is that crude. Indeed, the politics is so utterly stupid that only the deeply crass has a chance of being at the bottom of explaining it. It’s the old one about lying. If you’re going to lie, then you’d be best making it really big. Successful lies are so big that people can hardly believe the audacity of perpetrating them.