Angry Harry – NSPCC : Do We Need An Abuse Industry?

Yes, of course we do.

But it is too big.

The organism has become a monster, and it is feeding off the broken lives that it, itself, is creating. The abuse industry needs to be cut down to size so that it only has the wherewithal to deal with serious cases of abuse. As with most things in life, it is all a question of balance.

And the laws and the various definitions also need adjustment so that innocent people – and also those who have not done anything seriously bad – are not dragged through such a horrible mill.

Once again, it is all a question of balance.

Angry Harry : ‘Do Women Fantasise About Rape?’

Why do women fantasise about rape?

Or, more accurately, why do so many women fantasise about rape?

More bluntly: Why is it that the thought of being raped turns on millions of women?

Well, no doubt, the answer to this question is quite complicated, and it is probably different for different women. But, in my opinion, there are some fundamental factors that predispose millions of women to be sexually excited by the thought of being raped.

This does not necessarily mean that they would like to be raped in reality but, perhaps, that they would like to like being raped in reality – if you get my drift.

After all, I would like to win the lottery, despite the fact that I am well aware that lottery winners very often end up being miserable.

But, of course, in my fantasy world, winning the lottery always brings me nothing but joy.

And this is what I would like to happen if I won the lottery. I would like it to be a good experience.

Similarly, women who are excited by the idea of being raped would like a rape to be a good experience.

Angry Harry : ‘Feminism and Falling Birth Rates’

Angry Harry responds to objections to his previous article on the Islamification of the West :

In one of my recent pieces – Say Goodbye To Your Country – I stated that feminism was responsible for the catastrophically low birth rates in the indigenous populations of western countries – particularly those in Europe.

And I received a few emails suggesting that the low birth rates were mostly due to other factors rather than feminism – most notably stemming from the notion that the richer do people become, the less do they desire to have children.

However, I was, in fact, well aware when I wrote the piece that I was probably over-egging the case and that I would probably have to re-write parts of it upon further reflection.

And yet I find it almost impossible to believe that feminism has not caused a significant downturn on our birth rates.

After all, feminism has surely been one of the most influential ideologies on the western mind over the past three or four decades.

Furthermore, it is mostly concerned with inter-gender relationships, marriage, families, children and women in the workplace.

So how could it not have had a major influence on the declining birth rates?

Has it had no effect on them?

Angry Harry : The History of Men

…..In a nutshell; you have all these different popular authors – two scientists and two historians – endorsing the view that women had it worse, and this view is taken as fact. There is no attempt to justify this view, and no attempt to look at how men were being treated at the same time that, allegedly, women had it worse.

I should stress that none of these books makes a big issue out of ‘gender’, and that the references to women’s allegedly worse treatment are few and far between. Put them all together and you would only get about three or four pages of text to do with the issue – most of it coming from Dawkins.  So, out of about 1700 pages in total, this notion that women were treated worse does not, in fact, get much of an airing. But the point is that this notion is being endorsed by highly influential authors – without any real thought being given to the matter….