Is Deepak Wayne the Real Deal? Indian Guy ‘Fucks 25 Ukrainian Girls in 50 Days’

Build the sexual tension..

A middle-aged unattractive Indian guy travelling to Kiev, Ukraine, and banging 25 girls in 50 days after approaching them in the street? Either Deepak Wayne has cracked the code for currycels everywhere, or he’s making money out of scamming frustrated ethnic chodes by selling them false dreams.

I spent several weeks in Kiev recently and admittedly did see some strange things.  Kiev is a beautiful city, but the central area in the summertime has the unpleasant feel of a Turkish whorehouse.  Whilst thousands of Ukrainian men are away spilling their guts fighting their Russian brethren in the East, the streets of Kiev are teeming with groups of swaggering young Turkish males.  Little different to Vienna, Berlin, North London etc, except that these Turks are not second generation ‘new Europeans’ but simply sex tourists out to ruin infidel virgin pussy.  I did see a lot, and I mean a lot of Turkish men with often attractive local girls, but it’s not clear whether these girls have been picked up (or bought) on the streets of Kiev or the result of a beach holiday ‘romance’ in Anatolia (travel between Turkey and Ukraine is visa free, so the sex tourism is a two way street).

On my final day in Kiev, I had an hour or two to kill after breakfast before it was time to catch the taxi to the airport, so I decided to sit on a bench in the main street reflecting upon quite a successful trip.  Two pretty young girls of about 14 or 15 suddenly came and sat on the same bench (even though there were others free nearby).  One was clearly taking an interest in me and leaning over her friend’s shoulder whilst stroking her hair.  As I was chilling and already mentally at the end of my travels I decided not to strike up any innocent conversation with the jailbaits.  Within a minute or so, two pot bellied Turkish men of at least 50 years of age walked by.  They stopped, made a kissing motion and a gesture of embrace to the two girls (who they clearly didn’t know), then walked over, told the girls they were ‘beautiful’ and asked them if they wanted to go for breakfast.  The girls considered the proposal for about half a second, and then walked off with the two men for some Turkish bangers and smash.

I also saw the way the local girls looked at the rare black males that walk the streets of Kiev.  There is something in the manner that an unfortunate number of slender, feminine, elegant, beautiful Slavic women openly display an animal lust at the sight of a black man in Eastern Europe that is almost enough to cause overwhelming cognitive dissonance in a civilized male.  So yes, given that Deepak Wayne is very dark skinned, and could possibly pull off the ‘fresh out of the jungle’ act that a lot of Ukrainian girls would get the gina tingles over, he might be getting laid occasionally.  25 girls in 50 days?  Even with the best game in the world, Deepak would be having to approach a lot of girls to achieve that.  Deepak must certainly be an obsessive notch counter not to have found one or two of those 25 fucks to be worth fucking again, or surely he wouldn’t have time to put in the necessary approaches to score again so often?  But maybe if you start the day with a 50% chance of banging a new girl on the streets, then you might be satisfied with constantly fucking and forgetting.  So let’s keep an open mind.  You can watch his videos (if you’re so inclined), and judge for yourselves.

Our old friend Krauser PUA, who has posted widely accepted real infields of same day lays, including in Kiev, compiled a useful checklist recently of things to look for when considering if a PUA infield is real or not :

  • Extremely stable camera work with the girl right in the centre frame
  • The camera is already in place before the opener. This very rarely happens in real life because opening happens fast and usually the camera man is rushing behind you to keep up
  • Camera never moves. In reality people walk past, the cameraman tries to get a better angle, the girl looks over and you have to move etc
  • Girl has hooked before the opener has been delivered (she’s been told to hook). Now this does happen sometimes for real, but it’s rare.
  • Stilted conversation, like each is waiting their turn to deliver scripted lines
  • Less artefacts of conversation, such as a girl hesitating, or saying something stupid, or the guy starting a conversational thread then changing on the fly because it’s not hitting.
  • The guy just doesn’t look cool enough or charismatic enough to get a girl like that to react so well.
  • The girl agrees too readily to compliance tests when the guy clearly hasn’t done the right things to get that. Again, sometimes a girl is just so strongly a Yes Girl that it doesn’t matter, but if all the guy’s channel is bad game that gets the girl, he’s faking.
  • You can’t find anyone you trust who has winged with these guys and will vouch for them. Likewise, if they coach they refuse to demo or the demos they do are shit compared to the videos.


Here’s a classic Deepak video in which he claims to SDL a ‘hot stripper’ right off the streets of Berlin.

I watched this video trying to keep Krauser’s points in mind. Notice the video contains extended footage of the girl and Deepak in a number of difference ‘scenes’. In other words, the cameraman follows them about. The camerman also zooms in on multiple occasions, so this is almost certainly a sizeable non-discreet camera, NOT a spypen or gum cam. You can also notice that whenever passersby move in front of the camera, they are visibly close to the cameraman. That means there is not that much distance between the cameraman and Deepak and the girl. So the cameraman is following the couple about closely with a visible camera that is held steadily and frequently zooms in on the pair. The girl doesn’t notice this once. Yet just taking a rather cursory look through this one video, it appears at one point (5:02) that two German guys standing behind them do.

Two other leading PUAs who produce infields very much in the style of Deepak were recently exposed as frauds on YouTube :

**UPDATE – I drafted this article in the morning to post tomorrow, but I see that Krauser PUA has written (a much better, as to be expected from a real PUA) article on Deepak himself :

Feminists Hounding PUAs

Feminists are stepping up their war on PUAs.  You may remember I once posted a story about ‘Cupid Player‘, one of the worst PUAs on the planet (at least who uploaded infields to demonstrate it).  But what Cupid lacked in Game skills, he made up for in persistence.   Unfortunately, this has apparently led to his arrest for sexual harassment.

his Legal troubles started where he Sarged a girl from his Social Circle (University) and the feminist girl filed a False ”Sexual Harassment” Report Against Him to the NY State Police.
10 New York State Police Officers Interrogated Boris and then they found out that he was making false threats which were later deleted from the Internet. Hours Later Boris Calls me and tells me that Police Officers Interrogated him for 3 hours asking him multiple questions such as: Do you have guns?. they did not arrest him at that time, and warned him that they may get a Search Warrant to search for ”guns”
His Phone and Pockets were Extensively Searched
2 Hours after Boris and I Stopped Talking on the Phone,
While Boris is at home using his Facebook in his room Suprisignly 4 NYPD Officers Raid his Home Knock on his Door and Forcefully Enter His Room asking him: Are You Boris Cohen? right after he was thrown to the floor and quickly arrested/handcuffed.
The cops treated him terribly as he was taken away to the Inmate Van
As he was escorted to the Police Station a Total of 2 Detectives and Computer Hackers Interrogate him and Ask him like 40+ times: Do you have Guns?
Police were about to Charge him with 1 count Misdemeanor Threats and 1 count Misdemeanor Harassment which the maximum penalty may be more than 1 year in State Jail
He was placed in 7 Different Jail Cells which every Cell Had Inmates on it
Criminals who were alongside Boris had Pending or Been Convicted of Charges ranging from Low Level Drug Dealing to Felony Murder Charges
As Mentioned by Boris he had a Hard time sleeping and fitting in with the Inmates but he told me that they most of them were friendly. while some of them where trying to break the cell wall by smashing it.
After his Lawyer Convinced the NYPD to Drop the Charges he was Released with a Criminal Record since he was booked, fingerprinted and multiple mugshots taken.

Elsewhere, a Canadian feminist by the name of Sara Lau has taken to seeking self-validation by taking photos of every beta male pick-up artist who approaches her and then attempting to shame them as creeps by posting their photos and info online.  Disturbingly, she is encouraging other women to do the same.

n my head I’m thinking are you serious? Trying to pick me up right after I told off his colleague?
I could see the thought process going on in his head, he was caught off guard and had to regroup his thoughts.
I told him to have a nice day and went home. I vowed to record / take pictures of these scumbags in action the next time I was lucky enough to cross paths.
Today was my lucky day.
Remember Julien Blanc? The pickup artist who was banned from Australia and had his visa cancelled from being allowed into Vancouver to hold a coaching session? Remember Jan the Asian guy put on blast last year about this?
I am tired of being physically touched by someone I do not know.
I am worried for the younger girls who are looking more and more mature these days.
These men are out there with no good intentions.
I am asking for your help to share this and I encourage you to take pictures of these guys and post them with your story so we can create a safer environment for women and girls alike.

It has to be said that most American PUAs are absolute tossers (not including Manosphere bloggers such as Roosh and Heartiste).  In the case of Cupid Player, the result of a cult like pick up school called ‘RSD’ that teaches physically ugly young men with aspergers syndrome like him that with enough ‘Game’ and dedication, they can fuck any girl on the planet, no matter how beautiful.  Amongst their teachings is the necessity to ‘keep plowing’ when the girl clearly has no interest, as this is just her ‘shit testing’ to see whether the PUA is a real Alpha.  This led to Cupid Player being arrested and almost beaten up and stabbed on multiple occasions before this latest brush with the law.

Sexually self-validating feminists posing as ‘anti-pua harrassers’ can be a laugh sometimes, as well as serious.  Such as in an article in Vice magazine I came across recently in the Slut Hate forum, which describes the feminist writer’s attempt to talk to every sick creepy PUA who approaches her in the space of two weeks.  The results are hilarious.  One ‘creep’ harasses her by attempting to start a conversation, but leaves her mortified when he clearly loses interest when she tells him she is 29.  Another creepy PUA wasn’t such a creep because he was ‘hot’.  This Pickup Artist she actually kissed and gave her number too.  Interestingly, she admits at one point that it is underage teens that get the most male attention from ‘creeps’, though explains this away by the apparent ‘fragility’ of teenage girls that turns the sickos on, rather than their tight asses, nubile waists, perky firm breasts, and perfect radiant skin – qualities that even she likely possessed to a small degree when she was young.

I got inside and slammed the door shut. Every woman has encountered a creep like him before. Thankfully, I’ve noticed that the older I get, the less perverts I attract. Between the ages of 14 and 18, I was a creep magnet. People would ask me to go to their hotel with them or mime cunnilingus with their fingers while staring at me. To mortify me further, they would even do it while I was with my mom. There must be something about the fragility of teenagers that gets these guys of

Younger Girls are Easier?

Interesting post from London PUA Steve Jabba (mate of our old friend Krauser PUA) :

I had actually been thinking of writing a post on this subject for a while, and as I don’t post anymore, it’s nice that a ‘master PUA’ has written it for me. I’ll just add a couple of brief points. As Jabba explains, teenage girls don’t really know their sexual market value yet. And this is what the age of consent amounts to as far as teenagers are concerned. Or rather, this is the only possible justification for a high age of consent, at least in terms of the hazy notion of ‘informed consent’. And don’t worry, I’m not endorsing the feminist aoc here, because it’s a nonsense Sexual Trade Union rationale, and only holds true if all women are prostitutes and all sex acts are economic transactions in which the female is considered to be raped (sexually robbed) if she has not obtained maximum reward for opening her legs. And even here I doubt very much that the feminists would be worried about the individual teenage girl ‘underselling’ herself, but rather their only concern would be with the broader effect on the price of sex if young girls are giving it away too cheaply. In other words ‘informed consent’ means being informed enough to be a responsible member of the pussy cartel – a whore who knows her price and who wont undercut other women.

And as far as PUA is concerned, in my own aspie way I’ve found it very much true that 16 year old girls are easier than 26 year olds. That comes with a huge caveat of course. Young girls are brainwashed by feminism to see older guys as disgusting, to only seek friendships let alone relationships or hookups with their peers, and to see a 30+ year old guy who approaches them as ‘creepy’ at best. So the rejection rate is higher, and the blowouts more brutal. But astonishingly enough, it does appear that it is easier to get that rare beautiful ‘yes girl’ from the younger age bracket.

Paedocrite PUA Dan Cilley

Dan Cilley is likely the world’s worst PUA.  His ‘Game’ consists largely of approaching a random young female with the words ‘I like you’ and then after the inevitable rejection filming her butt whilst manically hollering to himself and screaming ‘I lOVE YOU!’ at the fleeing girl. This guy makes George Godley look like Krauser PUA.

Today Dan uploaded a video in which he reports lingerie chain ‘Victoria’s Secret’ to the police for ‘promoting paedophilia’ through the use of under 18 looking models in posters adorning their store windows.

But check out this compilation of the master PUA in action and judge whether or not Cilley is also something of a master paedocrite

What a fu**ing paedocrite!!!

Five Things I Hate About PUA

‘It’s a glorified numbers game’/PUAs are really ‘rejection artists’

I’m not a ‘game denialist’ per se, but it’s widely accepted that even the best PUAs can ‘only’ ever achieve success ratios of around 4 or 5%. PUAs might experience occasional runs where they score notches at a more frequent rate than that, but it appears that in the long term, there is almost some kind of gravitational like natural law at work – call it the ‘Krauserian Limit’ – that always succeeds in pulling down even the most impressive ratios to a more Earthy <5%. Now you might say there is a big difference between a ratio of 0% and 5% - it's the difference between not getting laid and getting laid frequently (if you approach enough women). This is very true. But I suspect that the zero percenters are quite rare, and most often have some fundamental flaw, either a physical deformity, aspergers or, perhaps most typically, crippling social anxiety. 'Game' as a complex set of behaviours designed to 'manipulate' a female's psychology into turning from a state of non-attraction into one of attraction, is likely not going to transform a zero percenter into somebody who can close the very occasional but inevitable 'down to fuck' girl who anybody without a severe deformity would come across eventually through hitting on dozens of females a week. Basic social anxiety training, however, might (and this is why Johnny Berba, despite the ridicule he recieves in the PUA community, has probably gotten more men laid than most PUA gurus).

Once you have enough basic social skills and confidence to get laid occasionally from PUA, then there is a rapidly diminishing law of returns when it comes to ratio improvements. If you add in the very basic and almost intuitive micro improvements that simply come with the experience of making hundreds of approaches – such as recognizing which type of girls are more likely to be receptive, using initial lines that hook, body language, fashion etc, then it’s clear that complex Game is about improving ratios of 1 or 2% to 3 or 4%. I’m not saying it isn’t worth the effort, and I would certainly recommend those seriously into Daygame as a pursuit to purchase ‘advanced manuals’ such as those of Krauser, but the fact remains that if you see an attractive girl in the street, the odds are very low that approaching her will lead to fucking her, and no amount of ‘Game mastery’ can significantly change that.

Given the low chance of success for each individual approach, and the limited scope for improving those odds, it’s clear that even the best PUAs are getting rejected far more than they are scoring with HBs, and that learning to handle rejection in order to pursue the numbers game is far more important than maximizing ‘Game’. Whatever these Alphas may tell themselves otherwise, getting rejected over and over again in public isn’t something that the male psyche has evolved to deal easily with. This is why approaching random women during the day has now become almost a ritualized street perfomance, epitomized by the ‘YAD Stop’, the most ‘effective’ way of stopping your target according to most leading PUAs (it involves running in front of the girl, stopping her, and immediately complimenting her). The YAD Stop is such an act of public pussy pedalization, that most women, evil and cruel as they are, simply wouldn’t have the heart to add to your shame by blowing you out harshly. I expect soon that the YAD Stop will evolve into the ‘Walter Raleigh Stop’, where PUAs will unfurl a velvet cloak at the feet of their potential bangs whilst genuflecting. The YAD Stop is not about improving your lay to approach ratio, but about reducing your psychologically scarring blowout to approach ratio, enabling you to continue approaching x number of females that day in a reasonable state of mind, and letting the law of averages do the rest.

PUAs have become so ubiquitous, especially in the major East European cities, that every attractive young woman has likely been stopped a dozen times or more by a British/American man running in front of them and stopping them with the words ‘this is really random, but…blah blah blah neg neg push pull’, as will have all of their decent looking friends. It’s getting so bad that during a recent month spent working in Latvia, I noticed when walking to my local supermarket to pick up groceries, young women passing in my direction were actually swerving away from me or would suddenly pretend to be engrossed with their smartphone, fearing the Yad Stop. And this isn’t just fugly old me – even Krauser admitted he experienced it in Belgrade recently. There is no ‘natural’ way to approach women during the day anymore. There is no alternative but to accept that you are a ‘PUA’, it’s understood that she knows that you are a ‘one of those English PUAs’, and that from the moment you approach her, it is pure street theater with you as the performing clown.

PUAs who think they are morally better than the average Manosphere blogger

You’ll get this a lot reading PUA blogs and forums – PUAs who claim to dislike the ‘misogyny’ of the manosphere. Yea, right. Dedicating your life to scoring notches with HB8s and 9s under 25 means you ‘love women’. No you don’t. You love banging hot young women. Or perhaps even more, you love thinking that you are better than other men for banging more hot young women than other men. And that’s fair enough.

Then there’s the out and out self-righteous paedocrites. The type of PUAs who will openly boast about using manipulative psychological tricks such as ‘negging’ (which involves lowering a female’s self-esteem in order to get her into bed) on 18 year old virgins (and even secretly record themselves doing so and publish the results on their blogs), and yet will oddly make a point of calling men who would like to have caring relationships with 17 year olds or younger as ‘paedophiles’ or ‘abusers’.

Of course, as I’ve highlighted here, a lot of PUAs are not paedocrites, and many of the leading PUAs are amongst the bravest non-paedocrites in the manosphere (or in some cases once were).. But if you go on many PUA boards then even talking about approaching 17 year old girls is taboo and will automatically generate the ‘pedo’ accusastions, especially from American PUAs. Hopefully they’re not the same American PUAs to be observed in Eastern Europe cities dressed up in clown’s costumes (I exaggerate only a little) high fiving and then ‘negging’ every 16 year old Slavic blonde within a square mile radius.

PUA really does teach you the true nature of most women

PUAs can have more social interactions with women in a week than many men have in their entire lives. Even if the majority of these interactions are brief, even if they are superficial or unnatural interactions that lead nowhere, and even or especially if they are blow outs, not many men on Earth can claim to have socially interacted with thousands of women as experienced PUAs can. And, of course, despite the low ratios, most PUAs do end up banging more women than the vast majority of ordinary men, and go on countless more dates and have text messaging/Facebok relationships than most men.

And talking to thousands of women, especially in a sexual or potentially sexual context, does lead a man to see something of the true nature of most women, and it’s not sugar and spice. You discover, and are repeatedly reminded of the fact, that if you have no sexual value for a woman than she is at best indifferent to you, but more often, sees you simply as a subhuman, whose only value is to be the object of a petty act of sadistic creep shaming that might temporarily lift her spirits or alleviate her boredom. And when you start having a little more sucess in PUA, and go on dates and exchange text messages, you quickly discover that perhaps the majority of young women, in any country in Europe, appear to a greater or lesser degree to be suffering from some form of mental illness.

One thing I’ve come to observe from approaching hundreds of women is that the ability to Post Facto re-interpret her reality is very much an actual feminine attribute. This came especially in my early days as a very poor PUA and the mundane but repeated experience of apporaching women, who intially were very receptive and obviously ‘up for it’, and within minutes re-interpreting their reality to see me as a ‘creepy predator’ for having approached them.

PUAs who claim to love women often openly admit that ‘loving women’ is the only way to maintain their above average ratios. In other words, it is not a claim to any objective description of reality, but merely a pragmatic and selfishly held belief system. They might also convince themselves that they love women for the same reason many are paedocrites – out of guilt.

Of course, approaching hundreds of women does inevitably lead to meeting some very nice women, whether or not you end up having sex with them. PUA has led me to generalizing about women rather less. When even the simple act of stopping a woman in the street can lead to such wildly different reactions and outcomes, then it’s hard to lump the entire female gender into one homogenous mass. There are an awful lot of nasty cunts out there, but there is also a minority of truly beautiful and kind women as well.

PUA is a form of pussy pedalization.

I’m not 100% convinced of this, but I can’t help feeling that PUA is a form of pussy pedalization, and that every approach I make is a self-debasing act of giving power to a random pussy to publicly humiliate and reject me. Then again, you could say the same about looking at young attractive women and the creep shaming scowls that it inevitably results in, especially as you get older, and I’m never going to stop looking at fertile young women. As Roosh said once (or something along these lines), ‘if you look at women (as all men do) you may as well approach them’. At least you might get sex out it.

And you can set yourself rules to limit the extent of your pussy pedalization. For example, I only approach girls 16 to 25, and never less than a HB7. In fact, if it wasn’t for HB8s scarcity, even in Eastern Europe, and the fact that it’s essential to build momentum in Daygame, I probably wouldn’t even bother with HB7s.

But there’s also the ‘advanced techniques’ apparently needed to turn 1% ratios into 4%, which essentially involve changing who you are into something that you are not but which makes the ‘gina tingle – something that most of the manosphere agrees is acting like a cocky street thug.

Perhaps this isn’t being fair either. If the idea is to work on your ‘alpha’ masculinity – working out at the gym, assertive body language, decisive and confident behaviour – then it’s clearly a good thing and something that will pay dividends in most areas of life that have little to do with pussy chasing. And even the likes of Good Looking Loser and Krauser PUA want to project the ‘independent rebel’ persona rather than psychopathic thug.

I hate PUA because despite the above reasons, it’s still worth it

I can get blown out a dozen times in succession, but when a pretty young lady is typing her contact details into my smartphone with those around looking on in amazement, it’s still a wonderful feeling that makes it seem as though it’s all worthwhile. When you approach a beautiful model on the street who blushes as you chat to her and then messages you nearly every day for a year, then it’s worth it. When you’re sitting in a cafe with a HB9 teenage Russian girl only you had the balls to stop in the street, and all the men (and women) are giving envious or admiring glances, then it’s worth it. When you’re sitting in your apartment on your own in your home cuntry on Christmas Day refelecting upon approaching 50 years of age and the beautiful 16 year old Serbian girl you met on the streets of summertime Belgrade messages you with heart symbols because she knows you’re on your own, then it feels worth it. These things shouldn’t really be possible in today’s femihag world of ugliness and spite.

Notice I haven’t said anything about banging hot babes, because I’m not going to lie – I haven’t. But I know that I could have, through PUA. And when I do, it will be worth it.

PUA Falsely Accused of Touching Latina Girl’s Breasts – Infield Video

‘Cupid Player’ is a one man lesson in the dangers of approaching females if you’re physically unattractive – even fat fuglies like this girl and her mother. After nearly 500 approaches, he’s gotten zero lays and only a couple of numbers, but come close to being stabbed once or twice, and spoken to by security guards on multiple occasions. In this video, he actually becomes the victim of a false allegation. Cupid approaches mom and daughter in a computer store in Puerto Rica, and is typically blown out within seconds – then discovers that the mother has reported him to the security guard for touching her daughter’s breasts. A completely false accusation, as his spyglasses recording of the entire incident proves..

PUA Arrested for Getting Rejected by Girls

Somebody at the anti-pua forums at is claiming to have been arrested for ‘harassment’, aggressively handcuffed, and given an on the spot $300 fine, simply for politely approaching uninterested members of the opposite sex.

The notorious incels/aspies on the forum are divided as to whether to give sympathy to the PUA, as it indicates that ‘sub 8 men’ are now criminalized if they dare try to speak to a member of the privileged caste uninvited, or whether in fact the PUA deserved to be arrested for taking the advice of ‘scam artists’ and attempting to cold approach women in the street in a futile attempt to get laid.

I used to be really into simple pickup and thought that I could get my first gf from doing direct daygame like they did on simple pickup.
I did 189 approaches and got rejected everytime. Then I fucking got arrested at a public park for telling a girl “Hey this is random, but I thought you were adorable and I had to meet you” – That was all I said and I was at least 3 feet away from her and never touched her, and I got arrested, handcuffed, and fined 300$. Everyone at this public park treated me like a monster and when I sat in the police car I realized that life was a scam and Elliot Rodgers was right, this was before I found sluthate.

I’m white and tall but don’t have a 8+/10 face.

Here’s the citation I got, I had to blackout the parts such as my name and social security number:


The PUA claims that he was polite and that the girl he approached before he was arrested simply walked away from him uninterested after a brief conversation.

No, the girl I was talking to never told me to leave, she told me her name and then said she had to eat and just walked away from me. At that point, I decided to leave the park and started walking back to my car that’s when the police man, who must have already been at the park stopped me, took me to a bench, and then called another police man on the radio and that police man told me to put my hands behind my back and arrested me.

This alleged incident occured in Pennsylvania, USA. Most European countries have recently passed feminist ‘sexual harassment’ laws that could easily allow the police to arrest men for stopping women in the street – even, in fact, for looking at a member of the opposite sex in the street if the ‘victim’ feels ‘harassed’ or ‘objectified’. In this case, the police officer used the legal definition of harassment in Pennsylvania which includes the following : ‘ engages in a course of conduct or repeatedly commits acts which serve no legitimate purpose’.

In other words, the policeman appears to have observed an unattractive unskilled PUA getting repeatedly rejected by the girls he approached and used that as a reason to arrest him for behaviour that supposedly constituted harassment.

In the following video uploaded to YouTube this week, two notoriously ‘uncalibrated’ PUAs stop an attractive chick in a shopping mall, who then talks to them, if rather disinterestedly, for 5 minutes, smiling occasionally. They then attempt to instadate her, and she appears willing to walk alongside them. Unfortunately, as soon as she spots a security guard, she runs to him and makes a complaint of harassment.

Five Reasons Why the ‘East European Women are Easy’ Claim is a Myth

A popular myth that aspie PUA hating trolls like to tell themselves and each other, over and over, is that guys like Krauser and Roosh travel to Eastern Europe because it is supposedly easier to get laid there – simply because all East European countries are apparently such Third World hellholes that even attractive women will sleep with the first Western man who stops them in the street in the hope that it will be a ticket to a better life.

Here are five reasons why this is absolute tosh.

1/ The most obvious reason why PUAs travel to Eastern Europe is because the females there are not just more attractive on average than Anglo-girls, but more attractive by several orders of magnitude. If the ‘average’ American/English female aged 16-25 is a 6, then the average Serbian or Russian is an 8 or 9. In a typical English town, in a couple of hours walking around the city center during lunchtime, you might see one or maybe two girls who would turn guys heads. You might not see any. In a city like Prague or Belgrade, you will likely see a dozen in the same time frame. I’ve never visited Russia yet, but I’ve been informed that the level of beauty there is even higher, and that certainly fits in with my experience of meeting Russian females in London and elsewhere. You still rarely see even chubby girls in Eastern Europe, let alone obese, which is almost becoming the norm in Anglo-skank countries. And not only are East European women ridiculously better looking, they are more feminine, and in some places, such as Croatia, far more friendly too.

2/ With one or two exceptions, East European countries are far from being Third World. True, the wealth gap between Western and Eastern Europe was great for a number of years after the collapse of communism, but this has long ceased to be the case. Yes, there is still some catching up to do, but it is nowhere near the levels of First/Third World disparity, and the idea that an average Englishman could go to a city like Prague or Krakow and get laid with a local woman simply because of his percieved relative wealth is absurd as believing that a Swedish man could find it similarly easy to get laid with English women. Take a look at the following GDP per capita figures :

Norway : $79k
Sweden : $44K
United Kingdom : $37k
Czech Republic : $34k
Croatia : $21k

Somebody should clearly have told Eivind Berge, formerly the most famous incel blogger in the Manosphere, that all he needed to do to get laid was take a flight from Oslo to any English city, daygame a few local women only too willing to open their legs for a piece of the Norwegian oil wealth, and all his problems would have been solved. Hmmmm.

3/ The experiences of PUAs tends to confirm that the wealth of a country has little or no bearing on ratios, at least as far as Eastern Europe is concerned. The most popular East European destination for English/American PUAs is Prague, by a long way. Prague is the most expensive and wealthiest East European city outside of Russia. Serbia, one of the ‘poorest’ East European countries is popular with many PUAs, but only because of their ridiculously beautiful and impossibly long-legged women. By all accounts, they are notoriously difficult to lay, and the blowouts tend to be particularly brutal.
According to the GDP figures, neighbouring Croatians are four times as wealthy as their former Serb masters, but from reading PUA blogs and forums, Croatian women are actually easier to lay, and my limited experience is that they are certainly far more approachable and receptive then Serbian women.

4/ PUAs are already infamous in every East European country, and just about any girl approached by a Western man on the street in any East European city will be fully aware that she is being Gamed by a man who is wanting to claim another notch with a ‘HB8’. In other words, she does not think ‘my God, how romantic – a wealthy Englishman wants to talk to me in the street because he thinks I’m beautiful. Maybe he will want me to marry him and live with him in his expensive London home? I might even get to meet Hugh Grant’. Hmmm…no, she thinks ‘Oh ho, another English PUA wants to pump and dump me then maybe blog about it – is that his mate with a hidden spy cam lurking over there..?’ Even if a PUA is lucky and stops a girl who genuinely hasn’t heard of his breed, and interprets her experience as romantic, when she excitedly tells her friends you can be sure one of them will quickly dispel her delusion and inform her that she has been stopped by what is known as a ‘Pick-up Artist’. Then perhaps she’ll Google ‘PUA’ and she’ll find…well, Google it for yourself and see whether the results will lead her to think she’s won a ticket to a lavish Western lifestyle. On top of this, in most East European cities, British men in particular have a loutish reputation on account of the behaviour of their tourists and stag party weekenders.

5/ And not just for the reason above, PUA is objectively harder in Eastern Europe. Even in Prague, the majority of young females do not speak English very well, if at all, and that is not an advantage unless you have mastered sign language Game. Eastern European women are also more traditionally minded, less likely to have casual sex than their Western peers, and often have very large and aggressive boyfriends who are exceedingly possessive.

PUAs head to Eastern Europe not because East European women want to get laid by Western men, but because PUAs want to get laid with beautiful East European women.