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Telegraph Writer on the Edward Heath Witch Hunt

Excellent article on the Edward Heath witch hunt taking place in the UK now :

“…If it wasn’t so horrific, all this would be entertaining. Or maybe not entertaining, but illuminating. There is something fascinating about actually being able to sit back and watch all this. To see this form of collective national psychosis playing out around you.

But it is horrific. Terrifying, actually. This is the second time in my life when I’ve thought to myself “I can see how it happens”. Where a McCarthy, or even a Hitler, could come from. Here, on my own doorstep.

The first time was that week after Diana died. But that was only for a week. This is weekly now. Brittan. Heath. We still have the Janner show trial to come.

One phone call. One letter. One press release. That’s all it takes now. “

NSPCC and Other Children’s Charties Knowingly Preyed On Dementia Sufferers to Extract Cash

The NSPCC, one of the largest children’s charties in the world and perhaps the leading culprit in the promotion of child abuse hysteria and the demonization of men, has been forced to review its ruthless business practices after it was exposed as using a cold-calling center that it knew targetted dementia sufferers for donations.

The latest revelations come after the tragic case of 92 year old Olive Cooke, whose death it is widely believed was at least partly caused by hounding from charties, including ‘Save the Children’, for donations.

The NSPCC recieves over £100 million in donations each year from the British public. It is infamous for using most of that money to pay its legions of staff obscene salaries, including a ‘professor of child sex abuse and exploitation’ (who is a radical feminist and who believes that all sex is rape). This week it was revealed that its chief executive earns almost £200k a year, and recently awarded himself a 70% pay rise.

The NSPCC is willing to hound old women to their deaths in order to extort the millions of pounds needed to pay its staff their £100k salaries, as well as fund their campaigns to put ever more men in prison to be anally raped and thousands more teenage girls through the trauma of forced victim labelling and therapy.

What a truly vile organization. The REAL problem.

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Telegraph Writer Describes How She Was Groped by a Man’s Knee On the Tube..

Supporting calls for more men to be arrested and caged for ‘manspreading’, Telegraph writer Louise Burke fantasises recounts how she was once ‘groped by a man’s knee’ on the London underground, leaving her feeling as though she had been raped and traumatised for life. Or, as one reader commented, ’50 Shades of Testicle Envy’.

The suit-clad knee was jamming into my thigh so hard I could feel the quickening pulse of its owner through the fabric.

I edged sideways until my legs were awkwardly pushed up against the wall of my window seat on the train, but still his limb strayed up against mine. He opened a broadsheet newspaper across his lap – and half-way across mine – and pretended to read.

Mortified and trapped, I held my breath as I tried to decide what to do.

The passengers around me had no idea what he was doing – the paper was blocking the view of his leg and even if it hadn’t been, he probably just looked like any other careless bloke taking up too much leg room.

But at close quarters, his nervous breathing and the pressure of his leg betrayed the thrill he was getting from making me his target…

..I stood at the carriage doors without looking back until I reached my station, then walked home, checking regularly that I wasn’t being followed. I felt dirty and ashamed I had been too cowardly to say anything.

This sorry experience resurfaced as I read the news that two men have just been arrested for manspreading on the New York metro

David Futrelle and the Lynching of Sam Pepper

David Futrelle – Alleged sadistic paedophile psychopath

Sam Pepper is the YouTube prankster taking a lot of heat at the moment for a video he uploaded recently that features him pinching the bottoms of young women whilst using a fake hand (in his pocket) to blame passers by with.

A funny if rather crass video, and it was certainly naieve on his part not to realise that the feminazis would unleash hell against him as a result.

Over the last couple of days it’s turned into a real public lynching for young Sam Pepper (who still looks like and clearly has the personality of a teenage boy). Several female YouTubers and former fans of Sam have come out with claims that he sexually harassed them in the past, with one even alleging that he raped her.

Although no arrest has been made, and it’s not even clear whether there is any evidence against him, it hasn’t stopped the child torture porn apologist David Futrelle from accusing Mr Pepper of being a ‘rapist’. Not only that, but boasting of the right of himself and feminists to publicly accuse men of being rapists, even if they have been found innocent, let alone never been arrested. This is a ‘man’, remember, who continues to advocate for the right of gay sex shops to rent out ‘classic’ videos depicting actual 14 year old naked boys being anally raped, tortured, made to eat shit, and disembowlled, and who then threatens to sue for libel anybody who points out the depravity of that.



There appears to be no evidence against Pepper other than the word of the women making the accusations. One such woman claims that he asked for nude photos of her when she was 15. Unfortunately for her, and for her expected increase in YouTube subscribers, the only ‘evidence’ she provides is a screenshot of a Facebook chat in which he (it is allegedly him in the chat although his name is not visible) asks her to simply show him some ‘photos’ of her (that they should be nude is not implied, let alone stated). Another scorned fan claims that he ‘groped’ her whilst on a date with him at a cinema, when she was 16, AFTER she had already let him kiss her, and despite the fact that she was above the British age of consent of 16.

Although there appears to be zero evidence against the man, under recent changes to guidelines given to the prosecution service in the UK, a man can be convicted of sexual abuse simply if enough women come out of the woodwork and accuse him of it, and their accounts of his behaviour broadly ‘match’. This is how Rolf Harris was convicted upon the basis of nothing other than the word of his accusers (all of whom will now recieve financial ‘compensation’). In the case of Sam Pepper, we are literally witnessing an online lynching and destruction of a young man’s life – with David Futrelle now attempting to act as the cheerleader.

In the light of David Futrelle’s continued defence of child torture porn being sold in gay sex shops, his repeated history of child abuse apologia, and his shocking article written in the same year as his child torture porn defence, in which he claims that we all have a secret urge to torture others – an urge that is only kept under control primarily by watching torture and murder on film, several observers have suggested that Futrelle is a sadistic paedophile with a particular fetish for the sexual abuse and torture of young boys.

It has also been noted that Futrelle’s public obsession with torture and child abuse reached a height in the same year that a fellow resident of Chicago – John Wayne Gacy – was arrested for the sadistic murder of numerous young boys.

However, I believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty. Let’s just hope the FBI are doing their job.

In the meantime, I would say that I do believe that David Futrelle is getting a sexual thrill from the online lynching of a young lad.

One Amazon review of the ‘classic’ that David Futrelle believes should be sold openly in gay sex shops, unhindered by the child protection concerns of ‘dumb’ policemen :

All biases aside, this film is nothing more than 117 minutes of continuous torture and sexual perversion directed at young people. Any socially responsible director can get his point across without feeling the need to wallow in this filth with child actors being violated in nearly every way possible . I have no doubt that Passolini either was getting his jollies out of the action being performed in front of his camera or was suffering great mental illness in order to allow his cast to be degraded in this way. It really is no wonder he was murdered shortly after completion of this film….As another reviewer has previously said this is an evil film and leaves an incredibly bad taste in ones mouth particularly when one realises they have partaken in this viewing experience willingly and contributed to the films revenue.

Chris Brand – ‘Star Abuse Revealed’


In days of violent paedohysteria, celebrities were understandably reluctant to tell the public that they themselves had been the perfectly successful survivors of child sex with kindly adults. But ex-President multi-millionaire and heart-throb Bill Clinton had the job done for him by his wife. As Hillary Clinton readied herself to run for the White House in 2016, a Pullitzer prize-winning journaliste decided to back Hillary’s social-environmentalist sob story of how her hubby had been led astray by ably head-giving Monica Lewinsky.

Apparently Bill had been regularly ‘abused’ by his mother and thus felt a need to seek for his abuser even in the arms of the most unsuitable women…. (DailyTelegraph, 25 vii).

{It was, of course, not unheard of or abnormal for mothers of the past to soothe their children with judicious masturbation; but what the Clintons would make of this story getting out remained to be seen. Bill himself had always been most fond of his mother, writing to her daily to keep her in touch with his considerable achievements.}

Similarly contravening paedohysteria, a Manchester crown court judge distinguished himself by falling asleep during the first day of evidence in a witch-hunt of ‘child abuse.’ The trial had thus to be abandoned and a new performance re-scheduled at the cost of £10K to taxpayers.

So shocking to paedo-hounders was the judge’s boredom that the story even got reported on BBC World Service news (26 vii, 09:00). {I would need to learn from this, since I myself was summoned for high court jury service in E’b*gger – my excuse that I had limited understanding of Glaswegian not having worked. I would have to stay awake, perhaps resting my head on my NHS-supplied walking stick.}

Chris Brand’s Politically Incorrect Thoughts 6th May 2014


Demonstrating their enthusiasm for getting to the West, around 700 Africans charged Spain’s barbed-wire border fences in the country’s North African enclave of Melilla, clashing with Spanish and Moroccan border police (Yahoo News, 1 v). Spain said 140 of the migrants managed to enter Spanish territory despite the efforts of the border police, of whom 12 were injured as Blacks seized their batons and pepper sprays.


Despite the dramatic rise of Ukip, which just brushed off lib-left cries of ‘racism’ (a “substitute for argument,” replied Kippers), anti-racists found they simply could not stop using the ploy which had served them so well for a generation. In America, an 82-yr baseball club president was fired (thus losing himself $2M) because he had reproved a half-Black girlfriend for associating with Blacks and bringing them to his games (in the course of romantic feuding, the malicious bitch had illegally taped a private phone call and sent it to antiracism-cowed MSM). In Britain, a BNP member was detained by police after complaint by a Muslim because he had publicly quoted Churchill’s dim view of Islam (as stunting psychological development); the ‘Conservative’ Home Secretary agreed to profess herself shocked that Black youf were chosen for ‘stop and search’ six times as often as Whites; and star broadcaster Jeremy Clarkson was front-paged in the left’s Mirror for the sin of using (though not broadcasting) ‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ (a traditional children’s way of making random choices in counting-out games, involving the phrase ‘catch a n*gger by his toe’) (Indie, 1 v).


The jailing for eight years of London PR guru Max Clifford, 71, for ‘sexual assault’ freed the acquaintances of this master of selling ‘kiss & tell’ stories to denounce him as a “vile, narcissistic predator.” But friends wept in court as the sentence was handed down; and London cognoscenti were amazed, for they had been predicting a stretch of only two years. Judge Anthony Leonard QC had plainly got into the spirit of cops’ ‘Yewtree’ hounding of celebrities – a new move, beyond the usual persecution of paedophile organists and sports coaches.

Thus Leonard had set aside the charged offences being of 40-year antiquity, the absence of tangible harm to the teenagerette victims, the girls having – in their ‘humiliation’ at what their going to Clifford had led to – waited so long before making their accusations, and the normal judicial practice of letting sentences run concurrently.

What with the judge calling Clifford’s attitude to wannabe victims as ‘intimidatory’ {after all, Clifford maintained the girls’ consent to his far-from-psychopathic advances} and with Clifford being a rich man of top skill at popular writing, the stage seemed all set for a successful appeal that would spell the end of feminoid-beloved abusohysteria.


…When YouGov showed people pictures of UKIP campaign adverts, branded “racist” by some critics, the majority disagreed they were racist, and 57% agreed with Mr Farage’s claim that the adverts were a “hard-hitting reflection of reality” (BBC News, 27 iv). In the Daily Express (28 iv), columnist Leo McKinstry summed up developments well: “….Ukip’s surge is a quintessentially British rebellion against the thought police, the race relations commissars, the diversity doctrinaires and EU propagandists. The establishment’s anti-Ukip efforts also exude the foulest stench of hypocrisy. ….

The great irony of Ukip is that it owes its success to the political establishment. If the main parties had not derided the views of the people for so long, especially on immigration and the EU, then Farage’s party would never have gained ground.” (Prior to the Ukip breakthrough, the ferocious grip of Peecee/Multiculturalism on the universities and broadcasters of the English-speaking world was exemplified and castigated in the Spectator by Mark Steyn (25 iv), who specially mentioned that there were few important topics for discussion with today’s intelligentsia unless one was prepared for a fist-fight over whether racist, sexist, homophobic etc views, mentions and jokes were ‘appropriate’ for discussion in polite society – for, over thirty years, closing down debate had become the ‘liberal’/left’s main technique (unless one were a Muslim advocating FGM).

That Ukip was mobilizing what Eysenckians would call tough-minded voters (of both left and right) against idealist twaddle was advanced in the new book on Ukip, Revolt on the Right (see Liberal Democrat Voice, 25 iv). RonR reckoned NF’s best chance of a Westminster seat would be at Grimsby, a fishing town wrecked by the EU – though the retiring MP {my old Nuffield College colleague and housemate} Austin Mitchell {perhaps with his head in the sands of time} thought this prospect “a joke” (Grimsby Telegraph, 29 iv}.
As a ‘cross-party’ parliamentary group, Migration Matters, condemned Ukip for “running a racist campaign,” Mr Farage stuck to the above theme and warned MM against “insulting ordinary British people” (D.Mail, 29 iv).

Amusingly, as Ukip hit 38% support in two polls, 32% thought the party racist. NF properly professed himself “shocked”

* Ukip 31%; Labour 28%; Conservative 19%; Liberal Democrat 9%; Green 8%; British National Party 0%. (And Ukip still headed the pack 3 v despite MSM’s relentless scouring of Twaddle etc to find what PM Daft Dave – who couldn’t get on with Putin, Merkel or Obama – had called “nutters and fruitcakes.”)


The UK’s best-known ‘publicist,’ the silver-haired Max Clifford, who had helped so many gold-digging girls into the beds of celebrities and to ‘kiss and tell,’ was convicted in London on eight charges of sexual assault (four incidents of naughtiness having been with a 15-yr-old girl); but this peecee persecution of an admitted risk-taking womanizer was less impressive for using mainly 40-yr-old ‘evidence’ and for failing to explain to journos or anyone what ‘sexual assault’ actually involved – reflecting PeeCee’s favoured technique of studied vagueness about the details or harm caused by the ancient crime as the accused was condemned by his inferiors for such sins as elegance and articulacy.

In a comparable departure from ordinary principles of justice, police were egged on (successfully) to ‘investigate’ the 45-yr-old crimes with orphaned boys of an apparent paedophile MP (for Rochdale), the gigantic humourist Liberal Cyril Smith (29 stone), who had withdrawn from public life around 1992 and actually died in 2010.


The “highly emotive” etc subject of intelligence had an unheard-of interviewer air the most basic platitudes that could be extracted from two Labourite geneticists unknown for their expertise in psychology and interspersed with song and dance, always balancing mentions of IQ’s heritability with simple verbal sops for environmentalists (R4, 29 iv, 11:00). In this unexacting programme, the usual pop-leftist line was central: that talk of IQ being genetic could so, so easily lead to a replay of eugenics, Hitler and Auschwitz – a surprising anxiety when it is considered that the Nazis had banned IQ tests because Jews did too well at them and had gone on to lose WWII largely because their intellectuals had wisely fled to America and Britain. Apparently the anxiety was that eugenics would be practised “at birth” – when eugenics was obviously pre-birth and not even Burt had advocated the dreaded educational streaming below age 11 (by which time IQ stabilizes). Needless to say, no 20th-century London Schooler got a mention – any more than the g factor or the n*gger question (of continuing African backwardness) which so puzzled nice old Beeb-following idealists.


The desperate state of South Africa after twenty years of Black rule was summarized by a surgeon (D.Telegraph, 29 iv):

The Queen has congratulated South Africa on 20 years of democracy. But as an Englishman who has lived here for 30 years, I have seen the destruction of the country’s infrastructure since 1994, when Nelson Mandela took over.

There is now very little overseas investment. The mining house BHP Billiton has sold up and the platinum mines near Rustenberg have been at a standstill due to strikes for the past three months.

With disinvestment on this scale, millions of jobs have been lost; and, today, beggars in rags at traffic lights are the norm. Sewage flows through the gutters, and Escherichia coli is present in the water supply systems, due to pumping and filtration stations breaking down. Crime is sweeping the country.

We are coming up to yet another National Voting Day on May 7, when the African National Congress will yet again win power due to corruption at the polls.

As a surgeon, I have done what I can for the poor South Africans. All of my friends and colleagues have either emigrated or been murdered. We have decided to move to Australia. I am saddened to leave such a once-beautiful country, and I see no hope for it.

Edward Dale, Durban, South Africa.


Having largely cleansed MSM, the publishing houses and the universities of biological realism, the left began to turn its attention to controlling the internet. U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey planned to direct President Obarmy’s government to study and recommend ways to stop the internet, as well as TV and radio, from “encouraging hate crimes” (Boston Herald, 23 iv).

However, First Amendment advocates were quick to denounce the bill as a menace to free speech. “This proposed legislation is worse than merely silly. It is dangerous,” said civil liberties lawyer Harvey A. Silverglate, arguing that even ‘hate speech’ was protected, absent a crime. “It is not up to Sen. Markey, nor to the federal government, to define for a free people what speech is, and is not, acceptable,” said Silvergate. Markey’s bill would direct a government agency to identify hate speech and ‘create recommendations.’

Markey replied that the bill made “crystal clear that any recommendations would have to be consistent with the First Amendment’s free speech protections.”

But Harvard Law professor Alan M. Dershowitz said, “He’s not going to be able to come up with legislation that sufficiently protects the First Amendment. We always have to be able to respond to the racists and bigots, but not at the expense of the First Amendment.”

Chris Brand’s Un-PC Thoughts – April 21st 2014

IQ & PC (Chris Brand)


Good news arrived for Christianity as the Harvard Theological Review carried an article confirming a papyrus fragment from mediaeval Egypt recording that Jesus had talked of “my wife” and that (as scholars had suspected since 1975) Mary Magdalene had been “a major leader of the early Jesus movement” (Indie, 12 iv).

Such normalizing of Christianity had the capacity to free the moribund religion finally from the Roman Catholic supersition that sex was suspect and that men could have only one wife and must then at death give all their money to the Church – thereby denying the role of the family which both socialists and capitalists had been keen to play down along with the realities of genetic differences occurring both between and within families which were readily visible to all but followers of antiquated egalitarian supersitions.

The declarations of some kind of ‘faith’ by Messrs Cameron and Miliband were welcome in so far as they recognized the need to get beyond the usual overwhelmingly environmentalistic and bullying preoccupations of lacklustre politicians; but a commitment to the Christian West’s scientific search for truth would have been more impressive – especially together with a commitment not to suppress the truth when it hovered within view.


As Nigel Evans MP was cleared of sexually molesting young men (so only the stains of …., boozing and poor judgment remained on his character) voices piped up on the BBC decrying “the sex abuse industry,” “hysteria” and Britain’s lack of a ‘statute of limitations’ [on ancient-historical prosecutions] – too late for paedophiles (who had been deserted and beaten by homosexuals who claimed to target only 16+ youths) but still welcome.


Top author for British teenagers, Terry Deary, who had sold 25M copies of Horrible Histories and was writing Rotten Romans and Barmy British Empire told the Telegraph’s arts correspondent that school was a “waste of time,” centrally because of boring teachers “kicking conformity into children” and failing to treat them according to their own talents (9 iv). His own frustration with educational authority had, he said, led to the “subversive” and “anarchic” strands in his writing.


As Europe’s latest ethnic conflict hotted up, MSM (esp. BBC) laboured hard to avoid saying it was a struggle between ethnic groups derived (in so far as Ukraine’s tortured history allows) from the western Galicians and the eastern Cossacks, speaking different languages (Ukrainian, Russian), and following different religious creeds (Greek-Catholic [‘Uniate’], Orthodox).

In Nigeria, just outside the capital Obujaodoody, Muslims managed – with a car bomb during the rush hour – to kill 71 Christians and hospitalize another 124 without unduly upsetting multiculti MSM. The abduction of a hundred nubile Christian damsels was atrtributed to the Muslim fanatics of Cocoa Pyjamas.


The UN Human Rights Council consigned itself to the doghouse by sending to Britain a womyn of repellent visage, Indian origin and South African citizenship to “monitor” female inequality in the course of a two-week stay meeting kindred malcontents.

Rashida Manjoo was duly shocked by page 3 girls, by date rape going unpunished {by juries}, by men walking on the outside of pavements, by women earning slightly less {in line with their more modest range of IQs and with many of the brighter chicas working from homes which they maintained – with the help of Polish servant girls – for the high-IQ husbands which they had chosen}.

The feminoid ‘liberal’-left kept quiet about Manjew’s nonsense; but Tory treasure Eggwina Currie (former health minister) wondered whether the goon had ever been to Saudi or other countries where women were circumcised (genital mutilation), forbidden books, married off early, banned from driving, had no maternity leave and were liable to find themselves divorced at a moment’s notice.

Thus did the UN distract itself from what should have been its major task: completing the happy victory of having the whole world liberated by learning to speak English – even perchance in Glasgow.


Following several recent trials in which elderly celebrities had their lives ruined by accusations of ancient-historical sexual hanky-panky [paedophilic in 2/4 cases] of which juries found them innocent, and with a second trial of disc jockey Dave Lee Travis about to start, the robustly right-wing Tory Anne Widdecombe showed her libertarian side as she asked whether the police and Crown Prosecution Service had not got better things to do than waste vast sums (not least the savings of those accused) on such frivolous pandering to the claims of gold-diggers (Daily Express, 16 iv).


Standing up for his convictions, an English High Court judge (of the Family Division) quit after being told by peecee colleagues that he could not speak in favour of marriage. In an interview, Sir Paul Coleridge, 64, had angered gay rights campaigners when he said Government same-sex marriage plans were a “minority issue” because it affected only “0.1%” of the population during a time in which society was facing a “crisis of family breakdown” and said people should not have children unless stably married.

In 2013, Coleridge was handed a formal warning from the Judicial Conduct and Investigations Office declaring that his decision to give this interview, and another one in which he discussed the “decline of marriage,” was “incompatible with his judicial responsibilities and therefore amounts to judicial misconduct”.

He criticised the decision as a “disproportionate and unfair reaction to a few lines in two newspapers”. Rather than condone Britain’s having become a society in which 11% of adults were un-remarried divorcees and only a half of children would grow up in a two-parent family, Sir Paul organized some 100 legal and kindred traditionalist experts to form the think-tank ‘The Marriage Foundation’ to research marriage (with its links to income and happiness in the couple and lawabidingness in the children) and to campaign for long-lasting marital relationships (Daily Mail, 17 iv; Daily Telegraph, 18 iv, p.2).

A robust denunciation of the UK Coalition government for doing nothing for married couples via the tax system was provided by the previous Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey (Daily Mail, 19 iv, ‘The fact is, marriage has been treated shabbily by today’s politicians’).


As an updating of America’s ‘Scholastic Aptitude Test’ (SAT) was announced, a helpful article about SAT being an IQ test and predicting educational and job success as such (even controlling for SES) appeared in Slate (17 iv) — with summaries of work by Frank Schmidt and Ian Deary. A quote:

“What this all [these finding mean] is that the SAT measures something—some stable characteristic of high school students other than their parents’ income—that translates into success in college. And what could that characteristic be? General intelligence. The content of the SAT is practically indistinguishable from that of standardized intelligence tests that social scientists use to study individual differences, and that psychologists and psychiatrists use to determine whether a person is intellectually disabled—and even whether a person should be spared execution in states that have the death penalty. Scores on the SAT correlate very highly with scores on IQ tests—so highly that the Harvard education scholar Howard Gardner, known for his theory of multiple intelligences, once called the SAT and other scholastic measures “thinly disguised” intelligence tests.”


The internal contradictions of multicultidom achieved star billing on p.1 of the Telegraph (19 iv) as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev Justinia Oilwellby, came out with his insoluble dilemma about homosexuality. It had been made clear to him on a visit to South Sudan that, if the CofE allowed its priests to conduct gay marriages, the lives of perhaps a million Black Christians in Africa would be at risk – scores of thousands had already been killed or raped by Mueslis who believed that Christians aimed to convert them and turn them into sodomites.

On the other hand, if Welby continued to ban homosexual marriage, he would alienate about half his clergy and perhaps a quarter of his flock in Britain. All he could do was to hope to placate the different cultures with a long-running committee….

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BBC – Gunmen abduct ‘about 100 schoolgirls’.

Telegraph – Widdecome on Nigel Evans : ‘the odd drunken pass does not make somebody a rapist’.

Telegraph – Sir Paul Coleridge retires and calls for an end to family breakdown.


Chris Brand 30th March 2014


In Berlin, A German-Muslim religious forum took an unexpected turn when three hairdress-displaying if mainly rather heavy topless White female protesters had to be dragged out of the building (Sunday Mail, 23 iii). The Berlin Islam Week event, held in one of the city’s town halls, was stopped in its tracks by members of extreme protest group Femen, who charged into the hall with slogans attacking ‘religious oppression’ and with Sharia law daubed on their bodies, clad only in red pants. Photographs of bemused Muslims from the moment the wymmin were dragged out by policemen included one of a veiled womyn filming the event on her phone as guests looked on.


For their part, the bra-less feminoids, got a glimpse of Islamic loyalties as a prominent sign urged those congregated to ‘spend for Syria’ (where Solunni Muslims – as well as wrecking the joint — were forcibly driving out Jews, Christians, Shitites and anyone not accepting the Sharia principle of female subordination).

Previously, Femen activistes had displayed their wares in Hanover and Paris; and, for whatever reason, indicated their support for the pro-Hitler ooops pro-Europe protesters of west Ukraine.

In some contrast, spineless great’n’good lawyers in London urged that women should accept the pass which traitorous lefties had made around 1970 and adopt as many Sharia principles as possible (D.Telegraph, 22 iii; BBCR4, 23 iii, 09:50). In particular, England’s Law Society (pres.: N Fuck) had taken up ‘guiding’ solicitors in making wills that would disinherit bastards, unbelievers and women yet still supposedly be recognized by English courts (Sunday Telegraph, 23 iii, p.1).

{Ongoing low-level conflict between ‘minorities’ and between parallel ‘courts’ could do lawyers’ bank balances nothing but good….}


After 30 years of paedohysterics trying to make children fear adults, it was shown that a main achievement of campaigners – apart from setting up a vast government bureaucracy to vet those working with children – had been to make adults fear contact with children altogether: two six-year-old girls who, watched by their mothers and TV cameras), feigned being lost in London found themselves brushed off by 616 passers-by (until a 70+ granny stopped to ask if they had a problem) (ITV Channel 5). Even the Daily Mail – itself not immune to paedohysteria over the years – felt scaremongering had gone too far. Its columnist Carol Sarler wrote (24 iii): “The over-imaginative minds of adult Britain are in literally hysterical thrall to paedophilia, to the idea that danger lurks in the soul of every passing stranger, while the truth – you know, facts and suchlike – is rejected without reason.” The Telegraph’s columnist Philip Johnston said we had become “cowed by paedophile hysteria,” which while not as snappy as paedohysteria was still a step in the right direction (25 iii).


Thanks to a Dorsetshire auction house, a 350-yr-old French account of sex differences came to light (D.Mail, 28 iii). Alas, Froggy scholarship was not up to much. Whereas the Eysenckian position from c.1980 was that women were demonstrably low-Psychoticism [Tender-minded in attitudinal measures], high-Neuroticism/Emotionality and of a restricted range of IQs around a normal mean of 100, The Art to Know Men, 1650 [translated into English 1850] recorded mysteriously or at least subjectively:

The male form resembles that of a lion, with large mouths, thick hair and hard and musculous flesh. Women, on the other hand have a fair appearance which hides an infinite multitude of defects including weakness, jealousy, distrust and ungratefulness.

{Whether latter-day British media grovelling to multicultidom improved things was arguable. By 2014, the BBC had become the British Sickness Service, with programmes about blind one-legged deaf running wall-to-wall with high-minded accounts of Nigerian doctors unable to control polio, of yag marriage [pension rights of partners would be the next ishoo requiring politicos to be blackmailed], and hyperactive nurses [unable to read a book] running round Africa dispensing idealism (BBCR4, 28 iii, 08:50; BBC World Service, 28 iii, 08:50).}


A plea for three famous British veteran comics was entered by the Daily Mail’s (see above) top columnist, Richard Littlejohn (28 iii): on the strength of precisely no evidence that could be divulged (possibly the fabrications of gold-diggers, possibly the appearance of the comics’ names in the Radio Times around 1970) these three elderly men had their lives, homes and computers turned upside down and their wives upset to distraction so the propagandized {feminazified} police (typically some 12 cops per suspect) could fish for ‘evidence’ of paedophile naughtiness of forty years previously. Despite this assiduous and authoritarian injustice, no ‘evidence’ of hanky-panky could be found and the sleuths were eventually called off.

The costs to the taxpayer of the past year’s largely vain persecution of some twenty senior British celebrities in the aftermath of the Jimmy Savile master-case remained unknown as claims for compensation by the celebs were prepared. Star silver-haired London publicist Max Clifford, 70, continued on daily trial at the Old Bailey for convivial undressing {i.e. ‘rape’} with a few 15-yr-old wannabe girls around 1975. An 82-yr British bishop was charged with six cases of paedofumbling boys around 1977. Nor was it enough to be cleared of twelve charges of ‘indecent assault,’ as DJ David Lee Travis had been in February: the 68-yr former BBC presenter found the fuzz coming for him again with presumably equally pathetic charges dating back to the 1970s (D.Mail, 29 iii).


America’s main organizer of Black racism, the Southern Poverty Law Center, which had labelled several Washington, D.C.-based family organizations as “hate groups” for favouring traditional marriage, was dumped as a “resource” on the FBI’s Hate Crime Web page — a significant rejection of the influential legal group. The Web page scrubbing, which also included eliminating the Jew-championing Anti-Defamation League, was not formally announced and came in the last month after 15 family groups pressed Attorney General Eric Holder and FBI Director James Comey to stop endorsing a group – SPLC — that inspired a recent case alleging domestic terrorism at the Family Research Council.

“We commend the FBI for removing website links to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that not only dispenses erroneous data but has itself been linked to domestic terrorism in federal court. We hope this means the FBI leadership will avoid any kind of partnership with the SPLC,” said Tony Perkins, FRC President. “The Southern Poverty Law Center’s mission to push anti-Christian propaganda is inconsistent with the mission of both the military and the FBI, which is to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” he added (Washington Examiner, 27 iii).

{Whether the dumping – which would surely be appealed by the SPLC’s state-funded lawyers – was just a sop to Whites remained to be seen.}

TyphonBlue Demands Equal Injustice for All! (Again)

You may have thought the recent and most praiseworthy campaign by our men’s rights brothers in Canada was about confronting and attacking the shameful demonsiation of men as potential rapists and sex predators. Not so according to TyphonBlue, who has been chosen by the Men’s Human Rights Movement to explain the campaign to mainstream journalists (

A Voice for Men is behind the posters here and Alison Tieman, who spoke for the group from Kelvington, said the group has the same message as Men’s Rights Edmonton.

We would like to see an honest look at statistics about sexual assault. We would also like to see campaigns that reflect all sexual assault victims,” said Tieman, who has been a part of the counter-feminist movement for 15 years.

The Edmonton posters that were put up by Men’s Rights Edmonton are a take on the widely-known “Don’t be that Guy” campaign against sexual assault. They read, “Don’t be that Girl…Just because you regret a one night stand doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual. Lying about sexual assault = a crime.”

“We are supporting the posters that were put up because they draw attention to the fact that the original posters single out men—all men—as potential rapists,” Tieman said.

“The original campaign posters are telling men not to be that guy which suggests that if they hadn’t told them, they would be that guy.”

The original campaign posters encourage female victims of sexual assault to come forward. Tieman said they prevent male victims to come forward because it pins sexual assault, as a whole, on men

Perhaps when she says ‘look again at the stastistics on sexual assualt’ she means looking at the leader of the MHRM’s view that 1 in 6 boys has been raped, and yet only 1 in 1653 women have been raped.

Of course, to anyone with a brain cell, the only practical result of encouraging the victim labelling of boys and men as sex abuse victims is to lead to many more homosexual men to be demonised, incarcerated, and raped and beaten as subhuman nonces – perhaps more even than when homosexuality itself was illegal. That, and the validation of the trillion dollar feminist child abuse industry which criminalises normal male sexuality, and which is leading to a chilling leglislative creep that appears to have no end in sight, and which has already resulted in overcrowding in British prisons and the construction of specialist death camps ‘sex offender’ jails in countries such as France.

TyphonBlue on Eivind Berge : (His) Sexual Frustration Must Be the ‘Processing of Overwhelming Sexual Trauma’!!

Our friend Eivind Berge alerted us to the following comments made by the increasingly popular ‘femRA’ TyphonBlue 2 or 3 years back, and I thought it deserved highlighting as a post in itself, just to illustrate what kind of cancer the Men’s Rights Movement is allowing itself to be infected with.

The comments were made nearly 3 years ago when Eivind was ‘INCEL’ (involuntarily celibate).  In response to another female commentator stating that Eivind was ‘fucking HOT’, TyphonBlue gave her own radical feminist take on Eivind’s sexual frustration :

IMHO it sounds like he’s processing (badly) some sort of overwhelming sexual trauma from his past. I’m not saying that disqualifies him from being hot, but likely off-limits for the duration.

Now if, for example, the militant atheism movement was being accused of racism  for describing the Koran as a work of superstition, they might be tempted to embrace some dark skinned ‘apostates’ into their ranks – former Muslims who had renounced their previous faith and now fervently claimed that all religions are evil backward nonsense.  Atheists might even be tempted to give such apostates a high profile within their movement, perhaps more than they deserve by merit, truth be told, simply in order to deflect any accusations of racism against Muslims and possible links to White Nationalism or other ‘hate groups’ (through illustrating that Muslims are not a race but followers of a belief system, and it is only the belief system that atheists have a problem with).

But whatever you think about the Militant Atheism movement, you can be pretty sure that they would have sufficient critical faculties to be able to smell that something was up if any of those born again atheists curiously appeared to hold on to one or two of their former radical Islamist ideas – such as that homosexuals will burn in eternal fire.  Not only that, but if they held that the belief that homosexuals will burn in eternal fire should be a key assumption of atheism, and that atheists should raise money (including from Muslims) in order to devote more time to spreading the message that homosexuals will be condemned to eternal punishment (and that this promotes atheism and secularist ideals).

It appears that the men’s rights movement is a little different to the atheism movement.


Why would a femRA wish to validate the feminist child sex abuse industry and manufacture millions of fucked up male ‘victims’?  Apart from the obvious well documented (here) reason why a middle-aged woman would wish to deny any possible challenge (from the growing MRM) to the key Sexual Trade Union agenda of child abuse hysteria, the following words of Typhonblue herself may shed a little light on the subject :

In “Women Do Not Benefit: The Science,” I outlined how toxic victimhood limits women and socializes them to undermine their own achievements. Toxic victimhood promotes the perception that women are “acted upon” rather than actors. When a society is promoting toxic victimhood, there is no need to limit women overtly through legal, financial or social restrictions. Instead women will limit themselves through their own mental foot-binding.