‘Borderline Paedophilia’ – Women in Mid-Twenties Dressed as Teenagers

As the carefully manipulated hysteria over child abuse continues to grow ever more intense and irrational, the sexual trade union deftly shifts the goal posts, knowing that the mob, both proles and ‘rational progressives’ alike, are too blinded with nihilistic self-righteous fury to even notice or care.

The Daily Sexual Trade Union Mail reports with gleeful approval over the outrage generated in bible thumping America at a pair of grown women in their mid-twenties dressed up as teenage schoolgirls – shockingly posing..errrm…well, shockingly posing as women in their mid-twenties.. I guess.

Despite the fact that all three cast mates are over the age of 21, the row stems from the fact they are shot as their high school characters.

The Parents Television Council released a statement condemning GQ for publishing the pictures.

‘It is disturbing that GQ, which is explicitly written for adult men, is sexualising the actresses who play high school-aged characters on Glee in this way.

Glee GQ Paedophilia

Protected from the perverted lusts of evil men, American girls would clearly be so wholesome and virginal, they wouldn’t know the difference between apple pie and hairy pie until their 18th birthday’s….or their 21st.  Or 25th.

Or maybe this forced ‘innocence’ is why they have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world – eight times as high as Japan?

No, what’s freakingly disturbing is the blatant and shameless way that the sexual trade union is continuing to extend and cheapen the notion of what constitutes paedophilia – the abuse of pre-pubescent children, to encompass grown women in their mid-twenties posing sexily for middle-aged men.

And of course, if certain pussy begging progressive and fair minded rationalists get their way, when the global age of consent is eventually raised to 21 or 25, it will be an act of obscene heresy punishable by death to so much as question such laws.

As one commentator underneath the article put it well :

Huh ! WTH are they talking about……? Pedophilia? These are grown *** teenagers not preteens or children. The girl is 24 years old and looks good-it could be A LOT worse. And anyway its GQ magazine, which last time I checked doesn’t cater to the preteen demographic. So EPIC FAIL.

In the light of such lunacy, it’s hardly surprising that feminist and mangina fascists would like to silence anybody who would even seek rational debate over paedohysteria or the age of consent.  For such irrational, hateful idiocy is only able to exist in an atmosphere of medieval witch hunts and the looming specter of gulags and concentration camps.

Paedohysteria, the obsession with ‘sexual innocence’, and the very idea of teenagers being non-sexual children, was virtually unique, until very recently, to the most backward theocratic segments of American society.

As little as a decade ago in the German speaking nations, the idea of even 15 or 16 year olds being considered ‘children’ was faintly ridiculous.  About as inappropriate and demeaning as describing 21 year olds as children still is today in the UK.  This distinction is actually embedded into their language, in the difference between ‘kinder‘ (children) and ‘Jugendiche‘ (young people – teenagers).

I remember visiting a sex shop in Hamburg and seeing a girl who could have been no more than sixteen years of age serving behind the counter. It wasn’t shocking.  Why would it be, when many of her customers were 15 year old schoolgirls eager to try out the latest must have vibrator?  Das Bild, the national working-class tabloid, regularly published photographs of ‘Jugendliche’, who were under 18, topless or fully naked. And back in the 1970’s, the most popular ‘saucy’ comedy film franchise was ‘Schulmädchen Report’, which would often feature scenes involving teachers carressing the breasts of their 15 year old pupils or spying on them as they undressed in the showers.  These films were considered family entertainment, and were as popular in Germany as the Carry On films were in the UK.

Only ten years ago, the very idea of a sex offenders register would have been taboo in Germany, evoking painful reminders in the collective consciousness of homosexual uentermenschen being forced to wear pink triangles as they awaited their appointment with Herr. Zyklon B.

Now of course, as we saw last week with Angela Merkel’s previously unthinkable criticism of multi-culturalism, Germany has ‘moved on’.  That a million Jewish kids came to be butchered upon the sacred alter of ‘child protection’, is no longer a living memory, but rather ancient history.

Why should Germany worry about what the outside world thinks of anything it does – anything that might provoke memories of the initial steps of the Nazi era?  Certainly not when applied to Untermensch paedophiles.  Not when America has already got nearly a million men dehumanized to the extent of being one small step away from a final solution, any discussion or criticism of which will get pederast senators and progressive humanists alike making threats against your retrograde and deviant thought crime.

So it’s no real surprise to learn that German television has now launched its own version of the boyish lovinglooking Chris Hanson’s Dateline USA.  Just a little sad to think where it will inevitably all lead to (again).  This time, likely on a global scale.  In the words of a male German politician a couple of years ago, when Angela Merkel and her female ‘justice’ minister were trying to criminilize even kissing between under 18s, (and being forced to speak on condition of anonymity) :

“everybody can see that it’s a crazy law, but we’re all too afraid to speak out against it in case we’re accused of defending paedophilia.  It’s just an act of sexual colonialism on the part of America”

Which of the two females below is most attractive?  Now, be careful, don’t rush your answer.  Ahem..it’s not as…ahem…obvious as it looks.  Well actually, it must be blindingly obvious (hint, the one in the mini-skirt). Because if you make the wrong choice, you are a subhuman perverted mentalist monster in deserve of death.  Isn’t radiant skin, piercingly bright eyes, and lush, glowing hair all rather overrated anyway?

Ava Sambora

Source : Ava Sambora, 13, looks just like mother Heather Locklear. (except 25 years younger, obviously).

I wonder what poor Heather Locklear must be going through?  Something like this woman, I imagine.

Whereas getting turned on by 25 year old women, 14 years post pubescent, is now close to being considered paedophilia in America, 15 year old girls dressed in short skirts dancing around a 40 year old man in his red underpants is considered a sure fire no.1 pop hit in Japan. Or at least it still was only 5 years ago, until they too were conquered by the American feminist/puritan axis of ignorance.  I wonder how it is, if paedohysteria and the sexual trade union in America is doing such a fine job protecting children from abuse, that the Japanese Prime Minister was almost run out of office for his failure to get rid of the US army in Okinawa. In the eyes of Japanese voters, thus ensuring that small Japanese children continue to be unable to walk to school without fear of being raped by products of an American society no longer able to tell the sexual difference between a 5 year old and a 25 year old?

Prepare to be outraged:

In fact Daily Mail readers might be surprised to learn that it was acceptable even in the UK, until very recently, for thirty something pop singers to have naughty schoolgirls dancing around them.  The shocking scenes captured in the following video represent the UK’s 2006 entry for the annual Eurovision Song Contest – Daz Sampson’s ‘Teenage Life’.  A poignant ode to lost adolescence, innocent school days that were never going to end….and the transient joys of being able to bang 16 year old sluts in school uniform on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, Daz’s cheeky and tuneful ditty received mainly null pwoint from the Euro Judges…obviously acting under the orders of the sexual trade union…

The outcome of rationalist progress at its finest :

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  1. There are some aspects disturbing. I am from Germany and no one says “Jugendleute” we say “Jugendliche”. Of course there is some histeria and I personally find it ridiculous. As I know, the age of consent is in Germany 14, and the partner isn`t allowed to be more than 2 years older. At the age of 16 it is allowed to have sex with every person older, or 2 years younger, you want. I personally think this is a good thing.

    To argue for an age of consent under 14, some under 12 is in my eyes arguing for paedophilia. As you know, girls in the age of 10, 11, 12 are still looking like children and normally – when they have no make up artist and are “singers” – not as a woman. The next fact is that the age of the first time having sex is statistically some about 16. So I find it ok but….

    … what is going on in the US? 18, 21, 25? Are they crazy?


  2. QUOTE: “Paedohysteria, the obsession with ‘sexual innocence’, and the very idea of teenagers being non-sexual children, was virtually unique, until very recently, to the most backward theocratic segments of American society.”

    The idea that teenagers are non-sexual children may have been a staple of the American Christian Right BUT…even sexually liberal Americans have a tendency to support laws criminalizing sex between adult men and girls under 18. These sexually liberal types may be all for free sex between “consenting adults” and acknowledge that teenage girls are sexual beings who should have access to contraception/sex education and be allowed to enjoy sex but only with other adolescents. Often when I hear Americans criticize Age of Consent laws I am often dissapointed to find out that they are only criticizing aspects of those laws that criminalize sex between minors, in many cases they uphold the aspects of those laws that criminalize sex between grown men and young girls. I even remember reading an issue of Playboy magazine back in the mid 1990s that was upholding the view that sex with 18s was unacceptable…I threw the magazine out and have never purchased another one since out of disgust.

    Another thing that I notice whenever I read American discourse on Age of Consent issues is that they are among the most passionate advocates of the Double Standard (adult women having sex with young boys….good/adult men having sex with young girls…a horror beyond description) I have written elsewhere that my belief is that this double standard is caused by both the cheater detection mechanism and ideas from the Victorian Era about female sexual innocence that are still applied to adolescent females to a certain degree. What I am about to say might offend some MRAs but I believe that if anything teenage girls can handle a sexual relationship with an older partner much better than teenage boys as teenage girls are more mature AT THAT AGE and have far more erotic power over adult men than teenage boys will have over adult women. One can bring up the issue of pregnancy but contraception exists now and an adult man can help provide for a young girl should she get pregnant…a teenage boy can do fuck all to help provide for an adult woman who gets pregnant.

    Has anyone noticed that this increasing intolerance towards men liking even 18 to 25 women seems to happening at the exact same time that the “Cougar” phenomenom is being pushed?

  3. I HATE Rap “music” but if more rap songs/videos were made like Daz Simpson’s ‘Teenage Life’ I might, ehm, revise my position. The Japanese girls were cute in thier own way in “Night of Fire” but I love my White girls so I would probably rather smooch with the girls in “Teenage Life” if given the choice.

    If you want to watch a good documentary on cultural differences WRT to male sexual attraction to adolescent girls you might be interested in watching the documentary WRT to British schoolgirls Beckii Cruel (14yo) and Gemma (16yo) who became famous in Japan as a result of dancing in Anime costumes on Youtube. It is a 14 part series, here is the link to part 1:


  4. I agree with all your points here Highwayman.

    Most of our ‘secular humanist’ beliefs are hand-me-down forms of Christian thinking (the philosopher John Gray is brilliant to read concerning this – and one of the many things I loved about Steve Moxon’s book is that he mentions Gray at length on several occasions).

    When liberals parrot the copy and paste argument – ‘two teenagers exploring each others sexuality is totally different from a 40 year old man having sex with a 16 year old’, I’m not sure they know exactly what the hell they’re talking about. Also, the idea that adolescents have to learn sexual happiness solely through clumsy trial and error with people of a similarly incompetent level contradicts our belief that young people (and anyone learning a fundamental new skill) need guidance in just about every other area of ‘learning to be an adult’.

    And I agree totally about the boys being less mature than girls. I have read that the age of consent in france was 15 for girls and 18 for boys until quite recently, which sounds to me quite fair (if the age of consent is about protecting immature teens from sex – which of course is not the real reason). I guess having a different age of consent for boys/girls would be difficult in an age of co-ed schooling. But what I really detest is how liberals were so eager to equalise the age of consent between heterosexuals and homosexuals. This happened in the UK fairly recently. Liberals were outraged that the aoc for homosexuals was 18. So they had no problem with 16 year old boys being buggered by older men, but think that a girl at 15 will be traumatised for life through sex with an older partner, even though 16 year old boys are less mature than 15 year old girls, on average.

    The age of consent is about feminists restricting access for men to younger, more sexually attractive females. To do this, they manipulate both the male ‘cheater detection mechanism’ and also outdated (or should be in an age of free contraception and welfare state) instinctual fatherly fears concerning their teenage daughters getting impregnated and abandoned.

    BTW, have you seen this : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1323786/The-daily-cream-replace-pill.html

    I wonder if this will have any consequences upon the dynamics of the sexual market? Esp. regarding teen sex?

  5. That new cream sounds really promising. I remember reading some articles about The Pill that stated that usage of the pill had a tendency to alter women’s sexual preferences in men. If this is proven to be true I wonder if this might be a factor in our current high divorce rates (women make choices in men while thier preferences are altered by the pill…then when they eventually stop using the pill and return to thier normal preferences they loose interest in thier mates). If this new cream were to not have this alledged side-effect then I wonder if it would mean more stable long term relationships (for those that prefer to pursue them).

  6. The whole medicalizing and stigmatizing of mens’ attraction to adolescent girls is just a joke. It’s only natural for the males in our species to go for the young females at the beginning of their reproductive lives because they’ve got more eggs inside of them.

  7. In fact, that only half the story because men haven’t just evolved to find adolescent girls the most attractive, but girls have also evolved to BE at their most attractive in their adolescent years with their pert breasts, fresh faces and bright eyes. It’s all about advertising their quality and manipulating men into falling in love with them.

  8. The internet – while increasingly censored – is still a great source of relief to people like me who would otherwise wonder if their views were shared by anyone else. So, your site and others like it are an oasis of truth in a sea of bullshit. As your site points out, the mainstream media now presents the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ version of sexuality, and while masses of people don’t believe it I’m sometimes stunned when I meet people who do. Of course, we expect the feminazis to fully support the attack on men, but occasionally I’m disappointed to meet a fellow male who actually believes this crap. I’ll explain…
    I used to work in a workshop with about 5 other machinists and we all got on together perfectly well. We had girlie pictures on the walls and the girls from the offices would often come down and chat to us and to get away from their bitchy all female office atmosphere. They weren’t at all offended by our pictures and often shared very rude jokes with us. Then one day a guy started working in another department and soon found his way into our building on his rounds. He was aghast at the sexist, degrading pictures of titty-babes above our machines and was even more disgusted at the lurid comments we made while watching some local high school girls walking past our windows. He was the sort of guy who had to stick his nose into everyone else’s business and was unable to keep out of private conversations when he overheard opinions he disagreed with. In short, he was a male feminist!
    He contacted our head office (situated thousands of miles away) and told them how disgusted he was. Within a few weeks the whole site was called into a meeting to be lectured at by a gruesome looking fat lady wielding a pointer at a chart littered with phrases like “TO DISRESPECT A WOMAN IS TO DISRESPECT YOURSELF” etc which she read out slowly tapping each word with her pointer while glaring at us. We were warned that anyone caught making offensive remarks, including jokes could face fines or dismissal. One of our guys asked why it was OK for some of the girls to have magazines with hunky male celebrities plastered all over the covers. “Because that isn’t offensive” she calmly responded and that was that because she said so.
    I left that job a few years later but the male feminist is still around. Last I heard he was running a campaign to encourage men not to laugh at sexist jokes. ‘Sexist’ of course means funny jokes about women. Jokes about men are fine.

  9. Thanks Deano. I almost feel like thanking that fat whore as well if she is responsible for bringing you into the movement against feminism.

  10. I forgot to mention too that the cute sexy girls from the office were as galled as we were at this whole affair. They were right on our side and I think it adds more evidence to your theory that the driving force behind feminism is jealousy of the younger, hotter competition . One on hand they try to ban the natural sexuality of youth and its culture of spontaneity and fun. Also, they try to ban everything about men’s behaviour that young women find attractive. Think of the sort of man the feminists would approve of and then try to imagine him picking up some young hottie. It’s impossible!

  11. Heads up Guyz (& clear thinking gurlz)

    The femnazi sexual trade union is attacking MRM commenters by impersonating them as the user “Name” & posting comments the opposite of what you believe.

    As the troll using my name “Andrew” as a sock puppetry account in the comment immediately above mine at the link below – trying to make all men look like a bunch of pederast REAL LITTLE BOY porkers. Their depths of depravity and unethics have no bounds


    My reply for posterity:

    “The REAL Andrew who posted the Dustin Hoffman Little Big Man film quote several comments above is now posting (ahem). As I am NO sexual trade union femnazi troll, I of course would never post a comment with sentiments as the one prior.

    In fact most women under age 50 are closet pedophiles in the West and are bitting at the chomps to write a boy seduction story in Penthouse Forum or are totally understanding of Middle School & High School female teachers scoring with their “Lucky” male students.

    Of course this is logical as a matter of course according to all analysis & fields of science, pathology etc. as most Western women under age 50 have swallowed miles of the Middle School & Freshmen High School little boy child cock (even to blowing half their class or most of the little boys in the church youth group) & been sexually arroused & made wet by the little boy immature child-like organ, it is imprinted in their mind & core nature as just about their foremost sexual desire & orientation. Brain synapsis, chemistry, pleasure opiates, endorphins & all…

    Now what is to be done about (most) women as they are ticking time bombs.”

  12. According to the uploader of the Japanese video you embedded “Night of fire”

    In? this video (Dec. 2005) Asuka and Hikaru were 14, Rina and Keika were 13.
    phronesis5 2 years ago

    Not hysteria about it.

  13. First, one topic the writer avoid is the rating and viewers, the vast majority of people who watch these kind of reality are women, just like women were the ones laughing at Susan Boyle when she told the audience she wanted to be a singer, women enjoy watching other women being humiliate, like everytime a 13 years old girl star crying the shit out of her because she was discarded. So we can assume women are the one enjoying this nonsense.

    Second, the reality is child abuse not pedophilia, not little girls are naked or anything else, a real pedo will like to watch the pre-pubescent Broke Shield at 12 naked, not this.

    Third, blame more the channel than the mother is double standard, this pageants contest are all over the country the channel just show it on TV, the reason the writer not talk so much about the mothers is because boycott them will be boycott the women ego in the USA, since the singlemotherhood started in the 70s, women have treat their children like puppets and critic them will be political incorrect, the fathers don’t have many opinion here, if they complain the women could easily get divorce half asset and custody.

    Any sane person can see this clown mothers and the abuse they make on their daughters but after all they are women, if this was being made by a fashion magazine, model agency or men instead of women the boycott will be make take down the show just like that.

    The show is child abuse and I spit on it, it make me realize the damage it can be done in innocent children.

  14. MRA
    EXACTLY right, but the guy calling himself ‘mgregory’ that authored the article was not alluding to that aspect of the show at all.
    He claims that the show would be perceived as really ‘hot stuff’ through the eyes of paedophiles and that it goes against the grain of the ‘we must protect children’ from paedophiles etc. (the current paedo-hysteria dominant narrative)…
    He says that this is virtually ‘legal child pornography’, but does not take to task the mothers of the kiddies for essentially committing child abuse for their OWN glorification. (Although we MRA’s definitely would make that point).
    He even admits that, as he states:
    Ridiculing the shows participants is not what this is about, and I apologize. What this is truly about is the acceptance and distribution of soft-core kiddy porn to, what I thought was one of the most despised groups of humans on earth.
    I replied to him suggesting that shows like the ones he refers to would only be regarded as ‘pornography’ when viewed through the eyes of a person with a perverted mind…

  15. If this was really pedophile, is the mothers and producers who should be jailed, how are they going to catch every viewer? impossible.

  16. @MRA
    Yes that’s what this witch-hunter ‘mgregory’ (part of 90% or more of the US paedo-hysterical, sex obsessed population) is suggesting. As I pointed out to him, this would only be perceived as child-porn by someone who has paedophilic tendencies themselves.
    The women (that would be 99% of the show’s viewing audience) would see the shows as nothing more than little kids being little kids: all kids especially girls, that I’ve known want to be ‘grown-ups’ like mama or big sister, thus love to make themselves look like grown-ups by dressing up. At least that would have been the original intent of them, but as you pointed out: the mothers of these little girls use it to bolster their own egos or to glorify themselves and this is where the little girls become victims of child abuse (NOT child sexual abuse).
    However, those women would never consider anything those little girls do on the stupid shows as even mildly ‘erotic’, let alone ‘soft-core kiddy porn’ that mgregory perceives it to be…
    BTW as I fully expected: he did not allow my comment 🙂 I looked there earlier today and it was ‘awaiting moderation’, but now it has disappeared.
    I must have hit a soft spot – most likely the truth about himself…

  17. I’ll take a closer look at the article this evening Alan – have to get some work done first without having a head full of paedohysteric stupidity ringing in my ears!

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