Anti-Feminist Reading

Essential Books :

The Woman Racket (Steve Moxon) – Explains why and how women have the power in society in terms of evolutionary psychology and a plethora of well researched facts, figures, and arguments.

The Myth of Male Power (Warren Farrell)

The Second Sexism (David Benetar)

No More Sex War (Neil Lyndon)

Sites to bookmark :

Angry Harry – Father of the online men’s rights movement. Not updating so often these days but a massive archive of essential reading that will keep you going for weeks.

Reddit Men’s Rights – full of trolls, anti-sex positive views, and suspect moderation policies, but still an essential resource and the largest and fastest growing men’s rights community online.

Essential Online Articles, PDFs etc :

Angry Harry’s Guide to Feminist Nonsense for Students

Why Feminism is Illogical, Unnecessary, and Evil (Satoshi Kanazawa )

Sexual Economics (Famous Baumeister study for you aspies)  (see also

12 thoughts on “Anti-Feminist Reading”

  1. Hello and warm greetings from a fellow male of the species!

    I’m sorry to admit to being one of your numerous ‘lurkers’ who has up until now not left a comment. I’m ashamed to say out of cowardice and laziness. I really hope you read this comment – it was the only place on the site I could find after you disabled the comments function. I greatly appreciate all of the work you’ve done over the years. I stumbled across your site about a year ago while researching the the subject of ‘feminism’ and have read with great interest many of the articles you’ve published. The tone has at times been somewhat caustic (which by the way I can fully understand) but in essence I agree with just about all of what you have written. I also greatly admire your courage in doing so in these dangerous and depressing cultural times. Modern dogmatic politicized feminism really has turned out to be a truly malignant force in the modern western culture – not that it (western culture) was ever perfect but that is a different subject and in no way justifies the utterly irrational, hateful and destructive force that feminism has been in the 20th and 21st centuries. Although its wrath has been aimed at men – and it has certainly ruined the lives of countless men (and no doubt will continue to ruin the lives of countless more before this madness ends) it has also inadvertently damaged the lives of a great many women. I can fully understand if you do not wish to continue with the site but would urge you nevertheless to rethink your position and keep it going for the sake of ‘man’ and ultimately ‘humankind’ – even if you don’t have the time, energy or inclination to post many new articles. It remains a very valuable resource.

    Warm regards and best wishes for the future


  2. Glad you’re back too—I was so desperate I nearly started commenting on Reddit! LOL

    I’ll bet there are a lot of depressed MHRM guys now…

    In the meantime, I think we broke the record for a comment thread at HS’ blog!

  3. Thanks Eric! To be honest, I’m not sure I am actually back yet – there’s simply no settings in the control panel to enable me to switch off comments for pages (as I can for articles) LOL!

    I have enabled comments for the ‘photos from Eastern Europe’ post.

    I probably am back however, or shortly will be – I was finding I was commenting just as much at places like Human-Stupidity, and even worse, reddit, so I may as well be commenting back here where I can at least kick out the trolls, hahaha….

  4. The book about “The Myth About Male Power” by Farrell is a classic and must read.
    “Manipulated Man” by Esther Vilar, it is a very old book and from the 70’s, but it is still brilliant book and it opened my eyes, that the media and feminists tries to totally exploits men, and force women into the unhealthy. It is a total industry selling lies about the so-called “patriarchy”, which never existed. It people check marketing websites and book, then it is not a surprise, that feminists are suddenly talking about Pantene is such a “great” feministic product, it is produced by the Procter Gamble company, which donate to $102,000,000 to Planned Parenthood each year. Why the femihags praised the PG and trashed the Dove campaign. But no one the important questioned, why the femihags tried to hype the PG and not the Dove commercial. It all comes down to money and exploiting people, always follow the money stream and connections. The Gamble family was always close related to the femihags, because the matriarchy and queen of anti-science Eliza Burt Gamble hated Charles Darwin and his work. The femihags hatred towards science and quest for being completely ignorant, it is chocking, it is like they want to live in the Stone Ages etc.
    2 of my pro-masculinity pages was hacked by an disgusting man-hating pro-feminazi belonging to the US Kimmel brache, so have to fix it.

  5. The Obama administrations’ Pentagon has reversed policy on assigning women to land combat operations by taking incremental steps to implement the recommendations of the “Military Leadership Diversity Commission.”

    The MLDC, largely composed of equal opportunity experts, has recommended policy changes that would treat the military like just any other ‘equal opportunity’ employer. To advance ‘diversity metrics’ for female personnel, the commission has recommended policies that weaken or eliminate women’s exemptions from assignments in direct ground combat battalions. These include ‘tip of the spear’ Army and Marine infantry battalions and Special Operations Forces. In addition to a lack of common sense, and faulty logic, such guideline writers show very limited understanding of human sexuality, group psychology, and the nature of armies at war.

    For some time our armed forces have been the victim of social experiments in political correctness which have undermined morale, discipline, group cohesion, and esprit de corp. Placing healthy young men and women, in their sexual prime, together in close quarters, has already had predictable results, as can be seen in the case of the marine who recently became a mother on board an assault ship in a combat zone.

    We have seen boys and girls together, acting out sexually in vivid pictures from the Iraqi prisons scandal. Young people with weapons in a lawless context, with emotions running high and the normal restraints of society not in place; with their natural sexual drives at their peak, invite sexual attraction and its consequences. Romantic entanglements, shifting alliances, jealousies, betrayal and loss, are all potential consequences of sexual and love affairs which threaten the very group cohesion of that band of brothers who are essential to a military, and especially, a combat unit.

    This absurd bow to the radical feminists would be chalked up to one more set-back to common sense—if it weren’t so important.

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