Angry Harry and W.F.Price Discuss Recent Events in the Men’s Rights Movement

Angry Harry : Breaking Up Is Not So Bad

…So, to repeat: The more popular does a men’s website become, the better it is for MRAs – even if the website does not promote views that are entirely consistent with their own.

Furthermore, make no mistake, however, that the MM – this consciousness – is already very big; though much of it is still lying below the public’s radar.

But ask any long-time MRA, and he will tell you that he can see this movement growing, rumbling, and forever gaining ground.

So, do not become too disheartened when a men’s website changes tack in a way that is not to your liking.

And as far as groups of MRAs occasionally re-labelling themselves is concerned, as is currently the case with certain MRAs re-labelling themselves as, say, Men’s Human Rights Activists, this is not much different from groups referring to themselves as Fathers Rights Activists.

Why should MRAs worry about this sort of thing?

Indeed, as mentioned above, MRAs often give birth to new groupings – and will continue to do so.

Furthermore, if you take the trouble to seek out what most MRAs were aiming to do when they first embarked on internet activism, just over a decade ago, you will discover that their primary aim was to stir up an interest in men’s issues and to stir up protest about the way in which men were being treated.

They did not claim to have a solution to their problems…

The-Spearhead : Equality in Victim for Men is a Losing Proposition

The issue of male victimhood has exposed a rift in the MRM, with one faction advocating an equivalence between male and female victimhood, and another warning of the dangers of feeding the victimhood industry and its associated enforcers.

Angry Harry, who was one of the first real MRA bloggers online (if not the first — I was still blissfully ignorant when he got started), took issue with former US marine James Landrith’s use of recovered memories (AKA suppressed memories) to claim he had been drugged and raped by a woman.

Harry pointed out that recovered memories are far more likely to be used against men, and in fact that has been the case historically. The vast majority of people who have been accused of abuse following revelations in therapy of recovered memories have been men, and many of these men have been innocent fathers….

…So why are some men insisting on being equal as victims when it’s clear that this is only perpetuating the system that victimizes men in the first place? First of all, some of the most vocal advocates of this tactic are not actually men, so maybe they simply don’t understand the reality of the male experience…

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  1. The most significant point about Welmer’s article is that the co-opting at AVfM has gotten too much even for the Fathers’ Rights MRM faction to stomach any longer. They were the backbone of AVfM and now even they are pulling away. In that sense, Welmer’s stand makes even more of a statement than Angry Harry’s or Bernard Chapin’s.

    I read through some of the comments there, it looks like Elam’s getting a lot of support from femRAs, but not from very many men.

  2. But…the co-opters haven’t learned anything yet. Today, they introduced yet another ‘lovely sheila’. This one is named Kelly Jones, authoress of ‘Wise Misogyny.’

    Here’s a specimen of Ms. Kelly’s wisdom, quoted today at AVfM:

    “Men have permitted women to become morons. It’s the lazy man who himself is desirous of being irrational and stupid, who is responsible for misandry in large part…If {men} weren’t chasing skirt, playing the fool, and adoring women’s idiotic frivolities and girlish sexual displays, then women would have no hold over them.”

    To which the AVfM editors added: “…this is not a revelation to those of us in the MRM. We know she is dead right!”

    To which I would add: notorious Socon anti-MRM White Knights like Rev. Mark Driscoll and Dr. Thomas Fleming would also agree that she is dead right. As Fleming recently said: “Feminism is the result of mens’ failings.”

  3. Would Ms Kelly be prepared to put her money where her mouth is and campaign in favour of sexbots then? Surely, once sexbot technology comes of age, men will stop “chasing skirt”.

  4. The main flaw of feminism is that it considers abortion far more important than euthanasia. Sexual freedom leads to lower birthrates, and lower birthrates require euthanasia to prevent lopsided demographics.

  5. Media Watch:
    Here’s one for that will no doubt make the men and women of the mHRM very happy, in the name of ‘equal injustice’..
    Even a human rights movement needs a proactive abuse industry to provide the all important funding needed for things like paedohysteria, paying the enormous salaries of its charlatans and numerous other self appointed experts…

  6. OT, but speaking of paedocrites, the notorious troll Clarence has invaded Scarecrow’s blog to complain about him taking Eivind’s advice on blog content.

    I wonder if they should make a 3-D vibrator of Clarence’s head?

  7. Even Factory has fallen out with Elam now.

    I’d say that soon, the only commentators he’ll have left will be all the feminists who all bought him for the proverbial ’30 pieces of silver’ (by way of their pay-pal or cc donations).
    What a SHALLOW little scum-bag he is and after everything he’s said and done lately, he has effectively committed himself to them now – some of the damage is irreparable – i.e Bernard Chapin will never trust him again.

    As far as I’m concerned he’s a feminist and might as well donate (buy) his way into Jezebel, but then again even they would probably have more principles than to allow him to do that – they would at least, recognize and rightfully distrust their foes…

  8. Antifeminist:
    Thanks for that link—I linked it (and the comments) on Fidelbogen’s blog. Factory is regular commenter over there, and his allusions to Gynocentrism is a thesis Fidelbogen himself developed.

    BTW, Elam’s kicked Factory off his site now too.

  9. As a follow-up to the above comment, here is the response. It was ‘Anon’, but I think Fidelbogen actually wrote it:

    “Wow they actually kicked him off? Did not know that. Last time I read of that kerfuffle, he disagreed, well, is that not permitted? Doesn’t debate and disagreement lead to better thinking and ideas? Disappointed.”

  10. “Wow they actually kicked him off? Did not know that. Last time I read of that kerfuffle, he disagreed, well, is that not permitted? Doesn’t debate and disagreement lead to better thinking and ideas? Disappointed.”

    He’s disappointed maybe, but he probably isn’t (at least he shouldn’t be) surprised, after all it is mangina Elam – an attitude and behaviour that I would fully expect from him, now that I know what he REALLY represents and it sure as heck ain’t men!

  11. AVfM is a minefield for the uninitiated male. By the time I fell from grace together with Human Stupidity about the AOC, I’d already put my foot in on a few occasions, for example when I undiplomatically declared myself an admirer of Julian Assange who was then on the US most-wanted list. I should’ve known better. Later I was thoughtless enough to suggest AVfM should sign the petition launched by London prostitutes against police hassle during the Olympics. I should’ve known pay-for-play in London was not on AVfM minds.

    Less predictable and more unsettling were the thumbs down I was given for proposing an anti-feminist poster vilifying abortion. Abortion, according to P. Elam himself, was a divisive issue and best left alone. Now that was a surprise! I’d have thought the AVfM community had long agreed to throw everything possible at feminism, and what bigger skeleton in the feminist cupboard than abortion, right? Plus, AVfM had always seemed such a hotbed of father family values and conservatism. I was all the more upset by this wrong-footing since I had taken this anti-abortion stance only for the sake of adopting what I thought was the AVfM party line, having personally never been opposed to abortion. (The whole disgraceful human race might as well be aborted for what it had done to a once pristine Planet, and the fewer little rats were born to later accuse me of paedophiling them, the better).

    Shit, I thought, with AVfM you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t!

  12. @Jack I don’t understand this crap from the likes of Elam about abortion being a ‘divisive issue’. I accept that even many readers here are quite ‘pro abortion’ (ex : Highwayman and Human-Stupidity himself) but I would have thought all anti-feminists, especially those here, could at least agree that the callous disregard of unborn life by feminists, and by the majority of women and the majority of women who have abortions, is sickening, and is at least a card we can play against feminism (in particular the double standards involved in pretending that feminism seeks to ‘protect children’ from abuse – i.e. nubile teenage girls doing what they want with their bodies).

    What’s most sickening about pro-abortion ‘arguments’ is that they directly contradict feminist ‘arguments’ on child sexual abuse. An unborn child does not have a right to life because it is ‘dependent’ on the mother. At the same time, a 17 year old girl will be traumatised for life by having willing sex with an older man because she is inherently ‘dependent’ on him due to the age difference. A woman has the right to do with her body whatever she wants and this is the heartbeat and soul of feminism and women’s rights. At the same time, old bag feminists can tell a 17 year old girl, or for that matter a 25 year old prostitute, that she is being abused when she does what she wants with her own body during sex.

  13. At the same time, old bag feminists can tell a 17 year old girl, or for that matter a 25 year old prostitute, that she is being abused when she does what she wants with her own body during sex.

    Could anyone really explain their hypocrisy any better than that? I doubt it.
    I am against abortion for those reasons and simply because it is equivalent to cold blooded murder. Especially in this day and age with the wide range of contraceptives available, including the morning after pill; providing it is administered within 24 hours after sex. Any longer borders on abortion too.

    There should be no need for abortion nowadays, especially if the ‘justification’ for it is unwanted pregnancy, yet it is becoming disturbingly more and more: a ‘popular’ or ‘convenient’ alternative to contraception.

    And as far as using it as a ‘weapon’ to oppose feminism with, in the way it highlights its total hypocrisy, I agree – there couldn’t really be a better argument, so if Elam has a problem with it, it probably means I was right all along about him being a feminist-crawling mangina, if not an actual feminist.

    Sometimes I think he’s like another Fraudtrell, only using a much more stealthy persona, thus much more of a fox!
    It’s not only the femRAs there who are feminists pretending to be MRAs but the entire AVfm site, with a few actual MRAs allowed (like Jack and me, H-S and 1 or 2 others from here) to comment, just for ‘keeping up appearances’ sake, to maintain its ‘MRA’ cover or disguise, while at the same time stealthily reprogramming them to a feminist friendly mindset; sometimes successfully. (Jack and me, H-S etc. are examples of ‘failed attempts’ at such reprogramming) LOL!

    Eivind Berge made this very telling remark in one of his more recent posts:

    AVfM purports to be an MRA site but is actually a cesspool of feminist filth, where they worship radical feminists like TyphonBlue. She is a particularly nasty promoter of the feminist sex abuse industry including the lie that women are equally culpable for sex offenses…

    He hit the nail fairly and squarely on the head there!

  14. The same point is belaboured by Barbarossaaa in his youtube video where he hints at the desirability of legalising prostitution: a woman has no right to prostitute but she should have a right to kill her unborn child – although in this case another human being is involved.

  15. Antifeminist:
    I’m certainly squarely in the so-called ‘pro-life’ camp. I can’t see how abortion rights and feminism are in any way inseparable; the feminists feel somehow that motherhood and childbearing are impositions on their freedom.

    That’s probably why Elam calls it a ‘divisive’ issue; he’s with the feminists, as usual.

    Back in less politically-correct times, scientists knew that less than 3 children per couple was below a society’s sustainability rate. Everywhere abortion has become legal, the populations are declining.

  16. Especially in this day and age with the wide range of contraceptives available, including the morning after pill; providing it is administered within 24 hours after sex.

    Want to know why the morning after pill never took off? Because women want to see first what they can gain out of a pregnancy. If they can’t force a man to marry them, they can at least blackmail him into pay abortion money.

    To the Western Whore, a child or a foetus are precious because they are both means of extortion. A fertilised embryo nipped in the bud by the morning after pill is nothing of the sort, so women are not interested.

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