‘Anti-Paedophile’ Campaigner Simon Danczuk Named David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year 2015

In a stunning last minute grab for inglory, leading Paedo-Finder General anti-paedophile campaigner Simon Danczuk has been named winner of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award for 2015!!!

On the last day of 2015, the British media widely reported that Danczuk, who had led a campaign of digging up respected and dead politicians out of their graves and forcing the police to declare them to be possessed by the nonce spirit, admitted sending perverted and sexually explicit texts to a 17 year old schoolgirl, including texts that revealed his fantasy of spanking the young tender innocent bottom of such a vulnerable child. The Labour party, which introduced laws under Tony Blair which makes it a criminal offence to look at a photo of a 17 year old girl in so much as a revealing bikini, let alone being spanked by a middle-aged paedo-finder general, immediately (though no doubt grudgingly) suspended the ‘paedophile’ hypocrite from their party.


What a f***ing paedocrite!!!

In second place is disgraced blogger David Futrelle. The Chicago gay child snuff torture porn apologist did everything he could in 2015 to make the title his again, but staying loyal to a transvestite commentator at his site who openly runs a forum devoted to sharing fantasies of crucifying, torturing, murdering, and raping women and schoolgirls just wasn’t enough in the light of Simon Danczuk’s stunning paedocrisy. Nor was even encouraging his perverted paedophile transvestite sadistic groupies to doxx his opponents, including the six year old daughter of a leading MRA.


What a f***ing paedocrite!!

I’m sure we can look forward to a stunning year of paedocrisy in 2016, with hopefully some of the other paedo finder generals and ‘vigilantes’ being outed as the sick furtive paedophile hypocrites that most of them no doubt are.

In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my (5) readers!!

On a final note – Jonathan King framed the fine and ignoble art of paedocrisy very well with regard to the Danczuk scandal :

When I was released 10 years ago one of the decent police “keeping an eye” on me asked me to let him know the URLs of trolls – I just deleted and ignored them. “It’s always the ones who shout loudest who are secret abusers” he said. “They think it covers them – it doesn’t. It exposes them”. It was the same in prison – the boys shouting NONCE were always found to be the worst abusers, in there for precisely the crimes they claimed to loathe. Write a book about a dead man being a paedophile? You’re guaranteed to find karma very quickly. Didn’t we all wonder about Karen?


Previous winners of the David Fraudtrelle Paedocrite of the Year Award:

2008 : David Futrelle

2009 : David Futrelle

2010 : David Futrelle

2011 : David Futrelle

2012 : David Futrelle

2013 : David Futrelle

2014 : Lena Dunham

Femihag Fury at Male Masturbator that ‘Ecourages Rape and Paedophilia’

Femihag outrage won again this week, as the sellers of a popular male sex toy called the ‘Virgin Palm Pal’ were forced to remove the product from their online store after femihag activisits launched a campaign shaming the company for ‘promoting rape culture and paedophilia’.
The masturbator is marketed as being ‘tight as a virgin and with a realistic hymen just waiting to be popped’. One feminist – ‘Amy the Great’ – tweeted in outrage that there was ‘nothing like a disembodied vagina to remind us that female objectification is alive and well’. It’s not clear what her thoughts are on the castrated male cocks that sell to women in their thousands every day, and whether they represent the objectification of men or more likely in her eyes, ‘female sexual independence’.

Chemist Warehouse has come under fire for selling a hand-held ‘virgin’ sex toy on their website that critics claim was ‘enabling and encouraging rape culture and paedophilia’.
The product, that removed from the retailer’s website on Wednesday afternoon, is called the ‘Virgin P**** Palm Pal’, and is described as ‘tight as a virgin and with a realistic hymen just waiting to be popped’.
The campaign group against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls Collective Shout were notified of the product this morning, and encouraged their supporters to contact Chemist Warehouse.


Whilst ‘Amy the Great’ thinks that a rubber sex toy promotes child abuse and proves all men are rapists, she feels that women should be proud of killing their unborn children :

Heartiste, a Manospherian of Integrity

As I mentioned here a couple of days ago, it’s becoming a disturbing obsession amongst notable members of the conservative mansophere, including the likes of Roosh and Matt Forney (formerly of InMalaFide.com), to claim that the legalization of paedophilia is imminent, and that this is the logical outcome of a feminist ‘progressive’ society.

Living in the UK as I do (or having one reluctant foot remaining there) and witnessing the padohysteric madness that is taking place in that cuntry, where dead men are dug out of their graves and put on trial for witchcraft ‘padophilia’, and dying old men who have led distinguished lives are openly branded child rapists and even child murderers on the evidence only of one or two obviously crazed fantasists, this manosphere treachery is quite hard to stomach. Particularly when it comes from figures who have been brave enough to formerly question the feminist narrative on ‘paedophilia’ and the grotesque inflation and abuse of the term that has successfully been forced upon society. Matt Forney, for example, always supported this site, as well as Jay Hammers when he was being attacked by Paul Elam as a ‘paedophile apologist’ over his age of consent article. Now that he is no longer ‘Ferdinand Bardemu’ and writing under his public persona, it’s understandable that he doesn’t want to venture into these topics, but to actively push the view that any questioning of paedohysteria represents a ‘progressive’ agenda to legalize sex with kids is an absolute betrayal. As Ludwig Wittgenstein once said, ‘that which we cannot speak of, we must shut the fuck up about’. Similarly, Roosh, whose courage clearly cannot be questioned, once dared to admit in a matter of fact manner that he was lucky enough to bang a 17 year old. Now he pushes the view that we are on a slippery slope of relaxing attitudes and laws on ‘paedophilia’, something which apparently is inevitable once we allow feminists to start tolerating male sodomy and gender switching transvestites.

Given that paedohysteria is largely the result of feminist and ‘progressive’ activism, this is absurd, as I made clear the other day. It’s also one thing to expose the frequent and disgusting hypocrisy (paedocrisy) of the left, such as David Futrelle and ‘Sarah’ Nyberg, and another thing entirely to push the ridiculous view that feminists and SJWs are actually seeking a ‘pro-paedophilia’ agenda.

The utter nonsense of this view was perfectly summed up in the tweet I published here of ‘Zelcorpian’, who linked to the most conservative newspaper in the UK, the Telegraph, over their objection of the destruction of a sex offender’s acclaimed art on the orders of a feminist judge. In the UK, even conservatives are now beginning to see the madness of feminist paedohysteria, as of course, they should. In the American manosphere, conservatives apparently see a feminist plot to stop the demonization and criminalization of hundreds of thousands or millions of men, to stop the further erosion of male authority, and to stop the creation of a generational apartheid that hurts men and children, fathers and their sons and their daughters. Doh!!!

But thankfully, not Heartiste, one of the few senior manosphere figures with genuine integrity, as well as courage.


A man was in a Massachusetts park, holding a camera and taking a stroll. A woman got the vapors from this horrible sight, and called the cops to tell them there was a pedophile stalking children. SIX cops surrounded the man and questioned him for twenty minutes, before letting him go. He wrote an open letter to the fevered bitch who wanted to criminalize his existence.

See also : https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2011/06/22/the-pedophile-libel/

Jimmy Tarbuck, Operation Yewtree Victim, Breaks Down in Tears on National TV

Jimmy Tarbuck, the popular Liverpool comedian and school friend of John Lennon, has been one of the highest profile victims of the medieval witchhunt against celebrities taking place in the UK since the Savile scandal broke. Here, he breaks down on national tv whilst describing how no less than 18 members of the police broke into his home one morning, without warning, to seize his possesions and arrest him on the basis of a false claim that he had sexually abused a young boy decades ago.

And here’s an excellent editorial that appeared in the Sunday Times the other week over another celebrity victim who had charges dropped after a year of stress and humiliation – Paul Gambaccini :

On October 10 last year the disc jockey and music connoisseur Paul Gambaccini was told he would not be facing charges of child sex abuse. Had the British justice system been working properly he might have greeted this news with unalloyed relief. His reaction has instead been chiefly one of anger, and with good reason. He had by that time been on police bail for 12 months. During that time his name and reputation were dragged through the mud even though police had not interviewed him since the day of his arrest, or produced a shred of evidence against him.

Gambaccini’s ordeal by bail is merely the most egregious of many in which the police and Crown Prosecution Service, caught napping by the Savile scandal, have overcompensated to shameful effect. The basics of due process have been forgotten. Rules intended to help police investigations have been abused to drag them out, and the real victims of child sex abuse are in danger of being overlooked by police forces pursuing celebrities for the sake of being seen to act. The case for reform is clear and urgent.

In an interview today Gambaccini describes being overcome by “rage attacks” while under investigation. He claims police in his case trampled on the principle that the law holds everyone innocent until proven guilty. The personal cost to an innocent man is clearly too high, but what his story says about the trustworthiness of the judicial system is even more troubling.

The presumption of innocence requires that police scrupulously follow the evidence. When there is no evidence there should be no fishing expeditions. It is clear now that Gambaccini’s innocence, and the flimsiness of the allegations against him, could have been established with a few quick checks. They were not made. Instead, the shadow of suspicion hung over him as police invited colleagues and acquaintances to testify against him and renewed his bail every three months without judicial oversight or approval.

Senior figures were responsible but have not been held accountable. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan police commissioner, Alison Saunders, the director of public prosecutions (DPP), and her predecessor, Sir Keir Starmer, have all been in a position to stop the prosecutorial pendulum swinging from indifference to the rights of victims to indifference to the rights of the accused. They have failed in this duty, not only in Gambaccini’s case but in others that formed part of Operation Yewtree, into alleged child sex abuse, and Operation Elveden, into alleged bribery of public officials by journalists. There are worrying signs, too, in the investigation into an alleged Westminster paedophile ring, in which the evidence of a single witness has been deemed “credible and true” without corroboration.

Lord Macdonald of River Glaven, the former DPP, has supported Gambaccini’s call for a ban on naming suspects before they have been charged. This is problematic. It would establish a legal framework for secret arrests that would be inimical to justice and free speech. What is clear is that the right balance between protection for accusers and the accused has not been struck. Anonymity is vital for genuine victims of abuse, but those who bring false accusations should know they will be named and potentially prosecuted.

Above all, police bail must be reformed. At present bail can be renewed indefinitely, giving police scant incentive to press ahead with legitimate investigations and drop those for which they have no evidence. Before the election the home secretary proposed limiting police bail to 28 days, renewable only with the approval of a senior officer. After three months it would have to be a judge. This proposal was in the Queen’s Speech but is not yet law. Even in an age of complex cross-border cybercrime, justice delayed is justice denied.

Telegraph Writer on the Edward Heath Witch Hunt

Excellent article on the Edward Heath witch hunt taking place in the UK now :


“…If it wasn’t so horrific, all this would be entertaining. Or maybe not entertaining, but illuminating. There is something fascinating about actually being able to sit back and watch all this. To see this form of collective national psychosis playing out around you.

But it is horrific. Terrifying, actually. This is the second time in my life when I’ve thought to myself “I can see how it happens”. Where a McCarthy, or even a Hitler, could come from. Here, on my own doorstep.

The first time was that week after Diana died. But that was only for a week. This is weekly now. Brittan. Heath. We still have the Janner show trial to come.

One phone call. One letter. One press release. That’s all it takes now. “

NSPCC and Other Children’s Charties Knowingly Preyed On Dementia Sufferers to Extract Cash

The NSPCC, one of the largest children’s charties in the world and perhaps the leading culprit in the promotion of child abuse hysteria and the demonization of men, has been forced to review its ruthless business practices after it was exposed as using a cold-calling center that it knew targetted dementia sufferers for donations.


The latest revelations come after the tragic case of 92 year old Olive Cooke, whose death it is widely believed was at least partly caused by hounding from charties, including ‘Save the Children’, for donations.

The NSPCC recieves over £100 million in donations each year from the British public. It is infamous for using most of that money to pay its legions of staff obscene salaries, including a ‘professor of child sex abuse and exploitation’ (who is a radical feminist and who believes that all sex is rape). This week it was revealed that its chief executive earns almost £200k a year, and recently awarded himself a 70% pay rise.

The NSPCC is willing to hound old women to their deaths in order to extort the millions of pounds needed to pay its staff their £100k salaries, as well as fund their campaigns to put ever more men in prison to be anally raped and thousands more teenage girls through the trauma of forced victim labelling and therapy.

What a truly vile organization. The REAL problem.

See also : http://www.theopinionsite.org/is-the-nspcc-being-dishonest-in-order-to-get-our-money/

SPIKED – ‘The NSPCC : Still Fostering Fear & Suspicion


As is now the NSPCC’s custom, How Safe Are Our Children? 2015 was brimful with frightening, press-release-worthy figures. In England and Wales in 2013/14, there were 31,238 allegations of sexual offences against children. This, we were gleefully informed, represents an increase of 38 per cent on the previous year.

But, for the NSPCC, even bad news is never quite bad enough. There may be more allegations of child sexual abuse than ever before, but the NSPCC is insatiable. It always wants more: more allegations, more reporting and more publicity. That is, it wants more people to come forward and tell the police that they have been abused, neglected or maltreated in some way. Because, as it and the rest of the child-protection industry never cease from telling us, whatever is alleged, whatever is reported, is only ever just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, ‘a fraction of the true number of victims’.

See also :



Childhood Bullying Causes Greater Psychological Harm to Children than does Abuse by Adults

A scientific study has found that maltreatment by adults leaves less mental scars on children than bullying from peers.

Yawn. I’ve always thought it beyond ridiculous the feminist idea that ‘sexual abuse’, which is rarely done with the deliberate intention of inflicting harm, and of course under feminist inflated definitions is usually willingly engaged in by the supposed ‘child victim’, can be as or greater damaging psychologically than bullying, which is 100% directly psychologically abusive and performed entirely with the intention of causing mental harm and distress.

And this ties in even with the findings of the NSPCC itself, the world’s most powerful Sexual Trade Union lobbying group ‘Child Protection’ society, that bullying is indeed easily the biggest problem facing children, and the thing that children themselves are most concerned about (despite paedohysteria).

These findings shouldn’t surrise anyone, but what would be a huge surprise is if the Sexual Trade Union Child Protection Industry started devoting more than 5% of their resources on combatting childhood bullying rather than spending 95% of their billions on promoting paedohysteria and the demonization of men and fathers as sexual and physical abusers of children.

Oh, and btw IQ 70 MHRAs – perhaps you bunch of clowns should take note of it too.


A new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry shows that children who have been bullied by peers suffer worse in the longer term than those who have been maltreated by adults.

The research is led by Professor Dieter Wolke from Warwick’s Department of Psychology and Warwick Medical School. The study is due to be presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in San Diego on Tuesday 28 April.

There is already an established link between maltreatment by adults and the mental health consequences for children. Professor Wolke and his team wanted to examine whether long-term mental health issues among victims of bullying were related to having been maltreated by adults as well.

They looked at data from 4,026 participants in the UK ALSPAC study (Avon Longtitudinal Study of Parents and Children) and 1,273 participants from the US Great Smoky Mountain Study.

For ALSPAC they looked at reports of maltreatment between the ages of 8 weeks and 8.6 years; bullying at ages 8, 10 and 13; and mental health outcomes at age 18. Data from the Great Smoky Mountain Study had reports of maltreatment and bullying between the ages of 9 and 16, and mental health outcomes from 19-25 years old.

Professor Wolke said: “The mental health outcomes we were looking for included anxiety, depression or suicidal tendencies. Our results showed those who were bullied were more likely to suffer from mental health problems than those who were maltreated. Being both bullied and maltreated also increased the risk of overall mental health problems, anxiety and depression in both groups.”