American Paedohysteria Reaches New Heights in Japan : Man Reported to Police for Asking Schoolgirl Directions

Paedohysteria, the great gift of American Puritanism and Feminism to the world,  is now devouring Japanese society.

It was recently revealed on a Japanese public safety information site that an alert had been issued by the Aichi Prefectural Police for a man who had asked a high-school girl for directions to the station.

Only a decade ago and it was common for Japanese schoolgirls to trade sex and dates with middle-aged businessmen for cash and gifts.  In fact, it wasn’t just common, it was probably fair to call it the norm.   Young teens would drop into the local sex shop on their way home from school and deposit their used panties for a little extra pocket money, the soiled items later sold in the shop or in public vending machines at train stations.  14 year old girls became famous soft-porn stars, commonly referred to as ‘idols’.  There is no evidence that any of these things damaged the girls involved, unsurprising given that there was little or no stigmatisation of those girls as ‘abused victims’.

If you want to know how a society would treat teenage sexuality without the influence of feminism and Christianity, then Japan, prior to a few years ago, would be it.  Now, of course, thanks to the influences mentioned above, and backed by American economic pressure, things have changed fast.

In direct contrast to the USA, Japan has also long boasted the lowest teen pregnancy rates in the world, as well as one of the lowest rates of juvenile crime and delinquency (and the highest regard between generations and respect for older people).  It also had one of the lowest rates of sexual violence against both children and teenagers (when child rapes did occur, it was most often by sexually repressed American soldiers based at Okinawa).

How long all that remains the case is anyone’s guess.



5 thoughts on “American Paedohysteria Reaches New Heights in Japan : Man Reported to Police for Asking Schoolgirl Directions”

  1. Imagine a boy reporting to the police that he’d been asked for directions by an adult woman. Police would charge the boy with making frivolous a report.

    Unfortunately, Japan’s famously realistic attitude to sexuality will be wrecked soon. We now live in a world where a flicker of darkness overcomes a room full of light.

  2. This always goes step by step and usually is unstoppable.

    Next might be

    prohibition to read manga in public, for being offensive to some females

    Prohibition to sell manga to minors

    total prohibition of manga with anyone who looks under 21. Mandatory to put wrinkles in the female hero’s faces.

  3. Japan is rapidly heading towards a future where they’ll be a Chinese province.

    It’s alarming to consider this: but the countries which have resisted feminism the most:Russia, China, India, and the Arabians are likely going to be the mid-to-late 21st Century powers. The feminist cultures of the West are self-destructing!

  4. america has already put pressure on japans cp moment you can poses but not distribute.they had elections so its on the side at the moment.needles to say they will outlaw it and become backward like the west even though the diamond report proves there is no connection between possession of cp and real attacks on children.

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