Are Most MRAs Who Support Feminist ‘Child Sex’ Abuse Laws Paedophiles?

Hannah Wallen MRA Honey Badger
Hannah Wallen, male rape advocate – ‘Any man finding 17 year old girls attractive should be anally raped’

I recently here provided evidence that resistance to feminist inflated and absurd ‘child sex abuse’ laws has always been part of the men’s rights movement. Looking at this in an unbiased and cool headed way, this should be so natural and obvious that it requires no further explanation. Feminist laws on ‘paedophilia’, ‘child porn’, and the age of consent, obviously target men, lead to millions of men being imprisoned, fearing imprisonment, shamed, or taking their own lives. Such feminist laws also clearly further feminist self-interest, in removing sexual competition and serving to demonize men and male sexuality. MRAs can see this perfectly when it comes to feminist laws against, definitions of, and opposition to (adult) rape, sex bots, MGTOW culture, prostitution etc, yet bizarrely assume that feminists are acting from noble selfless motives when it comes to their incessant ‘child protection’ laws.

Keeping silent on feminist age of consent and ‘child sex abuse’ laws is a complete contradiction for somebody identifying as a ‘men’s rights activist’. It is also wildly inconsistent with the promotion of other causes as leading men’s rights issues. For example, I have pointed out that age of consent laws (including ‘child porn’ and the rest) lead to the anal rapes in prison cells of thousands if not tens of thousands of men in the USA alone. This number is likely 100 times more than the amount of men ‘raped’ by women. We know it is more than the total number of women that are raped in the USA, and MRAs sometimes have pointed this out (and as being the real ‘rape culture’ in the USA). But the cause of this prison rape epidemic – the million American men on the sex offender’s register for breaking feminist sex laws, is completely off topic aside from the issue of false accusations.  Hannah Wallen and Paul Elam even openly declare their support for millions more men to be potentially raped in prison through the raising of the age of consent even beyond their current high ages. And yet ‘male rape’ is supposedly one of the leading men’s rights issues, and in fact for the ‘Honey Badgers’ and Paul Elam, it seems to be the leading issue by far.

Similarly, it is almost impossible to read the news for a week without learning of some guy facing trial for ‘child porn’ offences or a historical ‘child sex’ offence committing suicide. In other words, men are killing themselves every day because of feminist child sex laws that were either introduced in the last 20 years or whose punishments have been raised by feminist lobbying in the last 20 years. This likely explains the rise in the male suicide rate over the last twenty years almost completely, something which is often held by MRAs to be the leading men’s rights issue., just as it almost completely explains the overcrowding in UK prisons. Yet not only is the likely cause of the rise in the male suicide rate – feminist child sex laws – completely ignored by other MRAs, those of us who do discuss it are denounced by the rest as ‘pedo apologists’!

The biggest irony and contradiction is that as feminist laws and definitions of paedophilia and child sex abuse become ever more absurd and draconian, and harm more and more millions of ordinary men, the less MRAs are willing to see these things as valid men’s rights issues, and the more willing they are to violently denounce the few MRAs such as myself and Eivind Berge as ‘pedo acceptance advocates’ for even raising these issues.


Can there be any explanation other than the obvious one – that these MRAs are simply covering their own backs and fearful that they could be exposed to internet monitoring etc which would put them in danger of prosecution? Perhaps young MRAs who have been brought up since birth under paedohysteria cannot even summon the conceptual framework to see the feminist hand behind these laws, they have been so brainwashed. Older MRAs certainly don’t have this excuse and must be able to remember a time before the current hysteria, when cool heads did debate these issues, before feminist driven hysteria made it impossible, as it has also only to a lesser extent, in the very same time frame, made the topics of rape, sexual harassment, domestic abuse very difficult to talk about rationally and publicly (as an anti-feminist).

I also should make clear that I don’t think for a moment that Paul Elam is a ‘pedo’, or at least no more than any normal man is, and would be certainly careful not to be breaking any feminist laws. He likely has the IQ to realize that a man of his ‘infamy’ is likely to be having his every move online and offline monitored, just as myself and Eivind Berge no doubt are, and have been for a number of years. In his case, a charitable excuse would be that as a high profile public MRA, he understandably doesn’t want to be branded a ‘paedophile apologist’, altough a more likely reason is his selfish interest in validating the feminist sex abuse industry which he personally is profiting from. No, what I’m talking about is the largely anonymous MRAs on Twitter and the like who so violently denounce myself and Eivind Berge as being ‘paedo apologists’ (and worse) whilst often themselves choosing anime avatars featuring skimpily dressed idealized pre-pubescent girls.

One argument frequently made is that such topics simply have to be off limits at least for now, while the Men’s Rights Movement is still establishing itself. This might have been valid several years ago, and I’ll hold my hands up and say that sometimes I haven’t been very tactful in approaching these matters (unlike, for example, Angry Harry). Some of my fellow MRAs who shared my views, were even less tactful, such as ‘Jay Hammers’. But this argument doesn’t hold water anymore now that the MRM has pretty much gone mainstream and is clearly here to stay. Further, that the ‘leader’ of the MRM during this time – Paul Elam – himself used similar inflammatory tactics to myself in order to wake men up from their White Knight slumber, including penning articles with titles such as ‘Bash a Bitch Week’, or making statements that a male member of a jury should NEVER believe a female rape victim. Would it really be so much more damaging to the Men’s Rights Movement, if Paul Elam had penned the occasional article attacking feminist ‘child porn’ laws that lead to men being imprisoned for looking at pictures of women in bikinis with small breasts etc.?

Compare with feminists and their complete lack of reluctance to openly speak against ‘child protection’ laws if they harm women’s interests – namely, the subject of abortion.

Jessica Valenti and millions of feminists across the world can openly proclaim the right to kill the vulnerable children growing inside of them and completely dependent upon them, as easily as swallowing candy, as a leading women’s rights issue.

On the other hand, if an MRA proffers the opinion that it is wrong for men to be imprisoned under feminist laws for messaging a 17 year old ‘girl’ and telling her she is hot, then such MRAs are condemned by the majority of their brothers as ‘pedo acceptance advocates’.

We might also consider whether the men’s rights movement has actively been infiltrated by paedophiles – that is, hardcore paedocrites, especially homosexual pederasts? We know that the MRM has certainly been infiltrated by feminists calling themselves the Honey Badgers, seeking to validate feminist sex abuse laws with the help of useful idiots like Paul Elam’. Sadistic, violent homosexual paedophiles may have been attracted by the MHRA/Honey Badger obsession with the rape of boys, as well as the David Futrelle Salo scandal, like flies to a shit smeared honey pot. It has to be noted that a number of high profile homosexual MHRAs have in the past few years began work as therapists for ‘abused boys’ (boys supposedly sexually abused and raped by women). One such MHRA who personally accused myself of being a paedophile, has even tried to set up a ‘men’s rights religion’ in Thailand, inviting local impoverished males of all ages to join him in some kind of communal woman free existence.

Hannah Wallen Feminist MRA
Hannah Wallen – Feminists don’t need feminism. Not when they have the ‘Men’s Rights Movement’ to validate feminist sex laws

I often quote the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein in relation to the tactics a genuine MRA should pursue if he has real concerns that these issues are indeed too inflammatory in the current climate. ‘That which we cannot speak of, we must remain silent on’. If you call yourself an MRA, and yet can’t even manage that, and have to vehemently condemn and make accusations against those brave enough to speak out and who have nothing to hide….well, it’s a little too obvious mate.

‘Take him instead of me..He’s the one you want…he’s the thought criminal..’ (1984)