Women Go Ape Over Hunky Gorilla

Move over Jeremy Weeks, there’s a new hunky bad boy in town that’s got the ginas tingling with jungle fever like never before….and this one’s not even human. Whilst men have to bow their heads in self-hating paedocrite shame whenever a beautiful post-pubescent, but under 18 female walks past, even the CNN is playing its part to break the last taboo of female sexuality, as it gleefully reports on how thousands of Japanese women are openly declaring their lust for the powerful black beast. You go girls.


Who could resist that striking countenance, that chiseled brow — and that toned, furry butt?

A surprisingly hunky male gorilla, Shabani, has female humans going ape after mugshots of the 18-year-old animal began going viral on Twitter.

Zoo officials tell CNN that young women have been flocking to see the pretty primate, who lives at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya.

Want to catch a glimpse of Shabani? Get in line. About 100 admirers constantly surround his exhibit, shouting “Look at me, Shabani!” and “This way, Shabani!” whenever he comes out.

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Women are the Primary Cause of Male Violence


Smooth criminal Jeremy Meeks praised for police mugshot
He wins an army of female fans after police post his ‘handsome criminal’ mugshot online. Women have inundated a US police department’s website to praise the looks of a suspected criminal in his mugshot.

Jeremy Meeks, 30, was one of four men arrested in raids in Stockton, California following a series of shootings and robberies.

After his picture was posted on the Internet by police it quickly attracted 30,000 “likes” on Facebook and nearly 10,000 comments, mostly from women.

Many referred to Meeks’ blue eyes and prominent cheekbones.

Comments included “I’m in love with a criminal”, “Can we be handcuffed together?” and “He can kidnap me any day”.

While men are routinely shamed, criminalized, and increasingly incarcerted for their inate love of female youth, beauty, and innocence – a love that has given rise to great works of art, inspired scientists and philosophers, and arguably created civilisation itself – there will never be any shaming of disgusting female sexuality

That would be misogyny.

The gina tingle that yearns for a brutish ape and that gives rise only to thuggery and violence (most of the victims being other males), and eventually, the collapse of civilisation itself.

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The Real Reasons Behind Gay Marriage

Why is gay marriage being forced upon society by the matriarchy? Homosexuals amount to only a small percentage of the population, and only a small percentage of homosexuals are interested in gay marriage. In Spain, gay marriage has been legal since 2005, yet only 22,000 gay marriages have taken place there. Assuming the liberal figure of 3.5% of the population being homosexual, then less than 3% of Spanish homosexuals have taken advantage of the law.. Even leading gay rights activist Peter Tatchell refused to call the legislation that came into effect in the UK this week as anything more than ‘important’.

So why is the gynocratic liberal elite pushing gay marriage so hard, and giving it so much more importance than most homosexual men themselves feel that it deserves?

1/ Gay marriage, like gay, lesbian, and transgender rights in general, is being used as a mask of ‘sexual tolerance’ in order to hide the brutal legislative and cultural war being waged upon ordinary male sexuality by feminists world-wide. There are already a million men on the Sex Offender’s Register – the modern version of the Pink Triangle’ – in the USA alone. With the rash of anti-sex legislation coming out of EU directives, that figure is likely to be dwarfed in Europe in the coming decades. The irony is that there are probably already more homosexuals in prison and facing persecution under these feminist laws than there have ever been in the darkest days of ‘homophobia’. There are probably fewer gays criminalized and imprisoned currently in ‘homophobic’ non-feminist Russia than there are in the ‘liberal’ paradise of Western Europe.

2/ Gay marriage is an attempt by the gynocracy to validate and enforce female sexual morality – or rather, female cavewoman evolutionary reproductive strategy – upon society. Traditional homosexual life style – cruising, casual sex, the love of youth – is male sexuality played out without the restrictive demands of female sexuality (and directed to other males rather than women). It’s how most men would live their sexual lives if women did not exist. Women, however, due to their weaker nature and the facts of impregnation and child rearing, demand investment and committment. Traditionally, a woman’s needs largely co-incided with the needs of society – the need for women to raise children and a male to stick around and provide for and protect them. In the post-sexual revolution society of today, however, sex has to a large extent been divorced from reproduction. Women may want to sleep around before marriage, have sex without the consequence of pregnancy, have a career before marriage, but they instinctively will never abide the idea of men sleeping around and chasing younger women. The problem is, how does the gynocracy combine the promotion of gay rights with the promotion of female sexuality in the era of the pill? The answer is gay marriage and the enforcement of female sexual morals upon homosexuals who have no need of them. Whatever you think of homosexuals, they are in a true sense naturally liberated from female sexuality. Gay marriage is simply womenkind co-opting homosexuals into their sexual value system.

Gay marriage allows feminists to continue to exploit homosexuals as a means to disguise a repressive war upon male sexuality, while further validating female sexual needs of committment as the norm even in a non-traditional secular society.

Amanda Platell Shames Oscar Pistorious for Looking at Porn

The disgusting child porn ‘researcher’ Amanda Platell recently shamed Oscar Pistorious after it was revealed during his trial (still taking place) that the disabled athlete had looked at pornography online before taking his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on a Valentine’s Date.


Pistorius a porn loser

The trial of Oscar Pistorius was originally told that he’d spent a quiet, romantic Valentine evening with his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the hours before he shot her dead.

Yet it was subsequently revealed to the court that the Paralympic champion had been looking at hardcore porn online earlier in the day.

Little wonder Reeva’s mother has spent most of her time in court with her head in her hands while listening to the defence of a man who claimed he loved her daughter.

I’ve had many objections to Sexual Trade Union theory consisting of the argument that women are not threatened by porn to the extent that I claim, and that the ubiquity of internet porn is not therefore a driving force behind third wave feminism as I say it is.

As I’ve replied many times here, however much you and me, as rational males, may find it difficult to understand, women do feel ‘cheated’ on and betrayed by their lovers simply for looking at pictures of other women.

Many of my readers here regard porn and even virtual sex as not having much to do with real sex and a poor substitute indeed for the real thing. As regards Sexual Trade Union theory, the important thing is that this point of view is not part of the average woman’s brood mare mentality. To women, a man fapping to a picture of a young female is in effect having sex with that young female.

This is the primary reason they want pornography criminalized, and why women like Platell want to see men caught looking at pictures of 17 year old girls, to be caged, beaten, and raped, for the rest of their lives.

(Note also the first article of Platell’s on the suicide of Mick Jagger’s girlfriend – making a bitchy remark about her choice of scarf and connecting it to her apparent desire to end her life. The Daily Mail also published a papparazi picture of Mick Jagger in tears on hearing the news that his girlfriend had died. What a disgusting creature Amanda Platell is, and what a disgusting paper the Daily Mail is – read primarily by middle-aged women.)

Telegraph – ‘Why are British women flocking to marry jihadists?’


…But the attraction of women to men with a propensity to violence is, in fact, hardly anything new. Serial killers are frequently bombarded with female attention: take John Wayne Gacy, who wed a woman he met while on death row, Carlos the Jackal, who married his lawyer four years into his life sentence, or of course, the original Bonnie and Clyde, a relationship of such a recognised dynamic it even has an eponymous syndrome, more scientifically known as Hybristophilia.

The American computational neuroscientists, Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, in the 2011 book A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the Internet Tells Us About Sexual Relationships, noted: “It turns out that killing people is an effective way to elicit the attention of many women: virtually every serial killer, including Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and David Berkowitz, have received love letters from large numbers of female fans.”

While such examples are clearly extreme, when it comes down to it, this is perhaps little more than an extension of that hackneyed but most maddeningly inescapable of truths: some women just love a bad boy.

I myself am by no means immune to the charms (or the curse) of the bad boy. From the nightclub manager with a raging drug problem to the serial womaniser who insisted “I was different” (spoiler alert: I wasn’t), the landscape of my love life is littered with the men my mother warned me about. I’ve never personally ventured into the criminal or terrorist underworld in search of a date, but it doesn’t take too much mental manoeuvring to see that it’s essentially the same phenomenon, writ large.

As difficult as a bad boy curse is to live with, evolutionarily speaking, it makes sense, according to scientists. Dominant, swaggering alpha males, ‘bad boys’ tend to have the power, aggression and steely efficiency that, in a more primitive age, would have marked them out as competent protectors and providers. In A Billion Wicked Thoughts, Angela Knight, the author of erotic fiction, is cited as saying: “Our inner cavewoman knows Doormat Man would become Sabertooth Tiger Lunch in short order.”

In the modern world then, it is perhaps unsurprising that the bad boy instinct appears to be more acute in societies facing significant dangers of poverty or violence. In a 2011 survey of secondary school girls in the Mexican state of Michoacan – home to one of the country’s most notorious cartels, the Knights Templar (formerly La Familia Michoacana) – forty per cent said they aspired to have a cartel boyfriend. At the time a Mexico correspondent, I was far from shocked. In the drug war ravaged badlands, that is an entirely logical desire: it is they who can provide protection, social status and security, it is they who command armies, and respect. In a world of “fear or be feared”, they are the winners.

For many would-be jihadi wives, the Michoacan equation has a great deal of resonance. Within the confines of a certain viewpoint, the jihadi husband is a warrior, fighting for survival, for the interests of his tribe – and in the imagination of the lusting female at least – for his queen.

The Economics of Sex

And feminism is the brutal attempt to artificially re-inflate the price of sex through draconian legislation and sex hysteria.

However, the clock cannot be turned back because the price of sex has fallen due to the advance of technology. And the advance of technology cannot be stopped, let alone turned back. The female sexual psychology is now maladpative in the 21st century, and causes only pain and insatiable emotional wants, to both men and women.

Eventually, technology will fix female psychology too.

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Steve Moxon : A grotesque politicised witch-hunt against males by Keir Starmer, the CPS and the police.


The grotesque politicised witch-hunt by the CPS, police and Keir Starmer, the complete idiot former Director of Public Prosecutions, is shown to be just that with the verdict today on the non-evidenced accusations against the ex-dj DLT, in the wake of the very similar case and outcome re Bill Roache. The stupid cases against Rolf and Max Clifford will surely go the same way, and hopefully they will all join Jim Davidson in taking legal action against the police and CPS.

In all of these cases there are mere accusations — most of which anyway are of the mildest misdemeanours which in former times (the times relevant to the case) would have been dismissed for their triviality — with no evidence of any kind in support. Self-evidently, if the case amounts to no more than some woman’s word against that of a man, then the natural prejudice in favour of women and against men should never have blinded the authorities to the fact that there was not even in principle the prospect of achieving a conviction according to the civil let alone the criminal standard of proof, and that therefore there was no basis on which the case should ever have got to court. The CPS, police and Keir Starmer merely relied upon the natural pro-female and anti-male prejudices of jurors to do their dirty ideological cowardly crowd-pleasing work for them.

The non-logical — indeed, bloody fool — basis of invoking a ‘no smoke without fire’ principle is the multiplicity of allegation; yet anyone who knows the first thing about these sort of cases realises that parallel allegations are never cross-corroborating. Police cum media trawls for further putative ‘victims’ invariably produces bogus or highly exaggerated accusations; when, as is well researched, it is well-known that women and girls commonly fabricate sexual assault scenarios as cover for all kinds of mild embarrassment (let alone sex behind the back of a boyfriend). And then there is the phenomenon of ‘recovered memory’ invention, which is exacerbated by the enormous elapse of time (several decades).

These considerations lead even leading barristers (see Barbara Hewson, for example) to point out that the same applies to the accusations against Jimmy Saville. They likewise are entirely non-evidenced and multiple through police-media trawling. The point at issue is that anyone, regardless of character, placed in the position as was Jimmy Saville of being employed to be famous and gee up crowds of older girls and younger women, would have been on the receiving end of numerous complaints. That goes for a near-saint, never mind a bit of a lad. Having sex with hundreds or thousands of girls/women inevitably would lead to instances of mis-read signals and — notably, with so many under-age girls lying about their ages so as to get round the no-under-16s Top-of-the-Pops studio rule — under-age sex; irrespective of how scrupulously careful a man may be.

It is the most serious indictment of our PC-buggered authorities that they have behaved in such an appallingly bigoted highly politicised manner, and heads must roll; and that could start with the police numptie who read out the crazy arrogant statement after the verdict outside the court, that ‘victims’ must be given a voice.

There is every sign that the witch-hunt will continue, and people will be obliged to fight against the authorities until they begin to see sense.

Recent surge in HIV rates amongst heterosexuals in the UK caused by “female sex tourism” say experts


Numbers of people who have acquired HIV AIDS through heterosexual sex in the UK has risen dramatically and is expect to continue, experts have warned.

UK infections have increased from 1,950 in 2001 to over 4,000 in 2011, more than double. Then in 2012, a worrying 6390. It is estimated that in 2013 this number was close to 8000. However the number of new diagnoses among people born in Africa has dropped from 35 per cent of total diagnoses in 2011, to 29 per cent in 2012 and Research from Taylor Nelson Sofres Healthcare, the TNSH shows that 54% of all HIV infections in the UK are from heterosexual sex.

So why a sudden increase in HIV prevalence amongst white British heterosexuals?  The vast majority of heterosexual women diagnosed with HIV in the UK are infected abroad and David Sykes of HIVNow UK believes it is largely due to female sex tourism “The numbers of western women travelling to lesser developed countries to have sex with the local men has risen dramatically in the past few years.”

“Unfortunately the most popular sex tourist destinations appear to be areas with severe HIV AIDS issues” he continues “These women have unprotected sex with men in Africa then come home and give it to their husbands.”


Found via : https://twitter.com/rooshv

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