California Prop 35 Sex Trafficking Bill

You know that a new piece of feminist anti-male sexuality legislation is serious when even r/mensrights can recognise it as such.  A redditor by the handle of phlake14222 has made an excellent summary  of what the bill will mean together with a number of links exposing sex trafficking hysteria (post has been upvoted over 200 times at r/mensrights – almost as much as a typical link to a ‘female paedophile rapes 17 year old boy’ story gets) :

Also :

8 thoughts on “California Prop 35 Sex Trafficking Bill”

  1. well, you might as well get ready for this Prop. 35 to become “model legislation” for other U.S. states and territories first, and then here in Europe, where the EU Council in its infinite wisdom will hand it down to EU member states to be implemented.

    Just look what happened to the U.S.’s absurd child porn and child prostitution “model legislation”. Abhorrently (yet intentionally) overbroad and imprecise, and unthinkable here in Europe 10 to 15 years ago, now carved in stone in the penal laws of every single EU member state and many other countries across the world.

    As long as the child protection industry as well as the “anti-prostitution” and “anti-trafficking” industry provide paychecks for thousands of “activists”, they will just keep perpetuating their lies, in the face of any number of actual statistics and research to the contrary. The biggest million/billion-dollar industry is no longer, if it ever was, the trafficking of “sex slaves”, but it is the whole cottage industry around all the lies and fabrications about prostitution which is – verifiably – worth billions worldwide. Billions in wasted taxpayer money and donations obtained on false pretenses that are collected and misused by anything from small-time local do-gooder outfits all the way up to global NGOs.

    And yet, even when the people can directly vote on such a hair-raising proposition like in California, they will apparently never realize that the industry has pulled a fast one on them.

  2. My guess is that this bill was crafted by female chauvinist halfwits (more commonly known as feminists) for the purpose of arresting as many men as possible and making them register as sex offenders. Apparently they didnt realize the bill would also require many women to register as offenders.
    We are a declining country and oddly enough California – a state which is near bankruptcy – is leading the way.

  3. I checked and as of 2 hours ago, the San Francisco news is reporting that a judge has ordered implementation of Prop 35 be stopped pending legal challenges to its constitutionality.

    Let’s keep our eye on this one: it may get shot down in the courts.

  4. HS:
    A specimen of how bad it can become: the San Francisco Examiner reported that Prop 35 passed with 81% (!) of the vote.

    California is a state that went for Obama and has a reputation as a ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ state. It’s two femihag senators, Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are rabid manhaters. Boxer was the author of VAWA.

    But if the paedohysteria is that bad in our most populous state—imagine what it must be in the rest of the country?

  5. Inclinedreader:
    In fact it’s an American proverb that ‘as California goes, so goes the nation.’ That state routinely sets the standards by which other states model their legislation.

    The US is the feminist bastion of power because it alone can force radical feminism on unwilling countries. There are hopeful signs, though, that this policy is beginning to backfire on them.

  6. Rob,
    I’m certain that there’s probably a loophole will exempt most women. They were portrayed by the advocates of this initiative as the ‘victims’ of sex-trafficking.

    True to form, I was reading that the authors of this bill were a feminist activist and a paedocrite police official.

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