Women Go Ape Over Hunky Gorilla

Move over Jeremy Weeks, there’s a new hunky bad boy in town that’s got the ginas tingling with jungle fever like never before….and this one’s not even human. Whilst men have to bow their heads in self-hating paedocrite shame whenever a beautiful post-pubescent, but under 18 female walks past, even the CNN is playing its part to break the last taboo of female sexuality, as it gleefully reports on how thousands of Japanese women are openly declaring their lust for the powerful black beast. You go girls.


Who could resist that striking countenance, that chiseled brow — and that toned, furry butt?

A surprisingly hunky male gorilla, Shabani, has female humans going ape after mugshots of the 18-year-old animal began going viral on Twitter.

Zoo officials tell CNN that young women have been flocking to see the pretty primate, who lives at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya.

Want to catch a glimpse of Shabani? Get in line. About 100 admirers constantly surround his exhibit, shouting “Look at me, Shabani!” and “This way, Shabani!” whenever he comes out.

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