Amazing Atheist on the Moral Cowards of ‘Morality in Media’

Follow up video to Porn on a Plane :

A loyal reader has also informed us of the following excellent rebuttal of Morality in Media :

Morality in Media Admits They Lack Facts, So They Lie About Porn

UPDATE – Top comment on the Morality in Media re-direction video (17 upvotes in 26 minutes) :

Do you hate porn because the women in it are hot and very desirable, and you are a horrible, ugly girl, inside and out?

Note also that appears to have been completely taken off their webhost’s servers.

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    (mildly NSFW banner Ads)
    (straight from the horses mouth)

    I suppose “I wouldn’t throw her outta bed”/I’d hit that” as for millions of other women on the WWW); logically stating observations regarding the 1st Amendment/normative Male Sexuality; to imagined boogieman fear that someone using the nom de plume of half of the Billion commenters on the WWW MAY (didn’t happen) hack into your website to post a funny IS depraved criminal activity putting staff in fear of their lives worthy of calling the FBI/”homeland security” and shutting down all of your websites???

    (noticed that their Donate Money page is still up… in fine pandering oily femservative evangelist tradition)


    I’ll comment in detail after the Weekend as I’m off to National Gun Days in Kentucky(another of the dwindling normative heterosexual male interests/rights)

  2. This is my favourite response so far:

    People who starve to death every year: six million
    People who die of malaria every year: one million
    People who die of cancer every year: half a million
    People who? die in car crashes every year: 30,000
    People who are struck by lightning per year: 24000
    People who die of food poisoning per year: 3000
    People who die of peanut allergy per year: 10
    People who die from watching porn each year: ZERO

    You people are a waste of fucking space. Go do something useful, you morons!

    22 minutes ago

  3. In response to The Amazing Atheist’s latest U-tube announcement (above) I could personally relate and totally endorse his last comments relating to the story that grotesque looking STU psychologist tried to offer as a reason why porn needs to be totally eliminated from society; where she explained how a young man who became a patient of hers, lost a perfect job opportunity, because he couldn’t ‘prize himself off his computer’ to go to the interview for that job. Extreme addiction to porn.
    The Amazing Atheist then correctly dismissed that whole nonsense excuse by pointing out to her (and anyone watching his U-tube above) that this has nothing to do with the availability of porn – it his HIM who had the compulsion to look at porn at every opportunity, HIS problem, not the world’s and certainly not a reason to totally ban porn, then as with everything else related to normative male sexuality: severely CRIMINALIZE it.
    I can relate to it a t personal level because I have a similar problem, not with porn but with alcohol. I stopped drinking 22 and a half years ago and have no desire to ever drink again, because as TAA pointed out about the young man who lost the job, it was ME that had the problem with booze, MY problem, mine alone and it was up to me to take the necessary action to solve MY problem.
    It was very hard work, but I am only here now writing this story because I did something to help MYself…
    Alcohol is still around today and most people still enjoy it and I do not want it banned, in fact if they ever tried to do that I would probably be one of the most vocal opponents of such a move!
    Just because I have a problem with drink doesn’t mean everyone else does. Most people enjoy the very positive effects from imbibing in this God given social elixir and I would hate to imagine what the world would be like without it, no fun, no smiling, hardly any sex… AgggHHhH!!!

    Unlike pornography: alcohol is in fact dangerous if misused or abused (as I did until almost 23 years ago).
    Alcohol DOES cause marriage and family breakups,
    Alcohol DOES cause accidents in workplaces,
    Alcohol DOES harm children,
    Alcohol DOES cause people to become violent and commit homicide… I could write all night…

    Pornography DOES NOT cause ANY of the above!

    Considering all the harm alcohol has caused me at a personal level and what effect it has on society I would NEVER support any move to outlaw it.

    So how well informed and qualified is that so-called psychologist who is trying (albeit with little success outside the sexual trade union movement) to change the world’s attitude towards porn?
    Frankly, after listening to what she said on MIM’s U-tube, I don’t believe she is a psychologist, she just says she is and those morons sitting there in the audience, hanging on to every nonsense word she was uttering, just believe her.

    The Amazing Atheist refers to himself as ‘high school drop-out’, if he says he’s that, then he must be, however it appears he has a much more realistic view of life and concept of the world than what a supposedly highly educated Psychologist seems to possess.

  4. T.J. has always been a favorite of mine on youtube.
    But I wish he’d get to the point about the anti-porn crowd being jealous instead of just saying they’re full of shit and leaving it there.
    Does he know about this site? He is (or was at one time) quite popular with a lot of atheists. Getting the STU meme into his brain would make him a very powerful ally.

  5. @evilwhitemalempire

    But I wish he’d get to the point about the anti-porn crowd being jealous instead of just saying they’re full of shit and leaving it there.

    Yep, I was thinking the same thing, the anti-porn crowd are in effect just an internal ‘department’ of the sexual trade union, thus the same mindset. All jealous of the things others are, or of the things others do, such as having fun and being happy; so they convince the goverments and the rest of the population that the things in life that are pleasant are bad, BAD, bad then introduce psychotic draconian laws to control those things and severely punish those who dare contravene them.
    This is illustrated (no pun intended) by the current ‘child pornography’ laws. I.e. 20 years in prison with daily sodomization and worse if caught with photos of 17 year old children in leotards…

  6. @EvilWhiteMale & Alan

    This I can’t understand either, but it’s typical even in the men’s rights movement. It’s almost like there’s some kind of unwritten chivalrous rule, even in the MRM – ‘no matter how bleeding obvious it is, we can’t mention the fact that all these feminists are ugly as f***, and the simplest and most obvious explanation for their behvaiour is primal sexual jealousy – let’s talk about cultrual marxism, the Bible etc etc, anything but sexual jealousy’.

    To be fair, TAA does make a joke pointing out the resemblance between the sound of MIM (morality in the media) and the ‘ugly old hag’ from Sword and the Stone.

    I don’t know if he is aware of my site or of Sexual Trade Union Theory, although if he visits r/mensrights then I’m sure he would have come across it. He would indeed be a usefull ally – to give a comparison, he has nearly 300,000 YouTube subscribers, whereas Bernard Chapin has 5,000.

  7. If he isn’t aware of this site’s existence it shouldn’t be too difficult to bring it to his attention. Just posting a link on his YouTube comments might do it. If I know him it’s a sure bet he reads them voraciously (unless he recently started to disable them).

    Only thing is it would probably need to be a pretty fresh comment thread and the comment would likely need to be closely relevant to the video at hand. (antifem isn’t exactly T.J.’s staple diet)

    But man if he ever did make a video about this site…

  8. The porn industry are the biggest load of bitches in the universe.

    They are the first to defend sexual trade union laws (once they’ve passed), because anyone who breaks them is undermining their profits.

    Go on an adult webmaster’s board and say something like ‘that 16 year old actress is hot – I’d bang her in a heartbeat’.

    From the paedohysterical responses you’ll recieve, you’d think you were in some kind of right-wing American evangelical forum, rather than a place full of men discussing how best to make money from the pussies and assholes of 18 year old girls.

    It’s like a microcosm of male society – it’s all competition (over gaining from female pussy) and anyone who is ‘cheating’ to gain an edge is the worst kind of subhuman pervert.

    Regarding the Gawker Fleshbot and reddit jailbait thing, there’s an interesting angle that we didn’t really raise. It is, or was, in Gawker’s financial interests to have reddit/r/jailbait shut down.

    10 years ago professional jailbait sites were (marginally) legal (13 year old models posing in bikinis and thongs- with paid for membership to view all the galleries) – it was called NN (non-nude). It was an open secret in the adult industry that these sites were making far more money than even the hardcore 18 year old teen porn sites.

    Yes, that’s right, when the market had a choice, more people would readily pay to view pics of 13,14,15 year old girls in bikinis than they would pics and videos of 18 year old pornstars being fucked up the ass.

    Adult webmasters are the biggest critics of all the amateur jailbait floating around the internet – because it harms their profit ratios.

    Maybe….maybe…the porn industry can get its act together and fight organisations like Morality in Media before it’s too late and porn is banned altogether, but I wouldn’t expect it. And it is a thought that one atheist YouTuber can do more damage to the anti-porn lobby than the supposed entire multi-billion dollar porn industry at this time.

  9. haa haa

    For years I have pondered why the most well funded and densest per capita saturation/output Porn Industry (Japan) doesn’t just get rid of its mosaic censorship (imposed by American WW2 Victor prudes anyhow) & officially mass market thru US distribution channels… instead of the current miniscule grey market/pirated trickle into the USA.for only those in the know 4channer weabos…

    hmmm very odd…

    Could it be that when/if the average Joe American Porn watcher/purchaser realizes the incredible wide array of nubile freshness of youth Japanese Beauty, the often moderate profits of the cutthroat competitive running out of steam tired old drug addled 30Something average age bleached blonde bimbo American & token non-Authentic handful of Asian-American pornstar Industry will trickle to barely turning a profit…. While the veritable cornucopia of the hottest collective group of women in the World (Japanese Teens) becomes 75% to 90% of the US market?

    … practically putting the Southern California Porn Industry out of business(?)

    Who pray tell might be paying bribe money (or other leverage) to Japan to keep the Status Quo(?)

    The American Industry(?)… possibly even sexual trade union femservatives/feminists under Clinton/Bush/Obama even at the State Department, NGO EPCAT, UN level to keep American males under their thumb and not be free to follow natural inclinations to live for teen erotic stimulation (high reproductive value) as their normative sexual orientation.and come to the Universal Realization & Enlightenment of their true Nature & Character?


    (language aside, the above link is Safe for Work & femnazi oppressed UK legal)

    Yea, The (feigning) pedohysteria American Porn Industry HAD NO PROBLEM taking consumer’s money hand over fist & promoting Ms. Lords even after she was “exposed”… after all she was their golden cash cow (or calf… femnazi speak) and outsold all other American Porn actresses videowise ten to one. The market doesn’t lie as the AF said…

    The Japanese Yakuza got more ethics than these hypocritical manginas… Although Larry Flynt once had the teeniest smidgeon of ethics/non-hypocricy.

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