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‘Leering’ at Women or Girls to be Made Hate Crime in UK

Life for men in the UK will get even more unbearable soon after feminists and police chiefs gave more details on their plans to make ‘street harassment’ – which apparently now includes ‘leering’ at women or girls – a misogynist hate crime. The female deputy leader of the ‘Liberal’ Democrats party, Joe Swinson, justified the proposals while being interviewed on live TV.

Last month it emerged that a scheme that could lead to sexism being made a hate crime with tougher sentences could be extended nationwide.

Nottinghamshire Police introduced the trial in 2016 in which it recorded incidents such as wolf whistling, street harassment, verbal abuse and taking photographs without consent as a hate crime.

Police chiefs are due to receive a full report on the pilot scheme and other forces around the country are said to have expressed an interest in following Nottinghamshire’s lead.

Ms Swinson wants it to be rolled out across the country. She said: ‘This is a hate crime that is directed towards you because you happen to be a woman.

‘For schoolgirls walking to school getting leered at, getting shouted at – that kind of harassment is happening on an everyday basis.

‘We’ve seen some of that being called out with campaigns like #metoo.

‘But we also know, all of us women on the panel have all experienced it – most women have experienced some sort of harassment in their daily life at some point.

A similar law is also being proposed in France, by this feminist politician :

The Bloomberg article linked above mentions that feminists in Portugal recently made it a criminal offence to ‘sexually harass’ an under 14 in the street, with a punishment of 3 years in prison. I have no idea if believing that the girl was older would be enough to spare you in court. All these inititives are based on the Council of Europe’s ‘Convention On Violence Against Women’, which the International Sexual Trade Union fittingly held in Istanbul, the literal meeting point of Western puritan feminism and Islam. The convention calls on all European countries to outlaw street harassment, and specifically calls for any public behaviour which ‘reduces a person to a sex object on account of their gender’ to be criminalized. Every country in Europe signed up to this feminist anti-male hate charter in Istanbul, but so far only a few have actually put it into law. Membership of the Council of Europe is even wider than the EU, so even Brexit can’t stop the UK implementing its treaties.

Here is a Portugese article on their sexual harassment law :

Google Translation :

Amendment of the Penal Code in August went unnoticed. Unwanted “sexual offers” are punishable by up to three years’ imprisonment.

“Eat you all”; “O drunk, do you want from above or do you want from below? “I gave you three without taking”; “O star, do you want a comet?”; “O my jewel, come to the goldsmith.” Banal examples, leaving aside the more hairy (and not less common, on the contrary), of what is usually called “piropo” and that women, from the beginning of adolescence, listen in the Portuguese streets. And since August have, by their nature of “sexual proposals”, criminal relevance, on proposal of the PSD, with a prison sentence of up to one year, or three cases are directed at children under 14. This is an addition to the article 170 of the Criminal Code, “sexual harassment”, which criminalized already the exhibitionism and the “contacts of sexual nature”, commonly known as “apalpões”.

This legislative amendment, made in the context of the transposition into national law of the Istanbul Convention – the Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence signed in Istanbul in 2011 – has gone completely unnoticed, although the subject has been much debated on social networks and profusely commented on in the media. Consistently ridiculed as “exaggeration”, “feminist hysteria” and even “violation of freedom of expression” and “end of seduction,” the criminalization of sexual harassment, both on the street and at work, was first proposed by the feminist collective UMAR. Women Alternative and Response] in 2011, and then by the BE, who in 2013 presented a bill in that sense, which would eventually “fall” in the works in the specialty.

The idea was therefore that sexual harassment was kept outside the Penal Code (only penalized in the Labor Code). But Cecília Honório, the deputy from the bloc who took the side of her party’s bill, admits that the amendment to article 170, which she abstained from voting (all other parliamentary groups voted in favor), criminalizes even a considerable part of harassment, despite using another name. “It was a change that came up in the final proposals that most PSD / CDS put in. And really after all the discussion about the subject has passed through the raindrops, no one has spoken of it.But being a euphemism because it does not talk about harassment , what has been recorded is very good, at all levels. It proves that all the pressure that was and the debate that took place, despite all the ridicule, gave results. And he concludes: “In this the majority [PSD and CDS] behaved very well.”

Carla Rodrigues, PSD MP during the last parliamentary term, was the coordinator of the parliamentary working group dealing with the legislative package on the Istanbul Convention. And assume the maternity of the initiative. “The amendment came from our proposal, which was intended to respond to a situation that was not provided for in the Criminal Code. I realized from the hearings and debates that I attended, including a conference on harassment promoted by UMAR, that there were situations that were not foreseen as a crime and that they should be.There was the draft of the BE with which I did not agree, and we understand that it was not the Convention’s obligation to penalize harassment, even though there was no consensus on this.And even in my parliamentary group there were some resistance But I gave some examples and managed to convince people. ”

The teenage harassment seems to have been decisive for this: “I’ve talked about cases like that of a 15-year-old girl on the street and an old man coming in and saying,” I used to do that to you, I did that to you. “That sensitized them more. The insult or insult has always been provided for in the Penal Code, but a man to tease, to frighten a girl was not committing a crime. And one of the arguments against criminalizing is that women have to know how to deal with it, to respond – but the teenagers too? I have a three-year-old daughter and I talked about this with my husband, about how we would feel about it happening to him, how he could protect it, and I came to this formulation. ”

Carla Rodrigues believes that the term “applies in all circumstances: in the workplace, on the street, in social groups, in any situation where an aggressor practices any of these acts. I think women and girls are much “It is necessary to be aware of this and to denounce it.It is necessary to disclose the existence of this new crime.”

The MP of the MP Isabel Moreira settled. “Much of what people wanted to be criminalized through the creation of the new article of the Penal Code and which was poorly formulated in the BE proposal, which in my opinion would never pass before the Constitutional Court, is envisaged in the amendment to the 170th and the new tip.

Carla Rodrigues
Carla Rodrigues – the FemiNazi behind the Portugese law

Hannah Wallen & Paul Elam – How they Killed the Men’s Rights Movement

This site – – is one of the last of the ‘first wave’ of men’s rights sites still standing. Next year it celebrates it’s tenth anniversary. I have been a men’s rights activist since I picked up Neil Lyndon’s classic ‘No More Sex War’ as a university student in the mid 1990’s. Admittedly, I didn’t take much part in the early internet newsgroups and so on. I think I was turned off by some (a few) of the ‘father’s rights activists’ and their anti-sex hostility. Looking back, it’s a shame I didn’t stay and fight my corner right then, rather than jump back in a few years later when the online MRM was really starting to take off (thanks to Angry Harry). It would have been a lot easier, and things right now might be very different.

It seems to me then, and if my memory serves me correctly, that the proto online men’s rights movement was largely British dominated, and was still a long way from being taken over by American puritan conservatives, let alone puritan femiservative American women (and ‘transgenders’) as it has today. Still, nearly 25 years a men’s rights supporter, and a decade at the heart of the online MRM, is not a bad track record.

As readers will be aware, I’ve stepped back both from this site for a while, and the MRM for even longer. This week, I stepped back in and it was something akin to walking through the gates of hell.

When you’ve been a men’s rights supporter for 25 years, it is a truly surreal and somewhat nightmarish experience to be told by a transgender feminist ‘MRA’ that you’re not an MRA, but simply a ‘pedo acceptance advocate’. Furthermore, that it did this using feminist arguments, to defend a feminist sex law, that leads to far more men (and even boys) being raped in the ass for real, in prison cells, than have ever been raped by women. What’s more, that transgender fraud ‘MRA’ then constantly retweets its slander in order to get a mob of similar feminist, beyond ugly, ‘female MRAs’ (as well as their lapdog male white knight ‘mras’) to attempt to bully and threaten me into silence.

It is decidedly byeond surreal and nightmarish to be told that you are a subhuman pedophile for claiming that is normal for a man to find a 17 year old girl like this to be attractive (17 year old Anna Kournikova)

when the thing shaming you and seeking to define what is and isn’t normal male sexuality looks like this :

Hannah Wallen Honey Badger MRA
Hannah Wallen Honey Badger – identifies as a female, and even more distubringly… as an ‘MRA’

So it’s men’s rights for hideously ugly middle-age femiservative ‘women’ to tell MRAs of 25 years standing that they are subhuman pedo advocates for admitting sexually fertile 17 year old women are attractive, and it’s not men’s rights to claim that it is an evil for society to classify men and male sexuality as paedophiles/paedophilia for any attraction to 17 year old women? Really? Hell, you can keep your ‘men’s rights movement’. I want no further part of it.

Perhaps it was before it infiltrated the movement, but I wonder if Hannah Wallen recalls the time several years ago when Paul Elam got an e-mail from three fifteen year old English schoolgirls and was posting/boasting about it as a ‘perk of the job’ within an hour on A Voice for Men? (the original article on AVfM, it seems now taken down, had a pic of three sexualized giggling (rather infantalized) bikini clad teen girls for illustration – presumably how Elam was picturing them as he read their mail in bed with a morning boner. But you can still read the text of it here :

I wish MRAs had shown the level of mob fury they can display against other MRAs who speak out against feminist sex laws, against David Futrelle and his readers when they were defending a sick child snuff porn movie – Salo – being sold in gay sex shops. Instead, I got a lot of MRAs (or ‘MHRA’s) coming here from AVfM denouncing me and defending Futurelle, claiming that Salo was ‘high art’ that I just couldn’t understand. Salo contains little else but graphic images of real naked children, chiefly boys (‘supposedly acting’) being forced to eat the excrement of their abusers before being tortured and murdered. The director of that movie – Pasolini – was a convicted homosexual paedophile who chose the child actors in his movies on the basis of their youthful good looks and would attempt to have sex with them. Looking back at the lack of support, or even opposition, amongst MRAs in my attacks on Futrelle and his love of that film, and you perhaps get an idea why they are so obsessed with the rape of boys, as well as furious at any attempts to stand up for normal male heterosexuality.

There is no conceivable universe which exists in which it is not a men’s rights duty to at least allow the questioning of the basis of feminist sex laws that imprison hundreds of thousands of men worldwide, that define those men as true subhumans not to have any sympathy or basic human rights, and that ever more define entirely normal male sexuality as ‘paedophilia’ – the greatest perversion on Earth. Hannah Wallen, the new face of the men’s rights movemnt, the movement that Angry Harry above all built, thinks that any man who so much as has a sexual thought regarding a 17 year old ‘child’ is a subhuman paedophile who should be locked up for life to be raped and beaten. This is a ‘woman’ who gets a twitter mob of its feminist and ‘MRA’ allies (many of them with anime avators featuring cute 9 year old girls) to literally threaten the life of Eivind Berge for holding a view that women can’t rape men (*I don’t entirely agree with Eivind on this, but the point is he holds that view, based on his deep understanding of evolutionary science, primarily because the view that women can rape men validates feminist sex laws rather than fights them).

In twenty years or less, it will be possible for law enforcement to look into the minds of men as easy as they can today look into harddrives for the traces of one single thumbnail of a ‘young looking’ 25 year old in school uniform, that might be enough to put you in prison to be raped as a paedophile nonce. Hannah Wallen and her feminist/MRA followers, argued that any man who has ever had a sexual thought regarding a 17 year old ‘child’ is a subhuman paedo who deserves to be in prison to be raped.

Without any exaggeration, this is Paul Elam’s legacy to the movement Harry built. The men’s rights movement of today, led almost entirely by women and transgenders, seeks to have virtually every man on Earth in prison, where they will be raped as subhuman paedophiles – something that the likes of Hannah Wallen and her honey badger pals – supposedly so concerned about male rape – find amusing.

TBH, I’m not sure why I’m wasting my time here. I accept that the men’s rights movement has been lost and the likes of paedocrite frauds such as Paul Elam and his sexy ‘Honey Badgers’ have ‘won’ but there’s nothing, nothing, nothing, that can change the fact that they are frauds and that the feminist war on male sexuality, including inflated definitions of paedophilia (in the context of the current global and medieval like hysteria over paedophilia) are men’s rights issues.

Even if it is true, that there are 100 ‘MRAs’ who will denounce me for every one that would agree with me on this issue, it means nothing. I remember a few years back when the MRM was still in its relative infancy that feminists made a concerted campaign to take it over via the infamous Good Men Project. For a while, these ‘men’ were calling themselves the ‘true MRAs’. What if the Good Men Project had succeeded? Would it make any difference to the fact that they were frauds, and that people like Angry Harry – who they denounced as sexist, pro rape, pro wife beating etc – would forever be the true MRAs? No it wouldn’t, and even the likes of Paul Elam might be able to see that. Similarly, people like myself and Eivind Berge..and indeed Angry Harry… will always be the true MRAs, no matter how many of thousands of pussy whipped ‘MRAs’ the Honey Badger feminists manage to control.

So..this is why I rarely post here now. The men’s rights movement is clearly dead. However, things are not that bad, despite this. The ideas of Angry Harry (and to a much lesser extent, the likes of myself) spread out and influenced wider movements, and the wider Web, and into ‘real life’ and politics, even if people don’t always recognize them as having a ‘men’s rights’ origin. Hell, we even have a President of the United States now who called 13 year old girls hot and who regularly referred to men’s rights arguments in his presidential campaign. To think that Paul Elam and the honey badgers would likely have kicked out Donald Trump as a ‘pedo advocate’ and incited their feminist/fake MRA followers to lynch him, if he had become an MRA instead of the President!

NSPCC and Other Children’s Charties Knowingly Preyed On Dementia Sufferers to Extract Cash

The NSPCC, one of the largest children’s charties in the world and perhaps the leading culprit in the promotion of child abuse hysteria and the demonization of men, has been forced to review its ruthless business practices after it was exposed as using a cold-calling center that it knew targetted dementia sufferers for donations.

The latest revelations come after the tragic case of 92 year old Olive Cooke, whose death it is widely believed was at least partly caused by hounding from charties, including ‘Save the Children’, for donations.

The NSPCC recieves over £100 million in donations each year from the British public. It is infamous for using most of that money to pay its legions of staff obscene salaries, including a ‘professor of child sex abuse and exploitation’ (who is a radical feminist and who believes that all sex is rape). This week it was revealed that its chief executive earns almost £200k a year, and recently awarded himself a 70% pay rise.

The NSPCC is willing to hound old women to their deaths in order to extort the millions of pounds needed to pay its staff their £100k salaries, as well as fund their campaigns to put ever more men in prison to be anally raped and thousands more teenage girls through the trauma of forced victim labelling and therapy.

What a truly vile organization. The REAL problem.

See also :

Royal Society to Replace Busts of Famous Male Scientists with Artworks Depicting Women from TV

The oldest and most prestigious scientific society in the world – Britain’s 400 year old Royal Society – has announced that it is to replace busts of some of the most important male scientists from history with artworks depicting women, such as a popular TV presenter. The move comes after the hounding from his post of at University College London of Sir Tim Hunt over a throwaway ‘sexist’ joke.

THE Royal Society is to replace portraits and busts of some of Britain’s most renowned male scientists at its London headquarters with artworks depicting leading women.

In an effort to reverse its male-dominated image, the society plans to install a bust of Lucie Green, the television astronomer, at the entrance to its 18th-century romanesque building in Carlton House Terrace and portraits of other leading women scientists around its marbled staircases and other public areas.

Visitors will also be greeted by a bust of Mary Somerville, the 19th-century astronomer who became the first female member of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Athene Donald, professor of physics at Cambridge University, who championed the scheme, said: “It is great to see progress in changing the face of the society.”

(Full article is behind a paywall) :

Telegraph Writer Describes How She Was Groped by a Man’s Knee On the Tube..

Supporting calls for more men to be arrested and caged for ‘manspreading’, Telegraph writer Louise Burke fantasises recounts how she was once ‘groped by a man’s knee’ on the London underground, leaving her feeling as though she had been raped and traumatised for life. Or, as one reader commented, ’50 Shades of Testicle Envy’.

The suit-clad knee was jamming into my thigh so hard I could feel the quickening pulse of its owner through the fabric.

I edged sideways until my legs were awkwardly pushed up against the wall of my window seat on the train, but still his limb strayed up against mine. He opened a broadsheet newspaper across his lap – and half-way across mine – and pretended to read.

Mortified and trapped, I held my breath as I tried to decide what to do.

The passengers around me had no idea what he was doing – the paper was blocking the view of his leg and even if it hadn’t been, he probably just looked like any other careless bloke taking up too much leg room.

But at close quarters, his nervous breathing and the pressure of his leg betrayed the thrill he was getting from making me his target…

..I stood at the carriage doors without looking back until I reached my station, then walked home, checking regularly that I wasn’t being followed. I felt dirty and ashamed I had been too cowardly to say anything.

This sorry experience resurfaced as I read the news that two men have just been arrested for manspreading on the New York metro