Femihag Fury at Male Masturbator that ‘Ecourages Rape and Paedophilia’

Femihag outrage won again this week, as the sellers of a popular male sex toy called the ‘Virgin Palm Pal’ were forced to remove the product from their online store after femihag activisits launched a campaign shaming the company for ‘promoting rape culture and paedophilia’.
The masturbator is marketed as being ‘tight as a virgin and with a realistic hymen just waiting to be popped’. One feminist – ‘Amy the Great’ – tweeted in outrage that there was ‘nothing like a disembodied vagina to remind us that female objectification is alive and well’. It’s not clear what her thoughts are on the castrated male cocks that sell to women in their thousands every day, and whether they represent the objectification of men or more likely in her eyes, ‘female sexual independence’.

Chemist Warehouse has come under fire for selling a hand-held ‘virgin’ sex toy on their website that critics claim was ‘enabling and encouraging rape culture and paedophilia’.
The product, that removed from the retailer’s website on Wednesday afternoon, is called the ‘Virgin P**** Palm Pal’, and is described as ‘tight as a virgin and with a realistic hymen just waiting to be popped’.
The campaign group against the objectification of women and sexualisation of girls Collective Shout were notified of the product this morning, and encouraged their supporters to contact Chemist Warehouse.


Whilst ‘Amy the Great’ thinks that a rubber sex toy promotes child abuse and proves all men are rapists, she feels that women should be proud of killing their unborn children :

Femihag Outrage at Ukranian Petrol Station that Offers Free Gas to Girls in Bikinis

Promotion turns Kyiv fuel station into a virtual beachfront.

One petrol station in the Ukranian capital had a very beachfront feel about it on September 26 when dozens of women dressed in their bikinis turned up to take advantage of the latest promotion.