Spokane Resident Shamed & Treated Like a Paedophile by Starbucks for Asking Out Legal Aged Barista

A resident of Spokane has been barred from Starbucks for asking one of their baristas – a legal aged 16 year old girl – out for a meal. The 37 year old homeless man, Lucas Werner, has subsequently been shamed on social media with feminists and social justice warriors calling for him to be arrested as a paedophile, despite the girl being legal for both consenting sex and to being exploited on low wages as child labour by a faceless billion dollar corporation. What seems to have upset the feminist hags in particular, is that he not only asked out a barely legal teen, but stoutly defended his right to chase and date younger women, and has quite rightly made a claim of discrimination against Starbucks on the grounds of agism.

Despite multiple rejections, he refuses to date anyone over the age of 25, and has posted obsessively about trying to date young women.
‘I’ve never dated younger women. I want to try that,’ he explained.
Wener wrote that he goes on dating websites where he would lie about his age to try and speak to girls aged between 18 and 22, but admitted it ‘will eventually catch up to you’
‘The youngest women. There’s nothing wrong with that.’
Werner was banned from a Spokane Starbucks after making advances towards the teenager – who is less than half his age.
He then accused the girl and Starbucks of ageism, adding that he had just asked her to dinner and ‘didn’t even show her the Washington state age of consent link.’
‘I was flirted with by a barista. For some reason she thought I was funny. Said I was funny. So I gave her a note to see if she’d be interested in dinner’, the man wrote in a public Facebook post that has since gone viral.
He said he returned to the Starbucks the following day and a Spokane police officer told him he was banned from the location.
Spokane police said businesses are allowed to refuse service to anyone who is causing trouble or being disruptive for as long as they see fit.


http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=669_1483468359 (The feminist dog shaming him as a paedophile appears to be this person – Jillian Hunter).

(Paedocrite warning – the comments under the Daily Mail article are what we have come to expect. The sort that make you think the Islamization of the West isn’t such a bad thing anyway. Certainly not much left saving.)

Study Confirms Paedocrisy – ‘Men downplay their attraction to adolescent girls’

Scientists have finally gotten around to studying paedocrisy, one of the most interesting sociological/psychological phenomenons of the 21st century. And what did they find? That men downplay their attraction to adolescent girls, rating the same girls hotter when told they were older. Whoever would have predicted that?


[T]he consistent finding that the same photographs of younger females, but with different age labels, were assigned significantly different levels of attractiveness suggests that cognitive factors beyond biologically driven sexual attraction were involved in making these ratings. In all the three samples, apparently younger girls were rated as less attractive than older girls despite being the same photographs. We hypothesize that this difference reflects some self-censoring mechanism involved in making such judgments. This may involve a form of comparison between participants’ own sexual attraction to the individual girl and the likely social norms surrounding this judgment.

Thus paedohysteria and the coming sexual holocaust is built on a lie.

Men find adolescents sexy, but deny it for fear of being labelled paedos. As I said, no surprises there, you only have to read the comments section even here to see that sexual hypocrisy is part of what it means to be a man, as much as having a dick.

It would be interesting if a further study is made to investigate equally obvious links between the men who displayed the biggest discrepency in ratings (i.e. rating the girls lower if thought to be younger) and the most strongly held views on ‘paedos’.

‘If you can’t even own up to your own natural, healthy sexuality, do not expect anyone – including feminists and other men – to take you seriously.’

Quote of the year from loyal and esteemded reader ‘thedude’ :

If you can’t even own up to your own natural, healthy sexuality, do not expect anyone – including feminists and other men – to take you seriously.

Doesn’t really require a further explanation, but if the paedocrite manginas of the MHRM want to understand why men are held in such derisible contempt in today’s world – by both women and other men – then perhaps they should begin by looking at themselves.


10 Famous Pornstars Without Makeup (this is what you’re really fapping to)

I remember my old English teacher telling us that modern makeup is the only reason why the relatively recent phenomenon of females marrying outside of their teenage years is possible. Judging from the evidence here, it seems that makeup is the only reason why the billion dollar adult porn industry can exist too.

Allie Haze

Allie Haze without makeup

Anita Toro

Anita Toro without makeup

Bonnie Rotten

bonnie rotten without makeup
bonnie rotten without makeup

Brea Bennett

Brea Bennett without makeup
Brea Bennett without makeup

Bree Olson

Bree Olson without makeup
Bree Olson without makeup

Crista Moore

Crista Moore without makeup
Crista Moore without makeup

Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels without makeup

Diamond Kitty

Diamond Kitty without makeup
Diamond Kitty without makeup

Eden VonSleeze


Jessica Mor

Jessica Mor without makeup

Jynx Maze

Jynx Maze without makeup

Keira King

Keira King without makeup

Tiffany Tyler


Tiffany Tyler without makeup

As the great Woody Allen once said – ‘sex is 99% in the mind’. And this is why those who believe that virtual sex will never replace the ‘real thing’ are 100% wrong.

‘Japanese young people don’t want love…or sex’


Japan’s young people are not very interested in dating … but they’re not very interested in casual sex, either. According to a 2011 study, 61% of unmarried Japanese men and 49% of women aged 18 to 34 are not in any kind of romantic relationship—a figure that’s up 10% from five years prior. And a third of Japanese people under 30 have never dated at all. Meanwhile, another survey found 45% of women and more than a quarter of men aged 16 to 24 “were not interested in or despised sexual contact.” In Japan, they’re calling this new phenomenon “sekkusu shinai shokogun,” or “celibacy syndrome,” reports the Guardian, and it’s a big worry in a country with a rapidly shrinking population.

So what’s causing it? Some young professionals tell the paper that trying to balance a career and a relationship is “mendokusai”—too troublesome. “I don’t earn a huge salary to go on dates and I don’t want the responsibility of a woman hoping it might lead to marriage,” says a 31-year-old man who says he has simply ” learned to live without sex.”

I wonder also how much of this phenomenon is down to what appears to be a hardwired Japanese (male) sexual preference for adolescent girls, coupled with increasing regulation of such relationships between men and younger females?

10 years ago, the age of consent in Japan was 13, and a majority of Japanese schoolgirls were apparently engaging in ‘dates for gifts’ with older men. Due to Western and native feminist pressure, this has largely been obliterated.

While the aim of Japanese legislators might have been to encourage 20 something males to start coupling with 20 something females, it seems that Japanese men prefer not to be effectively raped by feminists, and choose instead to fap off to hentai porn and pictures of sweet Japanese teenies in bikinis.

Daily Mail Publishes Erotic Images of Underage Kendall Jenner, While Reporting that ‘Teen Selfies’ are Ending Up on Websites of ‘Paedophiles’

You really couldn’t make this up.

Once again, the Daily Mail appears to be immune to the very same ridiculous ‘child porn’ laws that it has not only fervently supported, but even expressed outraged when they do not always lead to the ‘guilty’ man being locked up to be raped.

Yesterday, the Mail published highly sexual photographs, and an even more sexually charged video, of Kendall Jenner, who will be ’18 in less than a month’ (well, that’s o.k. then), wearing only a skimpy bikini.


In the UK, under femihag legislation, ‘jailbait’ images of scantilly dressed girls under 18 (or who even look under 18) are classed as level 1 child pornography, the same as toddlers posing with their legs apart.  Due to ShEU legislation, any man caught looking at such an image will face an automatic minimum of 1 year in prison.  This is in some part due to the Daily Mail, which has repeatedly expressed outrage that level 1′ child pornography’ typically only results in a police caution.

On the same day as their publication of what appears to be child porn under UK and EU law, the Daily Mail published a moral panic front page story of how the sexy selfie shots of teenage girls are ending up on the websites of ‘paedophiles’.


The Daily Mail is the most popular newspaper for British females aged over 35,  its key demographic, and its website is the most visited of any English language newspaper in the world.  Most of its ‘FEMAIL’ section is devoted to miracle diets and expensive skin creams that promise to turn its aging female readers into nubile teenage girls again, despite the message being successfully promoted elsewhere in the newspaper that men who find teenage girls attractive are sick perverted paedophiles who must be locked up for life to be repeatedly raped and beaten.

Even an aspie ‘ephebophile’ must surely be able to see the link?

Jessica Alba Laments ‘I Don’t Have the Body of a 14 Year Old Anymore’

Jessica Alba laments publically that she no longer can attract the attention of subhuman paedophiles men, because she no longer has the childish perfect body of a 14 year old girl.

She is one of the most petite actresses in Hollywood, famed for her toned physique.

But size 6 Jessica Alba, 32, is on a mission to convince the world she is just like the rest of us as she claims to suffer a multitude of body hang-ups including stretch marks, cellulite and a muffin top.

‘Let’s face it, I don’t have the body of a 14-year-old anymore,’ said Alba. ‘I think the more we try not to have that unrealistic ideal, the happier we’ll be.’


This in the Daily Mail. I’m sure if you can stomach reading through today’s edition, you’ll probably find a story of a sick pervert being rightly sentenced to years of ass rape for being caught looking at pictures of 14 year old girls in bikinis.

And hey manosphere dudes, why is Jessica Alba complaining of not having a 14 year old girl’s body, when we’ve all read on wikipedia that females hit peak sexual fertility at 21-23?

Me no get it.

And why would any liberal progressive readers degrade themselves by considering my crude supposition that adult women, who are motivated in nearly everything they do primarily by the desire to sexually attract men, and who spend half their adult lives and adult income trying to do so, might use feminism as a means to block men from seeking out females who they are naturally inclined to sexually prefer (i.e. 14 year old girls)?

Me no get human stupidity.