Bernard Chapin : Judge Frees Female Pedophile #5935

Interesting comment upvoted 30 times, and probably the truest ever spoken regarding ‘paedophilia’ in the context of men’s rights :


Meanwhile, a Saudi Arabian cleric’s wish to cover babies with burqas in order to protect them from sexual assault has drawn outrage from the usual crowd.

Now why should that be?

Why is the Islamic practice of covering females up as soon as they start puberty, at around the age of 11, not equally outrageous?

It couldn’t be, could it, that pubescent girls are more likely to be sexually assaulted or the object of unwanted male attention, because men are naturally attracted to them, whereas only a tiny minority of men – real paedophiles – are attracted to babies and toddlers?


Met police chief summened to explain why undercover officers used the identities of dead children :

Met female police officer caged for a paltry 15 months for accepting payments from News of the World over information on its investigation by the police for hacking into the  phones of murdered children :

Rumour has it that her fellow inmates are sharpening their dildos in anticipation as we speak.

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  1. Why are many women not bothered by men having sex with underage children as long as the child was a boy?

    Here, we go one better than that although its really the same question:
    Why is nobody (apart from MRAs like us and a scant selection of other ‘fringe dwellers’) bothered by violent criminal and homicidal thugs anally raping innocent, sexually normal men in prisons?

  2. @Jack,
    Well according to the story the 16 year old boy doesn’t appear to consider he was so ‘lucky’ at all:
    “Anton was arrested the afternoon of May 30 after the teen agreed to help police in a sting. He invited her to his house for sex and asked her to buy condoms, a police report said. When she rang the doorbell, an officer answered.

    It reads almost like the plot of an episode of “To Catch a Predator”. It’s a wonder Chis Hansen didn’t answer the door. (LOL)!
    What a horrible little brat! I wonder what ‘the teen’ complainant’s name is, perhaps it’s Clarence?

    I’m sure he and the many other advocates of ‘Equal Injustice for ALL’ such as typhonblue, Dean Esmay and all the other femRA’s and mRAs’s at AVfm will just love that story (if they know about it) and will all hope that the full force of the law comes down on this sicko or creep Marisa Anton.

    It appears so far that they have been ‘fair’, with respect to gender equality in their handling of the case – note how the boy’s automatically a ‘victim’ (of an older perpetrator) – he is COMPLETELY exonerated of ANY blame, (even though he clearly initiated the whole thing).

    It makes me wonder if the boy’s gay, because you’re right: she’s certainly a stunner, especially at 33 years old! Likewise, I don’t remember any teachers at my school who looked anything like her, let alone any (at all) that were female ‘paedophiles’ LOL!

  3. From the Marisa Anton story:

    Anton will not be required to register as a sex offender. Her lawyer, Michele Marianna Bonsignore, could not be reached for comment Thursday.

    I bet the AVfm crowd will be furious!
    If the sexes of the offender and victim were swapped…

  4. Alan:
    “I’ll bet the AVfM crowd will be furious! If the sexes of the offender and the victim were swapped”

    On a similar case that AVfM reported upon, Erin Prizzey goes even further: “The fact that this woman plead ‘not guilty’ shows she has no remorse. In my opinion, jail was the only option. Had she been a man, she no doubt would have been incarcerated.”

    So, to Ms. Erin’s way of thinking, pleading ‘not guilty’ when accused of so-called child rape is tantamount to a guilty plea.

    Does anybody doubt that, when the stake-burnings start, these mRAs won’t be the ones bringing along plenty of torches?

  5. I think AOC laws are unfair to people whose looks peak when they’re still relatively young. This point is one that hasn’t been made yet, to my knowledge.

    @Jack – good point, but the primary reason the aofc is there is to stop men having sex with hot nubile teenies. In other words, if there was no age of consent the truth is that boys would be having less sex because men would be competing with them for the premium teen pussy. This is why teenage boys are the biggest haters of ‘paedos’ and the biggest cock blockers of older men. Maybe the teenage boys could compensate by having sex with older women, but that assumes that women in general want to bang teenage boys (I’m still highly sceptical of that, although the AVoiceforWomen crown would like everybody to believe it). I also think that most teenage boys realise that teenage girls are better looking than 40 year old cougars. It might be common for a schoolboy to have the odd crush on a youngish looking female teacher, but it’s even more common for a schoolboy to want to bang every single girl in his class (if he could).

    Of course, when it comes to young girls, who are naturally inclined to be attracted to boys and men older than themselves, then yes the AOC laws are unfair. I think that has been discussed once or twice here though….

  6. @Alan: The reporting of such cases is to be taken with a grain of salt. The boy may have been put under considerable pressure to agree to take part in a sting (note that he’s not old enough to have sex but he’s old enough to work as a voluntary undercover agent!).

    @theantifeminist: about older men outcompeting teenage boys, that is certainly the case in countries with no compulsory schooling up to the age of 16-18. In countries where girls and boys are kept at school together, the boys at school will often have first access, with the girl possibly having a sugar-daddy outside the school (a set-up not unlike the whore-pimp set-up, but a win-win situation for boys & older men all the same). Win-win situations is what any political or social movement should strive for. Note that the unfairness of AOC laws for teenagers, as you point out, has been discussed before quite often, but not from the point of view of fading looks. Once goods looks are gone, they’re gone forever. I can remember quite a few rather average women who were stunners for a couple of years during adolescence.

  7. Of course, when it comes to young girls, who are naturally inclined to be attracted to boys and men older than themselves, then yes the AOC laws are unfair. I think that has been discussed once or twice here though….

    They are totally unfair in just about every respect, although I’m not suggesting they are unnecessary. What does makes them very unfair today, is not so much the age of consent in itself (although 18, as it is in many US jurisdictions, is ridiculous), but the way they regard any breach of AofC law as (statutory) RAPE, even when the liaison is 100% consensual, as well as the bizarre, Draconian PENALTIES for those who dare to flout them; not to mention the absolute zero tolerance of AoC law: The same life-ruining penalties are handed down even to those who genuinely, unwittingly flout them.

    What I object to most of all however, is how the state can use (abuse) the law to totally deprive or deny anyone they choose, of one of the most fundamental human rights of all: the right of a private life…

  8. @Jack

    (note that he’s not old enough to have sex but he’s old enough to work as a voluntary undercover agent!).

    Yes you’re dead right – I didn’t even think of that one! As we said: ridiculously unfair, on everyone!
    Also, regarding what you said about how the story only reports half of it and should be taken with a grain of salt (namely the half that the paedohysterical readers want to hear or read), you may even find that the boy was rewarded for setting her up – possibly by some element of the sleazy tabloid press or even the law!
    Anything to satisfy the lynch-mob’s (public’s) insatiable addiction to paedo-sleaze…

  9. @theantifeminist

    I remember myself at that age and the hatred I felt to older males. However, the eighties were not yet paedohysteric, especially not in the Netherlands.

  10. Antifeminist & Jack:

    Even though teenaged boys might feel cheated under a more rational system (i.e. losing out sexually to older and more mature men), most of them probably wouldn’t have the same aversion to Cougars that we have at our age.

    Men at that age are under great pressure to prove themselves sexually and (unlike the girls) aren’t really looking to settle down and raise families. A cougarish female might give them more confidence (and the benefit of some experience) so that, at a later more mature age, they’ll in turn be ready for nubile teenagers themselves.

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