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Most of my readers will have heard the sad news that Angry Harry, father of the men’s rights movement, has passed away.

Personally I’ve never felt such grief at the passing of somebody that I have never met, or who wasn’t a member of my family or a close friend. Harry lived in London, like myself (and several others), and did propose to meet up with me last year, but I took his assurance that he would understand if I was too worried about my anonymity being risked as an excuse to temporarily decline the offer. Actually, I wasn’t worried about any risk to my privacy, as Harry was the one person in the anti-feminist movement I would trust absolutely, in his case not only with my real identity, but with my life. I was simply worried that I would disappoint him as I was in awe of him that much. It will be one of the biggest regrets of my life.

I’ll always be proud of the fact that Harry supported my position in the men’s rights movement right from the start and that this site was always one of a select few that he linked to in his sidebar.

Of course, I should make clear that Angry Harry did not share all of the positions held at this site, and he told me so himself in one of his e-mails (‘a bit too liberal for me’ were his words) but he most certainly did recognize that the core argument made here – that feminist sex hysteria hurts both men and children (and indeed, many women) – is not only a valid men’s rights issue, but one of the most important ones. He also recognized that equality of injustice is no kind of justice for men or boys, and a grave error that many ‘men’s rights activists’ have started to make over the last few years.

Oddly, we were just discussing Angry Harry’s absence here recently and I sent him an e-mail 2 or 3 weeks ago (Harry actually passed away in February). He had ‘gone quiet’ for a spell a couple of years ago, and I e-mailed him then and he replied assuring myself and others that his health was fine and that he was only taking a break from men’s rights. Consequently, I wasn’t overly concerned when he went missing again, although I should have tried to contact him again earlier than I did. Another big regret.

The fight against feminism is certainly lonelier without Angry Harry, but we should honour his memory by resolving to keep the struggle alive. I imagine that at least a few MRAs will be archiving his site – it will certainly be a tragedy if any of his essays are lost. Perhaps over the next few weeks I’ll re-post some of his classic articles. Readers may like to nominate some of their particular favourites or the pieces that have most relevance to the issues we see as important here (and which, unintentionally or not, may be ignored by other MRAs seeking to ‘preserve’ his works).

This site has always had a category devoted to him :

RIP Angry Harry, a truly great man.

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  1. He will be missed: I first read the Angry Harry site back in 2007 when I was researching what it is to be a man in the 21st century — His website was enlightening and made allot of sense.
    He also made a few comments on Spiked, and was on twitter for a while, a wise man, but the struggle must continue.

  2. WTF!?! How did he die? He was not terribly old if I have my facts straight?!

    Man, this totally sucks. I’ll have to start downloading more of his site if it is still there.

  3. How quickly will disappear?

    We should find ways to preserve important sites. Some foundation that one can bequest his site to, for future preservation.

    The problem is not so much financial, it costs 50 dollars a year to run a site and pay the domain. It is legal, taking over the domain, and copyright of the content.

    Please consider helping with this topic and advancing it. For starters, sites like angryharry should be batch downloaded by many people to have the potential of keeping it alive

    There is the internet archive, but somehow it is not very popular and well known. It is also not sure how much they do archive.

  4. WTF!?! How did he die? He was not terribly old if I have my facts straight?!

    He was apparently 64 and died suddenly of a stroke I believe. He did mention on his site 2 or 3 years ago that he was having some hospital trips, so I don’t know if it was connected to these health problems.

  5. How quickly will disappear?

    His domain name is registered for a few more months, but who knows how long until his webhosting company charge renewal fees and whether they get taken automatically out of Harry’s account or his family will continue to pay for them. I’m pretty sure they would want his thoughts to be preserved, as he obviously would have wanted, but maybe they don’t understand how to keep a website running.

    I doubt if there’s any legal issues to setting up a mirror site of, unless his family or partner objected, which I thought would be highly unlikely.

  6. Thanks Scarecrow, that’s really a great job you’ve done. I’ll download it this morning.

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