David Futrelle Pleads for an End to the Regulation of Internet Pornography & Paedophilia in 1995, Fearing ‘Mass Arrests’

David Futrelle O FaceWhatever pornographic newsgroups David Futrelle was checking out back in the notorious ‘Wild West’ days of the early internet, they must have contained some darned addictive stuff.  How else to explain the following curious, and also somewhat disturbing plea, for the government not to embark upon the regulation of internet pornography and the protection of children from obscene material and paedophiles…in 1995?


In the article, Futrelle rails against the proposed ‘Communications Decency Act’ – the first piece of legislation designed to protect children from images such as bestiality and child rape online, as well as intending to protect them from solicitations and indecent messages from paedophiles, something which was also a growing concern at the time.

From Wikipedia :

Passed by Congress on February 1, 1996, and signed by President Bill Clinton on February 8, 1996, the CDA imposed criminal sanctions on anyone who

knowingly (A) uses an interactive computer service to send to a specific person or persons under 18 years of age, or (B) uses any interactive computer service to display in a manner available to a person under 18 years of age, any comment, request, suggestion, proposal, image, or other communication that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards, sexual or excretory activities or organs.

It further criminalized the transmission of materials that were “obscene or indecent” to persons known to be under 18.

In Futurelle’s article, which appeared in the printed magazine ‘In These Times’ in 1995, little concern is displayed for the protection of children and, indeed, the arguments and evidence used by child protection advocates are mocked in the very same disdainful way that he has since made famous in his current incarnation as ‘Manboobz’ (only the target these days is not anti-paedophile campaigners, but men’s rights activists… and in a display of astonishing psychopathic selective amnesia, often accusing them of paedophilia for attacking paedohysteria and draconian 21st century laws on pornography).

Futrelle ends his article with the following plea :

…short of draconian regulations of speech, mass arrests and the virtual dismantling or disabling of much of the vast worldwide network, there is almost nothing that can be done to ensure that the Net remains always and forever free of improper images and words

This is somebody who once described a grown man’s fantasy of sexually assaulting a boy in a bar as ‘tender’ and ‘erotic’.  He also wrote extensively on the 1990’s child sex abuse panics, denouncing them as hysteria at a time when even prominent child protection organisations such as the NSPCC were leading campaigns promoting them.  In another shocking article, perhaps the very worst that he has written, he appeared to suggest that adults who rape and impregnate underage children should be spared jail (“we can’t send them all to prison”).

I say the worst, but the truth is that I have read only a fraction of the hundreds of articles that Futrelle spewed out in the 1990’s, long before he apparently tired of fapping off to porn and hit upon his ‘Manboobz Meet-Ups’ scheme.  The thought of what is still lying out there in the dusty internet archives, waiting to be re-discovered, almost sends a chill down my spine.

And probably his too.


David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Month Award December : ‘Eryemil’

david futrelle look-a-like

This month’s David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite award goes to men’s rights redditor ‘Eryemil‘.

This site has absolutely nothing against homosexuality, but it is something to observe that an increasing number of men’s rights supporters are openly homosexual. You might think that this is a good thing, in terms of increasing the chances of building a less anti-sex and a more pro-male sexuality men’s rights movement. And in the long term it might be. After all, homosexuals have suffered decades, and even centuries of evil persecution and injustice on account of their sexuality.  In theory this, as well as their recent history of activism that led to their own liberation from that persecution, leads one to think that they ought to bring a lot of useful attitudes and traits to the men’s rights cause.

Sadly, at the moment, it appears simply to be giving rise to a rather curious situation in which homosexual mRAs are holding hands with the parallel influx of female mRAs (femRAs)  and telling heterosexual men’s rights supporters that our sexuality is perverted, that indeed feminists have got it right on this issue, and that anyone who ‘wants to fuck teenage girls’ has no place in the movement.

This particular homosexual mRA tried to shame me the other day on Reddit for pointing out the present irony of the men’s rights movement ostracising homophobic men’s rights supporters who wish to persecute (homosexual) men on account of their sexuality, and yet which actively supports the FEMINIST persecution of (heterosexual AND homosexual) men on account of our entirely natural inclination to find teenage girls (or boys, in the case of homosexuals) attractive.

I must add that I find the comments about homosexuals made by the MRA Chris Keys to be absolutely loathsome, and others in the movement with an increasingly public face have the right to dissasociate themselves from such attitudes.  Such hatred towards homosexuals is plainly wrong, but so too is the feminist demonisation and criminalization of ordinary male heterosexuality, and this in fact, has more relevance to the men’s rights movment at the present time.

Eryemil is an mRA who thinks that the criminalization of male sexuality by feminists is not a men’s rights issue.  ‘Spare me your sob story’ were his words.  Of course, Eryemil is hardly a minority in that attitude.  But Ereymil appears to be a paedocrite. That’s if his ‘Deviant Art’ profile is any guide, which contains numerous pictures of teenage boys, including several representations of the pederastic Roman Emporer Hadrian’s boy lover Antinous.

Eryemil claims that wanting to have sex with teenage girls is sick, because the brains of adolescent girls are not fully developed, thereby leading to an inherently abusive power differential. According to femi pop science, the brain does not fully develop until around the mid twenties, although this claim has been debunked by Robert Epstein. In terms of our modern juvenile culture, however,  adolescence does now last well into the twenties, if it ever even ends for an increasing number. Steve Moxon writes that the onset of puberty marks the beginning of the rapid organisation of the brain into its adult state. The point is that adolescence is either a relatively brief affair that begins nowadays around the age of 11, or else it is an inflated and largely cultural term that probably extends to men and women in their late twenties or beyond.  But in no realistic scenario or meaning does it co-incide with the feminist age of consent of 16 or 18.

However, beyond being essentially flawed in terms of its view of adolescence, Ereymil’s argument is not a men’s rights argument, and nor should it even be taken seriously by any serious supporter of men’s rights. It is an entirely feminist argument based upon patriarchy theory, and a view of sexual consent and abuse that sees any imbalance in power as inherently abusive.  But not only does Ereymil apply it to jusitfy the feminist age of consent and surrounding hysteria, he also uses it to explcitly claim that homosexual love is less abusive than heterosexual love (because men are more alike, and thus ‘equal’ than men and women are).

Note also that this feminist argument has some important implications for homosexuality.

At what point adolescence ends, biologically and culturally, is disputable, but something that both scientists and ordinary observers agree upon is the fact that teenage boys mature significantly later than girls. Unsurpising as girls begin puberty at around 11, whereas many 14 year old boys are yet to have attempted their first shave.

Thus Ereymil should consider the ‘abuse’ of teenage boys to be far more serious than the abuse of girls, and should support an inequality in the age of consent, with it being higher for boys than girls (something that homosexual activists have always fought against).

Despite this, Ereymil supports the state pardon given to the famous homosexual ‘martyr’ Alan Turing. Turing was caught picking up and screwing a 19 year old labourer. It is safe to assume that the middle-aged brain of one of the greatest geniuses in history was significantly more developed than that of his teenage labourer lover. Turing involved this young boy in a criminal act that could have resulted in the death penalty at the time.

But it get’s worse. Not only does Eryemil admit to enjoying having sex with older men when he was a teenage boy (hardened paedocrites typically boast that even as ‘children’ they preferred having sex with adults), he also admits to numerous sexual ‘quirks’ and ‘deviations’.

It get’s very much worse. (**Trigger Warning**…for real).

As well as a committed men’s rights supporter who mocks the likes of Angry Harry and Steve Moxon as ‘irrelevant’, Ereymil is also an advocate for necrophilia, which he considers harmless fun.

I argued this position once and I was wrong; in fact I argued that necrophilia was indicative of sociopathy. The evidence disagreed with my assertion once I researched the subject. Necrophilia is a harmless paraphilia and those that exhibition are no more dangerous than you or I.

Bringing a living, breathing teenage girl to orgams is sick and inherently abusive. Fucking her if she is dead, is fine.

And this appears to be the next generation of the men’s rights movement…

Trigger Warning : David Futrelle Offers Personal ‘Support’ to Vanja Krajina & Danielle Sandhu

**Extreme Trigger Warnings**

David Futrelle has offered his personal support to the ‘young women’ (as he keeps stressing) of Toronto, namely Vanja Krajina and Danielle Sandhu, who have been identified by AVoiceforMen as criminal hate filled thugs.  These violent hate activists used intimidation and the threat of (white knight) violence in public against innocent young men hoping merely to hear an elderly gentleman speak on issues such as male suicide (an issue that had affected at least one of those young men personally).

David has pleaded with the sweet little ladies to get in touch with him, in order that he can personally shield them from the online wrath of Paul Elam and the men’s rights community.  Presumably, by hiding them within his cavernous folds of blubber.

But given the false accusations these women have made against Warren Farrell, even Fraudtrelle must realise what kind of things they could make up about him.  Or not.

This promises to be a Man Boobz meetup from hell that I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

Don’t go there David.

Meanwhile, I’d like to offer my personal support to the British model Danielle Sandhu.  Sharing the same name as an infamous hate filled violent student femihag must be a stressful and disturbing experience, and I’d just like to let her know that she can contact me any time and I will gladly have a meet up with her at an expensive restaurant of her choosing.

danielle sandhu

And this is what Fraudtrelle is hoping to get :

Vanja Krajina
Vanja krajina
danielle sandhu university of toronto
Danielle Sandhu Toronto


The Hounding of Amanda Todd & Sabrina Vaz – Female Sexual Jealousy Red in Tooth & Nail

Whilst watching Britney Spears on YouTube – the good old days when Britney was 17 and gave every heterosexual male not into toddlers or grannies a reason to smile – I noticed an intriguing thumbnail in the ‘suggested video’ sidebar to the right. So I clicked on it and what I got was a cover of ‘Baby One More Time’ by a stunningly attractive young teenage girl by the name of Sabrina Vaz :

I’m not posting this for eye candy reasons, but rather to point out the unfortunate and nauseating jealousy on display and what it shows about the bullying of teenage girls by other teenage girls that is being completely ignored at the expense of the twisted feminist narrative of evil male sexual desire.

The first thing to notice is that this video, and all of Sabrina Vaz’s videos, have far more dislikes than likes. Given that she’s beautiful, and clearly a talented singer and dancer, this seems rather odd at first glance.

Then you look down at the comments and you get a clue as to what is going on :

sabrina vaz

sabrina vaz 02

Comments like these predominate under all of Sabrina’s YouTube videos. I’ve seen girls telling her to ‘kill herself’. And nearly all of these hateful, vicious comments are by girls. If you click on the profiles of the female commentators, they are nearly always unattractive. Disturbingly, sometimes they are women in their 20’s or 30’s. Nearly all the (minority) of comments asking others to lay off the bullying and slut shaming of Sabrina come from boys.

So I Googled her name, Sabrina Vaz, expecting to read that she had dated Justin Bieber, a member of ‘One Direction’ or the latest boyband – the usual reason for millions of teenage girls to want to skin alive a female celebrity. But no, it appears that this hate is simply because she is

  • 14
  • beautiful
  • talented
  • famous

Now when feminists and their mangina paedocrite allies exploited the tragic case of Amanda Todd, and claimed that her suicide illustrated how important it was to ‘crack down’ even further on the circulation of ‘jailbait’ pictures etc, they conveniently forget that the worst and most vicious bullying of pretty teenage girls, including ‘slut shaming’, is done by their less attractive female peers.

Yes, in Amanda Todd’s case, it appears that it was a boy who tried to blackmail her over a topless webcam photo. But this was only possible because she knew she would be ‘slut shamed’ mercilessly by other teenage girls jealous of her beauty, something rooted in the primal hardwired desire of the female chimpanzee brain to destroy anyone or anything which brings down the average female ‘sexual value’. If society didn’t consider the beautiful sight of a topless teenage girl to be ‘indecent’ the suicide of Amanda Todd would not have happened. She would not, and could not have been slut shamed.

Note also that Amanda was finally driven to death by her female tormentors after being viciously beaten up by a gang of jealous teenage girls after she had dated one of their (ex)boyfriends. Something that again doesn’t get much attention from the feminists and peadocrite child abusers eager to exploit her suicide as a further warning to pretty teenage girls not to be sluts on webcam (or the evil male penis will be the death of you).

amanda todd female jealousy


These teenage girls who slut shame and bully their pretty peers are really just a younger version of the ‘child protection’ lobby group industry feminists, who express their spite and resentment at being old hags, by equally slut shaming young girls through the slightly more sophisticated means of victim labelling and the ruse of ‘protecting’ them from paedophiles.


David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Month Award November 2012 : David Futrelle

And the winner of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Month Award for November is…..David Futrelle.

david futrelle look-a-likeDavid excelled even his own usual high standards of paedocrisy last month.  After the gentle, harmless, and elderly Warren Farrell was subjected to  illegal violence and intimidation from feminist hate activists for trying to give a speech at the University of Toronto, Futrelle justified their actions (after a hollow disclaimer) and incited further violence against Farrell with a shameful article that referred to a misquoted interview that he had given to Playboy magazine on the subject of father daughter incest back in the sexually anarchic days of the 1970’s – almost a half-a-century ago.

Futrelle claimed that Farrell probably wishes the interview would vanish down a memory hole, and in a message to his violent and criminal hate activist groupies, stated that people should be held accountable for what they say.  Unfortunately, in what can only be considered a level of selective amnesia, or double think, of truly disturbing and borderline psychopathic proportions, Futrelle forgets the fact that he had written numerous articles back in the 1990’s apparently defending statutory rapists, denouncing efforts to protect children online from paedophiles and porn, ridiculing what he termed ‘hysteria’ over child sexual abuse, and even apparently criticising the raising of the age of consent from 12 to 16 by the suffragette Josephine Butler as merely a prudish attempt to ‘control the sexual behaviour of young girls‘.

These articles may have vanished down David Futrelle’s memory hole, but they haven’t dissapeared from our radar.  You are a worthy winner of your own award for November. After all, people need to be held accountable for what they say, however long ago.

WARNING : Readers may find the following video disturbing.

Previous winners :

October 2012 – ‘Farnham01

A Sex Predator Vigilante Talks about the Pleasure he gets from Protecting Children

An anti-paedo vigilante named Terry talks about the personal pleasure he gets out of protecting children from perverts :

FDC055E0_YouTube – The Vigilante by afvids

Any physical resemblance to a particular mangina before he went obese and grey is purely co-incidental.

Paedocrite Alert : Former Member of Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Charged with Sexually Abusing a Child and the Production of Child Pornography

Paedocrite (noun) – A paedocrite is someone who accuses other men of paedophilia in order to deflect attention away from their own sexual interest in children.  It is estimated that somewhere in the region of 70 – 95% of vociferous and obsessive ‘paedo-hunters’ on the web are, in fact, hardcore paedocrites.


A McHenry County sheriff’s deputy who was charged in January with sexually assaulting a young boy is now accused of taking explicit pictures of a 10-year-old boy and transmitting them over the Internet.

Sgt. Gregory M. Pyle, 36, who was once the sheriff’s department’s lead investigator for child pornography, was charged in federal court Tuesday with aggravated sexual abuse of a child and producing child pornography by the sexual exploitation of a child, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Pyle, a 10-year veteran of the department, is accused of sexually abusing the child on multiple occasions, including on a trip to Wisconsin in December 2008, according to the federal complaint. The charges allege Pyle traveled to Wisconsin to engage in a sexual act with the child and to produce child pornography that he later transmitted over the Internet.

According to prosecutors, an individual who was under investigation for child pornography identified the user names of people he had traded child pornography with on the Internet, and investigators linked Pyle to two of those user names.

Pyle, of Crest Hill and formerly of Crystal Lake, appeared in U.S. District Court in Rockford Tuesday and is being held without bail pending a detention hearing set for Friday.

The new charges come seven months after Pyle surrendered to Illinois State Police investigators on 10 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault. Court documents alleged the assaults took place between September 2006 and September 2010, all with the same child, who was under 13.

It was unclear Tuesday whether the child pornography subject is the same victim.

Pyle has specialized training in computer forensics and was also a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force before he was arrested in January, according to Michael Combs, chief of the criminal division of the McHenry County state’s attorney’s office.

Prosecutors said Pyle was the head of the evidence department at the sheriff’s office when he turned himself in on Jan. 9.

Pyle posted 10 percent of $200,000 bail shortly after he surrendered to police in January.

Pyle was relieved of his duties and placed on administrative leave after the original charges, and his court date had been continued until Sept. 10 before the new charges were filed Tuesday.

If convicted on crossing a state line to engage in a sexual act with a minor under 12, Pyle could face a minimum sentence of 30 years and a maximum of life in prison. A charge of sexual exploitation of a child under 12 for the purpose of producing child pornography carries a minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 30 years in prison. Both counts carry a maximum fine of $250,000.


This story reminds me that I’ve been planning to hold a poll contest here for some time – ‘Who Is The Biggest Paedocrite In The World?‘.  Candidates will include people like this – ‘pedo hunters’, ‘child porn experts’, and crusading politicians – who have been busted for abusing children, or otherwise revealed an unhealthy and hypocritical sexual interest in children.  Please nominate any paedocrites you know of that you think should be included in the poll in the comments section below.  Early nominations include :

Infamous senator Mark Foley, who legislated against non-nude teen models as child porn before being caught talking dirty on MSN to his underage male interns. (for some reason, the worst paedocrites tend to be pederasts).

Male feminist and anti-porn crusador Kyle Payne, jailed for filming himself molesting a sleeping schoolgirl under his protection, and then for downloading kiddy porn whilst on probation.

Male feminist David Futrelle, a pedofinder general who accuses others of paedophilia for criticising paedo-hysteria, whilst having spent much of his early career penning articles that did exactly that (in a much more cack-handed manner than anything that’s appeared on this site).  He has also described a grown man’s fantasy of sexually assaulting a boy in a bar as ‘tender’ and ‘erotic’.