Angry Harry – ‘The Ubiquitous Quest for Power’


Obtaining more power lies at the very heart of what most people and most groups seek to do, even if they, themselves, remain unaware of this.

And when you understand this, so much of what did not quite makes sense to you before, finally fits nicely into place.

Indeed, it seems always best to remain fully aware of the high likelihood that what you see going on around you is mostly contrived by people or groups to maximise their own power.

Whether it is the weeping of victims, an article in a newspaper or the machinations of a government department, perceiving what you see as a quest for power seems to be the best key for unlocking the truth behind what is really going on.

The Big Solution, therefore, is to arrange matters so that people can only acquire power by doing good. And then it doesn’t matter so much if power is their aim.

Angry Harry – ‘What is Stop Violence Against Men Day?’


Stop Violence Against Men Day – which occurs on the first day of every month – is a day in which people are reminded that violence against men is just as wrong as is violence against anyone else.

After all, men are human beings too!

Furthermore, violence against men is, and has been, a huge problem right across the planet – for many thousands of years, spreading misery among millions of people.

Indeed, wars throughout the whole of history have, essentially, been wars against men.

True, most of the perpetrators are men, but any intelligent person knows full well that any victims of violence are victims of violence; regardless of who is the perpetrator.

And yet people nowadays seem to think that if, for example, men are violently assaulted by other men, then the assaulted men just do not count as victims.

These male victims are simply swept under the carpet, psychologically speaking, and they are cunningly disappeared from view.

Indeed, the official domestic violence statistics also sweep them under the carpet by specifically excluding male victims of domestic violence if the perpetrators are men.

***Just to illustrate Angry Harry’s point, a recent fuss involving government heads of state has resulted in Facebook banning videos showing people having their heads sawn off by Mexican drug cartels and Islamic terrorists. After hundreds of videos of men being beheaded and/or skinned alive, what did it take for governments finally to speak out? You guessed it :

The woman in question was probably a drug cartel member who had already beheaded many men. In fact, there are videos online of female mexican gangsters beheading men – no protests from David Cameron then.

Another question is who is responsible for the culture of male on male violence :

Angry Harry on Terminology

Terminology (my view, for what it’s worth) …

Manosphere – the areas within cyberspace wherein men tend to congregate to talk about things in which men seem to be particularly interested – not necessarily to do with gender issues or intra-gender issues – e.g. areas wherein men might talk about men’s health, rugby, video games etc etc – basically, those areas in cyberspace wherein men are very dominant

Men’s Movement – the overall consciousness of men and women of issues that particularly affect men; as a gender – both inside and outside of cyberspace – rapidly-growing

Men’s Rights Movement – basically consisting of men and women – Men’s Rights Activists – who actively seek to advance the cause of men’s rights – politically, socially etc – not all are anti-feminist and many are even pro-feminist

Actually, while I’m here, I should point out that when feminists accuse the Manosphere, the Men’s Movement or the Men’s Rights Movement of being horribly anti-feminist, they are wrong.

I am definitely anti-feminist and so are nearly all of my activist chums. We see feminism as a truly disgusting ideology which is based on almost nothing but lies.

But there now exist thousands of people who are concerned with men’s issues and with men’s rights who are definitely not opposed to feminism. And so it is wrong to tarnish them with the accusation that they are anti-feminist.

Angry Harry – ‘Polygamy is the Future’
(excerpts) :

There are numerous reasons why human societies might be better off if there was an excess of females over males – perhaps around the order of 15%.

Here are two of them.

i. When it comes to crime, violence, war and general delinquency, males are clearly more involved in such things than are females. And they seem more prone to engaging in them at an early age.

Boys like guns. Girls like dolls.

A reduction in the proportion of males is therefore likely to reduce the amount of mayhem that generally takes place.

Furthermore, the evidence strongly suggests that young men who have established steady relationships with women are far less prone to delinquency. And with a female surfeit of some 15%, young men are far more likely to find themselves in steady relationships.

ii. Given that sex and intimacy are both extremely powerful motivators for men, a surfeit of females would also likely lead to a reduction in sex-assault, domestic violence, rape, prostitution and a host of other associated evils.

Harry draws a comparison with the internet porn explosion :

And because women are so desirable in the eyes of men, there will always tend to be a huge force that will be created by men that will be designed to give them greater access to women.

Indeed, the enormous production of porn is, in fact, the very beginning of the production of more females – yes, just images of them, for the moment – but it’s a start!

And the revolutions taking place currently in both technology and biology will give men the opportunity not only to increase the number of images, but also to increase the number of specimens!

Indeed, the technology will also allow them to create a psychological force of unprecedented magnitude and the biological know-how will allow them to bring about what they desire.

Angry Harry : ‘How to Target Journalists & Politicians’

(excerpt) :

Gathering information, using it, and engineering a coordinated attack on the basis of it, is now many million times easier than it would have been even 20 years ago.

As such, already-powerful groups such as governments, big business, the military etc etc, are becoming far more powerful than they have ever been in the past.

And any journalist, blogger, politician – or, indeed, anyone – who threatens them in any significant way is bound to be heavily targeted and easily targeted by them.

And, unless this happens to involve violence, it will probably also be totally legal.

Angry Harry – ‘ Is Hiding the Lad Mags Such a Bad Idea’

(theantifeminist – Food for thought from Angry Harry.  Harry makes some very good points as usual.  No doubt we both agree that there is a fundamental problem with the fact that male sexuality is constantly being stimulated and exploited by society, whilst at the same time it being demonised and punished.  I guess the difficulty lies in the tricky decision of how to respond to this, and how to perform the balancing act of pointing out the double standards and hypocrisy without validating the very demonisation of male sexuality that we wish to combat.)


There has been some considerable controversy in the UK recently about the public display of magazines – known as ‘ladmags’ – on supermarket shelves and in places where children might be able to see them; or, at least, where they can see their front covers.

These magazines typically contain numerous pictures of sexy models dressed in bikinis or scanty clothing and posing in sexually-provocative manners.

Under pressure from the usual feminist-generated hysteria over such matters, one supermarket chain has now decided that such magazines can no longer be displayed openly in their stores, and that if the publishers want them to be on sale in their stores then they must be embedded inside plastic bags that hide their front covers.

Needless to say, the main argument for hiding these magazines is that they objectify women and that, as such, women should be protected from them.

However, what seems to be glaringly absent from nearly all of the arguments about this matter is any consideration of the negative effects that the public display of these magazines might have on young boys….


Angry Harry – ‘Incredible Rape Statistics’


The way in which academics research the statistics to do with sex-assault is, for the most part, very simple.

They issue questionnaires to a sample of people and, basically, they ask them if they were the victims of sex-assaults during a certain period – usually, the previous 12 months.

And from the answers to their questions they can then multiply their figures upwards in order to estimate what is going on throughout the population.

But there is a real problem with this when the behaviour (sex-assault) is so ill-defined and when, also, it is relatively rare – percentage-wise.

Quite simply, some respondents will lie.

Not many. Just a few.

But when the behaviour that they are lying about is relatively rare, then it is very easy for the small number of liars to swamp the true figures.

For example, if just 2% of the respondents lie about being sexually assaulted and it is also true that sex-assaults are rare, then this 2% can distort massively the research findings about sex-assault.


Daily Mail Makes Fun of Male Mutilation

Thanks to Angry Harry for highlighting the fact that the disgusting Daily Femiservative Mail has mocked (not for the first time) a victim of male genital mutilation (a man who woke up to find his penis removed) :

The comment highlighted by Angry Harry, from ‘Melissa’, now has nearly 200 more upvotes than downvotes, and is the third best rated reader comment.

And some of you still think ordinary women care about men.

See :