‘I hope no teen girl will be forced to remove her burqa’

Burqa Ban : Why Must I Cast Off the Veil?

A 29 year old post-peak fertility muslim woman explains to Islamaphobic white knights why she is against their attempts to ban the burqa (even though she detested the idea when she was a hot 18 year old – yes, neither she nor I should have to explain it anymore to enlightened readers of the antifeminist.com)  :

At the age of 18, the thought of covering my body in a shapeless black gown and hiding my face so that only my eyes would show was inconceivable. It was humiliating, violating, dehumanising….

…The uniform black costume has a charming egalitarianism about it, and is both a social and physical leveller. Once social status or physical beauty cannot be established, all sorts of hierarchies are flattened…

..Eye make-up and footwear took on extra significance. As the feet were the only part of the body one could legitimately flaunt, a good pedicure was not only necessary, it was an integral part of the ensemble. All of a woman’s sexuality resided in how she carried herself, and how groomed her extremities were. In that context, the outfit became empowering, enabling a reclamation of one’s sexuality by not fulfilling modern commercialised definitions of what makes a woman attractive….

…as a fashionable 29-year-old, I sometimes pop it on to go to the corner shop rather than show the world my tracksuit bottoms…

…I sincerely hope that no 18-year-old Muslim girl will ever arrive in the UK and be forced to take off her niqab.


Female Judge let’s Muslim mother walk free for murdering her sexually promiscous 14 year old daughter

CALGARY — Calgary mom Aset Magomadova doesn’t have to go to jail for strangling her promiscuous, 14-year-old daughter, a judge ruled Thursday.

Justice Sal LoVecchio said a non-custodial punishment would be sufficient for Magomadova’s killing of daughter Aminat.

LoVecchio sentenced the city woman to a three-year term of probation.

A feminist warning to little sluts everywhere.

Michel Houellebecq on just what drives the feminist bitterati :

I felt no desire for Catherine Lechardoy; I hadn’t the slightest wish to shaft her.  She was looking at me and smiling, drinking Cremant, trying her hardest to be brave ; nevertheless, I knew she really needed to be shafted.  That hole she had at the base of her belly must appear so useless to her; a prick can always be cut off, but how do you forget the emptiness of a vagina?

(extract from ‘Whatvever‘)

 Lionel Tiger on Sex and Rules

Lionel Tiger explains how differing male/female reproductive strategies account for our obsession with sexual morality :