On the same day that 12 cartoonists are butchered in Paris for their ‘offensive’ drawings, the BBC demands to know – ‘Why Hasn’t Japan Banned Child Porn Comics?’

On the very same day that the world proclaimed ‘Je Sui Charlie’ in support of the right to free expression after 12 cartoonists were butchered for their ‘offensive’ drawings, the BBC was demanding to know why Japan isn’t putting men in prison to be raped for looking at offensive cartoon pictures of ‘schoolgirls’ in short skirts:



43 thoughts on “On the same day that 12 cartoonists are butchered in Paris for their ‘offensive’ drawings, the BBC demands to know – ‘Why Hasn’t Japan Banned Child Porn Comics?’”

  1. For the same reason that the BbC can continue to tell lies
    and spread bias—nobody does anything about it.
    Anime is popular in Japan but the difference there is that,although most men do not want to get married or hitched,neither do a lot of women so presumably,not many women are complaining.Feminist organisations
    wish to cut off the flow of anything which the male enjoys sexually in order to advance female superiority.This works very well in the west where it is no longer possible to have an eastern bride without relating a whole life c/v and masturbation is seen as
    not under enough female control.

  2. Notice the cultural colonialism where the BBC assert their right to tell the Japanese what to do. Personally I can’t stand either Anime or Hentei, and find Japanese porn fairly weird, but then I am not Japanese.

    Thought experiment: what would the reaction have been had the cartoonists all been women? Women of course can’t tell or make jokes and the religious (of whatever religion) also seem in my experience to suffer perpetual sense-of-humour failure.

    I predict that within the century those Muslims will be seen as heroes, martyrs to (the to be) established religion of Europe and those politicians wittering on about freedom, if even remembered at all, whilst setting up a situation where yesterday was as inevitable as the sun rising in the east will be if not forgotten seen as reactionary and ineffectual oppressors and supporters of blasphemy. I won’t be here to witness it – mercifully.

  3. And you should hear all these rats in the American media opining that the French got what they deserved for provoking the ‘peaceful’ Moslems. These are the same idiots who, like the BBC scum, would gladly burn any man at the stake who found teen girls (Japanese or otherwise) attractive.

  4. Also, seems to be apparent that the police and security services don’t have the resources to keep track online and offline of terrorist suspects, even when they have been previously arrested or convicted of offences.

    In other words, Islamists are being allowed to murder men, women, and children because feminists demand that the police devote huge resources to tracking and finding men who look at pictures of fictional cartoon schoolgirls in short skirts.

  5. In the US a couple of years ago, the secret police shut down a vigilante website that was tracking terror suspects on the grounds that it was targeting ‘people of color’ and was a ‘hate site.’ Yet they use scum like NCMEC as an ‘FBI Resource’.

  6. Interesting article from Pether Hitchens in the Daily Femiservative :

    “And what was the purpose of this bravery? What cause, anywhere in the world, was advanced by it? Surely the point of bravery is that it is self-sacrificial for a purpose, to save others? Who was saved by this?
    As for freedom, here’s an interesting thing. The French Leftist newspaper Liberation reported on September 12, 1996, that three stalwarts of Charlie Hebdo (including Stephane ‘Charb’ Charbonnier) had campaigned in their magazine to collect more than 170,000 signatures for a petition calling for a ban on the French National Front party. They did this in the name of the ‘Rights of Man’.
    You, like me, may dislike the National Front greatly. But lovers of liberty simply do not seek to ban parties they do not like.”


  7. Also notice the difference in logic as regards leftoid/feminist psychopaths and the generalizing of muslims and ‘hentai fans’ respectively.

    Muslims are committing atrocities nearly every day, but we must not ever generalize about muslims – most muslims are law abiding therefore it is prejudiced to make assertions about muslims in general let alone restrict their liberties.

    On the other hand, men who look at cartoon pictures of teens in short skirts are feeding the culture that leads to 15 year old girls being ‘abused’ by older men in real life. Therefore, it is right that a man should be put in prison to be raped and beaten simply for looking at a sexy cartoon picture, even if he never touches a real ‘child’ and no victim can possibly be involved in the viewing of a cartoon pic.

    Leaving aside the fact that belonging to a religion is a conscious choice (at least as an adult – you are always free to leave your religion, in the West anyway), whereas being attracted to teenage girls is something you are born with (and all men are, save for a few granny fucking perverts etc)

  8. I swear, I need to just delete all my friends on fb….

    Actually I was just having the same feeling after seeing some of the likes my Facebook friends are giving to anti-islamophobia videos the last couple of days. Even in Eastern Europe most of the young hotties belong to the Church of (Il)liberal ‘Progress’. One of them is actually a journalist for Serbian State TV – stupid brain dead cunt. Couldn’t bring myself to unfriend her though..she is a total cutie….lol.

  9. On another note it’s just been announced in the UK that any man caught sending a ‘child’ a sexual message through social media faces two years in prison. Total generational apartheid is going to be the result. If you have a 15 year old friend on Facebook and you like one of your other (‘adult’) friend’s sexy pictures and the 15 year old sees it in her feed, does that count as ‘sending a child a sexual message or picture’?

  10. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – a total shunning of society is the only way forward in this fucked up world we live in.

  11. Antifeminist:
    “It’s just been announced in the UK that any man caught sending a ‘child’ a sexual message through social media faces two years in prison.”

    How do they define what a ‘sexual message’ consists of? Like you said above, being attracted to younger women is something you’re born with. It sounds like nearly any interest at all could be construed as ‘sexual.’

  12. Just made the mistake of reading an A Voice For Men article – actually quite good – by JudgyBitch : http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/yes-lena-dunham-is-a-sex-predator/

    But then I saw a comment from a typical Mangina’s Rights Activist and clicked on his disqus profile and felt sick :


    Grotesque 30 stone self-confessed aspie male virgin blames his weight problems on the ‘sexual abuse’ he suffered at the hands of girls (note the plural) from the ages of 13 – 16.

  13. Speaking of social media, I’ve noticed the femihags over here seem almost to be in a state of mourning now that the three Islamic dirtbags who caused this problem in France are dead. I guess that’s three thugs who are no longer eligible bachelors, in their minds.

    Meanwhile, I’ve yet to hear about Anglo-American women swooning over the French sharpshooters and commandoes, whom it must be admitted, carried out a well-executed operation and freed hostages—many of whom were women.

  14. Actually I’d think ‘sexual abuse’ at the hands of 13-16 year old girls would make a man ‘healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ LOL

  15. I guess that’s three thugs who are no longer eligible bachelors, in their minds.

    I’m sure that Arab and especially black muslim males will be even more sexually desirable to white French females after this -if that’s even possible. The last few times I went to Paris nearly every attractive white women was with a black man.. Sometimes even in London I’ll see a black ‘bad boy’ looking French male tourist with about 4 or 5 fawning white French females with him. In Paris the only times you see attractive white females with white boyfriends are generally Jewish couples.

  16. Actually I’d think ‘sexual abuse’ at the hands of 13-16 year old girls would make a man ‘healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ LOL

    That is what I was thinking ha 😛

    It bugs the crap out of me when people blame everything but themselves. It is very simple for 99% of people (short of serious health complications). If you are overweight, you need to work it off. If girls think you are ugly, then you need to either make up for it with tons of confidence and/or just work on your appearance.

  17. Actually I’d think ‘sexual abuse’ at the hands of 13-16 year old girls would make a man ‘healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ LOL

    Muslims call it eternal paradise, hehe.

  18. “Actually I’d think ‘sexual abuse’ at the hands of 13-16 year old girls would make a man ‘healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ LOL”

    LOL indeed. I mean, I can see “abuse”. But “sexual abuse” from teenage girls? Chance would be a fine thing!

  19. Grotesque 30 stone self-confessed aspie male virgin blames his weight problems on the ‘sexual abuse’ he suffered at the hands of girls (note the plural) from the ages of 13 – 16.

    A mangina’s Rights Activist maybe yes, but an aspie he most certainly is… He suffered ‘sexual abuse’ yet remained a virgin? I just wonder what behaviour or activities he defines as, or considers to be ‘sexual’… Eating cakes in the presence of girls maybe?
    😀 LOL !

  20. He seems very proud of the fact that he is autistic – he seems to throws it in just about every comment he makes. And he’s certainly not abashed at the fact that he’s a 40 year old virgin either. Maybe he hates those girls so much because they came close to ruining his proud identity of being an aspie virgin?

    And what about this for a comment?

    And would take a lot of very gentle healing. if I hadn’t become a Christian at 17… I’d have killed myself.
    It’s taken me 30 years to be able to open up… but I was suicidally overeating…
    When all the man-bad-woman-perfect messages are internalised to that extent from the first time around in the 1980s, you have a bloke who daren’t even THINK about women at all…
    As the testosterone falls off after age 43, the self-disgust and self-hate fades a little.
    I had to actively desexualise everything in order to deal with any woman or girl as safe.
    But in order to overlay the painful memories of being brought off for female malicious entertainment – would take VERY careful and mindful work by a VERY responsibly-minded woman.

    Also seems to be confused as to whether it was women or girls that ‘abused’ him.

  21. The other day – the 8th January – would have been the 80th birthday of the Elvis. That put me in mind of the fact that Elvis met and was captivated by Priscilla in Germany in 1959 when she was fourteen and a third years of age. Elvis was ten years older than Priscilla. Clearly Elvis is a paedo whose recordings and movies need to be airbrushed out of history; and deserves two years in prison for sending Priscilla a sexual message – what that message was I don’t know but they married so he must have sent it. Apparently Elvis was so bowled over by Priscilla that he was at first tongue-tied in her presence – so much for power equilibrium.

  22. Antifeminist:
    The one thing that the Moslems do have in their favor is that they understand gender polarity. LOL

  23. Opus:
    There are some people in the US who believe Elvis isn’t really dead. Maybe he’s gone into hiding for the reasons you mentioned.

    It’s amazing how just a few years ago, our culture celebrated guys like Elvis and applauded them for making such a good catch. Now they’d be burned at the stake. If my great-grandfathers had listened to the paedocrites, I wouldn’t be here— my grandfather got a 17 y/o and my great-grandmothers were 15 and 16 respectively. So much for all the Fathers Rights talk about teenagers not being able to be good mothers LOL

  24. “I had to actively desexualize everything in order to deal with any girl or woman as safe.”

    This should become the MHRM’s motto.

  25. LOL Eric!

    Yes, the blatant hypocrisy and rewriting of even modern history – let alone the rest of time immortal – never ceases to stagger.

  26. I’ve never understood why Elvis still gets a free pass. I mean it’s common knowledge that he was heavily attracted to young teenage girls – and not just Priscilla.

    Maybe we’ll see an 70 year old hag come out of the woodwork soon and tell us how Elvis ‘took advantage of her’ when she was 14, causing her alcoholism, weed addiction, obesity, divorces and failed marriages to thugs etc.etc. and the floodgates will open with compensation claims against his estate..


  27. The Dude:
    It wasn’t only Elvis; going through some of the music archives, it’s amazing how much of the songs from the 60s and 70s were blatantly anti-paedohysteria. Here’s another one:


    There’s no doubt from the lyrics that he found a ‘keeper’ among his teenaged groupies. As far as I know, this one wasn’t banned like the last one I found, but I haven’t heard it on the radio in years so I’m assuming it’s on a blacklist somewhere…

  28. @Eric

    Great Great Grandmother Opus had her first child at fifteen. I too come from a long line of Paedos.

    If one goes back, say, forty years, everyone knew that the legal age of consent was sixteen, however no one, and when I say no one that would include the most upright and law-abiding of Professional, Tory-voting, middle class parents, regarded the age of consent as anything more than a useful marker where a couple of years either side was equally acceptable. In those days, females married young and often to their first boyfriend, and what mattered far more to parents than a strict interpretation of the Sexual Offences Act, was not what age their daughter then was – the great thing about the impediment of youth being that time may be relied upon to rectify its defects – but whether the girl’s boyfriend was the sort of man who might make a good husband and father. Marriage not Puritanism was the concern. If the boy was not a biker, drug-addict (much feared at the time) or otherwise ne’er-do-well, the last thing the parents wanted to do was to break up the relationship, for fear the girl would go off with an undesirable. Anyway, parents did not enquire too closely as to whether their daughter was sexually active: that was a matter for the girl, as much as was her wardrobe, make-up or hairstyle. In the arms race between girls, to be without a boyfriend was a sign that the girl was undesirable or even worse might be a ‘lezzie’. Girls therefore wanted a boyfriend and girls tend to prefer older males.

    The Teeny-bopper was thus a girl aged say between thirteen and sixteen – to put it in business terms – a girl coming on to the market and getting to know its ways. The invention of Radio 1 (and its endless songs dealing with the questions and problems of love and dating) was regarded as a much belated recognition of the interests and needs of teenagers, and the previous attitudes of the BBC were regarded as unacceptably oppresive and controlling. It thus amazes me to have lived to an age when all of that has been turned on its head and where what had once been regarded as liberating and joyful is now seen as evil and abusive, such that apartheid, once much criticised is now being enforced and surely far more viciously between the young and the older than once in South Africa.

    Feminazis are to government what rats are to food supplies and like all vermin (and their mangina supporters) need to be eradicated (removed from positions of power).

  29. Opus:
    That is all very true and it was the same once in America. We never had a national AOC law like the UK, it varies by state and some state laws still reflect what we used to have. However, the problem over here is that the femihag establishment at the national level enforces a higher AOC through various convoluted legal mechanisms. That’s one advantage (if you can call it that) that the UK and Commonwealth Countries have—at least your paedohysterical laws are clearly defined and you know what the boundaries are; in America you’re constantly in legal grey areas, which if a guy gets in trouble for something, equates to him having to prove his innocence.

    There was a case in Montana recently that showed that even when a man does prove his innocence, mob rule can take over and thwart the legal process.

    And as you rightly pointed out, the mere fact that men and women fall in love becomes a legal issue in the first place is a symptom that the culture has rotted from the inside out. What the femihags are doing reminds me of Cambodia under Pol Pot, when the government there went so far as to establish ‘mating seasons’ for people and it was a criminal offense to flirt except at approved times.

  30. I sure hope that the Japanese don’t let the West influence their policies on this. There’s nothing wrong with 2D loli content, pornographic or not.

  31. It was a ping (because he linked to my article), not a comment. I approved it because readers might be interested in his article. Personally I don’t visit his site anymore.

  32. @theantifeminist, Yeah sorry I realized it was a pingback (that you have no say about) after I sent my comment. I never go there either – mainly because he lets any Tom, Dick or Harri(et) leave any ol’ comment there without challenging any of them.

  33. HS still has an occasional good article, but it seems like he piggybacks off this site as well: IOW, I read a lot of the same stories there as here. At least he hasn’t gone the MHRM route and still stays the line on issues like paedohysteria.

  34. and still stays the line on issues like paedohysteria.

    That’s not entirely the case. In a recent article he discusses the Rotherham Pakistani ‘grooming’ scandal in which 1400 white teenage girls were allegedly ‘groomed’ and ‘raped’ by middle-aged muslim men in one small English town. All of a sudden he seems to accept the feminist narrative and definitions of ‘rape’ ‘child’ etc without question, just so he can express his hatred of non-whites. Somebody pulled him up on it in the comments but he didn’t reply.

    And recall that one of the reasons I banned him from here was because one day he would be getting paedocritical with us and claiming that (unlike us) he was happy with the current age of consent and only had problems with ‘draconian punishments’ etc, the next day he would be posting comments saying the age of consent should be abolished alltogether and that sex with infants was ‘harmless’.

  35. Boris Johnson says that Islamic extemists are ‘sexual losers who look at porn’ :


    I used to like Boris and he’s one of the few politicians to have ever spoken out against paedohysteria but the porn shaming here is a bit sick.

    Hasn’t he considered that a lot of men look at porn because THEY are rejecting WOMEN? In fact, that this is why the femihags and his femiservative hag colleagues are so eager to ban it?

    He’s right that Islamists are obviously sexual losers, but perhaps we should be trying to create a society that has less sexual losers instead of criminalizing male sexuality and opportunities at every turn.

    Islamists might look at porn, just like EVERY man looks at porn. Of course, Islamists are therefore sickening hypocrites, just like most religious men.

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