Angry Harry : ‘Who is More Empathic – Men or Women?’

Another classic from the great man :

One of the few sources of pleasure for me in recent years when it comes to social and gender issues has been the gradual dethroning and utter humiliation of the politically-corrected left-wing nincompoops working in the sciences and social ‘sciences’ who have for so long managed to cheat the whole of humanity with their lies and their stupidity over the issue of whether or not certain human characteristics are inherited and, if so, to what extent.
Typically, they have tried to bludgeon the public and the rest of academia with the notion that nearly every human characteristic to do with psychology (intelligence, personality, gender orientation, mental disorder, social perception, language development etc etc) is almost entirely the result of social or cultural factors and very little to do with genes.

And anyone who suggested otherwise they commonly and publicly branded as a bigot of some sort – often chasing them out of their jobs or callously making their lives a misery by provoking endless hostility towards them.

Happily, these malicious individuals are now having to backtrack their way gradually into oblivion because various new technologies are demonstrating unequivocally (and visually) that genes affect brain anatomy and, further, that brain anatomy affects a great deal of what is going on inside human brains.