Spokane Resident Shamed & Treated Like a Paedophile by Starbucks for Asking Out Legal Aged Barista

A resident of Spokane has been barred from Starbucks for asking one of their baristas – a legal aged 16 year old girl – out for a meal. The 37 year old homeless man, Lucas Werner, has subsequently been shamed on social media with feminists and social justice warriors calling for him to be arrested as a paedophile, despite the girl being legal for both consenting sex and to being exploited on low wages as child labour by a faceless billion dollar corporation. What seems to have upset the feminist hags in particular, is that he not only asked out a barely legal teen, but stoutly defended his right to chase and date younger women, and has quite rightly made a claim of discrimination against Starbucks on the grounds of agism.

Despite multiple rejections, he refuses to date anyone over the age of 25, and has posted obsessively about trying to date young women.
‘I’ve never dated younger women. I want to try that,’ he explained.
Wener wrote that he goes on dating websites where he would lie about his age to try and speak to girls aged between 18 and 22, but admitted it ‘will eventually catch up to you’
‘The youngest women. There’s nothing wrong with that.’
Werner was banned from a Spokane Starbucks after making advances towards the teenager – who is less than half his age.
He then accused the girl and Starbucks of ageism, adding that he had just asked her to dinner and ‘didn’t even show her the Washington state age of consent link.’
‘I was flirted with by a barista. For some reason she thought I was funny. Said I was funny. So I gave her a note to see if she’d be interested in dinner’, the man wrote in a public Facebook post that has since gone viral.
He said he returned to the Starbucks the following day and a Spokane police officer told him he was banned from the location.
Spokane police said businesses are allowed to refuse service to anyone who is causing trouble or being disruptive for as long as they see fit.


http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=669_1483468359 (The feminist dog shaming him as a paedophile appears to be this person – Jillian Hunter).

(Paedocrite warning – the comments under the Daily Mail article are what we have come to expect. The sort that make you think the Islamization of the West isn’t such a bad thing anyway. Certainly not much left saving.)

Ephebophilia, Eastern Europe, and Activism

Ephebophilia (or ‘hebephilia’) is a word commonly bandied about online by individuals wishing to differentiate between men (like themselves), who are attracted towards underage teenagers, and ‘paedophiles’ who are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children.  Of course, the media, and the legal system, makes no such distinction.  However, many who would champion the right of men to have sexual relations with girls currently under the age of consent feel strongly that if this distinction was more widely known and accepted then it could facilitate a  more reasonable public discussion on the age of consent and the laws and punishments relating to sex with teens.  Paedophiles are evil perverts and beyond the pale, but ephebophiles?  Well, they are not so very different from the average red-blooded man – they just like their women a little bit younger.  Yes, they are suffering from a clinical disorder, as paedophiles are, but it’s not so harmful and they are a lot closer to the normal spectrum than subhuman paedos.

So is ephebophilia a real thing? Does the concept serve any useful purpose in the context of the feminist war upon male sexuality and age of consent issues in particular?  And am I just as much as a hebo as some of my former readers who have championed the label in the past, such as ‘Human Stupidity‘?

As regulars will know, I’ve made a point of strongly disavowing the very idea of ephebophilia.  There are two good reasons for this.

Firstly, my experience of ‘ephebophiles’ both here and elsewhere online.  Self-identified ephebophiles tend to be universally 1/ clearly autistic 2/ tactically clueless 3/ prone to paedocrisy and even 4/ Left-Wing and pro-feminist (obviously some exceptions, such as HS) and certainly ‘anti-misogynistic’.

To put it bluntly, based upon my experience, such people are worse than useless in the fight against the Sexual Trade Union.  I’d rather go into battle against an Isis horde with only a dozen disabled, pacifist, transgenders alongside me than these creepy ‘ephebophiles’.  Hell, I’d rather take on a handful of Russian Ultras with a thousand English football hooligans to back me up.  That’s how pathetic these aspie hebos are when it comes to the street fight we are all in.

Secondly, I see no strategic advantage whatsoever in embracing the label of ephebophilia.  ‘Hebos’ are so clueless that they really do believe, in their aspie naivety, that the same hysteric mobs who burn down the homes of pediatricians will take kindly to a group defining themselves by a slightly different Ancient Greek term meaning ‘ perverted love of underage girls with hair and perky breasts’.

Of course, this isn’t quite fair.  Ephebophilia means ‘love of youth’ (form the Greek word for youth – ‘hebe’).  And the attraction to young post-pubescent girls is indeed normal. The point is, to paedohysterics, a word doesn’t change a thing.  David Futrelle, child snuff porn apologist and paedocrite that he is, is right to mock the idea that it could ‘win over’ feminists or the paedo hating population at large.  In fact, it could make things very much worse.  I have spoken here before of the fact that shows like ‘To Catch a Predator’, and ‘anti-paedophile’ vigilantes such as Stinson Hunter, nearly always target men who are trying to have sex with girls only a little under the age of consent.  They never try to entrap real perverts and child molestors.

The reason why we have this insane moral panic over ‘paedophiles’ is not because perverts who molest 5 year old children are hated.  It’s because society hates and fears even more the normal men who break age of consent laws by having sex with nubile young teens.  Paedocritical men are shouting at the bulge in their pants at the thought of climbing into bed with a sexy 14 year old, and all the legal consequences that would follow for them, and paedohysteric woman (and feminists) are shouting at the millions of men who would not even hide the bulge in their pants and openly pursue teenage girls if it wasn’t for the law, the shaming, and the feminist induced hysteria over ‘paedophilia’.

It is true to an extent that establishing the concept of ephebophilia in mainstream discourse would help to clarify what real paedophilia is and isn’t.  Real paedophilia is a psychological perversion involving the sexual preference for pre-pubescent children (in today’s USA, that means girls under the age of 10 or so).  But at the same time, I see absolutely no advantage in replacing one clinically defined pathology with another. Anti-feminism is the fight against the feminist suppression and pathologizing of normal male heterosexuality.  It is normal for men to be sexually attracted to females who have started puberty and who have the maximum number of fertile years ahead of them.

Ephebophile activists believe they can identify themselves as a group and fight for and eventually win their sexual rights, just as gays (supposedly) did.  No they can’t.  However, MEN can perhaps reclaim their sexual rights against feminists.  Only normal, heterosexual MEN can win in the fight against the war on male sexuality.

With all this said, however, I wouldn’t be honest not to add my own personal experiences over the last couple of years, and describe how they have perhaps enabled me to look at the ‘ephebophile question’ in a new and more nuanced light.  For some time I’d largely given up on dating.  I was getting older, I was still introverted and awkward around the opposite sex, and in any case, as ‘the Anti-Feminist’ I saw all women as rapists, every one of them limiting male sexuality in order to futher their own selfish sexual ends. Walking down the street and smiling at a pretty jailbait as an act of defiance was the limit of female involvement in my world.

For over two years now I’ve been spending the majority of my time in Eastern Europe.  As most readers accept here, Slavic women are much more feminine and better looking than their Anglo counterparts, with Russians at the very apex of the female beauty pyramid. Furthermore, they age rather differently too.  Yes, of course any normal man would be attracted to even an average Russian 15 year old girl, but the ‘Manosphere Myth’ that I’ve criticised here in the past regarding peak fertility and women reaching their maximum attractiveness at 21-25 isn’t so implausible when you constantly see such stunningly beautiful long legged slim women in their early twenties all around you.

In Eastern Europe I don’t get the achingly painful sense of regret at seeing a pretty 14 year old girl and thinking that by the time she is legal, she will already be losing her youthful charm and beauty. The fact is, in the UK, and even in countries such as France and Germany, the majority of girls are burnt out, bitter, overweight slags by the time they reach 18.  Because of diet, lifestyle, and genetics, even pretty 14 year olds do start to lose it by the time they are off to university. In Eastern Europe, puberty arrives a little later, lasts longer, and everywhere you turn there are 20 year old women who are ravishingly beautiful, have perfect skin, possess the long slim legs of ballerinas, and who wear elegant fashions with a graceful air.

Furthermore, I’ve fallen in love with at least a couple of such specimans.  One of them is now 26.  I have seen photos of her when she was a teenager and the curious thing is she didn’t look anything special even at 17.  By 21 she was modelling, and even now as she approaches her 30’s, I get jealous looks constantly when I am with her, even in a city where HB8s are the norm.  Even the likes of Krauser PUA would give me a nod of respect if he saw me with her.  Look closely and she has crow feet developing around her eyes.  Her skin is no longer perfect.  But if I could re-wind time I would not wish her any younger than 21.  And it’s not down to make-up either. I have seen her without, and she is still beautiful, and more beautiful than she was when she was a schoolgirl.

Another of my girlfriends is 20, and very pretty.  She still looks like a teen, and even behaves like one in many ways, though thankfully more in a cute than insufferable manner.  Although beautiful, I do not recieve so many jealous looks when I am with her as when I am with the woman who is a good deal older.  This girl, I only met recently. I have seen photos of her when she was 18, and she looked almost perfect.  I would have liked to have known her then, and I would still not object to a girlfriend such as her who is 16 or 17.  However, in Eastern Europe the age of consent is not such a weighty issue given the mass of beautiful females aged above even 18.  And this is probably why paedohysteria is primarily an Anglo-Saxon phenomenon.

So in the light of my experiences, how would I finally appraise ‘ephebophila’?  As to whether it is a real thing, I am both more and less inclined to say yes.  Despite my disavowal of the term here in the past, I somewhat suspected that I might be ‘a little different’ to the average man.  Not just in being honest about attraction to young teenagers, but perhaps more strongly attracted than most.  Although partly right, I think I had simply fallen into the same mistake that I’d rightly accused self-identified ‘ephebophiles‘ of making.  The honesty to accept that teens are attractive can lead you to identify yourself, even subconsciously, as ‘somebody who is attracted to teenage girls’ and different to other men, and to somewhat ignore the charms of slightly older females.   And this is compounded by the disgraceful state of femininity in the Anglo-Saxon world, a world in which the only feminine and loveable girls left are indeed mostly under 18.

If ephebophilia exists, therefore, it is not a clinical disorder, such as real paedophilia is, but rather a situation in a man’s life brought about by feminism and the state of women in the Western world.

And as a badge, it’s still tactically clueless and aspie.

My experiences of falling in love have also altered somewhat my views on ‘normal male sexuality’ in the sense that I now give more value to the merits of sex within a loving relationship.  Of course, I am not now claiming that the female monogamous system is ‘right’ for men.  I am currently in love with two beautiful women, and I think I have emotional room left for a couple more as well, hehe.  All I’m saying is I no longer mock the notion of love, and that sex with love is, after all, something that every man should be able to experience as part of a happy life.  I also look at porn less, and so I have to admit, I am closer to Eivind Berge’s view that real relationships are better than fapping.  However, I still feel that he doesn’t understand the dangers of giving the slightest credence to feminist arguments against porn.  And also, not many men can have girlfriends as good looking as his, and not many men approaching 50, as I am, can walk down the street with a beautiful 20 year old, or a HB9 26 year old, as I can.  Porn never stopped me having relationships.  Rather, it was a life-saving substitute in fallow times.  It also helped to keep the flame of desire alive as I sank into middle-age.

And that thought leads nicely onto a final word regarding my contribution to men’s rights activism and the lack of updates on this blog.  Yes, I am in some ways happier and more content than before, and therefore no longer feel the need or have the desire to carry the stress and time commitment of regularly posting articles here.  It’s also true that I certainly no longer feel any personal pain at current age of consent laws.  I would certainly be satisfied forever more at having relationships with beautiful Slavic girls aged 16 above, or even 18 above.  But this certainly isn’t the reason for my lack of involvement in men’s rights.  I still maintain that the ‘age of consent’, or more correctly, all the many issues that revolve around it, as part of the wider assault upon male sexuality by feminists, is the leading men’s rights issue.  But perhaps I am less inclined to maintain this site, just when I am finding some happiness and sexual satisfaction, to cater to disloyal self-identified ephebophile readers such as the likes of Jon or Human-Stupidity, themselves prone to paedocrisy whenever it suits them.

However, I will strive to write at least one decent article a month going forward, as well as reblog others such as Steve Moxon* and some Angry Harry classics as promised.

*As a final note, Steve Moxon is the best in the mansophere at distinguishing real paedophilia from attraction to post-pubescent teenagers, yet I believe he has never used the term ‘ephebophile’.


JudgyBitch – ‘In “defence” of pedophilia’

In 100 years time, when future historians are looking back at the feminist driven ‘pedo’ inspired sexual holocaust against men, the great crime against humanity of the 21st century, one of the most intriguing and disturbing questions they will be asking is ‘how was this able to take place against the backdrop of the emerging men’s rights movement?’ When those same historians see that there were a few individuals within that movement as brave as Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch) able to speak out against it, the question will seem even more puzzling..


Pedo-hysteria has absolutely nothing to do with “protecting” children and everything to do with demonizing male sexuality. It is perfectly natural for adult humans to find other adult humans who have matured to the point that secondary sex characteristics are visible, sexually attractive. Germaine Greer herself had no problem perving out on extremely young men and most of North America continues to turn a blind eye to women who sample very young men sexually.

GQ and the Conference from the POV of Mysterious Front Page Guy Albert

Albert, the man in the first image of GQ’s hit piece on the men’s rights conference, and who many suspected (including myself) of being a plant, gives his account of what happened that day. I’d like to add that we are very happy to have a man as brave as Albert, and a true MRA, as a loyal and esteemed reader here.

‘If you can’t even own up to your own natural, healthy sexuality, do not expect anyone – including feminists and other men – to take you seriously.’

Quote of the year from loyal and esteemded reader ‘thedude’ :

If you can’t even own up to your own natural, healthy sexuality, do not expect anyone – including feminists and other men – to take you seriously.

Doesn’t really require a further explanation, but if the paedocrite manginas of the MHRM want to understand why men are held in such derisible contempt in today’s world – by both women and other men – then perhaps they should begin by looking at themselves.


Steve Moxon – The cops and the BBC in cahoots to manufacture bogus allegations against Cliff Richard


The witch-hunt in the name of misandry – hated towards men – that is Yewtree just got still crazier, if that’s possible. The BBC is again in cahoots with the police to manufacture bogus allegations; this time against Cliff Richard. The denial from South Yorkshire Police is hilarious: directly or indirectly, the leak to media can only have come from them. That’s why they’ve got their oar in quick with a complaint to the DG of the Boob.
The Boob were there ahead of the arrival of the police to film and broadcast what amounts to a high-profile appeal for any fantasist, disgruntled one-time wannabe girlfriend, deluded fan with an embellished memory, etc, to come forward with some flimsy allegation; so that a set of entirely non-evidenced accusations can be passed to the witch-finder general heading the CPS, Alison Saunders, for her to practise her sex-hatred and get the CPS brownie-points for being such good PC-fascists.
Do any of these malicious idiots in the media and police think to imagine how they are going to look in a few years time when Yewtree comes to be seen as a rekindling of the ridiculous satanic ritual child sex abuse delusions of twenty years ago?
In the glare of the celebrity spotlight for seven decades, if there was anything at all in the rumours that Cliff doesn’t prefer tennis to sex, then we’d have long since heard of it, and big time. There has never been anything in the longstanding inference that he must be ‘gay’, let alone that he’s a ‘gay’ ‘paedophile’ – the Chinese-whisper that he was a regular at Elms House protected by a nickname is just that … standard Chinese whisper. It could not be clearer that Cliff has no interest in sex. Nobody in all those decades has ever come forward with the slightest evidence that other than his long-confessed virginity-losing one-off encounter with a girl who later became the wife of one of his band, that Cliff just doesn’t do sex. He’s too picky, too wary of the loss of freedom, and brim-full with religious morality. He got to be a huge star, and his constant drive to get there and stay up there has taken over his life to put himself pretty much out of everyone’s league. It’s not at all that he’s anti-social: he hates being alone; which is why he had a live-in pal – who was there with his wife. But being different is no crime. Actually, it’s great he’s different.
Meanwhile, Rolf is rightly appealing his ridiculous conviction, which even with our laughable judicial system is set to be overturned given the complete absence of evidence against him re the set of mere allegations he faced.
I joked before as to what unlikely target they’ll choose next. Well, I guessed Cliff and they took me at my word. I also guessed Sooty and Lenny the Lion. What’s the odds on Alison Saunders not giving some numptie cops the go-ahead to take to trial puppeteers for supposedly putting their hand up more than their puppet?
We live in interesting times set to change and consign this sort of ignorant malicious horseshit to the dustbin of history, but in the meantime we live in times so daft as to utterly beggar belief.

Daily Mail Explains Why Male Sex Toys Are Good…Because Men Choose Toys to Improve Sex with Women

Sales of male sex toys have risen tenfold in the last decade. Normally, something like this would be a reason for the Daily Mail to campaign for new ‘sex offender’ laws that would imprison thousands of men. Instead, the Fail assures its mainly femiservative readers that it is in fact a good thing. Why? Because most male sex toys are bought by men looking not to please themselves, but rather to better please their wives and girlfriends in bed.

There’s been a tenfold increase in the sale of male sex toys in the UK in the last decade.

It’s predicted to be the fastest growing sector of the industry in 2014, with a market worth £10 million in the UK alone.

But we’re not talking blow-up dolls here – in fact, the average man’s motivation to buy a sex toy is far from sleazy or selfish.

Easy access to informative sex education, a long overdue discussion of erection problems and a generation of women eager to explain the intricacies of their baffling sexual systems has finally had the desired effect.

Men have grown up about sex, moved past the all-roads-lead-to-intercourse formula and (finally!) acknowledged the basic design flaw of the male/female sexual response system – that the clitoris is outside the vagina.

The biggest selling male sex toy is the ‘love ring’ – a ring that fits around the base of the penis, holding the blood in the three spongy chambers that fill to make him erect.

How is this a step in the right direction when it’s still penis-centric?

A lot of the love rings have a little vibrator attached to them – and that’s designed to bring her pleasure and attempt to even up the orgasm quota (currently running at about 4:1 in his favour).

‘Strokers’ – textured squidgy sleeves that slide over the penis and are then moved up and down by hand to intensify the sensation – are the second biggest selling sex toy for him.

But far from being used solo, they’re being used with partners as a exploratory couple’s toy (75 per cent of buyers are in a relationship).

Penis pumps, which create a vacuum to improve blood flow to the penis, ensuring healthy, firm erections, are another big seller…

..The surge of interest from men in sex toys is also a positive move forward because they’re going for products designed to improve sex with their partner in a quest to keep sex interesting for both.

While Tracey Cox, a woman who makes millions of pounds each year from the sale of vibrators and dildos, justifies the sale of male sex toys so long as they are ‘not selfish’ and used to please women, she has no doubt about the liberating effect of the vibrator on female sexual independece :

There was a reason why women wholeheartedly embraced sex toys, in particular vibrators – we need them.

The vibrator is the most reliable route to orgasm for women; only 25 percent of women consistently orgasm during intercourse and about 20 per cent seldom or ever do.

The humble vibrator is, without a doubt, the single most revolutionary device ever invented in terms of female sexuality.

Without it, a large chunk of women would never experience an orgasm at all, let alone be able to teach their partner how to do it. (At least if you’ve had one, you have a clue what you’re aiming for.)


10 Famous Pornstars Without Makeup (this is what you’re really fapping to)

I remember my old English teacher telling us that modern makeup is the only reason why the relatively recent phenomenon of females marrying outside of their teenage years is possible. Judging from the evidence here, it seems that makeup is the only reason why the billion dollar adult porn industry can exist too.

Allie Haze

Allie Haze without makeup

Anita Toro

Anita Toro without makeup

Bonnie Rotten

bonnie rotten without makeup
bonnie rotten without makeup

Brea Bennett

Brea Bennett without makeup
Brea Bennett without makeup

Bree Olson

Bree Olson without makeup
Bree Olson without makeup

Crista Moore

Crista Moore without makeup
Crista Moore without makeup

Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels without makeup

Diamond Kitty

Diamond Kitty without makeup
Diamond Kitty without makeup

Eden VonSleeze


Jessica Mor

Jessica Mor without makeup

Jynx Maze

Jynx Maze without makeup

Keira King

Keira King without makeup

Tiffany Tyler


Tiffany Tyler without makeup

As the great Woody Allen once said – ‘sex is 99% in the mind’. And this is why those who believe that virtual sex will never replace the ‘real thing’ are 100% wrong.