Anti-Feminism to Be Made Illegal in Europe on October 24th

Most of you have probably been made aware of this already :

The Eurocrats are going to vote on a new proposal to invent even more thought crimes that will apply across the continent (ironically, ‘supporting totalitarian ideology’ will be one of them). The Eurocrats have expressly included ‘anti-feminist’ thought as one of the new crimes that will lead to immediate state arrest. It goes without saying that this site will be no more if this is made into UK law (although this will take at least a year even if the proposal is passed in Brussels). The UK police will prioritize upholding any thought crime law protecting feminists as has been shown recently in the arrests over clearly fake threats against femihags on Twitter. If this passes into UK/EU law, I will have no choice but to retire this site, at least until I can escape to somewhere that still has a degree of freedom of thought.

I will highlight here Lucien’s excellent suggestions as to what we can do to possibly de-rail this proposed law :

What can you do now?

Since the next step in the foreseeable future is the discussion of this document in the Council of Ministers, the most effective thing that you can do is to start contacting members of your government, especially those that deal with social issues (who are more likely to represent your country in the Council when this document will be discussed) and tell them why do you think this document should be rejected altogether. We will also publish various scripts but it would be even better if you’d write them in you own words.

Also, check the official directory of the European Union[14] to get the name and the contacts of those officials from your country that regularly attend the meetings of the Council of Ministers and start with them.

There are countries that are due to hold elections (Germany comes to mind now). If you live in one of these countries that will hold elections in the next 12 months, do no hesitate to let your elected officials know that you will purposefully campaign against them if they uphold this document. Politicians don’t care about your freedoms or about men – but they do care about votes!

These kinds of documents are usually passed without the national parliaments even being asked. However, the national parliaments, if they’re notified by the citizens, can pass a resolution forcing the government to adopt a certain position under the threat of a censure motion (a motion that can sack the government). This is unlikely to happen in big countries such as Germany and France or in impeccably progressive countries like Sweden. However, in smaller countries, such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia or Luxembourg, this is quite feasible. This is an option for you to consider if you live in a country where this kind of activism has real chances of success. If this kind of activism succeeds even in one country – that’s a huge deal because in the Council of Ministers (unlike the European Parliament) each country gets an equal vote, as opposed to the European Parliament where countries have unequal numbers of representatives depending on their population.

Also, probably amongst the first thing that you should do is to familiarize yourself with the way the Council of the European Union (or the Council of Ministers) works[15].

Civil disobedience. Make a blog with anti-feminist content. You can start by making this issue known in your native tongue. This is crucial for the success in defeating this bill. Also, if possible, make flyers with anti-feminist content (preferably by making this bill known) and distribute them. Read the bill carefully. You will find enough things to make non-MRA individuals join your efforts. Adapt your material to every subset of audience you wish to appeal. It is important for opposition to this bill to appear in as many languages and countries of the EU as possible.

If you cannot do street activism for various reasons, make sure you make your newly created blog known. It doesn’t matter if you fell you are not a good writer. Just start writing and spamming everyone with your newly created blog. For more efficiency and increased appeal to audience – you can even make the blog to be single-issue, strictly for opposing this bill.

Speak publicly as much as possible against the bill. The power of words is unimaginable, that’s why the powers that be want the words banned. You don’t have to be a good public speaker. Just open your mouth in casual circles whenever the situation is fit. For instance, if you hear someone in a store saying “a woman came to rob my house” tell them that they might end up in jail for saying that and direct them to this article or your blog or any other resource that talks extensively about this bill.

Join us this Friday on The Voice of Europe where we will be talking more about this bill and will suggest more ways of activism. Also, if you have other ideas, feel free to let us know in the comments or, even better, call in this Friday on the radio program.

This has to be stopped! And its demise starts with you!

EU Council Meeting Directory :

I have just placed a comment on the wordpress blog of the pirate MEP Christian Engstrom, who was almost single-handedly responsible for ensuring that porn was not banned throught the EU as planned by feminists earlier this year :

This may have been one of the sources of the proposals to make anti-feminism a hate crime – a report by a German mangina member of the Green party (Hinrich Rosenbrock):

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  1. My only consolation is that with each passing year the 1st world political left becomes even more transparent.

    And so with each passing year the minimum IQ needed to see what’s going on decreases.

  2. It seems to be the nature of totalitarian regimes and governments to turn language on its head. Just as in George Orwell’s “1984”, the EU engages in newspeak of the most meticulous order. On the face of it, who can say anything against the promotion of tolerance, right? What can anybody have against a hippie-dippy paradise vision of a Europe where we are all gayly holding hands all day long and singing kumba-ya and dancing under a rainbow till the sun goes down, right?

    Well, just take East Germany, for example. For many years until the late 80s, Europe’s chief country of totalitarian bullshit newspeak… and self-proclaimed laborer’s paradise. When the last general elections were held in the German Democratic Republic in the spring of 1989, elections that later after the fall of the wall turned out to have been rigged beyond belief, the GDR’s leadership hailed the elections as a triumph for democracy because voter turnout was at a high and in most parts of the country over 98 percent of voters supposedly had voted in favor of the euphemistically named “voting suggestion”. You see, in the GDR, you didn’t make crosses on your ballot to elect parties or politicians, no, that had all been done for you, and your only job was to either agree to that “voting suggestion” or not to agree. And if you didn’t agree, often you later on faced persecution by the Stasi on suspicion of “lacking socialist mindset” (this was an official term used by government authorities to identify and go after individuals suspected of not being in line with government doctrine!).

    Why the example of the GDR? Well, this EU document, in complete contrast to its stated purpose of promoting tolerance, seeks to persecute citizens for having a mindset contrary to what the EU deems desirable doctrine. The most glaring proof is that young people are to be sent to reeducation camps (they call it “rehabilitation” in the document) to beat it into them that antifeminism is a no-no, and actually threatening to put people behind bars for publicly criticizing feminism (publicly denouncing socialism in the GDR almost invariably got you a lengthy stint in a Stasi prison!).

    And it is also no surprise that feminism has joined forces in this way with the totalitarian EU. Feminism as a doctrine is even more flawed than socialism, and just as socialism, it does not hold water when put to the test in practice, and typically collapses over its own paper thin foundations and inconsistencies. And therefore, just like socialism, feminism needs indoctrination from the highest levels of government and the strong-arming of citizens into submission to stop people from asking questions and shooting gaping holes into the ideology even with the most innocent critical questions.

    I, for one, don’t want to live in a country where I must fear being punished for asking critical questions. This to me, above all else, is the prime telltale sign of living in a totalitarian state. Unfortunately, feminism probably has to fail as a government doctrine first, just like socialism, before people will realize its pernicious nature.

  3. Is this is the end of the world? Or at least, the end of free speech? Sounds like it.
    And where can you realistically escape to?

  4. Evilwhite:
    Yes, I think the future of the West is headed more towards the ‘Brave New World’ scenario depicted by Professor Huxley than the Orwellianism it seems to be on the surface. As long as the majority is dumbed-down and supplied with endless dope, welfare and mindless entertainment; they won’t resist political correctness since being politically incorrect makes somebody ‘uncomfortable’ or ‘offended’. And that’s the worst thing anybody can do into today’s society.

  5. IR:
    Maybe Eivind Berge had a point about European Islamicization after all: if things continue at this rate, an Arab take-over will look like a liberation movement!

  6. Is this is the end of the world? Or at least, the end of free speech? Sounds like it.
    And where can you realistically escape to?

    It’s been pretty obvious where the EU has been heading, and yes this is the end of free speech in Europe if it passes. It’s true there are few places left to run too, and if you do find somewhere, I doubt if it will stay a safehaven for long. South America sounds plausible, but just like here, they have organised themselves into intergovernmental political unions that serve as vehicles for femihags to control male sexuality more efficiently. For example, their ‘south american union’ or whatever the fuck it’s called has been trying to have prostitution made illegal throughout the continent. I’m sure they are drawing up similar proposals to have anti-feminism banned there too, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the femihags at the united nations are doing the same at this moment too.

    And this btw, is why Sexual Trade Union theory is much more plausible than anything else, such as the idea that this is all just the result of a few bored frigid middle-class women with nothing better to do and we just have to wait for things to blow over. Nope. What we know now with certainty is that whenever and whereever a free sexual market opens, and if women have any influence whatsoever on politics, then they will organize themselves into fascist sexual hate lobbying groups that quickly wield enormous power, they will infiltrate and hijack very level of politics from Conservatism to Aetheism (and men’s rights, lol) – all to preserve their declining sexual market value and brood mare interests. And all this will have (and depend upon) the support of the VAST MAJORITY OF WOMEN.

    The only thing that can end all this is if technology brings about a radical change in the sexual market, which makes it possible for men to have sexual freedom without women having their sexual market value diminished (I doubt if this is possible without fixing women’s brood mare maladpative selfish sexual psychology, but things like rejuvenation, eternal youth, and virtual sex might be enough). A strong non-puritan pro male sexuality men’s rights movement might be able to slow the pace of legislation, which of course is why feminists are both trying to have it banned, as well as infiltrate and hijack it (plan b).

  7. whenever and whereever a free sexual market opens, and if women have any influence whatsoever on politics, then they will organize themselves into fascist sexual hate lobbying groups that quickly wield enormous power, they will infiltrate and hijack very level of politics from Conservatism to Aetheism (and men’s rights, lol) – all to preserve their declining sexual market value and brood mare interests. And all this will have (and depend upon) the support of the VAST MAJORITY OF WOMEN.

    well said. Because no matter what kind of woman you are, no matter where or how you live, what color skin you are, what you do for a living (if at all, and you’re not just mooching off some beta male breadwinner you’ve married), female attractiveness is a perishable asset, and an asset which perishes fast and at ever increasing rates once a woman is past a certain age. In a true free sexual market, one with no holds barred, any woman past about the age of 35 would find it very hard to find any sexual mate at all, notwithstanding the rare cougar whose sex appeal belies her years. And even young women who are still at a safe distance from that age generally start thinking about their perishing beauty more and more every day once they’re past the age 25 threshold, give or take, and their biological clock starts ticking. They know what’s coming, even while they’re still firm and perky themselves. Which is also why feminism is so popular with women that age, and much younger than that; a regulated sexual market, regulated by man-hating femihags, is the best insurance policy they can hope for against being replaced in bed by a younger woman someday.

  8. I am appalled and shocked. Freedom of speech has been the hallmark of most Western constitutions and liberties. Political correctness has restricted such freedom in colleges, at the work place. But to make this official policy of 28 countries, is unimaginable. EU to ban anti-feminist, racist, homophobic speech The United Nations also is very active in such subject matters. UN demands Germany repress free Speech.

    We at Human-Stupidity bemoan that Men’s Right’s Activists and Race Realists do not embrace each other and see that they face the same problems: Gender Quotas, Race Quotas, “reverse discrimination”, Hate Speech Laws, and systematic privileges for women, colored races, immigrants and non-native religions.

  9. I always feel compelled to link to this Disclaimer when mentioning this taboo subject. Please read before condemning.

    Don’t forget the worst thought crime:

    Pedophilia apology 33 years ago: withdrawal of candidacy to German Parliament.

    These people were, in the remote past, considering to decriminalize consensual non-violent pedophilia. Believe it or not, decriminalization of consensual pedophilia was a serious political topic, equal to de-criminalization of homosexuality.

    Consensual pedophilia is victimless crime, as the Rind Study
    has clearly proven.

    Such speech has been widely condemned, by unanimous vote in the US Congress and US senate. It could get one killed by vigilantes, or, of course, get one’s career destroyed. But such speech, and such research was not criminalized.

    But with the new laws, exposing the
    child sex trauma myth is certainly an anti-feminist illegal activity.

    Even if AVM and even the antifeminist do not condone it, it certainly is against feminism and thus illegal.

    Liberalization of adolescent sexuality is a simple corollary of this, of course. If real young children do not get damaged by *consensual sex, then certainly adolescent teenagers do not suffer irreparable trauma from sex.

  10. In another legal development France has banned “child beauty pageants” with the definition of child being ALL THOSE UNDER 16. The stated goal of the move was to stop “hypersexualization” of children (but then why have the bar set so high at 16????) but I think most readers know what the real goal of this is…use the “sexualisation” of children as an excuse to suppress the sexuality of teenage girls. Here is a link:

  11. It should also be pointed out though that it’s no doubt American economic and media pressure that’s driving a lot of these so-called reforms both in Europe and South America (and increasingly in Asia).

    What’s likely going to happen next is that Fat-Troll and his friends in the SPLC will hold up these countries as ‘models’ start loudly complaining that anti-feminism needs to become hate speech here ‘like the rest of the civilized world’ &c. It’s an old ploy: the US establishment using other countries as foils.

  12. It should also be pointed out though that it’s no doubt American economic and media pressure that’s driving a lot of these so-called reforms both in Europe and South America (and increasingly in Asia).

    Well I honestly doubt if European femi-hags need the assistance of America at this point Eric. Every institution of the EU is now dominated by femihags.

  13. The stated goal of the move was to stop “hypersexualization” of children (but then why have the bar set so high at 16????)

    I wonder also why 16 and not 15 (the age of consent in France) or 18? I wonder if femihags in France are paving the way to have the aofc raised to 16.? Seems like the STU realise that they are having difficulty in bringing in a uniform age of consent of 18, so they are trying to settle for 16. I expect when Spain raises the age of consent in the next few months they will raise it to 16 (from 13).

    I also note that mere ‘sexualisation of children’ is not enough of a hysteria producing phrase for the French, so they have to term it ‘hypersexualisation’.

    BTW, I don’t think it’s been mentioned here, but it seems that India lowered the age of consent back down from 18 to 16 :

    Good news in a sense that this will make it still harder for other countries to raise the age of consent to 18, but bad news in the sense noted above that 16 appears to be becoming the new international norm, especially if Spain does raise it to 16 and not 14 or 15.

  14. Thanks for the link. Utterly disgusting.

    Soon teenagers wil face 2 years in prison for having a private beauty contest to decide who is the prettiest. Then having photos and judging them by their beauty will be a crime.

    And of course, they worry about unequal pay, domestic violence, ….

    =========== from the article

    Judging children under the age of 16 on their physical appearance in so-called “beauty contests” will become a criminal offence in France, the French Senate ruled on Tuesday night.

    The new law forms part of the new “equality bill” presented to the French Senate on Monday by France’s Minister for Women’s Rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, which also included legislation to tackle unequal pay, domestic violence and to encourage fathers to take parental leave.

    Beauty pageants have a proud tradition in France but they are not to everyone’s liking, especially these involving young teenage girls, known as “mini miss” competitions.

    In the Senate on Tuesday centrist Senator Chantal Jouanno, author of a report “Against Hyper-Sexualisation: A New Fight For Equality” proposed an ammendment to the bill, banning the underage contests, which was backed by 196 senators, with 146 voting against it.

    The sexual equality law will return to the lower house National Assembly for a second reading in November where deputees will have the final say on the so-called “Mini Miss” contests.

    The Senate agreed to adopy tough sanctions to anyone flouting the law.

    Under the new law, organizers of pageants under the age of 16 may now face up to two years in prison if they fail to comply with the ban and a fine of up to €30,000 ($40,000).

    “Let’s not let our daughters think from such a young age that they will be judged according to their appearance. Let’s not let commercial interest impact on social interest,” Jouanno told the Senate.

    But not all Senators were in favour of the law, including Virginie Klès from the Socialist party who thought the punishments were too harsh.

    However, Jouanno’s proposed amendment for better regulation of child models was rejected

  15. I wonder what the AOC is in China?

    Maybe India and other Asian countries are figuring out the Western femihags are going to create a surplus of high-status males, and this is their way of luring new talent into their countries?

  16. I think the future of the West is headed more towards the ‘Brave New World’ scenario depicted by Professor Huxley than the Orwellianism it seems to be on the surface.

    In ‘Brave New World’ it’s actually a criminal offence to not put out.

    Loads of physically perfect women that the state actually thinks you’re entitled to?

    Personally, I could never see how anyone, other than women, could object to such a world.

    I remember reading it in high school and thinking “This is supposed to be fucking bad!?”

  17. I wonder what the AOC is in China?

    The age of consent is 14 in China. China might also be the least paedohysteric nation on Earth, due to its insulation from the worst of Western culture, and the fact that the Chinese government are intelligent enough to realise that paedohysteria de-stabilizes society and especially the bond between generations, and of course in particular the sacred respect for the elderly.

    A couple of years ago I found myself sitting next to a 13 year old Chinese girl and her friends who were over here studying English. Completely uninvited, she asked me a question about where she could buy a leather belt for her Father, and we ended up having a conversation for nearly half an hour. She and her friends wanted me to show them the place I had recommended to buy the belt, but obviously I had to politely make an excuse, which upset her a little.

  18. Also it will be deeply ironic if the international ‘norm’ for the age of consent does settle on 16. Ultimately, it will have been for no other reason than that 16 was the compromise and completely arbitary age settled upon in Victorian England – a compromise between the existing 13, which the anti-feminists and the men’s rights supporters of the day resolutely defended, and the demands of the suffragettes, who called for an age of consent of 21. This was at a time when girls in Victorian England apparently began puberty at the age of 17, around 6 or 7 years later than they do today (and probably ever did in places like India), in a much more conservative and puritan society in which pre-marital sex was taboo and female virginity still worshipped, and in a regressive sexual offences bill that also made homosexuality completely illegal, punishable by death.

    What a fair and rational world the liberal progressives live in.

  19. Yes, I’ve read Brave New World several times and I’ve struggled to see exactly what’s so ‘dystopian’ about it, or at least certain features of it – namely the ‘free love’ sexual side.

    The technological divorce between sex and reproduction is, essentially, what feminism is a backlash against. However, for all their screeching and shouting, and for all their legislation and hysteria producing, it is absolutely inevitable.

    And at some point, women will realise that their brood mare selfish sexual psychologies are maladaptive for this world, and either have themselves fixed voluntarily (in order to better compete in the free sexual market), have them fixed by men, or simply be replaced by sexbots, virtual sex, women (or rather girls) with non mal-adaptive sexual mentalities.

    Huxley also appears to have been rather a hypocrite if he was really describing a free love society as dystopian, given that he practiced it himself (I think Houellebecq includes a scene of an elderly Huxley with a naked 15 year old girl in one of his novels).

    Also George Orwell’s 1984 includes the vision that the totalitarian Party would be pumping out porn for the masses as an opium for the working classes (I think Orwell also describes porn featuring schoolgirls). Here it seems is one of the few facets of 1984 in which Orwell’s predictions were false (unless you believe, kind of like Angry Harry does, that the government is allowing or even promoting the distribution of porn and sexual imagery in order to justify new laws against men, as well as control political activism in terms of the dangers of getting illegal pornography on your harddrive (or having illegal porn placed on your harddrive as a justification to arrest opposition)).

  20. Also it will be deeply ironic if the international ‘norm’ for the age of consent does settle on 16

    Meanwhile, Spain has “settled on” raising the age of consent to 16.

    Of course they are giving the usual BS that no intimate relationships between peers of similar age are to be punished, but that the new AOC is only supposed to protect minors from abuse. Well, where have we heard that line before… just about in every country which then went on to bring in the heavies on teenage relationships and punish the hell out of them:

    An exception is made in the case of consensual sex with someone under 16 “when the other party is of a similar age or stage of development and maturity”, a loose concept that judges will have to define on a case-by-case basis.

    Another country spoiled by youth hating feminazis where your entire future, even as an 18-year-old having sex with your partner just three years your junior, will depend on the mercy of a judge.

  21. LOL at the Guardian appearing to boast that the new age of consent ‘bring Spain into line with….Russia…’.

    I wonder how they would feel if Spain decided to bring it’s approach to homosexuals ‘into line with Russia’.

  22. One of the ‘men’ who lobbied for the new law was a magistrate by the name of ‘ Antonio Pina ‘. Perform a Google image search of his name and you get various pictures of him cuddling cats. Which paedocrite does that remind you of?

    And here is a Telegraph femiservative hag boasting that the age will bring Spain into line with its ‘European neighbours’. Err…no..Portugal has an age of consent of 14, France has an age of consent of 15. Spain will now have the highest age of consent in southern Europe.

    Meanwhile, the biggest paedocrites in the world have raised the age of consent to 18 –

    It seems that efforts to lower the age of consent in India back down to 16 failed :

    The move to raise the age of consent comes on the heels of a proposal in India to lower the age of consent from 18 to 16 — where recent brutal rapes cast a harsh spotlight on attitudes towards sexual harassment. That proposal ultimately failed, and the age of consent was fixed, although not without controversy, at 18 years.

  23. I wonder how the age of consent debate will play out here in Germany. With the general elections being held actually today, in the past few months the implementation of the new EU directive against “child” sexual exploitation has been postponed, possibly to avoid controversy during the election campaign, during which you naturally don’t want to piss too many people off, let alone first-time voters who because of their age would bear the brunt of new anti-sex laws.

    But children’s charities and the trash tabloid press and TV programs catering to the unwashed white trash population in Germany have been busy painting grim pictures of stranger danger and online grooming. So far, German society as a whole seems to not show the same Pavlovian reflexes to this kind of fear mongering as in the UK or the U.S., but that isn’t to say there won’t be attempts to introduce draconian bills in the near future attempting to implement the harshest laws possible. In 2007, when the 2004 Framework Decision on “child” exploitation was to be implemented here in Germany, any sex at all under 18 almost would have ended up being outlawed altogether, if it hadn’t been for vociferous protests by parents, youth advocates, and liberal politicians. Under the original bill, a 17-year-old inviting his 16-year-old girlfriend to a movie with a view to having sex with her later that night could have been punished for “soliciting child prostitution”.

    I suspect that “children’s” charities here in this country will use the same self-defeating, illogical, riddled-with-inconsistencies arguments as they have in every other country where the AOC has been raised lately. It stands to hope that by then the German public will still not have been conditioned into the above mentioned Pavlovian reflexes, and that enough people will protest and refuse to be silenced by the abuse industry’s fear mongering.

  24. The reform is included in a broad plan approved by the Spanish government to protect children from abuse and exploitation and comes following widespread national debate after the murder of a 13-year old girl by her 39-year old lover last October.

    If statistically blacks commit 3 (?) times as many crimes as whites, one may not discriminate against Blacks or even profile them

    Now if one crazy man kills his 13 year old girl friend, then all men are murderous killers and we have to change the law in the entire country.

    What if a 60 year old kills his 39 year old girl friend? Increase the age of consent to 40?

    Or what if a 19 year old boy kills a 40 year old cougar lover? what then?


    Teenagers are already having sexual experiences long before the legal age of consent and the law needs to recognise this to be able to give them proper advice and support to prevent diseases, unwanted pregnancies and abuse, they say. If 14-year-olds are not legally allowed to have sex, it is very difficult to discuss it with them at school, for example.

    According to organisations such as the International Child and Youth Care Network, an age of consent of 16 criminalises more than half the teenage population.

    Elsewhere in the world, the age of consent varies between the ages of 12 and 2

  26. If the law passes, I think you should at least move to a country where women do not outnumber men.
    Also, possibly to a country where laws are not implemented too strictly, despite the existence of feminist laws. Basically, you should at least stay away from a police state.

    Also, if EU can pass this, it will only be a matter of time before UN passes something similar. Sooner or later the feminists will probably take over the world with their laws.

  27. The news about the Vatican is disgusting but hardly surprising in light of Pope Fannie’s recent comments about the Church’s need to ‘modernize’ on gay rights and abortion. Those comments drew the first US media applause I’ve heard directed at the Catholic Church in years.

    The reason I wondered about China is because that country seems most well-poised to take the down the decadent West once the libtards and femihags have thoroughly rotted us out from within.

  28. Here’s how it works:

    You have certain bills in your drawer as a politician that you know are too harsh and punitive to be passed into law in a calm, uneventful political climate. They were possibly dictated to you by the lobbyists from whom you secretly receive kickbacks, interest groups calling in favors, or maybe you’re just an all-around discernment-lacking zealot yourself (feminists, as we know too well, generally fall into the latter category).

    You just bide your time and wait for the right moment to come, this can be a catastrophic event or an outrageous news story that has a connection, however remote, to the goals you would like to pursue with your bill in your drawer. And then when the time comes, when everybody is up in arms about that event and can’t think straight, and voices of reason are drowned out by the angry mob with its torches and pitchforks, then you take your bill out of your drawer and join the angry mob and tout your bill as the silver bullet to prevent any such scandal in the future. Also, when your poorly written, poorly discerning bill has been passed and it does happen again, you will get to ratchet up punishments even further because clearly they weren’t harsh enough the first time around, and thus a self-feeding vicious circle ensues.

    It works that way in many fields of politics. People are generally opposed to draconian laws that take away their freedoms, and you will find it very hard to pass draconian laws just for the sake of passing draconian laws. Even if these laws have been handed down from Soviet-style autocratic supranational bodies like the EU as part of a binding EU directive (altough that seems to help generally). You need a raison d’être for your harsh laws, a case for war, however mendacious. And so it’s only convenient when a 39-year-old has just killed his 13-year-old lover. Outrageous and horrific as this crime is, it is also more than presumably an isolated once in a lifetime occurrence which hardly warrants changing age of consent laws in general. And also, show me the passage in Spanish criminal law that says that this isn’t murder and therefore already carries a life sentence… which obviously didn’t deter the 39-year-old from his crime.

    But again, this system works, almost without fail. Just look at all the anti-terrorist legislation in the last 12 years since 9/11. Politicians, lawmakers and lobbyists around the globe are still today milking that one event.

  29. Thanks EWM, and yes, this get’s priority – and well done! I’m going to get in touch with Lucien today to try to figure out if there is anything we can do about this EU bill.

    This is my antifeminist contact address as of now :

  30. Excellent article from Spiked’s Bredan O’Neill in the Telegraph on a British footballer being forced to apologise onair by the BBC for describing two players as ‘fighting like girls’ :

    The first reader’s comment I read might have been someone from this site!

    “Fowler would have been better off telling the BBC to shut the Fxck up!! Some dried up old hag of a man hater obviously feels that women are as tough as men, fine, I’ll fight the old bag!! Someone said ‘bum’ on TV the other day and the interviewer apologised!!!!!!!!!!!”

  31. Antifeminist, about the ban on Antifeminism, you could move to America. You can’t be arrested for Antifeminism because of their amendment that protect everyone’s rights of free speech. Although, the public here are very feminist. If not America, Japan?

  32. Antifeminist, about the ban on Antifeminism, you could move to America. You can’t be arrested for Antifeminism because of their amendment that protect everyone’s rights of free speech. Although, the public here are very feminist. If not America, Japan?

    America is out of the question. I thought seriously about moving to Japan, but I think something is going wrong over there. From experiences of Japanese girls in the UK, they are becoming bitchier and bitchier, and even more arrogant than Western girls. I don’t think I would have a great time over there.

    BTW, I assume you are the Russian American guy we mentioned. If so, it’s good to know you still read this blog.

  33. @theantifeminist

    From experiences of Japanese girls in the UK, they are becoming bitchier and bitchier, and even more arrogant than Western girls. I don’t think I would have a great time over there.

    I can vouch for that, I encounter them regularly at a major Australian tourist (international) airport and they would be the rudest, most ignorant people I’ve ever had to line-up in a queue with, the girls especially.
    A few months ago, I was there again and saw a group of them all boarding a Japan bound flight and as I walked past the boarding gate area, I waved and said (quite loudly) “Good riddance, please don’t come back”…
    The remark earned some really uncomfortable stares back from at least 4 of them (so they obviously understood me), but then I looked up and saw an elderly Australian couple laughing their socks off, in full appreciation!

  34. @antifeminist: What happen to all the cute, gentle, young, and fun loving Japanese girls? This is bad. I’m planning to live in northern tip of Alaska. Hope things arent as bad as mainland America and major cities since its mostly villages up there and Inuit people.

  35. What happen to all the cute, gentle, young, and fun loving Japanese girls?

    Japanese girls used to be the sweetest, politest on Earth. 8 or 9 years ago, when I was into PUA quite heavily, I used to never get knock backs and certainly not rudeness from Japanese girls. In fact, if I’d been blown out by a Western girl or two, I would wait and approach a Japanese girl just to get my confidence back, because it was a sure thing she would be friendly or at least polite. Now I don’t even attempt to approach Japanese girls because they are invariably rude, sometimes even ignoring me completely.

    Strangely, I get the complete opposite reaction with Chinese girls, both tourists and English born Chinese girls.

    And of course, as Alan will tell you, there are always those forever sweet Thai girls….

  36. And of course, as Alan will tell you, there are always those forever sweet Thai girls….

    And Lao, Filipino, Cambodian and Burmese… Indonesian too. ALL real girls!

  37. Guys, remember to bring along some anti-feminist leaflets every time you’re going to hang around in places where they can be safely placed! There’s no excuse for not doing this!

  38. @Jack and everybody – also stickers. It’s quite easy to make stickers if you have a printer at home and a cheap sticker making kit.

    When I was in vienna recently I saw a sticker on a city center bench linking to a rad fem website.

  39. Christ, the whole world is insane. Is there anywhere you can escape these nutcases? Fascism won after all, it seems.

  40. I can very clearly remember October 24 last year, because it was a shocking news and devastating news. Yet another proof, that the disgusting feminists are anti democratic pigs and they want a perverse totalitarian state. Feminists are the ultimate man and woman haters. The redneck feminists horrible anti-scientific “theories” could potentially have destroyed, ruined the all Europe and send us right back to the dark ages.
    Most of the Scandinavian mens groups went extremely silent, even now. Many of the mens groups received death threats last year too , but of course, none of the Scandinavian brainwashed fools took the other men seriously, because of the idiotic gender bias. Therefore, I have put a few websites up, because if something happens, then authorities will be forced to take seriously, because I’m a woman.
    I know most people have settles, they will take their chances or hope they don’t get outlawed, but I have made up my mind. I have some minor physical health issues, but the second, I get a clean bill of health, I am not sticking around, I will try to get outside EU, so I don’t end up becoming a political refugee. Leaving everything, friends and my whole family behind, it is ….., but the other scenario living in an anti scientific, feministic hellhole police-state. No thanks and I will take my chances somewhere else

  41. No thanks and I will take my chances somewhere else

    Such as (where)? Sorry to be so harsh, but honestly: wherever you go, it won’t be any different – I think you’ll find there is actually NOWHERE else. The whole world is now under the totalitarian rule of the lunatic gynocracy…

  42. I am shocked that Europe is taking this turn towards totalitarianism. I think feminism, as I am sure you would agree, is one of the most destructive forces ever to have emerged in human societies, and it should be fought ON ALL FRONTS. Please don’t take this sitting down!

    A Concerned American

  43. It’s been 1 Year, 11 Months and 1 week… or 713 days since this has been posted.
    We are still here ^_^

  44. (From and including: donderdag, 19 september 2013
    To, but not including donderdag, 2 juli 2015

    Result: 651 days

    It is 651 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

    Or 1 year, 9 months, 13 days excluding the end date

    Alternative time units

    651 days can be converted to one of these units:

    56.246.400 seconds
    937.440 minutes
    15.624 hours
    651 days
    93 weeks)

    If you don’t notice the holocaust by now when it has become so obvious you’re either an idiot or a psychopath yourself. Probably both. And this holds for both sexes.

  45. Is because of these and other things that the West is at war with Islam and with the East.
    The West represses male values ??and especially male sexuality by its politically correct values.
    The imbeciles that lead us ignore that the more you repress an instinct , the more it dam and becomes independent.
    Reppress the males will only make more and more men disgusted and angry with this ridiculous system of things.

  46. Obviously, the law hasn’t been successful….yet, has it?

    As for where to go next to, it might still be a good idea to plan (you know, plan B, C, D, etc…). Roosh did some “exploration”, as far as I know, in some Eastern-European countries, and me being from the Balkans, I think I do have some knowledge and understanding of cultures, societal norms and patterns of behaviour of that previously confusing and therefore partially feared part of the world. Well, on a side note, in my opinion, if Western Europe was any smart, they would have preferred their blood being refreshed and demographic statistics improved by their Eastern brothers rather than introducing islamisation on a grand scale, and by doing so, creating a much more confusing and anxious environment. Backfiring of what they are doing is practically inevitable, sooner or later, one way or another, unfortunately.

    Anyway, to cut the long story short, the countries where I believe the toxic, vicious and lethal feminism will have hard time taking root ever, or at least to the extent as it has in US and building up in Western Europe, are perhaps Serbia (really cool country with women mostly enjoying being women), Croatia (not far behind Serbia, but urban areas trying to flirt with Western wise-woman concept a bit too much), Romania, and never forget Russia (oh, yes, vast and uncomplicated).

    Coincidence or not, but it seems all the countries, that are trying to stand up to Western governments’ political masturbations and in reality ill-intentioned advice and help, are at the same time somehow able to resist, more or less, other kinds of nonsense coming from the West, a big one being feminism.

    Nothing and nobody is perfect, but this is my opinion if you ever truly contemplate to move.

  47. How long do I have left before I get arrested for being a sane, rational, normal, godly, Christian man who believes the Bible and hates the evil of feminism?

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