Angry Harry – ‘Imagine that, for some reason, you are determined to ruin a child’s life’

Another classic Angry Harry article that needs preserving, that needs studying by anyone who claims to be a ‘men’s rights activist’, and that who thinks that forcing feminist definitions of rape and child abuse onto men and on to teenage boys is ‘men’s rights’.  Before I link to the article and reprint the most important excerpt from it (but please read and then read again the entire original article), here are five brief points for so called ‘MRAs’ to consider:

1/ Modern age of consent laws are an entirely feminist invention. Their justification was, is, and always has been based upon feminist arguments, hysteria, and junk science advocacy ‘research’.

2/ Feminist age of consent laws lead to tens of thousands of men being imprisoned (and very often raped).

3 / Feminist age of consent laws lead to feminists telling both teenage girls and teenage boys (with the help of ‘MRAs’) that they have been scarred for life.

4 / Unsurprisingly, those teenagers do tend to develop into fucked up adults..

5 / In short, feminist age of consent laws lead to tens of thousands of men being raped in prison as subhuman nonces, tens of thousands of teenage girls and thousands of teenage BOYS having their lives unncessarily ruined, the demonization of normal male sexuality as paedophilia, the demonization of all men as paedophiles, daughters afraid of their fathers, girls and boys afraid of their (male) teachers, divorced wives given an easy false abuse claim option etc etc. Feminist age of consent laws do however make thousands of feminists rich (and Paul Elam). They also increase female sexual power by removing competition, which is why feminists also tend to be against prostitution, sex robots, MGTOW, sex tourism etc etc.  What part of this is so fucking difficult for you simple minded frauds to understand?

Imagine that, for some reason, you are determined to ruin a child’s life.

What you could do is this.

You pretend to be very concerned about the child, and continually demonstrate what a trustworthy and credible person you are, and you tell the child, with full solemnity, sadness, and seriousness, that the little brown mole on the child’s back is a malignant cancer. You then go on to describe, on a daily basis, how painful and how damaging this cancer is going to be for the child.

The fact that the mole is utterly benign, and causes no sensation at all, is completely irrelevant. If the child is successfully convinced about it being a malignant cancer, and absorbs from you all the horrors that such illnesses entail, and, further, if the child is reminded about this constantly, you will certainly destroy his future well-being to a very large extent.

And yet this is the very kind of thing that the abuse industry does to children and adults, particularly over sexual matters.

In the case of adults, consensual sex can later be made to seem more like rape, and, in the case of ‘consensual’ child sex abuse, the incidents can later be ‘interpreted’ similarly, or, more commonly, simply as malicious acts of something akin to a form of psychological violence. And, in both cases, the victims can easily be led to believe that their respective moles are malignant cancers – ‘psychological cancers’ – with all the pain and misery that this gives rise to.

However, while it is definitely not a good idea for children to be sexualised – e.g. see Delay Delay Delay When it Comes to Sex – because there are many negative aspects to children engaging in ‘consensual’ sexual activities, the truth of the matter is that psychological trauma is not one of them.

And I must stress here that I have ONLY been talking about ‘consensual sex’.

Where ‘psychological trauma’ does appear to occur following ‘consensual’ sex, the major cause of it seems mostly not to derive directly from the events themselves, but from the way in which influential others respond to them. If these give out the message that the mole is a malignant cancer, then the emotional damage can be very great indeed.

See also another article (one of many on this theme) by Harry – written after Paul Elam had attempted to kick him out of the men’s rights movement for not going along with the AVoiceforMen feminist abuse industry agenda :

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