Anti-Feminist Hero Chris Brand Has Passed Away

Another anti-feminist hero has passed away, I sadly learnt yesterday. Chris Brand, the former professor of psychology at Edinburgh university, and whose writings from his political blog (which might be the oldest online) I re-posted here many times, died from an apparent infection whilst in hospital earlier this year.

Chris Brand AntiFeministChris Brand was one of the leading voices against feminist political correctness as regards differences between the sexes, race, immigration, and paedohysteria (he is actually the person who coined that term). Even more than Angry Harry, he is the individual who inspired me to start this website. Brand was a leading academic and professor at Edinburgh university when he was sacked from his post for his politically incorrect pronouncments which had become too much for the left-wing Cultural Marxist dominated staff at the university. In particular, he had made the claim that consensual sex between an above average intelligent teenager and an older person would result in no harm to the youngster. This was in the context of his support for a Scandinavian Nobel Prize winner who had been imprisoned for ‘sexually abusing’ teens. As well as this, he had become increasingly controversial in his publicizing of the idea that differences in intelligence were largely genetic, and that this explained differences in IQ between races.

It was in response to his dismissal at Edinburgh University, in the late 1990’s, that Chris Brand started publishing a ‘diary’ online of his persecution for ‘politically incorrect’ thoughts. Arguably, it should be preservered not only for the significance and acumen of its political arguments and observations, but because it might well have been the very first political ‘blog’ online.

Chris Brand died aged 73 after a long and fearless intellectual life. He leaves behind a much younger and very good looking Asian wife. Chris Brand never called himself an ‘MRA’ and I’m not sure what he thought of the men’s rights movement, but he was certainly aware of this blog and he was most certainly more of an MRA than the fakes and charlatans who have taken over the movement in the last several years. Another true anti-feminist is gone and we can only hope that the likes of him and Angry Harry will continue to inspire others to follow in their footsteps, despite the current climate.

For a taste of just how politically incorrect he was on the subject of paedohysteria, and how distant he was from the feminist ‘Honey Badger’ fake MRAs that infiltrate and infest our movement today, here is a sample of his writings from 2014.


In days of violent paedohysteria, celebrities were understandably reluctant to tell the public that they themselves had been the perfectly successful survivors of child sex with kindly adults. But ex-President multi-millionaire and heart-throb Bill Clinton had the job done for him by his wife. As Hillary Clinton readied herself to run for the White House in 2016, a Pullitzer prize-winning journaliste decided to back Hillary’s social-environmentalist sob story of how her hubby had been led astray by ably head-giving Monica Lewinsky.

Apparently Bill had been regularly ‘abused’ by his mother and thus felt a need to seek for his abuser even in the arms of the most unsuitable women…. (DailyTelegraph, 25 vii).

{It was, of course, not unheard of or abnormal for mothers of the past to soothe their children with judicious masturbation; but what the Clintons would make of this story getting out remained to be seen. Bill himself had always been most fond of his mother, writing to her daily to keep her in touch with his considerable achievements.}

Similarly contravening paedohysteria, a Manchester crown court judge distinguished himself by falling asleep during the first day of evidence in a witch-hunt of ‘child abuse.’ The trial had thus to be abandoned and a new performance re-scheduled at the cost of £10K to taxpayers.

So shocking to paedo-hounders was the judge’s boredom that the story even got reported on BBC World Service news (26 vii, 09:00). {I would need to learn from this, since I myself was summoned for high court jury service in E’b*gger – my excuse that I had limited understanding of Glaswegian not having worked. I would have to stay awake, perhaps resting my head on my NHS-supplied walking stick.}

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