NextBigFuture on the Sexbot Apocalypse

There are interesting cultural differences between Americans and Japanese. Americans fear the Terminator movie scenario of a robot or Artificial intelligence apacolypse. However, Japan is facing sharp population decrease from lowering birth rates. This could be accelerated with more realistic sexbots that extend the Japanese sex doll industry. This is part of Japan’s greater cultural acceptance of robots where they think that robots will like Astroboy or the manga fembots or the bots that care for the elderly.

The Japanese sex doll industry is reaching new levels with the release of a new line of dolls, which claims to be more genuine than ever. The dolls, which are made of rubber and silicon, were described in a video as having realistic feeling skin and authentic looking eyes and hair.

A-Lab’s has had the android Asuna since 2014


Study Finds Watching Porn Doesn’t Desensitise Men But Makes Them Better In Bed

For years researchers have claimed that watching porn makes men so desensitised to sexual images that they struggle to perform with their partners.
But new research has found that the opposite may be true – watching sexual films makes men more aroused generally.
Researchers also found no link between viewing sex films and the number of participants suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Steve Moxon – ‘Page three’ exploited MEN, not women; and the ‘campaign’ was a risible femascist own-goal

Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted ….. and then discovering the horse to be a mule. ‘Page three’ is irrelevant against the tsunami of free internet porn vids. Getting rid of ‘page three’ ends an exploitation of men, not of women. Men were charged for a newspaper for which their main interest was a single still of a woman’s boobs. Nowadays there’s an infinite array of actually moving images of a lot more than just boobs and it’s ALL FOR FREE. The complainants today about the Sun’s apparent move are hardly male consumers …. they’re the ‘page three’ models themselves. They deeply resent feminist authoritarians telling them that they can’t freely choose to flaunt their bodies to make a living by exploiting men. What is feminism for, they point out, if not to give women wider choices? How can feminism be about narrowing women’s choices? They may well ask.
Of course, actually the Sun’s move has nothing whatsoever to do with feminists’ lame, frankly comic – frankly risible — campaigning. On the very contrary, the femascists were great publicity for the Sun. Like the suffragettes, their upper-middle/upper-class numptie counterparts a century before them, they were key to keeping going the very thing they were campaigning against! They did everything bar marching working-class blokes into the newsagents to show their solidarity by even more assiduously buying the rag. Self-evidently, Rupert Murdoch has long realised that an image on newsprint paper is very low-quality, and no match for the high-res images on-line – an orgy of boobs and more will continue there in the online edition of The Sun, just as before. ‘Page three’ was a rather embarrassing anachronism in the new internet digital world, rendering the Sun very ‘yesterday’ in context. It wasn’t an embarrassing anachronism as femascists see it.
The femascists can’t even get Germaine Greer on-side on this one (as re many of their airhead campaigns). On C4 News she insisted she’d never called for banning ‘page three’. She was never in any position to, having famously plastered herself in ‘wide-open-beaver’ shot on the front cover of a magazine in the 1970s! Harriet Harpy-twat was hilariously ambushed on the programme between Germaine and a young model.
And so is starkly illuminated the hapless idiocy of contemporary feminism with its split on every issue. In the pithy words of a popular Youtube vid: ‘Feminism .…. Make your fucking mind up’.

Author John Grisham Speaks Out Against the Feminist Sexual Holocaust

American author John Grisham becomes possibly the first public figure to question the feminist sexual holocaust of men by speaking out against ‘crazy’ judges and their overly ‘harsh’ prison sentences for viewing ‘child porn’. Although Grisham is referring to the USA, the situation could be even worse in Europe in the coming years. The EU has not only imposed even more absurd and draconian legal definitions of child porn (such as small breasted 30 year olds or cartoon fairies) but has recently introduced a directive which will mean viewing one single image of ‘child porn’ anywhere in Europe will result in a mandatory sentence of at least 2 years imprisonment. Given that, in Europe, violent criminals and even murderers often get less than that, it is likely that within a decade the majority of prisoners in Europe will be ‘sex offenders’ – most of them caught viewing illegal porn. Meanwhile, the leader of the men’s human rights movement Paul Elam would no doubt like to point out that he feels John Grisham should be ‘raped in prison like a little girl’.

The US has the world’s largest prison population, with about 2.2 million adults behind bars. In 2012, close to 25% of the world’s prisoners were held in American prisons despite the US accounting for just 5% of the world’s population. Mr Grisham, who has sold more than 275 million books during a 25-year career, focused his anger on the length of imprisonment imposed on offenders who download images of children being sexually abused. He said a “good buddy” of his had been imprisoned for three years for viewing child pornography on a website labelled “sixteen-year-old wannabe hookers” when his drinking was out of control. “We have prisons now filled with guys my age. Sixty-year-old white men in prison who’ve never harmed anybody, would never touch a child,” he told the Telegraph. “But they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn.” US judges had “gone crazy” during the last 30 years, he added.

Meanwhile, ‘rapes’ are at their highest ever level in the UK, thanks to the ever increasingly absurd feminist legal definitions of rape and the public encouragement from the corrupt police and prosecution service for women to come forward and claim financial reward accuse men of historical rape offences.

So called men’s human rights activists who continue to not only keep silent over the sexual holocaust, but to actively validate it, will come to be seen much like (but worse than) the suffragettes of the 19th century who actively supported racism against black women. A better comparison might be German Jews in the early Nazi era assisting efforts to legalize genocide (not that there exists anything in history comparable to the absurdity of MHRAs supporting a blatant feminist sexual holocaust of men).

The Fappening, Sexual Economics, and a Couple of PUA Videos

The manosphere response to the recent ‘fappening’ has demonstrated once again that the basic ideas promoted at this site for the last 7 years are now generally accepted as being manifestly obvious. I doubt if I or my readers can take much credit for this. Sexual Trade Union theory, or ‘Pussy Cartel’ theory is so manifestly the right explanation of what feminism is that as soon as an online movement such as the ‘Red Pill’ reached sufficient numbers for it’s thousands of members to be required to adopt certain fundamental premises, rather than engaging in perpetual intellectual dick sizing – each individual believing he is the special one who has ‘feminism sussed’, then the blindingly obvious truth that feminism is simply about maintaining the supply and price of pussy was certain to become widely accepted.

Two interesting articles on sexual economics :


(The above graph doesn’t take into account the skewing of prices when Jack is in town, lol)

Best PUA videos of recent weeks :

(note the first comment and reply)

‘UK parliament shoots down ‘unnecessary’ anti-revenge porn laws’

Peers in the British Parliament have rejected proposals to make ‘revenge porn’ a criminal offence, stating that proposals for new laws are unnecessary.

Reviewing existing laws on social media crime, the House of Lords’ Communications Committee said that existing laws could be used to tackle internet users uploading sexually explicit content of their former partners online.

In a report published on Tuesday, the committee further urged social media companies like Facebook and Twitter not to let people post anonymously, saying: “there is little point in criminalising certain behaviour and at the same time making that same behaviour impossible to detect”.

Saying that such a measure would not be an “undesirably chilling step towards tyranny”, the peers added that such a step was necessary to allow police authorities to investigate crimes.

Lord Best, who chairs the committee, insisted that despite ‘social media’ being a relatively new phenomenon, incidents of criminality were generally consistent under English common law.

“Cyber bullying, revenge porn, trolling and virtual mobbing are new phrases in our media vocabulary, but they generally describe behaviour that is already criminal,” he said.