Are All Male Feminists Sex Predators, Paedophiles, and Rapists?

Are all male feminists sex predators, paedophiles, and rapists?  I’m beginning to think, at the very least, that any self-identified ‘male feminist’, and certainly those who make a career out of that identity, should be placed on some kind of FBI watch list.

Hugo Schwyzer is the latest mangina to be exposed as someone unable to keep it in his pants – at least when vulnerable pussy is there for a beta male penis to take advantage of.  Having sex with your students would normally count as a perk of the job in my anti-feminist eyes, but when the man doing the boning has bought into the sexual trade union ideology of ‘power structures rendering consent impossible’, and such crap, then it does mean your actions are effectively those of a self-confessed rapist.

david futrelle mangina
David Futrelle

As part of his role as a full-time mangina, Hugo had also been enthusiastically organising young females into taking part in ‘slut walks’.  Another ‘perk of the job’, I guess.  This is eerily reminiscent of another leading male feminist – David Futrelle –  and his use of blogging as a thinly disguised means to arrange ‘meet-ups’ with his female readers, some of whom are clearly vulnerable, mentally disturbed, or even children.  This is a guy who has described a grown man’s fantasy of sexually assaulting a boy as ‘tender and erotic’ and who spent much of his early career as a radical statutory rape apologist and child abuse denier.  It also brings to mind infamous blogger Kyle Payne, who used his identity as a prominant male feminist to land a role as a student counsellor – and to subsequently film himself violating one of his passed out teenage charges when he was still unable to get laid.  The fervent anti-porn activist is now back in prison for fapping off to child pornography whilst on probation.

It’s long been known suspected in the men’s rights community that male feminism is simply an omega male mating strategy for the sexually frustrated.  Add to that the obvious deep-rooted psychological issues that these self-hating, white, middle-class nerds clearly possess, and you have a roll call of tragedies just waiting to play themselves out.

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  1. Mangina’s are gender traitors. No mercy. Us or them. Do not underestimate them or you are already nailed while they get to perv as they wish, don’t give them the chance, to be sold out by your own gender. And they should only be seen as someone who has sold out.

  2. Don’t forget he cuckolded his friend who is rising his child believing is his.

    Tried to kill his girlfriend, accordion to some some students hi uses some drugs.


    After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?

    Abortion is largely accepted even for reasons that do not have anything to do with the fetus’ health. By showing that (1) both fetuses and newborns do not have the same moral status as actual persons, (2) the fact that both are potential persons is morally irrelevant and (3) adoption is not always in the best interest of actual people, the authors argue that what we call ‘after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled.

  4. I have believed for many years that men who claim to hate ‘sexually different’ people such as homosexuals and indeed sex predators or paedophiles and feel obliged to demonstrate their contempt of them in various ways such as organizing vigilante groups, i.e. ‘lynch-mobs’ and publicly ridiculing, enacting extreme physical violence or even homicide; or the ones who merely publicly call for the same by posting comments on websites and blogs are ALL doing so because they fear their own similar tendencies might be exposed.
    In the case of those that are always persecuting and bullying paedopiles, I believe most, if not ALL of them really are ‘paedos’ themsleves and let’s face it: under today’s PC new definition of the word, that means just about: any sexually normal man!
    This could account for the rapid intensification of the paedo-hysteria that is ruining our society (not to mention the personal ruination of millions of innocent men’s lives and the lives of their loved ones).
    The manginas are the same, only a lot worse and more dangerous.
    Whilst it is not likely that these mangina (paedocrites) would actually go about and bash or kill paedophiles directly (they are a lot smarter, thus more cunning like foxes), they do however (proclaim to) strongly advocate the dominat narratives concerning them, as well as support all other farcical and misandrous sexual trade union dogmas and ideologies. For the SAME REASONS as the less intelligent and more ‘physical’ paedocrites described above: To HIDE their own SIMILAR sexual tendencies that they claim to abhor.
    All three of the manginas discussed above are testimony to this human behavioral phenomenon and one should not need a degree in psychology to see right through it.

    So, to answer the question that is the title of this thread:
    Are All Male Feminists Sex Predators, Paedophiles, or Worse?
    I say: Yes.
    If you analyse the term ‘male feminist’ properly, it is a contradiction or actually: a paradox anyway. There cannot really be such a thing…

  5. Everything in our sick society that the vast majority eventually accept and then take for granted, began with something new at sometime – a classic example in the context of blog is the origin of paedo-hysteria and the associated demonization, thence criminalization of normal male sexuality.

    The discussion highlighted above looks very disturbingly like what could easily be the ‘humble beginnings’ of euthenasia or worse: a possible mandate for could once it is initially passed and publicly accepted: genocide.
    Rememeber, with everything feminists started it all looks quite harmless and justified initially, however, once they succeed in winning acceptance for something, they then progressively increase the scope of it. I.e age of consent laws – slowly but surely raising the bar (increasing the age of) on that particularly powerful law which does nothing more than restrict men’s sexual freedom. Another good one and currently a hot topic here is prostitution laws, which are conveniently linked with the age of consent laws (or soon will be in the UK at least).
    Now this one related to justified murder of babies looks like it could well be the start of real misandrous genocidal action (which they’ve been wanting all along).
    If this FRIGHTENING proposal is ever approved, whose willing to bet that the next step will not be the culling (killing) of only MALE babies?

    theantifeminist has already made quite an issue out of how that disgusting individual and mangina paedocrite: David Futrelle supports these views entirely and of the way he trvializes what he proclaims should be a woman’s right to choose to commit such heartless infantacide, as equivalent in terms of its importance as a choice: to what colour sofa she would choose to buy for her lounge-room!

    We MUST VEHEMENTLY OPPOSE even the mere discussion of any topics that in any way support infantacide for any reason. Abortion is one thing, but legalized murder of a normal, healthy human-being is quite another!

  6. I have on the odd occasion exposed a few myself and they have indeed demonstrated that they are closet practioners. One particular male feminist had a few images on his site where he supported porn and also BDSM activity. One cannot have any clearer indication than that..

  7. I totally agree with Alan’s comments that those who protest to extremes about, say, pedophilia are hoping to head off any suspicion about their own preferences.

    But I also wonder if the type of people who gather outside court houses and wave nooses around or yell out demands that the accused be castrated etc, are simply looking for a socially acceptable excuse to bully and intimidate someone. Such people often seem desperate to be seen as fearsome thugs – a pretty sure sign that they are chicken shit and secretly know it. Yelling threats at some 68 year old guy about to be jailed for looking at pictures of 17 year old models makes pea-brained thugs feel like heroes. They probably bash their own kids senseless for the same reasons.

  8. It’s not a co-incidence that paedohysteria began almost immediately after homosexuality had become, more or less, fully accepted in society.

    Political correctness has made all the traditional targets of the mob – homosexuals, blacks, Jews etc protected species. But the establishment knows that the mob has to have some outsider group left to hate. And if feminists can define paedophiles as anyone who has sexy thoughts towards 17 year old young adults, then so much the better.

    Notice that we hate primarily ‘paedophiles’ rather than ‘child abusers’. That’s why the media love the phrase ‘convicted paedophile’. It’s important for them to remind us that we are hating peadophiles for what they are, not what they actually have done. And it’s also a reminder to all the men watching or reading that they too could be a ‘convicted paedophile’ if they don’t suppress the thoughts inside their heads of sexy teenage girls – thoughts that 95% of the male population have at least occasionally.

  9. Deano,
    Yes it’s sickening alright. This is classic ‘scape-goating’ and you’re right about the mentality of the people who actually bother with this style of persecution.
    If you have time one day, visit Inqusition 21
    The author of that very informative site explains here this disturbing yet ancient human trait and how it still prevails in today’s modern (21st century) Inquisition and just as you’ve pointed out in your example of a 68 year old harmless man, how stupid and naive people are.
    Anyone that shows signs of being ‘worse than them’, they like to ridicule and bully to make their otherwise worthless lives look better.
    It makes me sick to think that I live and work in a society that is populated with such brainless (or indeed ‘pea-brained’), not to mention heartless and cruel: ignorant fools.
    I’d love to see somebody ‘set-up’ one or two of them say by planting some child-porn on their computers and reporting it to the ‘thought police’, then wait outside the court and make fun of them as they’re carted off to prison for a few years of ‘alternative sexuality’…

  10. @MRA,
    OF COURSE I DON’T think they are sexually attractive!
    What do you think I am?
    A ‘Paedophile’? !!!
    (I have to lie and say that because I don’t want the Thought Police dragging me outta bed at 4:00 am)…
    So: the Daily Mail are now also another Thought Police ‘entrapment website’.
    They don’t play fair do they..?

  11. Alan – yes I check out Inquisition 21 from time to time. It’s amazing to read of the injustices carried out by the ‘justice system’ that the mainstream media carefully ignore.

  12. Look how the write “in the making” like they are not attractive yet.

    I think the age of consent will be rise so mush that middle age women will become the new “barely legal”.

    Model industry is very hysterical about models hired under 16, when most of model start at 13, they want to force the hysteria so mush that 18 will become the legal age of start modeling for agencies,

  13. it’s not uncommon for those who publicly stand for “morals” and “decency”, or even manginas obsequiously propagating feminazi ideology to get caught (literally) with their pants down.

    Just think of all the “anti-gay” crusaders of the American Christian Right who routinely get caught getting head from rent boys in public restrooms.

    On another issue, sorta semi-related:

    In the German Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, the Berlin-Tiergarten District Court has recently ruled that publicly referring to the Catholic Church as a “Kinderfickersekte” (literally: child f*ckers sect) is not against the law.

    According to a recent decision by the Berlin-Tiergarten District Court, the Catholic Church may be referred to using the term “child f*ckers sect”. Catholic Christians would therefore be members of a child f*ckers sect – and the Pope would be the head of a criminal organization. Berlin’s Chief of Police and the District Attorney’s office had brought charges against Jörg Kantel, owner of the web site “Schockwellenreiter” because he had slandered the Catholic Church with this slur; the District Attorney based the accusations on §166 of the German Penal Code (insults based on religion). But the judge refused to initiate main proceedings.

    The court founded its de-facto, albeit non-final acquittal ruling on the fact that “there are indeed fierce public debates taking place relating to abuse in the Catholic Church”. The ruling was “due to the abundance of cases of abuse by Catholic clerics and other employees of the Catholic Church that have come to light in the last two years”. Therefore, the term “child f*ckers sect” would not be appropriate to “disturb public peace”, and therefore no criminal offense according to §166 Penal Code (religious insults) took place.

    (translation mine)

    Imagine that.

    Here we have another despicable institution which publicly advocates deeply sex-hostile medieval mores, while pedophilic priest in its service have committed unspeakable sickening acts of sexual abuse against children behind church and boarding school walls.


    The lowest rating comments are the best, specially..
    “I think the mother is just jellus, the mother is prettier. and she was mad that he didn’t hit on her, woman are like that
    – Akira Yoshimoto, Amsterdam, 1/3/2012 14:04

    “maybe mommy is jeaulous…
    – rick, atlanta, georgia, USA, 2/3/2012 7:09″

    And the more rational one

    You guys need to relax! This type of relationship has been historically accepted for hundred if not thousands of years. Franklin and Jefferson dated women who were like 50 years younger than they were. Also, women age faster then men. In about 10 years she will look like his mum.
    – Bobroberts, California, US, 1/3/2012 19:37”

  15. Greetings from across the pond. Very pleased to learn of this excellent site. If you could show the URLs of my blog or my book publishing side that would be really appreciated. Oh, and I’ve written three books (so far) on the scourge of feminism in the modern era:

    David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman? (2010)
    The Glass Ceiling Delusion (2011)
    Feminism: the ugly truth (2012)

    Several more titles in the pipeline…

  16. Robert Trivers, one of the most well known sociobiologists during the 1970’s, suggests that it’s a form of self deception. Along those lines, the results of a study on homophobia found that homophobic men achieved more tumescence in their penises than non-homophobes when watching gay porn. I suspect, like yourself, that it goes well beyond homophobia and includes such phenomena as pedophilia.

  17. I suspect, like yourself, that it goes well beyond homophobia and includes such phenomena as pedophilia.

    Yes I have read his report, and agree the results from the same experiment if conducted on men that claim to hate paedophiles, would show alarming levels of sexual arousal if they were similarly connected to a plethysmograph and shown child-porn. Ironically, Robert Trivers or any of his peers have been able to find any volunteers for this experiment yet, which really tells us as much as what the experiment would most likely prove anyway…

  18. Ironically, Robert Trivers or any of his peers have been able to find any volunteers for this experiment yet,…

    Sorry I meant: Ironically, Robert Trivers or any of his peers have been UNable to find any volunteers for this experiment yet,…

  19. It appears that an ex-wife of Morris Dees, the founder of the Southern Poverty Law Group – the organisation that recently declared the MRM to be a hate group, accused him of having a sexual and inappropriate interest in his own underage daughter.

    Of course, it could have been a false allegation – in which case surely he wouldn’t label groups that fight against false accusations and the sex abuse hysteria that leads to them as ‘hate groups’?

    This is also an interesting link :

  20. Meanwhile even a cultural Marxist newspaper like the New York Times has titles like this one : “Puberty Before Age 10: A New ‘Normal’?”

    Note that this is only about girls. Boys do not make interesting news. The article, of course, totally ignores the real significance of puberty, i.e. Mother Nature telling “it’s time to (have sex in order to) reproduce”. Instead, according to the article, girls should be instructed on how to hide the fact they’re menstruating.

    The silver lining is this: Mother Nature, Mother Earth and the Physical Laws of the Universe don’t care shit about feminists and the laws of Man.

  21. Yep, I’ve always maintained that FACT of life and I’ve even expressed it here and a couple of other blogs and in an online newspaper comments section: you cannot legislate against mother nature! Simple.
    In other words: anyone who says that a man who experiences an erection at the sight of a sexy (POST pubescent) 12 or more y/o girl is a paedo, a predator, or whatever is a PAEDOCRITE and if not, he either has no balls (literally) or he’s a homosexual.
    If the latter, he would very likely be aroused at the sight of a 12+ y/o BOY anyway..
    I therefore believe that the sexual trade union are fully aware of this fact and they have taken advantage of it.
    They KNOW that men cannot help being attracted to young, nubile & fertile women and by demonizing and CRIMINALIZING that behaviour that NOBODY can prevent, they KNOW that they can potentially ruin – destroy almost all men in the world.
    It just beats me, how only a few of us (and a lot of us are found leaving our views on blogs / forums like this one) seem to be aware of what their real agenda is…

  22. “Men” like Futrelle should be kept under close watch because he’s the fat omega type who fiddles around with kids, and I mean real kids not 16 year old girls. He’s creepy and weird just like the wacko lesbians, shemales and freaks on his boobsite. You can tell everything about someone by the friends and acquaintances they have. Futrelle’s followers are all freaks and perverts of both sexes and many don’t even know what sex they are., believe it or not. And when you combine this with utter stupidity you have a recipe for some serious trouble.

  23. Jack:
    Actually this NYT ‘revelation’ is something that doctors have known for centuries, that female adolescence is typically from 10-14 years old. But that want to sweep science under the rug; because their feminist overlords don’t want anyone to draw the obvious conclusions from these facts.

  24. And as you pointed out (and reminded me) recently Eric, even some of those femi-hags writing their bigotted, misandric thoughts about this very topic on blogs like Radfem Hub, would no doubt also have ancestors that were legally married with children when they were well under the CURRENT age of consent. I.e. 14 and 15 year old girls married to 16 year old boys…
    Now: any MAN even THINKING about such relationships (i.e possessing ‘child’-porn) is a dangerous paedophilic predator who deserves not less than a minimum sentence of 10 years of sodomy and rape, daily beatings (in prison) and total rejection by society for the rest of his (not to mention his family’s) life, by being registered on public sex-offender registries…
    That is a man is given a much more severe sentence than a violent rapist or even a murderer for THOUGHT crime.

  25. Alan:
    The more I learn about Futrelle, the less he appears as an ‘amiable dunce’ or a ‘useful idiot’. It’s looking more and more like certain interests are pulling his wires and casually overlooking some of his ‘eccentricities’ in exchange for his value as an asset.

  26. Pell:
    You know, I was thinking how closely that description also matches Futrelle’s bosom-buddy, Richard Cohen of the SPLC. That’s another creepy, weird dude that people should keep their eye on.


    Yea, right. Like Kyle Payne, I doubt even if a rape and child porn conviction would stop him seeking female attention through feminist blogging. He’s also been on the phone to feminists claiming that he’s attempted suicide.

    A fine example of what a creepy bitch this guy is:

    “Men’s rage about sexual harassment regulations and “creep-shaming” may well be rooted in an unwillingness to accept these cultural changes that have given women unprecedented power to say “no” to the lecherous and the predatory. Complaints that unattractive, socially awkward men are unfairly labeled “creepy” miss the point. “Creepy” describes having “the creeps;” it’s a word that centers on women’s own feelings. It’s no more “unfair” for Ashley the hypothetical barista to be “creeped out” by the advances of an older, unappealing co-worker than it is for her to be excited by the same approach from the man to whom she’s attracted.”

  28. Antifeminist:
    Did you notice also on Schwyzer’s ‘Goodbye’ article the catalogue of narcotics he was taking? I think you’re right about the female-attention grabbing: he comes across like one of those dope-dealing street scum who hit on girls with a fake bravado and then whine about all his troubles to them. Pfffft.

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