Angry Harry : Your Sexual Behaviour and Your Genes

…Sex seems to be causing so much grief to so many people these days that I’m beginning to wonder why evolution ever invented it.

And I certainly never thought that I’d see the day when so many grown men were frightened of it.

So, what’s going on out there?

Am I missing something?

Have we not all learned by now that our man genes were designed to reproduce themselves – which is why men like lots of sex.

See also the excellent new post from Eivind Berge :

3 thoughts on “Angry Harry : Your Sexual Behaviour and Your Genes”

  1. Angry Harry has added the following comment to the top of his page :

    “If you want to know where the power lies ask whom you cannot criticize.”

  2. Thanks for calling my attention to these interesting articles.

    Is it true that Angry Harry now is persona non grata at AVM?

    For his writings, he certainly is not an Paul Elam’s line.

    I love how he cuts through the crap with simple and clear words.

    Eivind Berghe also sometimes puts things very succinct and simple.

    How is it possible to pretend female rapists is a huge problem while ignoring that paternity fraud isn’t even recognized as a crime and false rape accusations are rarely prosecuted? And how can a man advocate a legal concept of rape that is 10000 times more likely to be used against him than to be useful for him? It makes no sense, and calls into question either the intelligence or motives of those who claim that type of activism is good for men.

    Too bad that they are a small minority.

  3. One major problem in the US is the number of men, some as young as their mid-30s, who are taking sex-enhancing drugs. This wouldn’t be necessary if male sexuality wasn’t demonized and these men had something other than mentally-unstable Cougars available to them. It’s so bad over here that these guys think they have to resort to these medications to keep ANY sex drive functioning at all.

    Of course, such men are deeply sexually repressed; but instead of releasing their sexuality by rebelling against the artificial social norms they turn all this frustration against men who do rebel by pursuing younger women.

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