Sabrina Vaz Videos & Photo Shoot

Maybe it’s because I’ve woken up with a hangover from yesterday, but I decided to treat you all today to some Sabrina Vaz. It’s been a while since I featured her here, and she’s been very busy of late, releasing a new single as well as taking part in a raunchy photoshoot – finally!

Sabrina wrote this song several years ago just before she turned 16 and legal at last…

You can buy the song on iTunes here :

And a live rendition of Britney Spears from her bedroom :

Bonus Update : Sabrina’s home workout video. Fat Femihags please watch and channel all your hate and bitterness into performing the workout and losing weight instead of trying to improve your SMV through laws and state violence.

Love Me Like You Do | Sabrina Vaz Cover

Another super cover from our idol Sabrina Vaz – just in time for the return of our loyal and esteemed reader, and number 1 Sabrina fan, Alan Vaughn!

And notice that the Junior Jelly Hags are still at it in the comments underneath. Here’s a nice quote on haters that sums them up :

Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselves;
because you’re a reflection of what they wish to be

Sabrina Vaz Voted Most Beautiful Female in the World (Brain Bleach)

Some readers have complained that the gruesome images contained in the previous Femihag of the Year poll have left them permanently traumatized.  So as a form of therapeutic brain bleach, here are the official results of the Most Beautiful Female in the World (informal) poll we had in the comments section a few days ago.  Our panel of experts have decided!

The Most Beautiful Female in the World for 2014 is…Sabrina Vaz!

The lovely Sabrina is a remarkably talented 18 year old singer and song writer from Canada.




A very close second was the lovely 17 year old Russian figure skater, Yulia Liptnitskaya.





In third place, was Yulia’s fellow Russian skater, the 16 year old Elena Radionova.





And Yulia and Elena together!